[Artist Spotlight]: Ollie Rodgers Brings You the Sounds of ‘Tropical Weather’

Surf’s up! Here’s the perfect soundtrack to your long summer days.

Looking for the serenading tunes of blissful guitar riffs and weening echoes of greener grass on the other side? Than here is your latest addition to your playlists. Meet Oliver Rodgers, also called Ollie Rodgers, who was a film & tv major and advertising minor at Boston University’s College of Communications. The 22 year-old has lived in various cities including Hong Kong, London, Boston, and Los Angeles, making his influences stem from various corners of the world. As a passionate individual for all forms of creative content, such as music, fashion, and media, he decided to take on the music world and found his talents in guitar and production.

His compositions come into this wonderful package of sound which he calls Tropical Weather. This 6-track EP summons emotions of nostalgia and grandiose desires to escape on a Great Escape of sorts. Personal favorites from the project would include “Big Wave Bay”, “Better Places”, and “Take It Easy (Interlude)”. Incorporating elements of Weezer, Franz Ferdinand, and Jack Johnson, Rodgers sweeps you away with sick vibes of rough vocals followed by falsettos and raw acoustics.

The reverbs of the strings pluck away to jazzy forms of melodies and transform into dynamic yet simple tones of harmonies. We sway to the ebb and flow of his songs as they take us through a ride of an “Endless Summer” saga of rhythms.

Still an up & comer, he has the potential to merge his throwback tunes into another generation and era of music as he continues to make more music and grow his number of listeners. Essentially, his music is the ultimate chill of noise, it’s something we all want.

Now, Rodgers is not only an artist in the singular sense of music however, he is also a creative in videography and an avid skateboarder and traveler. You can see the videos he has produced below:

As a multi-faceted artist, he intends to grow his musical audience so he can spend more time on his love of music!

To hear more from Ollie Rodgers, check him out on Social Media:






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