Blonder Releases Project ‘$5’ and It is Thriving


Worth far more than just $5

Blonder’s $5 EP was released on July 23rd and fans were excited! This indie rock act puts the cool in chill vibes and revives an era of music that seems to have been lost many years ago. With a beach-house rock aura, he commands the sound waves with his impressive, natural ability to provide nostalgia in a track. With wistful lyrics and video-game tones woven into these post-punk sounds, we get what is this project of perfectly planned and designed songs. The EP includes 6 tracks: “Lean”, “Talk to Me”, “In and Out”, “What We Want”, “Upstate”, and “Just Because” (my personal favorite).

The music is honestly the soundtrack to the urban grunge of la la land and made for the cruel youth and rebels without a cause. The reckless and the free, the empowered and the dreamers. There’s something about this music that just keeps you moving and attracts the ear, even when it is not your taste.

Recently, Blonder played a residency at the Elvis Guesthouse with Dev Hynes (Blood Orange) and Aaron Maine (Porches). In addition, not many know that his own band consisted of artists such as Wet, Tei Shi, and Guards (to name a few) in the past.

The current full-band just completed their previous tour with Methel Ethyl, and now, Blonder is touring with Day Wave!

All in all, if one were to compare the musical stylings of this crafty and adept man, the sounds would be very similar to those of Vampire Weekend, Years & Years, Wrabel, and Banners, making music a light hearted, fun, and dance-worthy experience– what a power combination of artists! Listen to the music above to get a sense of the musical identity! And also check out below to see what Blonder shared as his top favorite songs!



Here’s his mega exclusive and unique playlist of amazing tracks that he loves to listen to and the rationale behind it all!

Arcade Fire – “Everything Now”

An Abba song with Thomas Bangalter, I think I read it was made in Paris, I want to believe that at least and it feels like, this was on in the van a lot for the first 2 weeks, a beautiful acoustic guitar sound in the verse, and a melancholy to the whole song, chords and lyrics, made it a perfect contemplative jam. Beautiful.

Lorde – Super Cut

The most pure heroine-esque song on the new record, which I have very mixed feelings about, seemingly with the unpopular opinion. It’s not the Lorde record I wanted, and she seems to have transformed into the wrong thing an artist can do when they’ve reached success, ie. ego driven and more emotionally vanilla. The old record was about the melancholic “we” and this new one about the rush of “I.” Anyway! This song, and a lot of the record, is beautiful to me. “Be a violent overnight rush”.

The Clash – “Magnificent Seven”

just pure swag, impossible to not feel cool listening to this – intersection of rock and funk, with an experimental recording, just incredible. i’m not too aware of the lyrics for this one, they seem a little obtuse but still hot. this one on repeat for days. the clapping, the triangle, the guitars.

Playboi Carti – “Location”

The sweeping synths that open this r so swaggy it’s insane. Love the lyrics too and how it’s not even rapping really, it’s just like being cool on a track. I like that idea of distilling a feeling of cool to such an essence that it’s just almost just ad-libs, and he’s pulling it off in a huge way! It’s a v real movement. And beautiful.

Migos – “Bad and Boujee”

Hadn’t really gotten into this song somehow when it was charting, but on the road one day I was driving alone in the van to get food or something before a gig and I put it on completely spur on the moment, and was truly blow away by how good the vocal production was, the mix, and the swag was literally insane. This song definitely made me feel like they deserved the love the song and the record got, just a masterclass in cool.

Day Wave – “We Try but We Don’t Fit In”

Jackson of day wave brought me out to sing this song with them at the El Rey and I spent the entire hour after our set listening and making sure I memorized the song, a really beautiful and transcendent moment for me. Anyway, I’m so glad I did learn it because I  hadn’t heard it before and it’s a beautiful piece of music.

Bruce Springsteen – “Something in the Night”

This feels like a melancholic ice cream on a summer night in love and with a head full of tequila at 2am. My drummer Noah Chenfeld showed this song to me while we were driving late after a show, he showed me a lot of Bruce, which I always liked but admittedly never fell deeply in love with. This is a good song to help you do that with.

Frank Ocean – “Biking (solo)”

I like how this version starts right at Frank’s verse with the acoustic guitar, feels like the perfect way to make a solo version. Although I loved Jay Z’s verse and the piano underneath it, this is somehow also perfect.

Blur – “Go Out”

Kind of a weird track from the 2015 record but it’s actually so so hot. Put it on while driving and felt it in a big way. I read they recorded it in Japan, and it just feels real swaggy. Damon can do no wrong, it’s kind of weird. He doesn’t always write home runs but they always have a sense of self and definition that’s incredible.

Bjork – “Violently Happy”

No one can do what she does, and this record is from 1993! It’s absolutely insane how important this person is, who else is able to curate this amy trends and sounds and make them their own? It’s like a more elegant, Scandinavian Kanye making art pop. This song is just beautiful, love the house vibes so so much.

Well that’s it! Amazing list!

Stay tuned with Blonder on social media! Facebook I Soundcloud I Site I Instagram I Twitter I iTunes


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