Kian Ahi Produces “Goliath” a Vibey New Track Ft. Wyatt

Instantaneous Vibes

Kian Ahi is a Boston University junior and producer. This young DJ/Musician has recently released a new track titled “Goliath” ft. Wyatt Thomas and let me say that it is one for the playlists. This track is not only fantastically constructed but it is mixed and mastered with a raw edge like no other. It creates an incredible new lining of sound around your head that bumps and vibes and echoes all over.

This retro-sensual single brings you back to an old school hip hop track with the metallic sounds of 808’s and a riveting synth undertone strung through its core. The single is just so harmonious and beautiful inside with a killer rough exterior.

The skeleton of the composition is exotic as is, but with Wyatt’s lines, the fire is ignited. Together these two create a track that is made for the chilled out get together’s and the pre-gamer party-goers. He brings the liveliness of the college vibe and the sophistication of the electric-hop era. The lyrics are chilling and fresh and the title is bold, and Wyatt’s vocals perfectly emulate those characteristics.


It’s an eerie lullaby with a sick melody. What I love most about this record is how it easily ebbs and flows into different sound waves of emotion and even various chords and progressions. Kian’s instrumentals take you through a fast-paced ride and then they ease you back in with a slower musical excursion.

Though young, these two have proven their talents in their art and I hope to hear more collaborations from these two in the future.

*BU Students! These guys are having a listening party for their event, so go out and support them if you can!!! Event Details are HERE.

It has earned its spot here on GoodMusicAllDay! Keep vibing boys!

Check out more of Kian’s productions on SoundCloud HERE.


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