Artist Watch: Rebecca Perl & Tep No Collab on Chill New Vibe “Keepin’ It Cool”

Just chill out

Here’s a new artist that was put on my radar and her name is Rebecca Perl. She recently collaborated with Canadian-Greek DJ/producer Tep No to put together this jam that has a lot of cool facets. Perl’s serene vocals are perfect with the context of the lyrics: being too shy to make the move, but knowing that if you don’t, you’ll miss an amazing opportunity. However, her smooth voice is then interrupted by the intensity of the EDM drop that Tep No intertwines into the song, making it suddenly a playful, sensual track. It actually is interesting because at first, the drop felt to abrupt and sudden. It felt like it came out of nowhere from the calm aura that Perl provided, but then as I listened again and again, it was kind of humorous how it almost felt like it represented “losing your chill” when you’re trying to keep your cool. The drop comes right in at the point when she stutters “Ke-Keepin’ it cool”, as if her heart just explodes!

*Side note: he song is also the perfect workout song, and a great pool party track to dance to.*

The LA-based singer/songwriter is much more of a country-pop artist; however, she surprised me with this collab, as her voice fit the mold pretty well — much like Maren Morris shocked us with her whimsical, amazing single with Zedd “The Middle”!

Born and raised in New York, Perl was artist from the start. At age 12, she picked up her first guitar and taught her self to play it  and teaching herself by 13, she learned her love for music was the best way to articulate all the complexities and riddles that love and life had to offer. She practiced, wrote, and found her sound, and then delved deeper when she moved to Austin, Texas. Now that she lives in LA, she continues to write and collaborate with artists. Her first major album Rendezvoushelped her gain her place in the industry, selling out Webster Hall followed by opening for acts like Howie Day, Gavin Degraw, Teddy Geiger, Ryan Cabrera and Olivia Newton John.

She’s on her way to some exciting experiences, and with collars like this one, she may open more avenues of possibility. So be sure to check out her single above and tell us what you think. Tep No shared his reasoning as to why he was excited to work on the track with the songstress, saying, “The song has so much potential, when I first heard it, I thought it would be a perfect fit for a Tep No Records release. I totally relate to the lyrics, about being so shy to ask people out or to make a move at least, so you’re trying to act like the bigger person when really, you’re missing out on the chances you don’t take”.

Tep No also mentioned that there will be a music video coming out very soon, so until then, we’ll be waiting for that!

Be sure to check out more from Tep No and Rebecca Perl on social media:

Tep No: Facebook| Twitter| Instagram

Rebecca Perl: Facebook| Twitter| Instagram



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