[Exclusive]: Russell Elliot Releases Single That Keeps You in His “Orbit”

Running circles around and play tricks with your mind.

Russell Elliot, has stolen your heart again with his latest shining, breakup track release “Orbit” produced by GeS. With a stellar production of jazzy intonations and panning synth echoes, Elliot’s voice surrounds your space with his deep, melodic R&B croons. Thought you could escape his embrace? Think again, he pulls you, in fact tugs you into his orbit of seduction and erotica. Featured in the renown alternative magazine Nylon, the publication described the record as the “perfect addition to your breakup playlist”, which is not far from the truth. The artist himself calls the song a “FUCKBOI-REPELLANT SONG OF THE SUMMER”.

orbit title art -- insta friendly size.jpg

Elliot is prepping up for what will become his sophomore EP later this year! Fans are extremely excited for Elliot’s next project which has already been hinted to be a incredibly steamy and provocative masterpiece.

Even in this single’s cover image, we feel that taste of daring, exotic smokiness … spiked with lust and beautiful disasters.

Earlier this year, Elliot graced us with the release of his track “On You” accompanied by a music video with incredibly choreography and all the 90’s R&B feels. His fame continues to grow as he has made some groundbreaking achievements this year, including his official SXSW showcase back in March of 2017, and soon to be his upcoming show at the Pride performances in D.C. & NYC this June 2017.

Now, time for an [EXCLUSIVE] interview with the rockstar bae himself:

full press image.jpg

Neelu Mohaghegh (NM): What was the inspiration behind “Orbit”?
Russell Elliot (RE) : Orbit is inspired by a fuckboi who didn’t know who he was trying. What else is new? The song is mostly me frustrated with myself for returning to the same toxic shit over and over again. It’s definitely an evolution from songs that placed the frustration or blame solely on other people.

NM: What is the process like creating your next EP?
RE: So far I’ve produced, engineered and written the whole record myself. Nobody has heard it but me! Not even my team. It feels like a delicious and exciting secret. Right now it’s all mine. The solitude has allowed me to take my time and create with less pressure. Soon I’ll need to let other people in on the creative process. That is scary, exciting, wonderful, and horrible all at the same time.

NM: What would be the color of your upcoming EP if you had to define it that way and why?
RE: Pitch Black. You get lost in it and can’t see what’s coming next.

NM: What should we expect next in terms of musical direction?
RE: The rhythms have an old-world, savage, relentless, visceral quality to them. You can definitely expect the record to be more percussion driven than anything else I’ve put out. It’s dark, but there’s definitely some beauty and soul in there. It wouldn’t be an RE record if I didn’t get my Boys II Men moment.

NM: What is your guilty pleasure right now?
RE: I’m rewatching “Queer As Folk” on Netflix and living for it. God, if you’re reading this, please send me Brian Kinney.

NM: Who would you want to collaborate with if you had to choose?
RE: This list is always a mile long, but the ones that come to mind are: H.E.R, Lizzo, Kehlani, Chance, Solange, RAY BLK, JoJo, Jidenna, Frank (duh), 6LACK, & Russ.

Well, that’s it folks!

Listen to “Orbit” in its enchanting rhythmic entirety and all of its intergalactic splendor below:


Can’t get enough? Neither can we!

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