“The Morning After” Jean-Luc Releases a Chill New Vibe

Wake up to this the morning after

Jean-Luc is back at it again with a great new tune that is going to take over your music streams. Boston University’s favorite alum and Boston’s growing pop star releases his new track “The Morning After” featuring rapper Booty Bae and Roam, and produced by Digimane.

In this stylistic collaboration, we get a track that is simple yet unique in its own charisma. The synths over autotuned vocals add an martian-like persona to a fun, bouncy track. The instrumental in the background is airy and profound as the tune holds their lyrics reminding us of those wild late nights followed by an even wilder morning with news hitting us left and right, both good and bad.


Our one-and-only urban boy takes the streets as he stimulates our minds with a vibe of fun-filled melodies and broken words. Booty Bae and Roam compliment the artist with their riffs and lines that pierce the tune with a force of vocal direction and intention. The song somehow manages to linger in your mind no matter what you do and haunts you in perfectly acceptable way.

These men of The Arsenal power up like ninjas of the night and take on the music with this hip pop track, and just like any other song that Jean-Luc has produced and has been producing, he shares with us another story and another genre. This only further expresses to us his musical range and capabilities.

To hear this hot new tune, listen above! Also, be on the lookout for when this king of pop continues to drop new material here and there in the coming months– you won’t want to miss it!

Be sure to follow Jean-Luc on social media to hear more of his dope work and see what he’s up to!



The Arsenal


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