Opia Shares Amazing, Whimsical Project: ‘Faded’

Tunes to make out to are back and the chemistry is even hotter than before

In this eclectic escapade of a compilation,  Opia brings forth its well-constructed and highly sought out EP Faded. The electro-funk duo have been creating music since 2010 and have been releasing track after track in the following years. Today, the wait is over as their full project consisting of 6 tracks finally is released for all to hear and share!


Like Sunday morning vibes,  these melodies take you on a dreamy trip into your inner erotic subconscious and sweep you off your feet to creep under the bed sheets with you and keep you there. It’s a blissful haze of sound that builds, destroy, and builds  the guitar riffs and vocals. These talented two, Opia, are going to go very far with their skills and I am very excited what they will produce as these guys are known to be innovators of their own, bewildering and attractive tunes!

“Heart of Gold”, the slow-tempo and genuine single, was the only song that was not released along with the other tracks, and so it was the surprise in the entirety of the album’s creation.


Other songs included are “Faded”, an uplifting and anthemic track, “YDU”, a seductive and funky record, “Devil in Disguise”, a coarse and melodic rock song, “Secrets” ft Sam Fischer, a rhythmic, soulful tune, and lastly “Falling”, their electric, down-tempoed, cool, and erotic hit single.

All of these tracks have been released before, and in fact, the release plan began as of 2016 and have progressed since. The band slowly make their way to recognition by being noticed by Earmilk, TIME magazine, and making it to the top managers of an artist. Recently, the pair came back from their spectacular tour opening for Marian Hill. The boys will once  again be on tour starting as of this fall in Los Angeles, so be sure to check them out as they open for the talented, Whethan! For your consideration, the Touring List is Below!


Los Angeles
San Francisco
Santa Cruz
San Luis Obispo
Salt Lake City
Fort Collins
New Orleans
Fort Lauderdale


Be sure to follow the dudes on these sites, for more information on the act and their latest happenings!

Instagram I Facebook I Twitter I Site I Spotify I Soundcloud


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