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Jacob Saint Patrick Blesses Your Holiday with “O Holy Night”

Jacob Saint Patrick is here to bless your holiday

The holidays are always such a special time of the year. It’s when we hear the beautiful songs that become nostalgic memories imprinted in our minds and we smell in the air the crisp, smoky scents of pine trees, candles, sweets, hot chocolate, and snow (at least in some places). We also get the mystifying feeling of joy and tradition in aura of the activities occurring around you, and now, Jacob Saint Patrick is a new artist spotlight that is here to add his own magical twist to everyone’s favorite holiday in this stunning and breathtaking rendition of the holiday classic “O Holy Night.”

Jacob Saint Patrick is a mysterious collaboration with a story of hard-work so humbling you can just hear the strife in the luxurious tones of their vocals and instrumentation. Today, JSP releases its debut track made just for the holiday time. JSP’s sound would best be described as music similar to “alternative rock turned bedroom pop.” In essence, it’s a form of angsty music gone mainstream that becomes a part of your top playlist plays, while still carrying that emo, indie-folk tone. Their sound is reminiscent to compositions by others like Bon Iver, Tep No, Yoste, The 1975, Aquilo, and Emmit Fenn.

Jacob Saint Patrick is a formation of ex-Dreamer & Son bassist Jake Sierzega and guitarist Matt Bolton. Their cover of the track was in dedication to the strength and persistence of those who participated in the migrant caravan on the southern US border, in their search for a better life. Below, the artists offered two links to Human Rights Groups that listeners could contribute to in the spirit of the holidays, love, and giving:



The new single is something of dreams truly. It’s a concoction of sounds that roll off the tongue and dance around the mind in the most fantastic of ways. It’s a gentle song that Jake fractures with his broken, velvety voice as he carries the feeling of a heavy sigh throughout the single. A new sense of emotion is created by the work of both Matt and Jake, as they team up on this traditional escapade. The music builds up in just the right areas, and the lyrics fall off lips as if speaking in whispers. By 3:35, literally the world explodes around you into this harmonious, euphoric land of melancholia you–a gorgeous creation of juxtaposition you have never experienced before. Just blast this track to understand what I mean. Truly, the guys resuscitate a new life into the song and add a soul to its ghostly personality.

You can now find the track on Spotify, Apple Music, and others, so be sure to give it a listen and let it take over your holiday like it has mine!

Jacob Saint Patrick

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Also be sure to follow Jacob Saint Patrick on Instagramfor more updates of new music to come! Happy holidays to one and all!


nic violets and lil cxxp Team Up for “diamonds are for friends”

Introducing the newest fusion of vintage & grunge

nic violets and lil cxxp team up on this high-end, part rock grunge track that is sure to bump at all of the parties.

The two are Boston-based hip hop musicians who are constructing a world of their own in the city. Their music can be described by the similarities to Nirvana-esque grunge and Post-Malone-like lyrics. They tie in this sad-boy aura with melodies that keeps you intrigued for what’s to come next.

A little more on the guys: 

lil cxxp hails from the North Shore of Massachusetts, born as Cooper McVay. The 20 year-old grew up playing the drums and guitar which then turned into a fascination with songwriting and audio engineering. His inspirations span across artists such as Kid Cudi, Mac Miller, and Lil Wayne.

nic violets is a hip-hop artist having already released his first EP Sweet Chaos back in September of 2017. Similar to blackbear, his music could be defined as lush chaos. With a mellow vibe and an atmospheric instrumental, the rapper sings and raps over to create smooth compositions with each track.

Now together, the two bring you “diamonds are for friends,” which epitomizes the hype track for any turn-up occasion. They both add their edge to the track making it all come together in one cohesive form that makes you nod your head to the beat and rhythm.

In addition, aside from the music, the two are extremely stylish in terms of clothing, so you can see how they tie fashion into their music. They carry that genre of vintage grunge with them as a symbolic theme throughout their work.

Listen to the track above, and be sure to check out more of their work on Spotifyand follow them onsocial media:

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lil cxxp

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R.LUM.R Takes The Palladium to R&B-Soul Town

“They only gather when they feel like you’re weak…”

Reporting about one of my favorite artists again, R&B singer-songwriter R.LUM.R has been keeping busy as he released his new single “With My Words,” and is currently touring North America with Louis the Child and NoMBe.

In the past year, the artist has achieved many things including reaching close-to 62 million Spotify streams, ranking top 10 at Urban AC, performing on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” hitting No. 1 on Sirius XM’s “The Heat” twice, and being featured on VEVO’s DSCVR campaign. To add on, he was highlighted by Deezer Next Artist, was the cover of Spotify’s Alt R&B playlist, was deemed Google Play’s Artist to Watch for 2018 and and captured the attention of NPR, New York Times, Rolling Stone, Time, Vibe, Paste, Sunday Times, TheIndependent, Wonderland, The Tennessean, Clash and Nashville Scene, just to name but a few. You can listen to his music HERE.

The artist has performed at coveted festivals such as Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, and Hangout Music Fest, and in the past 2 years he released his debut album AFTERIMAGE followed by an alternative version of the project titled ALTERIMAGE. The soulful songster is nothing short of amazing, and people in the crowd can equally agree to that. At The Palladium in Worcester, MA, the crowd definitely wasn’t familiar with R.LUM.R. at first, but after his performance, they for sure knew him and probably saved his music for their playlists. Phones were out recording, people were dancing and learning the lyrics of the songs to sing along, and the audience was shouting in astonishment to the amazing range that his vocal cords can reach.

Next dates on tour are below–you don’t want to miss this amazing line-up of artists!

November 21 – Detroit, MI @ Masonic Temple ~

December 6 – San Francisco, CA @ Bill Graham Civic Auditorium ~

December 7 – Los Angeles, CA @ Shrine Expo Hall – SOLD OUT ~

December 8 – Los Angeles @ Shrine Expo Hall ~

Here are some of the photos I was able to capture at his performance the other night. Such a great time with a lot of different hues for all of the lovely songs. And of course be sure to follow R.LUM.R on social media to keep up with his amazing musical journey.

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[Photo Story]: Chloe Lilac Takes On The Great Scott

Reckless and adorable

Chloe Lilac is the next artist to possibly dominate the Left-of-Center Crowd we have all in some way become in love with. From Billie Eilish to Elohim to VÉRITÉ to Lorde and more, they have all stolen the sad girls club show and brought to us a new side of pop. Lilac fits this mold and has put out a few solid tracks to demonstrate her addition to the emerging genre.

The songstress was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, and in those subway commutes is where she wrote her songs. By age 13, she would sneak out and perform on the streets of NYC, finding her true self in the art.

She released two great singles this past year — “Stolen Liquor” & “Summer.” Lilac, with her mellow, melancholy, youthful vibes, has been able to captivate new fans with that charm and build herself a growing following. Currently, her songs have reached a total of 1.5MM+ Spotify plays as well as publication recognition from sources such as NYLON and DIY Magazine.

This fall, she has been touring with the lovely Charlotte Lawrence as her opening act, and on November 13th, she arrived to Boston’s The Great Scott, where she gave a fun performance for all. With her genuine smile and her energy, you could tell everyone thought she was absolutely an adorable person…

She asked the crowd to body roll with her during “Stolen Liquor” and she demonstrated from her storytelling and lighthearted humor her ability to interact and engage with them. You could tell no one really knew her, but they were enjoying her presence. The highlight definitely had to be when one of the audience members realized that one of her favorite songs on Spotify was actually Lilac and started belting out the lyrics to the song, singing and dancing along with her to her record “Summer.” After the performance, the fan ran up to her and started gushing about her love of the song and excitement to find out who she was and meet her! It was a very cute scene.

Here are photos from the night to recap her performance!

(All are original photos taken by myself.)


Be sure to check her out on Spotify and on social media!!

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Exclusive Interview with UK Rockers Pretty Vicious


“I think it just naturally happened.”

We all need rock in our lives, and Pretty Vicious is my next recommendation for that. Introducing the UK band that recently signed to Big Machine / John Varvatos, Pretty Vicious comes with a ferocious bite and an electric spirit. They have the elements of the best rock sound with screaming guitars and abrasive drums with intense vocals all intertwined into a melody, they’re just the band the doctor for angst ordered.

Pretty Vicious’ forthcoming debut album is a project to capture the emotions of the rebellious youth! Full of energy and attitude, this Welsh valley-boys stole the music souls of many and captured the London streets with their sound. They recently released their single “Move” and more recently just came out with an amazing new music video to accompany the track giving the fan a visual to enjoy.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Jarvis from the band to discuss some of their journey, the music, and their future endeavors.

“We became a band about 4 years ago [teenagers at the time], some of us were friends from school and some of us knew each other. We just met up one night, we were all by a campfire and we were all drunk, and Brad, the front man, he was in a cover band, and he was upset because they wouldn’t play any of his original songs, so he was looking for a band to play originals. So, he said let’s just get together and make a band and see what happens.”

Pretty Vicious
Simon Sarin

When directing the sound to rock, these guys knew exactly the path they were going to take. “I think it’s just the kind of thing we did. We all like rock music. I think it just naturally happened.”

When I asked him about his favorite performance him and the guys ever did, he was excited to respond with his answer which he claims he always says. “I would say Japan, because when we went to Japan in 2015 and it was just such a surreal place to be and we would travel 12 hours on the plane to get to Japan, and there was people waiting for us to get off the plane with pictures of us and they all wanted signatures, and I  didn’t even know how they knew which airplane we were on, they were all just waiting for us. And we then did a gig at Assault Festival (which is a big festival in Japan), and there were a loads of people there and there were people holding up the Welsh flag which is where we’re from, we’re all from Wales and it was just so surreal.”

I then followed up with where would be one place he would like to perform in his life, and he was enthusiastic to say that Japan was the one, and that he really did make it to a place he has always wanted to perform in. He’d love to go back. He’d even love to move and live in Japan one day!

The journey for these guys has been an exciting and definitely unreal experience. “It’s been a bit of a weird situation, like I see the band in steps, and we’ve had ups and downs and we were signed really young. Like we signed to Virginwhen were all so young. I was 18, Brad and Tom were 17, and Elliott was only 15. It was good things were really good and then things went down and so were wondering how can we make this move forward again. We had like new management, a new record deal now, and I think it’s been really good. And we came to America.”

I then wanted to know between the UK and the American music scenes, how that differed for him personally, to which he replied” with influences and performances, I’ve always liked watching live music. I listened to recorded UK bands, but I’d rather listen to Nirvana and other light rock bands. So it’s always been a privilege [to be in the US]. I’ve always wanted to have that American thing, but then with the UK thing as well. It’s nice to be one of them, we are from the UK, with a lot of great rock bands. But it would be nice to be one of those big American bands like the Foo Fighters. So, I’d say the scenes are very different, but I would prefer the American thing.”

I then jumped into asking about the inspiration behind their new single from the upcoming album and the visual that went with it. “Brad wrote the song, and basically it’s just about in a club when you’re out all having a drink, and when guys are checking out the chics at the gig, and it’s just about having a good time and stuff and dancing, and the video we were just having a bit of fun, I really have no idea where the idea for the visual came from,” he chuckles.

Continuing the conversation, my favorite question is always who would you love to collaborate with to which, with no hesitation Jarvis answered, “Queens of the Stone Age definitely. I think that could be possible.”

Another one of my favorite questions to ask, but usually a tough for one for artists is what is your favorite track you’ve written so far. Jarvis explained, “m y favorite song is “Little Molly.” It’s an album track. It’s actually the last song on the track, and it’s like a six, seven minute ballad and it just starts off really slow and then there is this massive outro, where all of the guitars go mad and the drums go mad, but it’s really meaningful and it’s about like growing up and you’ve gotta listen to it to really get it, but that song gets me every time.”

For the fans out there, I had to ask if there were any fun facts about the guys that we probably didn’t know. Jarvis laughed, thought for a moment and then began to spill how “Elliott the drummer, loves watching himself in the mirror, he’s full of himself.” He starts laughing as he prepares to start describing himself and the other guys saying, “Me and Tom are quite the lazy ones. We like to sleep in, me and Tom could sleep for hours. And Brad’s like, if you ever meet Brad, he’s like his own person. He’s like this little guy that gets up and does his own thing and Brad’s always in his little bubble. Brad’s always in his bubble, me and Tom are always sleeping, and Elliott’s always in the mirror.” He sums it up for me as we both laugh over the phone.

I then asked him what is the best part about being a band rather than being solo, and he describes like this: “I think it’s the people you’re around. I think if I was solo I would never enjoy as much as I do with the boys and the band. It’s a friendship, like I said we met in school and stuff and so we’re just really friends and it’s really fun. It doesn’t seem like a job or anything. We just get on with it, like today we traveled out to do a music video but it doesn’t feel like we traveled up here to do a music video, we just came somewhere as friends. I think if it were solo it would be harder and this has just been such a massive journey together.”

Advice for all you aspiring rockers out there? He’s the scoop from Jarvis himself: “Don’t stop, just keep doing it, never give up because there’s a lot of times where it feels like it could be the hardest thing in the world but if you keep going something will happen. The music will speak for itself. Just never never quite, just keep going for it. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t.”

With not even a second to spare, when I asked Jarvis what was an album he could live with for the rest of his life if there was no other album in the world, he answered, “Ohhhhh Nirvana Nevermindfor sure!”

To end things off from our lovely conversation, Jarvis told me that Pretty Vicious is on the vergeof “world domination,” which I’d say is a pretty vicious answer.

Please be sure to check them out on Spotifyand to follow them on social media:

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Honne Performance Mystifies the Boston Crowd at Royale

Good Together

If you’re ever looking for a night to let go of everything and just feel free and good, then a Honne concert is just the medicine you need.

The band had stolen the entire Royale room’s hearts with the music and the simple, sweet vibes they offered on the stage. Honne sang so many of their new songs as well as so many of their old ones from the previous album, and Boston was singing along without any direction. After I left the photo pit to stand in the crowd, I noticed how immensely packed it was–I had known it was a sold out show, but didn’t realize how massive the room was until I saw all of the crowded bodies and smiling faces. Hands were up in the air and heads were back with eyes closed as people absorbed the music into their bones and swayed to the beats of each track.

I was starstruck by how incredible Honne was live, and it only elevated my love for them to greater heights. The band recently released their second debut album Love Me/Love Me Not, a 12-track project of beautiful work. The album was elegantly released as well, with a pre-release plan of dropping two-track EPs at a time throughout the summer, giving the fans a dose of what was to come, and what emotions to feel until the full production was revealed.

The lights were atmospheric and subtle, but they made an impact for every song they performed. There was no doubt that the whole hour and half of music was euphoric, an encounter of immense fantasy, seduction, and bliss. The band didn’t even stop too many times to interrupt the show, they played song after song, with ease, caressing our ears and giving us a true soundtrack experience.

Would 100% recommend seeing them should you ever have the chance!

Here are the photos I took last night:

Be sure to follow Honne on social media for more from their extraordinary band:

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Moody Pop Singer Au/Ra Steals the Show at Cafe 939 Boston

A Mood

Au/Ra is an artist I have been a fan of quite some time, and being able to see her perform live was more than a pleasure. The singer/songwriter with a lot of personality took the stage and really ran the show on Friday night at Cafe 939 in Boston, MA. She was the perfect opener for Tove Styrke’s headlining tour, and it will be exciting to see her one day running her own headlining tour.

Au/Ra sang all of her tracks and the crowd loved every second of it. You could tell not many knew of her before the show, but you also could tell that the audience was not going to forget her after. She sang her hit “Panic Room”, as well as a fun song titled “Drake”, where she both admitted her love for the video game Fortnightand the fact that she tried to friend Drake, the rapper, on the game’s platform–a dream that never came true. So why not write a song about it? She also sang her song “Junk Food,” which is, in fact, about junk food and junk food only. Au/Ra is just an incredibly real and chill human being that makes it easy for a fan or a listener to enjoy and relate to her besides the fact that she is also a talented vocalist.

With vibrant blue pigtails and a lot of charisma on stage, the pop artist gave everyone a vibe to sway and sing along to. She even was able to get the crowd to sing a chorus line with her in unison that was very well done. This superstar has such great music that surprisingly captures you and has you singing the songs even after you’ve turned off the music.

Here are some of the photos I captured from that night!

Be sure to follow Au/Ra on socials to hear more about what the songstress will be up to in the coming fall season!

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Tove Styrke Photo Story at Cafe 939 Boston

Tove Styrke is a beautiful human inside and out, and she gave a stunning performance the other night at Cafe 939 in Boston, MA.

Though a small venue, the room was packed, and people were singing along to every song word for word. She was beyond excited, wearing a flow, white ruffle shirt, shiny flared black pants and a cowboy hat that said her name on the inside lip of it. She was surrounded by a bed of light up roses and that changed into various hues of technicolor according to the music, and it was just an overall good time.

Her voice was strong, her presence was energetic, and her music was hypnotic. She sang many of her best hits as well as some off the new project and some oldies, and no matter what she was still in command of the cheering crowd. The space was intimate enough to really feel like the fans were part of the show as well, an aspect of Styrke’s career that she takes very seriously. She loves her fans, and truly tries to make sure that they know that as well.

Styrke has been riding a really powerful wave in the past year. She recently released her new album Sway as well as embarked on this journey of her own headlining tour! In addition, she released a track with her good friends, the talented electronic duo NOTD, called “Been There Done That.” The track has already hit over 5 million streams on Spotify, and has demonstrated the forceful foundation Styrke has provided herself for her music career.

Here are some of the photos I captured from that Friday night, and be sure to check out my interview with the artist pre-show to hear what she has to say about her journey to stardom, her music, and the tour HERE.

Stay tuned as the Swedish-native has a lot more in store for her fans this coming year and into the next! Follow her on social media to find out more and follow Styrke’s incredible journey!

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