Sinner’s Heist Releases Epic Track ‘Machine’ featuring Heather Jeanette

This is a Mechanical, Musical Heist.

Soon to hit Trap Nation with its incredible production, comes to you this adventure of sound. Produced by the innovative DJ Sinner’s Heist and featuring the stunning vocals of Heather Jeanette, this intensive synth progression takes you on your own journey through a ‘Sucker Punch’-esque dimension where beats and melodies and wails come together in perfect harmony.

The song literally has you feeling like you’re in a video game, but somewhere between virtuality and reality, somewhere you can explore to find yourself in the midst of something surreal and fulfilling.


With a soft, velvety beginning that entices you from the first few chord progressions, and then lures you in with Jeanette’s voice, we are led to the riser that suddenly drops you so hard that the impact is an adrenaline rushing thrill! “Machine” is this melange of cyberpunk music and the notes used to create the sounds are raw and unique. The song is a hymn that transforms suddenly into a battle cry. The emotion and passion behind this record is forceful, impactful, and motivating. Sinner’s Heist implements a pulsing bass with a minor undertone and major theme.

The instrumentals are metallic and the vocals are silky making this a unique and riveting track. Listen to it above now!

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Sinner’s Heist:
SoundCloud: @sinnersheist

Heather Jeanette:
SoundCloud: @heatherjeanettemusic


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