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[Exclusive Interview]: Adrian Daniel, The Man Behind ‘FLAWD’

A Dark Angel

Caution: This music is for the seductive and cynical souls. The sounds are charismatic in the most heartbreaking and savage ways.  Adrian Daniel is a Brooklyn native who intends to make his mark  on the R&B/urban music scene. The falsetto-ist who has been making music for sometime now has finally announced the release of his third project FLAWD, which is set to release on March 2, 2018.

Have you heard of him before? If not, now’s the time you do. The man is like a blend between The Weeknd, Frank Ocean, and Bryson Tiller- a killer combo, no? Billboard, Complex, Beats1, Highsnobiety, The Fader, and others think so too. A storyteller from the core, his music is the making of slow, melodic, captivating tunes and harmonies. Without a doubt, his music is enchanting and mesmerizing as it takes you through the anti-wonderland, perhaps the apocalyptic version as Alice follows a rabbit down a hole to nowhere. It’s erotic and enigmatic.

Adrian Daniel is the product of a rich history, an artistic city, genres of soul, funk, and rhythm and blues, and dance! Younger Daniel has performed his dancing at the Apollo Theater and the Brooklyn Academy, but in 2012, that is when he turned to music as his primary focus. His sound is exciting and offers a new edge to the alternative R&B scene. His music has most definitely evolved and all on a spectrum of spectacular to amazing. Today, he releases his latest single “Deadly Attraction”, which you can listen to above!

AD Flawd copy.JPG

“My brother got me started in music. He forced me to to write songs and they weren’t good at that time haha. What I love the most about music is that I can say what ever I want. So instead of turning to social media to say the things I’m thinking, I can just put it in a song,” commented the artist who explained to me how he got his start in music. His influencers include a very eclectic bunch spanning various occupations outside of music too, such as Tim Burton, Steve Jobs, Quentin Tarantino, Pharrell, Michael Jackson, Zaha Hadid, Kanye West, and Goku & Vegeta.

As a man who goes very deep into the meanings and stories of his music, I wondered what the creative process behind this upcoming album was like. He elaborated: “Every time I start an album it’s mostly because I’m watching some movie and I’m thinking of creating the theme music for that movie. Then I start with writing the songs; The lyrics and melody. Then I sit with producers who I feel are inspiring me at the moment to create the sounds that go with those lyrics and melodies. We build everything from scratch and create this sonic sandwich that I hope goes down smoothly.” He continues on about the project: “Flawd is exactly what the title is. It’s me revealing and accepting the flaws of myself and other people. We often get in the way of our own happiness by our fantasy of what a relationship should be, and that could be friendships/ family, lover; Any relationship. Flawd is realizing we have wounds that we carry around with us that we don’t embrace and work on which leads to our own undoing in relationships.”

Adrian Daniel - Keaton Matusich5.JPG

A connoisseur of the tormented and loving,  you can hear the actual pain in his silky moans and the crying electric guitar chords integrated subtly within the compositions. His voice is so perfect to blend with other vocals as well! He mentions how if he could collaborate with anyone currently it would be Stevie Wonder, Childish Gambino, Tame Impala, and Jai Paul.

Currently, Daniel is trying to expand his horizons, and is learning photography and interior design. I then had to ask my favorite question: If you could soundtrack your life to an album, which album would it be?

Daniel responded with, “This is an amazing question and it would be between My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy ( Kanye ) and Random Access Memories ( Daft Punk ).”

The sonic narrator then answered my other favorite question: if you had to choose a symbol, emoji, image etc. to describe yourself, what would that be?

“😑 & ⚡️”

Daniel’s thoughts on the music landscape of Brooklyn is extremely interesting, and one I think not many were aware of. “The music scene in Brooklyn is really tight and a lot of artist from here inspire me, but because of ego a lot of the time artist are afraid to say that they are inspired by and are fans of their peers. I don’t care about all that, if I’m fan you gonna know I’m a fan. I’m a fan that makes music at the end of the day. The band “Phony ppl” are actually the guys that inspired me to create my first project on my own. Watching them work on their music together and not relying on no huge writer and producer to make amazing music was incredible to see.” He humbly notes the people that give him that extra push, which shows that true character of the man behind the music.  His vibe is real too. It’s dark, creepy, and trippy– it’s got that beauty in ugliness sound.


As recognized by VIBE magazine, “Brooklyn-bred singer [has] a trippy sound trip reminiscent of Frank Ocean meets The Weeknd meets Childish Gambino”. It’s true! He incorporates the falsettos, the slow-sexy tempo, the monologues, the voice recordings, and the warped voices that add a cinematic experience to his music. This perfectly brings us to the question of how the artist and his interests in anime and Marvel are incorporated in his life, sense of style, and artistic direction.

“They play a huge part. All the colors and aesthetic choices I end up using can be traced back to some anime or comic book character or show. I actually created a comic book character to go along with this album. If you go to my instagram and scroll down you can see him”. The artist fills us in on a little exciting animated adventure that we will be seeing then for the new production to come!

I then asked Daniel what is next for him? What does he want to do next?  He answered enthusiastically, “I really can’t wait to tour this music and perform it for people. It’s gonna be really fun. I’m always trying to better myself, so I make it my business to learn something new every year. I want to be the best version of myself, in every aspect.”


The crooner is hitting the road as well to share the music starting in London and ending in the renown SXSW festival. He is know for his extremely entertaining performances, so if possible, try not to miss a chance to see him live. Check out the tour dates below:

FLAWD Tour Dates:
 Feb 22 - London, UK
 Feb 24 - Paris, FR
 Mar 7 - World Cafe Live - Philadelphia, PA
 Mar 8 - Songbyrd - Washington DC
 Mar 10 - Rough Trade - Brooklyn, NY
 Mar 12 - Middle East - Boston , MA
 Mar 13-18 - SXSW (official showcases TBA)

Adrian Tour.jpg


Be sure to follow Adrian Daniel Online:
Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter




Delving Into Rex Mac’s Talented Music: The Release of “ABLOOM” & More

He’s keeping it one hundo for us

Introducing a Massachusetts Asian-American native and a truly talented hip hopper in the scene, Rex Mac. This young lyrical master and hypnotic maestro has been working on music for years now.  He is also a journalist for Know Your Scene, but of course devotes his time and love to his one true craft.

Abloom Cover - Shot by Malakhai Pearson Designed by Kat Waterman.jpg

Since 2012, Rex has been transforming noise into ferocious, elegant tracks (but the passion really began when he was just 12). With a keen eye for the matching of sounds, this artist took his abilities to a whole new level when creating his recent project ABLOOM, which released this year. He demonstrates his competence and expertise in what he does each day, and it shows through the production of this album, which he did all on his own- wrote, produced, and mastered.

The songwriter mentions, “It took me four years to make Abloom, so I felt like a wholly new person by the time I finished it. I named the album after all of its songs were made, and the title just made sense. The image of a big, open flower that Abloom brings to mind was an effective way for me to visually reference vulnerability, honesty, life, the women in mine, and an overall born again feeling. Also, it’s kind of close to the word, ‘album,’ no?”

ABLOOM was created to discuss a deeper and darker topic that many are afraid to express transparently, and Rex made sure to be there to represent the masses. It is an album that touches upon the impacts of detrimental mental health and the thoughts and needs of those affected by it. With each track, he reaches into the soul and brings out the topics that matter most: doubt, self-love and relationships, and understanding. ABLOOM is bursting with various shining colors, vibes, and emotions. “Every song on Abloom tackles the idea of what it is to be your best self. For me, the album’s 10 tracks were simply the songs that materialized when I personally resolved to no longer let depression or anxiety suffocate my day to day. Those two themes have formed and still somewhat drive my narrative, but now I make my demons work for me. I use them as a means to let my listeners know they’re not alone.”

ABLOOM has received praise and review from such publications as Allston Pudding, Boston Hassle, Millennial Noise, and Mmmmaven.

Jaypix Studios

In an interview with Allston Pudding, the artist recalls, “Songs on the record that sound overly happy were actually made in moments I felt pretty down about myself and my lack of movement in life. In those moments, now that I look back, I think those songs materialized because I was writing love songs to myself in a time when I needed encouragement. ”

The album starts out with the title track, “Abloom”, which is the best intro for this compilation of ingenuity. Following that is “The World is Not Enough”, which is a fun, fast-paced single that kind of sounds like an acoustic version of a video game track. “East Meets West” is a witty tune that features a past GMAD-reviewed artist, Rowlan, a good friend of Rex’s.

To compare and contrast Rex’s music, he reminds you of new day Cam Meekins meets old-school Snoop Dogg & Slick Rick. The music itself is an impressive experimental sound like Kid Cudi’s, but incorporating more 90s West Coast G Funk and Kanye West millennial, forceful simplicity. All the beats are melodious, which is what I think I love most about his music. A healthy balance of tunes and tones, with smart, sincere lyrics.

Photo By Brian Zhu.jpg

“How To Be Alone” is a track about learning to be isolated with oneself . What is very artistic and intriguing about his sounds too are that many of them lead down an unbeaten path of tempo change and rhythmic distortion into a whole new sounding song. It gives listeners a chance at a fresh new experience all in the same the track. At the end of this song, it concludes with a little Frank Sinatra-esque riff, without the autotune and just the raw vocals of Rex, telling the sincere truth of emotion.

“Mantra” is a bumpin’ track that gets you movin’ to the tempo, and the strings are an interesting touch giving it a more spiritual experience.

The whole album in its entirety is like a spoken journal of a man’s thoughts and emotions as he goes through his day, in his own narrative voice and locked inside the chambers of his own mind. “Sonically, I had a blast making the beats for this album. They’re quirky… minimalist. I had the Konmari method in mind when I selected sounds for its songs. The song, ‘The World Is Not Enough,’ doesn’t have a single kick drum or hi hat. ‘Rogues’ doesn’t have a single snare. There are secret songs not mentioned in the album’s tracklist. I wanted to give listeners a deep world to wander”, relays the artist.

Photo by Kat Waterman.JPG

The retro hip hop tunes are honestly really invigorating because we don’t really hear this kind of sound anymore. “One Hundo” gives  us a taste of that. The whines of the 808’s and the slow and smooth flow of the voice and words remind you to appreciate the history of hip hop. Rex perfectly reflects that sound. Definitely my top pick on the album!

I wanted to understand what Rex thought of the current climate of the Massachusetts music scene, especially since there are so many talented ones out there, but such an underground niche hidden beneath the surface of it all. He thoughtfully answered:

“People keep asking why I never moved to New York or Los Angeles upon graduating college to pursue music, implying that the creative grounds are infertile out here. I’ve chosen to remain firmly planted in Massachusetts because I see all of its personality and potential. This is why when I’m not performing I’m writing articles on Boston artists and their backstories. I’m invested in why people do what they do, especially in an area where the infrastructure isn’t as supportive as it should be. Human spirit in the face of resilience is gangster. I thrive off the energy of our underdogs and channel it into my own work”. The artist proceeds with his reasoning:

“Massachusetts is so heavily revered for its leaders and establishments..from academia, to medical advancement, to sports. But for some reason, only a small number of the scene’s current hip hop artists are brought up in national conversation. I’m happy for all of Token and Joyner Lucas’s recent success, but I see so many more hip hop folk out here really executing thoughtful, creative visions.”

He also mentioned that even the female music and art scene is rising and is very strong.  He offers a few suggestions of women that are currently making waves of their own to see for ourselves, such as Jamilah Unique’s multi-genre showcase Art Plug; hip hop artist Oompa’s album, November 3rd; Amanda Shea’s Hope Inc. Showcase; and Anna Rae’s All Together Now POC/LGBTQ/Female focused showcase. “Ultimately, I just want to see a futurist rise out of Massachusetts. I want to see a Kanye or Pharrell pop up out of Boston. I’m not sure who it’ll be, but I won’t stop working till I see that person emerge” enthusiastically chimes the sonic connoisseur.

Rex is working hard, and putting his heart and soul, and every inch of being that there is of him in it. He’s proving that and no question will this artist be able to rise to more fame in which everything will finally blossom and bloom into a stunning career.

To hear more of Rex’s tracks off the album, listen HERE.

Also: Check Out This Exclusive Playlist of Some of Rex’s Favorite Tracks Right Now Both In & Out of Boston!

Be sure to follow him on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Spotify, and Soundcloud. Check out his site HERE.

An Exclusive Interview with Newest Member to Team Elysium John Lindahl

John Lindahl feels very lucky to have known his passion from the start.

He has the right to be! With a voice like his and a kind, down-to-Earth personality, no wonder he’s such a heartthrob. With the perfect retro-pop sound, he brings a new age flare to his fun, classic-like tunes.

As mentioned in a previous article, the pop star released his latest EP Changes, which includes six exciting and exhilarating tracks of his own and features the founder of Team Elysium himself, Logic.

I really enjoyed this chat with Lindahl as he explained how thrilled he was to have released this EP finally! He admits that he never really listened to it in full, only because it seemed weird at first, but by the time of our conversation, he gave it a run through. His final conclusions? Proud.


The artist was originally born in Maryland, but grew up for most of his life in Southern, California, where he resides currently.

We dove into topic spanning across the spectrum from his experiences in music to past concerts he went to things to be looking forward to, and for the season, what holiday traditions his family had. Lindahl began by explaining how his humble beginnings in music started at a really young age. He would find himself amongst performers and back stage with them a lot of the time, and his influences came from some of the legends such as Gene Kelly, Michael Jackson, and others. You can even hear it in his sound, a little George Michael here and a little Prince there, and more. He admitted that these artists “inspired me to perform and be on stage  and try to pursue my dream in that way… I’m lucky enough to have always kind of known what my passion was, which I know people search their lifetime for a passion, so I feel very grateful to have known what I wanted to do since I was 5 or 4!”

I asked him what song he is currently jamming out to, to which he chuckled and replied, “You’re gonna laugh, but I’ve been bumping “Gucci Gang” by Lil Pump.”

The last concert Lindahl attended was LCD Soundsystem, only showing you how big of a variety his taste in music is. “I went with Brian who produced the EP… and Daniel who played guitar for the EP. The light shows  were my favorite part of the show!”

I then wanted to get insights of what it must be like to be an artist now, so when I asked what’s his favorite part of the music industry, he genuinely responded with, “being an artist and creating music is definitely the best part, and all of the little victories to get along the way. Because there are the times where you get pulled down and shot down and you feel a little discouraged, so the little victories along the way when you pour your heart and soul and you start to see a little return on it I think is the best part.”

One of his close friends and co-workers happens to be Bobby himself, aka Logic! How they met was a serendipitous and sweet story of how Lindahl met Logic’s audio engineer and how through a few writing and listening sessions together, the two became friends instantly. That is when he introduced Lindahl to Logic, hanging out with him in the studio during the making  of The Incredible True Story.

I love music. #TBT 📸 @allyironsmorris

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Logic then decided he wanted to start this label (Team Elysium) and asked Lindahl to be a part of the formation of its foundation, and Lindahl couldn’t pass it off. “I feel like a member of his family”, so it only made sense for him to be apart of this crew of amazing and talented people.

As every album should have, Lindahl did have an experiential and eye-opening moment. “My biggest revelation [during the making of Changes] was finding that I was truly coming into my own,  as an artist and as a creative. I know that you’re always learning and that you’ll always get better, but I finally feel very comfortable in my own skin in the studio, on stage when I’m performing, the words that I’m singing, the way I’m conveying the message that I’m try to say. I think it was an overall revelation of comfortability with myself as an artist, which is great, because I have always struggled with confidence in myself, and now I feel like I have arrived today.”

My favorite song happens to be “My World” and “Contagious”, so I asked him what was the influence at least behind “Contagious?” “I’ve always loved ‘All Night Long’ by Lionel Ritchie or “Thriller” by Michael Jackson, all these fun records I’ve always wanted to capture and emulate. And I just wanted to make a really fun song about the power of music in general, because it is contagious, the one true universal language is music. I would say my main thing behind this process was I just wanted to make an infectious feeling that people would want to sing and dance to, and just be together with other people.”

If the young songster could collaborate with anyone, he explained that it would be artists like J.Cole, Ariana Grande, Kanye West, and Mayer Hawthorne, but he also say that he would be willing to collaborate with anyone.  He loves hearing their talent and finding what makes them uniquely their own being in the music scene.

Music is not the only area he shows talent in! He also dresses really well, so when asking about his fashion, he talked about how he goes about picking his outfit of the day. “I look kind of normal, and so do my clothes, but what I do have to do is make sure that my talent is extraordinary! So in my fashion, I try not to go too over the top. It’s the little things in my outfit that pop, nothing too extravagant…nothing that’s too insane, but something that draws your attention”. His fashion-icons are Michael Jackson and A$AP Rocky, and a few other artists, but overall, he explained how just by adding a denim jacket to a look, or wearing an all white outfit and pair of different colored shoes, you can really make a look pop in the chillest way possible.

Describing himself in one word? “Imaginative”, Lindahl elaborates, ” I’m such a dreamer to my detriment. I am always  looking at the future, and always think about if I do this, and if I do that, but I am very lucky to have parents and people around me who know my goals and dreams. My parents have been super helpful in creating an environment to show me how I have to work to achieve my goals, because if I didn’t have that proper training, I would still be dreaming and never act on it. I have to thank my mom and dad and the Elysium team for believing in me.”

Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 3.21.07 PM.png

Being only 21, I thought it would be daunting to be in this scene of experienced pioneers, but Lindahl explained that there never was a disconnect, and he was always the youngest in the room, from the start, so he has grown up amongst these people.

“I never want to be the most talented or the smartest in the room, because I can always improve upon myself.”

So, what do we have to be excited for in the near future? Lindahl expressed his excitement of releasing videos to go along with the songs from the project! He sees it as being able to give every track it’s own moment. “I feel like ever song deserves a chance at its own visual.”

Since ’tis the season, I had to know if the artist had any special holiday celebrations or traditions that he did with his family…”My mom is driving my sister home from college, and we always go to a Christmas tree farm and play this intense game of tag. All my family are athletes, so it gets really crazy but it’s so much fun. We knock down so many of the trees”.

Off the EP,  the R&B crooner explained to me that “Changes” would be the the most important track in the project, but “Contagious” is the one that would best describe his demeanor in his current state.

What’s Lindahl OnTheVerge of? “Success.” TRUE. Check out my last article, check out his EP Changes below, and keep on the look out for this emerging artist!

[Exclusive Interview]: Artist Chuck Adams Once Lost But Then Found & Stronger Than Ever


Take him as he is

That’s all this talented Nashville-based singer-songwriter asks for. Chuck Adams has an interesting tale to tell, one that many do not have to share and one that definitely needs to be heard.

So where do we start? Adams once wrote a radio hit that landed him with both a lot of money and a deal with Jay-Z. Sounds surreal right? Well, he then made one mistake and the next thing he knew, he was being dropped from the label via Twitter. This was just the abridged version.

Now he’s starting from scratch.

With his newest release “Take Me As I Am” released through 300 Entertainment, he’s making his entrance once again. It’s hopeful, it’s thoughtful, and it truly gets down to the core of a person with an emotional desire for love and acceptance. It represents the most basic of human needs in a smooth, melodic form, and most certainly transcends to listeners wholesomely. It’s pure compared to what the artist explained he was working on in the past.


Back in 2008, when he was making music before the whole debacle, he was becoming pretty well known among the NYC songwriters crew. This is when he was invited to take part in a songwriting camp and somehow ended up writing the Ludacris hit, “One More Drink (feat T-Pain).” This then rolled into the deal with Roc Nation, that changed his life completely; not only once, but twice.

His former stage name was Range, where he released a song in collaboration with Rick Ross called “Ghetto Dance”.  A quarter of a million dollars was put into the video of this track and the buzz marketing began, but still something wasn’t right. “It felt weird. It wasn’t me. I wanted to put out slower, more melodic music and they wanted me to be aggressive. ‘Ghetto Dance’ wasn’t a phrase I ever used. They misunderstood the tag and I changed the lyric to make them happy. It wasn’t the message I wanted to put out there. But you take the check and tell yourself it’s okay, even though deep down you know it’s not” confesses the musician.

After being dropped, the young artist explained how it felt like the “death of dream”, thus spiraling into a whirlpool of dark songwriting. But once he ended his rants, he felt relieved, revitalized, and ready to get back into the music world and make the music he wanted to make.

Adams moved to Nashville, with a life that went from college to making 6 figures, to having no label, to being taken by a new manager, and to being completely broke and happy. “My life is now what I want it to be. Going to a café and reading a book and making music every day. Nothing beats a good song. Though it’s a bit daunting to go back to square one, I trust the process and am taking it a day at a time” says the artist reflectively.

“People see me and don’t expect me to be making music that sounds like this. But this is me.”

When I jump on call with the “social introvert” (as he calls himself), he is at his mother’s in Kentucky for the holiday week. He calls it “peaceful and quiet” and though life has been bit hectic since releasing his new music, he’s been ok with that.

I ask how he happened to get into music to begin with, and he starts to explain how he was just a fan, like anybody else, and how slowly but surely as he began making his own music, he realized he was imitating artists that he loved; “whether I be rapping or singing someone else’s song, I enjoyed the sound and making a career of that”. He was in school at the time, attending university and studying  Business Administration while making music. He thought one song in particular was a hit record, wrote it, and pitched it which got reached by Ludacris, and that’s when the Roc Nation label grabbed him.

“Writing led the way. I always wanted to be a writer and wanted to know what that meant. I always thought you were an artist or you were not. I realized you could get in and be successful by writing music. So, I just pursued that until I found my place” admits the songster.

It seems like his music comes from a deeper, introspective place, which allows him to think beyond what happens in the past and present, but what can also happen in the future. This is another time and space that fans can relate to, so when I asked him about this and his hypothetical story telling he said, “I just thought about this on my drive here to Kentucky. I definitely tell stories, and hypotheticals. I’m a lot less poetic. Yes, you nailed it, it starts with my story, and then it goes to this place of melody and then I fill in with my story. I try to keep it just me, and occasionally it’s a hypothetical.”

If there was anything that the debacle of Roc Nation taught him, it’s that he learned how to self-identify himself truly, and realize his own self-worth  and desires. “I learned how to decide what I wanted, with them, it’s almost as if I didn’t earn it. Once it ended, my life had some more intent, I was making decisions on my own; this is what happens now.”

I had a tough time defining what his sound was and is, because he has touched so many kinds of sounds, but he explained, “the genre thing is kind of tough for me. I don’t like to put it on my music because I just make what I love. I think it’s the sound that makes us do that.” He’s not wrong.


For his recent single, “Take Me As I Am” there was an incredible meaning behind it, and one that he wanted to share with his listeners. “I was feeling alone. It’s my letter to people that you’re not alone. It’s like a ‘hey, heads up.’  It’s a moment, which is kind of cool about songs, it sucks that it’s that moment that you dont want to relive forever because the song goes on, but for me it’s a beautiful one. I like to spin on everything I do, and everything I say, even my social media. No matter what I’m going through, I try to use it to encourage someone else and let them know it’s ok. For me, over time, that’s how I get a peace of mind, like nothing bothers me once you get to know me.”

Now, if Adams could collaborate with anyone, he would very quickly choose John Mayer.

Adams then answered my favorite question, “what color would you call yourself?”. He replied, “I’m an introspective, contemplative person, I could think about things forever, so to save you that, the first thing on my mind was like a green, darkish kind of green, like a forest green. Maybe because that smell is on my mind, that Christmas time, candles, trees and stuff.”

We then took it back to the music and his experiences and the difficulty of navigating the industry. What would be the hardest part for him?

“Good lord! Turning myself and my art to a product and exploiting myself in that way, because it’s almost against most things that make all the great minds that I look up to. I don’t feel like that would make them be an artist. I don’t think they would sell their art like this, it’s what they live off of. It’s tough for me to do, write something somewhere or do a picture of something and have a business say do this all the time, we love this do this all the time. for me, ya this was me then. If you love me and my work, then you will love me tomorrow when I do this instead. It’s Chuck Adams, I just want to be me. I wrote urban stuff yesterday, but doesn’t mean I’ll be writing that tomorrow.”

The mover and shaker is excited tone performing live for his fans everywhere.  He confesses, “I love the stage, I love to sing. That’s my favorite part”.

So, what’s this emerging OnTheVerge of? “Heaven. Everything I do is to help and to just inspire people to do better and for me to do better and me giving, hopefully, anything that I can do.”

Be sure to follow Chuck Adams on social media to find out more about young artist and what he’s up to via Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and be sure to check out his music on iTunes, Website, Spotify, and SoundCloud.

Pop Artist Brynn Elliott Helps Us Kick off Boston Breakthrough Exclusive

We definitely like her

Be on the lookout for this Boston Breakthrough queen! That’s right! We’re kicking off our annual BBT event again this semester, and we couldn’t be more excited, but what’s even more exciting are the artists we have in store for you all! First on our list is the incredibly talented pop songstress Brynn Elliott, who is #OnTheVerge of Being in Love with Boston.

Brynn is the cool girl you wish to be and want to be friends with.

A girl with a head on her shoulders and a big heart, she puts her heart into the music and exhibits genuineness in her sound.  A little more on the vocalist? She is currently a senior at Harvard University, but how she got her start in the music industry was when the renown executive producer, Nathan Chapman, found her and asked to work with her.


Elliott has already accumulated 1.23M plays on Spotify and has toured with notable acts such as: Lifehouse, Switchfoot, Alanis Morisette, Grace Potter, Brandi Carlile, Allen Stone, Parachute, and OAR. She has been recognized by large publications in the past as well and continues to place herself in the forefront of minds as a power woman to watch. Featured in the Billboard Dance Chart Upstarts, her single “California” has peaked at No. 39!

With 3 well-constructed singles currently available on Spotify “Might Not Like Me”, “Psycho Stupid Crazy”, and “California”, Elliott continues to ride on her journey to stardom.

Many of her inspirations, influences, and favorite artists include figures like Bono, Adele, Sia, and Lorde. As she sets to embark on the next 5 years of her career, she hopes to have achieved releasing an album, touring that album, and getting a graduate degree.

We wanted to know more why she decided to choose the path of pop music with a voice as versatile as hers, to which she replied “because it was a genre that helped me best communicate the universal truths we all feel postbreak up, in friendships and in life.”


What she loves about being a musician? “How music can constantly surprise you. You can never use the term “bored” in being a musician. The opportunities and experiences are limitless.”

If you want to see her before you see her perform at our event, she will be performing at the Brighton Music Hall on Monday, October 23rd, in partnership with the local Boston charity Y2Y. So be sure to go out and see her! AND to enter into a ticket giveaway for that show, email us your name at with the subject “BRYNN ELLIOTT SHOW”.

Brynn Giveaway v2.jpg


[Exclusive]: Interview with Tyler Bates – Where Music & Film Combine

When one thing leads to the next

This man is extremely busy, on the go, constantly working, and is following his passions. This is Tyler Bates. I had the pleasure of chatting with the extremely successful film scorer and guitarist about his worlds and got to see behind the eye of the artist at work.

With my colleague, TuQuyen, who is a film student, and myself a marketing student looking to enter into the realms of the music industry, we had one of the best conversations we could with someone so experienced and so in love with what he does for a living.

Bates has currently hit the road with his good friend and fellow artist Marilyn Manson in support of the forthcoming album, Heaven Upside Down. Their friendship goes way back to when they met on the set of Californication and then the next thing you know, Bates produced and co-wrote Manson’s critically acclaimed 2015 album, The Pale Emperor. Soon after, Bates was brought onto the Manson team fulfilling the position as lead guitarist for the band.

But Bates’ success does not stop there! As a renown film composer, he has composed and produced for such big-hit films and TV series (that you probably know) as Atomic Blonde, 300, Guardians of the Galaxy, John Wick, Dawn of the Dead, and many more! His creations for 300 is still known as one of the biggest selling score albums to date! How did this musical genius come about?

“I don’t think I ever chose music, I think I was just in music, and one thing led to the next. My career right now doesn’t look like a by-product of a plan I had when I was 15 or 20 years old, it just formed over the years and just continued dedication, curiosity, music, and always being open-minded. I’ve been eager to take on new challenges and discover new aspects of what excites me and what I can learn. It obviously comes from being very opened minded of styles and forms of different music” says the  master of sonic creations.


As the man who quite literally instills the sound and emotion that goes into a film, he works very closely with the director to find the instrumentation that will compliment the film that he is working on.

“The larger the movie, seems to me a less intimate process, because there are so many voices involved in these movies. Obviously you’re investing time, but part of my job as a composer is to create a process and make everyone feel comfortable that is involved with music, whether they’re the director or the executive, to create an experience for them that’s not only positive but is easy for them to engage in…”


Bates is a man who trusts his gut, especially since this whole musical journey came as a wonderful and satisfying surprise that triggered all of his best talents, which includes understanding the concept of the film he is working with or the pith of the music he is forming. “I’m obviously trying to tap into the nature of the story itself, ’cause the genre obviously has an impact on my approach… at the core, anything I work on I want to be soulful.”

He goes on to tell TuQuyen and I how even horror films such as The Devil’s Rejects (2005) was a culmination of something soulful though the essence of the film itself may seem disturbing. In truth, the soul is the liveliness that comes from the music itself. Bates attempts to immerse you enough in the music that you suddenly become a part of the moment being depicted on the silver screens. For every genre, there is an individual process of composing a soundtrack, but similarly, Bates explains how there are parallels between horror and comedy at times, just as there is when you are setting up a joke or setting up a scare. “The language might be different, but the purpose of the music might be similar.”

He continues to explain the songwriting process to us: “Often times, directors…will tap into a very unique style of film making and their sensibilities, how they personally relate to their emotions in the context of their stories.” Bates then takes a step in the next direction to discuss the same matter in terms of his writing with Manson. “You know it’s all about storytelling and emotion, and with Manson that’s exactly what we’re doing. In his case, part of his sense of humor is to sort of uncover those things people are hiding in the beneath the file cabinet in the corner of their psyche… The music is written on the spot together, generally based on some story thats happened in his life that day. That’s really the beginning of how we write music together.”

With a life exposed to a myriad of experiences and opportunities in entertainment, there’s a lot to look forward to, but for Bates “its just playing guitar and being completely inspired by guitar players, that perhaps may have helped me shape my style as a young guitarist.” He also mentions how many films and film composers such as  Thomas Newman “definitely made an impact on me– made me think film and music is something I’m interested in. It definitely wasn’t a plan of mine, just one thing led to the next.”

He hesitates for moment to chuckle and reflect back on the roller coaster he has been on and then returns to finish his answer about his love of music and film as one, “it somehow seemed  tangible to me emotionally, I related to it on a more human level. From television to film and making records to playing guitar and performing live, Bates has touched areas of the industry that means the most to him, “and now all of these mediums for me are intersecting and that’s really cool,” he says contently.

As mentioned before, Bates is currently on tour with Manson and a new record is to come out soon! Bates mentioned how Manson and him have a great time together and push each other to do better. “You know when you’re in the moment of doing that [writing and performing music] it makes you feel good, it makes you feel young and alive,” Bates says with zeal. Though this is a massive tour on top of his many other tasks, he won’t stop there.

“I need to balance my life with experience, one experience forms the next.”

So be sure to look out for this accomplished producer as he has more to come for us in the world of entertainment! And to see him live alongside Marilyn Manson, here are the tour dates below!

Marilyn Manson 2017 US Tour Dates: 

Wed. Sept. 27 - Silver Spring, MD - The Fillmore Silver Spring 

Fri. Sept. 29 - Pittsburgh, PA - Stage AE 

Sat. Sept. 30 - New York, NY - Hammerstein Ballroom 

Mon. Oct. 2 - Boston, MA - House of Blues 

Tues. Oct. 3 - Huntington, NY - The Paramount 

Thurs. Oct. 5 - Toronto, ON - Rebel 

Sat. Oct. 7 - Camden, NJ - Rock Allegiance 

Sun. Oct. 8 - Columbus, OH - Express Live! 

Tues. Oct. 10 - Chicago, IL - Riviera Theatre 

Wed. Oct. 11 - Milwaukee, WI - Eagles Ballroom 

Sat. Oct. 14 - The Woodlands, TX - Houston Open Air 

Tues. Oct. 17 - Tulsa, OK - Brady Theater 

Thurs. Oct .19 - Denver, CO - Fillmore Auditorium

 Fri. Oct. 20 - Salt Lake City, UT - The Complex 

Sun. Oct. 22 - Sacramento, CA - Aftershock Festival 

Mon. Oct. 23 - Oakland, CA - Fox Theater 

Fri. Oct. 27 - Las Vegas, NV - House of Blues 

Sat. Oct. 28 - Las Vegas, NV - House of Blues 

Sun. Nov. 5 - Devore, CA - Ozzfest

[Exclusive]: Behind the Scenes with Jaymes Young at House of Blues Boston

*Video Credits to Brittany Chang*


Press play while you read this article:

“My name is Jaymes Young, I’m originally from Seattle, Washington, and I make music.” Meet the mastermind behind one of the most beautiful album’s of the summer, Jaymes Young (also James McFarland). Though a man from Seattle, he moved to Los Angeles in 2012 to continue doing just what he said he does, to make music.

“When I grew up, there was a lot of music in the house, my parents played all kinds of music. I mean I was just inspired by the variety and they listened to music while they cooked, while they cleaned, every time we were in the car. So, I think that was the first catalyst.

Today, Young is a  Please Rewind/Atlantic Records recording artist with a full-length album on his list of completed achievements. The album is titled Feel Something (released June 23, 2017), and it’s an alluring rendezvous to the erotic desires and haunting dark corners in love. The album is now available on Spotify and the album has thus far accumulated over 30 million streams since its release!


So, we had the chance to catch up with Young before his opening act for the pop-duo phenomenon Oh Wonder, at the House of Blues in Boston, MA. This sensual songster, caught us by surprise because we knew his emphatic and vivid lyrics from his music, but instead we were introduced to a very soft-spoken, down-to-earth man.

A man who has had recognition from sources in the industry such as EARMILK stating, “The release of Feel Something will no doubt solidify him as a major player in the pop market in years to come”, and Ones To Watch claiming that “The album name and title track, Feel Something, fully encapsulates the core essence of his music–raw and honest interpretations of life and love bundled in a quality alt-pop sound.”

We wanted to learn more from the strikingly stunning voice behind the music. “I think, I had been living in this house for almost 2 years, during part of the writing process, and I was sort just striving for different sounds than the sound that I previously reached out for. It wasn’t necessarily one artist or one experience, it was kind of a myriad of experiences and kind of looking for styles and sounds that I hadn’t really done before”, admits Young.

Neelu Mohaghegh

So, from the curation of this project, curiosity built as to which song was the one that resonated with the artist himself. “That’s hard, the title track was literally just the most explanatory for the whole album… It set the stage, and it explained everything I wanted to say during that whole writing process.”

With his live show only a couple hours away, we wanted to hear what exciting novel concepts and plans Young and his team had planned for his adoring fans. “I mean we’re doing a shorter set than usual (35 minutes), we’re changing it up a little bit. The songs are not exactly as they are on the album and same with previous releases. Some of them are, pretty close, but we’re kind of taking a different approach, we kind of wanted to make the music feel really organic and be perceived differently live.”

Brittany Chang

And those were exactly the emotions we experienced during his set. His music captured an aura of its own, commanding the full-packed crowd (it was a sold-out show that night!) and making heads sway side to side and bob front to back. The music wasn’t exactly the way it sounded off the studio productions, but it was exquisitely redefined  and revamped for the sake of truly immersing oneself in the music. It was as if the whole room was cast under his spell and were really experiencing the performance with him. It was mystifying to say the least.

Neelu Mohaghegh
Neelu Mohaghegh

“I’m doing what I love for a living so that’s the best part for me, but of course there’s its pros and cons. I don’t think I could do anything else”, confesses Young on the topic of what is the best part of being in the music industry.

I then asked him what one word would be to describe him, and he told me very honestly, “Hungry”. #Tourlifestruggles.

Brittany Chang
Brittany Chang

We followed with what would be one thing he would want to do, that he has not done yet or where would be a place that he wishes he could perform that he has not yet? “Oh Wonder is doing a show in Israel, and we’re not on that, but that has always been on the bucket list.”

So, to be a little more spontaneous and in the moment, I asked him “If you had to write a song, right now off the top of your head, what would it be called?” He replied, “Fuck Traffic”.

We ended the interview with our favorite wrap-up question… of course. Jaymes Young is “#OntheVerge of … writing a lot of new music”!

Neelu Mohaghegh

Oh Wonder soon followed after the amazing performance by Young, and the crowd was most certainly well-prepared for a night filled with more music to come. Young has much more in store though, so that being said, stay tuned for more this year from the alt-pop creative. Thank you, James, for a wonderful time.




Listen to him now on Spotify and follow him on Instagram, Facebook, Website, and Twitter.