[Exclusive Interview & Spotlight]: KAYTRANADA & Cadence Weapon Initiate You to the Crew with This Fire Track

Here’s your next banger!

It’s eclectic, suave creation only reminds us that KAYTRANADA is an underrated producer, but it also notifies us that Cadence Weapon is a rapper who slays.

This track is intense, it’s killer-  it’s a mellow rager! This record will have you bouncing throughout the room and will prepare you to lead a riot in your living room hangout!

Cadence Weapon

The chilling “woo”s and the raindrop synth tones mesh in this perfect concoction of sound, circling around your intoxicated thoughts. It has been a while since there has been a unique, fresh hip hop sound like this and this is a record that deserves to be heard all around!

“’My Crew (Wooo)” is an anthem. Let’s be honest. It’s underlying message is to unapologetically be yourself, be what and who you want to be, and to forget all of the haters. The artist explains that, “there’s a sense of personal freedom that’s unique to Montreal and ‘My Crew (Woooo)’ is a representation of that feeling. It’s the Brooklyn of Canada. It’s where every artistically minded person goes to freak-out for a few years and find themselves. The music scene in Montreal is very insular, you’re always meeting friends and making music. I met Kaytranada while DJ’ing in Montreal a few years ago and we’ve become friends. ‘My Crew’ is a song about defying the labels that people try to place on artists. Is it underground? Mainstream? Conscious? Trap? Who cares, as long as it sounds dope.”


What’s dope about Cadence and KAYTRANADA’s collaboration is that the single stands out on its own without any help at all. It’s a breath of fresh air and an intoxicating incantation that keeps you in its trance. The weird beeps and bops and the monotone vocals are what carries the charisma and brings the creature to life. In fact, it is as if these artists are method acting to the sound. His oddity reminds me to that of Earl Sweatshirt’s and Tyler, the Creator’s– both hip hop pioneers.

Of course, I had to get an interview with these musical masterminds. When asking Cadence to introduce himself, he casually and enthusiastically replied:

What’s good? I’m Cadence Weapon. I’m originally from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada but I live in Toronto now. I’m the former poet laureate of Edmonton. My dad’s from Brooklyn, he was a DJ who played hip-hop and funk on the radio so I grew up around rap. He came to my junior high graduation rocking a DMX …And Then There Was X promotional long sleeve shirt. I first started playing shows as a member of my uncle’s funk band when I was in high school. Used to hang out in the electronic and experimental music scene in Edmonton, that’s around the time I taught myself to make beats. I made my first album Breaking Kayfabe when I was 18.


I wanted to know about how he was able to reach KAYTRANADA and how this dynamic duo came about.

Kevin (Kaytranada) and I ended up DJing a party together a few years ago in Montreal at Cabaret Underworld. This was before he had put out an album or most of the remixes. Every song he played that night was a totally insane beat. Just banger after banger. I asked him after, “Who made all those tracks?” and he was like, “Me!” I was amazed by how immediately distinctive his sound was. We stayed in touch, he hit me with some beats and the rest is history, remarks the man of melodies.

He continued to elaborate to me where the inspiration for this innovative track came from:

It’s inspired by the late night party scene in Montreal. I lived there for six years. I met so many free-spirited creative people while I lived there and it really influenced me to experiment with my flow and just be more open-minded. Montreal is like an artist colony. Pretty much every artistically minded young person in the country lives there for at least a part of their 20s and usually together in the same neighbourhoods. It’s also really cheap to live there so people can focus on making art instead of struggling to make ends meet.

I used to DJ afterparties a lot when I lived there and “My Crew (Woooo)” is my way of trying to harness the energy I felt playing those parties.


The conversation already was getting so intriguing, but wait, there was more! I asked him, “what have you been up to the past five years? And where do you see yourself in 5 years?” and very confidently he exclaimed:

Over the last five years, I put out my album Hope In Dirt City, released a book of poetry and toured the world. I spent a lot of time writing in different forms: songs, music journalism and poetry. I was DJing a ton in Montreal, promoting shows, making remixes for people. Then I moved to Toronto and started putting together the album I’m working on now.

When I first made music, I just wanted to make the weirdest shit I could possibly make. I didn’t care who liked it. But now I make music with the experience of the listener in mind. Five years from now, I’d like to have a few classic albums under my belt. I want to produce for other artists, own some companies, manifest my creativity in different ways.

I then wanted to have some fun and ask a few out-of-music questions such as, “what is your soul song?” and “what gets you up in the morning? What is the motivation?”

“Goddess of Love” by Royal Flush. It has this epic, hypnotic quality to it, I’ve listened to it on a continuous loop for hours before.


I look at my actions very analytically and think deeply about how to become better at everything I do, whether it’s rap or just life in general. Striving for improvement is what gets me up in the morning. That and the thought of a Raptors game being on later that day.


I then proceeded to conclude our interview by asking him a question that had been lingering in my head for a bit, “in your own personal opinion, what makes a hip hop track stand out?”

When a rapper’s unique character shines through. It’s easy to just make some shit that sounds like everything else. It’s harder to bring people into your world.


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Cadence Weapon







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