Opia Drops Daring Downtempo-Funk Single “Devil In Disguise”

“Searching for words I can’t define…”

These are the words that exactly characterize the emotions that this song insinuates in your soul. Opia, a duo that is known for constructing lush, abstract, and ambient vibes bring us their most recent angsty release “Devil In Disguise”. What is so attractive about this track is the fact that it’s seductive and provocative. It practically exudes the feeling of betrayal and discontent in the form of a sick jams and rhythms.


“Devil In Disguise” is a manifesto of  blood boiling and burning hate for being hurt by love. It consists of that hard rock reverb, with an R&B melody, and a funky tune. It’s always been impressive how this young duo create a downtempo beat that can encompass so many genres and still manage to sound so smooth and entertaining. Utilizing elements of electronic noise they build this dynamic track! “Call me a loser, but you ain’t a winner” harshly accuses the vocalist as disjointed tones beat all over the melody like a shattered heart would sound.

Opia (11 of 19) (1).jpg

Opia has come a long way since the beginning of their musical creations. Before this, they released their dreamy single “Secrets” featuring vocals of Sam Fischer. Opia has found themselves recognized by some great platforms such as Spotify’s Alternative R&B playlist and Hype Machine! They are now excited to be on tour and sharing the stage as the opening act for Marian Hill!

To see the tour dates, check out the graphic below!


The last time I had written about Opia, it was for their hit single “YDU“, which was an amazing track! I have no doubt that 2017 has a lot in store for these guys and their success.

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