[Premiere]: Evee Releases Furious Banger “Lone Wolf”



Evee is the next songstress to set a fire to and ignite your soul

If you haven’t found your summer identity song yet, then let this be the one. This female vocalist by the name of Evee will tear through your heart with this fantastic upbeat take on her pop single “Lone Wolf” with producers The Chemistri.

This vibrant roller coaster takes you on a hopeful race of high energy melodies. The song of loneliness and solitude rushes you into a harmonious song that carries you up, up and away to higher emotions. The song is fun, it’s exhilarating, the cover art is ferocious, and the rhythm is well-constructed. Women vocals have taken control of the airwaves these days, and it only makes sense that artists like Evee are thriving. Voices like hers are confident, silky, calming, and forceful! They insert a vibe of joy and when paired with the fast-paced rhythms and metallic undertones of synths, they are able to command the dance floor.

Hudson Yard (Max) DSC05909_ACRT-1.jpg

This is the artist’s electronic remix to her highly acclaimed pop single “Lone Wolf”, which released back in February of this year. The song received wide recognition and was written up by publications such as PopDust, TWIST magazine, and Next2Shine and also found on Spotify playlists like Girl Power, Top Hits 2017, and Starbucks Coffeehouse Pop.

The not your average cat lovin’ pop artist was and is inspired by artists such as Aurora, Sia, The Decemberists, Jessie J, Cruel Youth, and Childish Gambino. This wonder woman has done much in her career at such a young age. She was a classically-trained opera singer who has modeled professionally, and also acted in various theatre shows such as Dante’s Inferno, Ragtime, & Rent.

This pop star began a journey  through the theatrical world and dance, but it wasn’t until recently when she found her voice to be her greatest asset. Now signed to Siri Music Group, the artist has made space for herself in the one of the toughest sectors of the music scene and one that is ever-changing– pop and electronica.

Listen to the song now to rage on through the night!

Be sure to follow her on Instagram, FacebookTwitter, and  Spotify.


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