Singer/Songwriter Gianni & Rapper Chris Buxton Debut “Better off This Way”

Looking for new summer vibes? Here’s a track that will leave you “Better off This Way”.

A vision of Dave Matthews Band, Weezer, and Never Shout Never, you get a tropical alt-punk/rock sound that will help you find your chill for days to come. Gianni and Chris Buxton bring you this simple, sweet tune with reverbs and guitar riffs that carry you through the melodies and chorus.

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 11.21.22 AM.png

“Sun’s beating hard but your heart’s still cold” croons the vocalist. Gianni has released a few tracks in the past as of 2016, which can be found on Spotify, such as  “Ready or Not”, “Forest Fire”, “Los Angeles”, “Worth It (ft. Ollie)”, “Evermore”, and “Oh No”. The artist continues to consistently put out work this year, keeping his sound fresh and reaching out to more audiences as he produces more material. He goes back and forth between indie-rock and hip hop to delve into various sounds. His music can be defined as a little raw and a little wavery, and it can come off as a simple production, but for some that can be a good thing, where there is not too much going on. In “Better off This Way” there are no synths, no exotic filters or fluctuations in sound- just true to its original sound.

Featuring the up and coming rapper, Buxton, Gianni adds a smoother element to his single and brings charismatic beat to the harmony.



Like what you heard? Check these two out on Spotify now for more music and more tunes to add to your playlists!

Chris Buxton



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