BIG NEWS: Miley Takes Us On a Cali Daydream with “Malibu”


Malibu becomes a day dream in Miley’s recently released single.

Miley Cyrus has returned to us from the musical purgatory we thought she had resided in, and I have to admit, I’m pretty happy about that after hearing this track. Just moments ago, the young songstress dropped her single “Malibu”, a beautiful and enchanting pop track that takes you on a whirling 80’s trip through a world of sunbeams and tides. It’s probably one of the more uplifiting records I have heard from her in a while.
The mid-tempoed song caresses you with sweet lyrics. The echoes and hums of her “ahs” remind you of something out of the Little Mermaid, and the the rhythms and beats of the single takes you on a rollercoaster of sound, up and down, and all around. It’s fun, yet melodic.

Under the sunshine, in the depths of the sand and flower fields, and by the sea, the actress spins around in her dress and lets her hair out, giving you the feeling of letting loose and giving no care. It’s a “love all” carefree kind of tune that you could ride along to on warm-summer days with friends, and it’s the song you want to explore and wander with your lover. Honestly, I was stunned by the track, and found that it was well-attuned to Cyrus’ vocals and took us back to Old-School “The Climb” versions of Cyrus.


Listen and watch the music video now above to hear the stylings of Cyrus returned to us at last again!

What will Cyrus be up to next? Should we be expecting a new album!? Let us know what you think of the track above and be sure to stay tuned for more Miley sitings!


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