King J Drops Fresh New Music Video for “Kitty Kat Freestyle”


Boston native and hip hop extraordinaire Jordan Carter, also known as King J, reigns once again with his hip hop/rap ballads in this new track “Kitty Kat Freestyle.” This fresh sound is now accompanied by the easy going video above that not just purrs, but roars.

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 6.23.11 PM.png

Staged in an abandoned warehouse and the empty night time city streets of Boston, the rapper takes us down a nostalgic trip around in his rolling chair and fisherman’s hat and his old school get up. Even the whole cinematic visual itself has that grungy, low-quality flare to it (all in a good way) that brings you back to simpler days in the media worlds of music.

King J has a lot of talent and a lot of passion for what he does. Being a Boston University student, and a soon to be graduate, this artist has juggled the hardships of both realms of academia and music in order to build the best version of himself that he can. He has shared with many his art on the stages of Boston’s well known venues and at many Boston University on-campus events. Now, the Columbia University-accepted graduate student is taking on another phase of his life, and plans to bring his music along for the ride. His sound continues to develop and thrive each year as he grows personally and musically.

rocket power 🚀

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With his freestyle, King J puts together a lyrically forceful production with verses that slip n’ slide over each other’s words and riffs that seamlessly initiate the next line for another phase of tonality. A master of his words, he recites this record with no hesitation or “off-beatness.”

This hip hop up-and-comer has been a part of a crew of rising stars known as The Arsenal, including artists such as Jean-Luc, Roam, TG Evo, Booty Bae and more! Together, these artists hope to form the new age-Odd Future who will all rise together in their own unique and innovative ways.

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Follow King J and his team, The Arsenal, HERE.


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