The Iceberg & SONY Published Danish Artist Tim Schou Releases Indie-Pop Inspired Single “Morrison”

“I need my medicine, ’cause the walls are closin’ in, and I feel like  Morrison, this will all make sense one day…”

The Danish singer/song-writer sings this tune and demonstrates his ability to change up his sound to the emotion behind a song. Tim Schou is a multi-talented artist and couch surfer, circling the world many times around to chase after his passion. His sound is a combination of Ed Sheeran, Vance Joy, and Neutral Milk Hotel, creating a sweet deadliness all together.

The Iceberg & SONY published artist recently released his single “Morrison” on July 21st, which is a classic tale of sinner and self-recognition. His last single was “Novocaine”, which received over 124 K streams on Spotify. This track was produced by the noteworthy team Hitimpulse, also known for producing for Alma, Felix Jaehn and more recently Kygo and Ellie Goulding.


Schou constructs this emotional indie-pop song with an alternative-punk edge to it that blends together worlds of electronica, mainstream, and rock in just the right way. The single is haunting and dynamic as it gradually becomes more intense and compelling. You can practically hear the strife of two minds at war with each other, as the schizophrenic nature of the song plays out. Schou has had the chance to work with the talents of songwriter Litens Anton and Swedish producer Kristoffer Eriksson to put together this record. The two have, in the past, worked with successful artists such as The Chainsmokers.

Schou, himself, is known as the professional “couch surfer” for the fact that his drive and productivity of being an artist keeps him constantly traveling the world for new gigs. He has had the chance to work with some of the most distinguished songwriters and producers in the industry. Overall, Schou has recorded over 200 songs for himself and others from all of his adventures.


Listen to him now on Spotify to hear more of his great productions.


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