Dreamer & Son Release Beauteous Live & Unplugged Version of “Sweep”


Dreamer & Son are back with a new creation that will have sweep you with all the feels.

This innovative team of artists create alternative-rock/pop sounds that will have you craving more. From their recent hit release off their new project, “Cheat”, to the older more old-school rock tones such as “Hello Vancouver”, we are invited to their whimsical world of music. Dreamer & Son now release this beauteous Live and Unplugged version of “Sweep”, which is a track to be on their debut album.

Cheat just hit 400k views thank you. Artist: @pxrxvi – VA. USA

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In this rendition of “Sweep”, the boys slow down and break down the track into a sweet ballad. The piano plays on as lead singer, Sayak Das controls the air waves with the strength and charisma in his voice.

They’ll remind you of a combination of The Killers, Walk the Moon, and DNCE, with a upbeat aura to a rock-punk vibe. The boys categorize themselves as “nostalgic dream-rock”, somewhere between being in the moment and remembering the past, longing for a good time and some good vibes. Their music is overall a mysterious memory that strings along background noise to serenade on a whirlwind of flashbacks and reminiscence.

The quartet hailing from Boston, MA makes the city proud with their incomparable sound that most certainly has the potential to make it big in the industry one day. Until then, we are to listen and support them as they pursue these endeavors. Their project is to be released soon, including the tracks “Cheat” and “Sweep”, and while we wait, they will be performing all over Boston, so stay tuned!

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