A Playlist Made to Help You ‘Refresh, Rewind, & Revibe’ This Summer

Sometimes, after those longs days of constantly doing work to the point that your bones are about to break and your brains about to shut down, you need sometime to press the refresh button.

That is what this playlist is here for. This is your ticket to the ultimate sounds that will help you unwind and rewind your mind, and will help you get back into the right chill zone your body needs. It’s only healthy to revibe yourself once in a while and there’s no better way to do so than through the power of music.

In this small playlist, we get to play around with some of the musical stylings of fragmentation and composition, where melodies form from scattered pieces of sound strung together into one. Where disassociation is welcomed and where you are able to bring a track to life by its own musical chaos.

I have always really been a big fan of what I call “Vibe Music” or “Mood Music”, which is in essence just the true sounds of distraction all focused into one cohesive song. The talents of these producers, such as Cashmere Cat, KAYTRANADA, Lido, Mura Masa, Shy Girls, and more are artists who helps us listen to the roots of our music as they slowly form before our ears.

Production is an art of its own and growing to become a genre of its own in the music industry. It is incredible. And I do think that the music is able to create a newer feeling in all of us like no other tunes could.

Listen to the music now to get your fresh start. Keep tuning in for new musical compilations to come and be ready for some great playlists made just for you to fill your day with music.




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