Olivia Swann Sings a Stunning Song for the Salty ft. MYK


Girl power join forces in this track about getting over and winning back your self from heartbreak

“Call me when you call me” sings this stunning R&B vocalist, Olivia Swann. A newbie to the music scene, this rookie doesn’t show any signs of inexperience with a voice that strikes and flows like a river. She is joined by the rap stylings of MYK and productions of WhiteNoise.

Swann is a Berklee College of Music girl, and well-deserved. You can tell how passionate she is for the music in this song where her alluring vocals carry the rest of the melody across the line, prepping us for the MYK fire that would enter in the bridge. Swann has already made some notable triumphs in her music career, performing at Osheaga Festival on August 5th on the same stage  as Daniel Caesar, Majid Jordan, and Solange. More hopefully to come!


Back to the song now, the single is crisp, it’s raw, and relatable. It’s got that bit of nostalgia intertwined with an 80’s R&B vibe. It leaves a soreness in your heart while also keeping you swaying joyfully to the instrumental. The music is bittersweet in the best way possible, and we all feel a little salty for the faults that have taken place in Swann’s story. With a little innocent attitude, the girls chime in on reminding girls that it’s ok to stand up for yourself and build a safer space. It’s a song worth hearing and hopefully adding to your playlists.


Be sure to check out these queens on their Instagram and follow them on SoundCloud to hear more of their amazing tracks! We are expecting to hear more from them very soon!

Olivia Swann: Instagram SoundCloud
MYK: Instagram


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