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[Exclusive]: Behind the Scenes with Jaymes Young at House of Blues Boston

*Video Credits to Brittany Chang*


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“My name is Jaymes Young, I’m originally from Seattle, Washington, and I make music.” Meet the mastermind behind one of the most beautiful album’s of the summer, Jaymes Young (also James McFarland). Though a man from Seattle, he moved to Los Angeles in 2012 to continue doing just what he said he does, to make music.

“When I grew up, there was a lot of music in the house, my parents played all kinds of music. I mean I was just inspired by the variety and they listened to music while they cooked, while they cleaned, every time we were in the car. So, I think that was the first catalyst.

Today, Young is a  Please Rewind/Atlantic Records recording artist with a full-length album on his list of completed achievements. The album is titled Feel Something (released June 23, 2017), and it’s an alluring rendezvous to the erotic desires and haunting dark corners in love. The album is now available on Spotify and the album has thus far accumulated over 30 million streams since its release!


So, we had the chance to catch up with Young before his opening act for the pop-duo phenomenon Oh Wonder, at the House of Blues in Boston, MA. This sensual songster, caught us by surprise because we knew his emphatic and vivid lyrics from his music, but instead we were introduced to a very soft-spoken, down-to-earth man.

A man who has had recognition from sources in the industry such as EARMILK stating, “The release of Feel Something will no doubt solidify him as a major player in the pop market in years to come”, and Ones To Watch claiming that “The album name and title track, Feel Something, fully encapsulates the core essence of his music–raw and honest interpretations of life and love bundled in a quality alt-pop sound.”

We wanted to learn more from the strikingly stunning voice behind the music. “I think, I had been living in this house for almost 2 years, during part of the writing process, and I was sort just striving for different sounds than the sound that I previously reached out for. It wasn’t necessarily one artist or one experience, it was kind of a myriad of experiences and kind of looking for styles and sounds that I hadn’t really done before”, admits Young.

Neelu Mohaghegh

So, from the curation of this project, curiosity built as to which song was the one that resonated with the artist himself. “That’s hard, the title track was literally just the most explanatory for the whole album… It set the stage, and it explained everything I wanted to say during that whole writing process.”

With his live show only a couple hours away, we wanted to hear what exciting novel concepts and plans Young and his team had planned for his adoring fans. “I mean we’re doing a shorter set than usual (35 minutes), we’re changing it up a little bit. The songs are not exactly as they are on the album and same with previous releases. Some of them are, pretty close, but we’re kind of taking a different approach, we kind of wanted to make the music feel really organic and be perceived differently live.”

Brittany Chang

And those were exactly the emotions we experienced during his set. His music captured an aura of its own, commanding the full-packed crowd (it was a sold-out show that night!) and making heads sway side to side and bob front to back. The music wasn’t exactly the way it sounded off the studio productions, but it was exquisitely redefined  and revamped for the sake of truly immersing oneself in the music. It was as if the whole room was cast under his spell and were really experiencing the performance with him. It was mystifying to say the least.

Neelu Mohaghegh
Neelu Mohaghegh

“I’m doing what I love for a living so that’s the best part for me, but of course there’s its pros and cons. I don’t think I could do anything else”, confesses Young on the topic of what is the best part of being in the music industry.

I then asked him what one word would be to describe him, and he told me very honestly, “Hungry”. #Tourlifestruggles.

Brittany Chang
Brittany Chang

We followed with what would be one thing he would want to do, that he has not done yet or where would be a place that he wishes he could perform that he has not yet? “Oh Wonder is doing a show in Israel, and we’re not on that, but that has always been on the bucket list.”

So, to be a little more spontaneous and in the moment, I asked him “If you had to write a song, right now off the top of your head, what would it be called?” He replied, “Fuck Traffic”.

We ended the interview with our favorite wrap-up question… of course. Jaymes Young is “#OntheVerge of … writing a lot of new music”!

Neelu Mohaghegh

Oh Wonder soon followed after the amazing performance by Young, and the crowd was most certainly well-prepared for a night filled with more music to come. Young has much more in store though, so that being said, stay tuned for more this year from the alt-pop creative. Thank you, James, for a wonderful time.




Listen to him now on Spotify and follow him on Instagram, Facebook, Website, and Twitter.


[Ones to Watch]: Live Nation Presents Allie X & Buddy – LA



Back at it again with Live Nation’s incredible event that showcases some of the most talented up-and-coming artists today! Ones to Watch has to be one of the best ideas in the music industry and for it. On the hunt for new talent, OTW scouts search and seize those they find have incredible musical skills and potential and bring them to this one night where they are seen by many within the music business world!

Last wednesday, (August 2nd), OTW presented us two artists of different genres who truly have a passion for their art and a talent that will most likely blow up on the charts at some point!The crowd that night was ecstatic as all filed in to get their free shirts from Bella X Canvas and The Shirt Agency and to get their free beverages from the bar. The room decorated with chandeliers looked fantastic under the lighting and the glass windows showed off a perfect sunset to start the night.

To set the scene, the event unfolds before our eyes on a simple stage of mics, seats, a drum set, a rug, and a “One to Watch” projected backdrop.

Artist 1: Allie X (Electronic-Pop):

Allie X is a radiant character hailing from Oakville, Ontario. Her real name is Alexandra Ashley Hughes. She originally came from a classical piano, opera, and musical theatre background, and it wasn’t until 2014 when she started to outgrow that scene to enter into the world of pop and electronica. Her first ever released single was “Catch”, which Time magazine had written about. Her music can be described as whimsical, positive melancholy, and enchanting. They’re hypnotic in their own way with her strong, yet serene vocals and she just manages to shock you with that electric feel. She will remind you of Betty Who, Charli XCX, and upbeat Lana Del Ray, and Ashe.

In 2015, she released her debut EP CollXtion I and in 2017, she released her sophomore EP CollXtion II. She has drawn quite the crowd through the power of her music and with her inquisitive nature and her fascinating personality, she draws attention to herself. She exposes a whole new side of the nature of pop to her fans and listeners. Truly a talent, she is one to watch.

Listen to her music below:

Artist 2: Buddy (Hip-Hop/R&B):

The second artist at the event was Buddy, a young man from Compton, CA who will remind you of artists such as Mack Wilds, Tunji Ige, and Saba. Simmie Sims (aka Buddy) has a cutting-edge sound to offer the hip-hop world. He was known for his impressive rap battles in the LA scene and starting at the age of 11, Buddy was performing in various showcases, and writing and performing for a rap collective. He was found out by DJ Casanova who then decided to take the budding rapper under his wing to help construct his style and discover his musical persona.

Soon after, Pharrell would find Buddy and mentor him. Together, the two produced Buddy’s single “Awesome Awesome” with the Neptunes. Buddy spits fire and will remind you of the skillful, witty tricks of Vince Staples, but he will also remind you of the fun, light-hearted stylings of Smino. He’s a new taste for hip hop. He recently collaborated with KAYTRANADA to create his EP Ocean & Montana. He will also be on a US tour with KYLE this fall, so be on the lookout for this one to watch.

Listen to his music below:




Find more emerging artists, here at!

Ones to Watch: Aquilo & Brika Perform at Live Nation Event and Stun

These are the Ones To Watch and the ones to listen to.

According to Live Nation, these two acts are worth keeping your eyes and ears open to, and that was proven to us when the two groups of breathtaking artists stole the attention of the crowd at Live Nation’s annual Ones To Watch event at its Beverly Hills headquarters in LA. With lots of smiles, drinks, and customized t-shirts and tanks with the artists’ names, we were all welcomed to the talents of these musicians.

Our first artist to perform was Aquilo, who is an electronic, downtempo indie band from across the pond that will swoon your soul with their beautiful productions that could serenade you to sleep. With dreamy lullabies intertwined into riveting, adventurous soundscapes, they have recaptured the emotions of nostalgic wastelands of the mind and memory in the form of stunning tunes.

Aquilo has also built recognition for themselves, noticed by big names. For example, it has been remixed by Marian Hill and has collaborated with artists such as Madeon and Betty Who! Aquilo also reached over 11 million streams on their single “Silhouette” alone!

17522794_1291368544277921_1319663327559012061_n.jpgAquilo-9.jpgOur second starlet is Brika, who is an Art House Records signee from Miami. She is our next R&B-pop songstress to reign over the music industry. She also had the chance to perform live at the Ones to Watch event and was absolutely stunning in her kimono and her silky, strong vocals that carried throughout the room and embraced everyone in rhythmic and “blues-y” hugs. Her voice kissed the sound waves and vibrated through the sound system with smoothness like no other.

Her last release was back in April titled “Don’t Want Your Love”. Her music will remind you of the forces of Vérité, Tei Shi, and Sza. Crowds are excited to watch her music take off as she releases more tracks and allows people to truly hear her voice.



Both sets were riveting and extremely well-performed, and worth noting as they work their ways into their musical career futures. Be on the lookout, they’re the ones to watch after all!

Follow Aquilo on Social Media:

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Follow Brika on Social Media:

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[Exclusive] Interview with UK Electronic Outfit Fenech-Soler at The Middle East

“London’s got me dreaming of you…”

Well, if not London, then at least these vibrant characters, Fenech-Soler, have got you dreaming. UK electronic outfit are back with a technicolor sound they call Zilla and it’s a wonderful compilation of rejoicing for the sounds of music. This recently released studio production includes 12 strong tracks that all embody a different tune & tone to cater to all types of musical tastes!


With eclectic sounds and positive vibes, the music instills an energy into any room that is lucky enough to host their shining compilations. Zilla is an album that will uplift spirits and will have you jamming along to its metallic dance music. Utilizing elements of techno-pop beats, 80’s melodies, and disco-funk ballads, theses two English brothers create a synergy between synths and sounds!

One of their lead tracks off of the album “Kaleidoscope” now has a wonderful visual to accompany it; you can see it below:

Recently, the boys had a performance at Cambridge, Massachusetts’ well known venue, The Middle East, with opening act Knox Hamilton.

I had the pleasure of talking to Fenech-Soler, pre-show, about their talented creations and to find out more behind them and the music.

When I introduced myself to Ben and Ross Duffy, they were both smiling, excited to be interviewed, which of course made me thrilled to speak with them!

“We are a band from the UK, from a small little village called Kings Cliffe, which is a farming village in Northhamptonshire, England and that’s where we’re from.”

PC: @NeeluMedia

The dynamic duo went into the story of how this all started for them which began when they grew up around instruments, especially from their musically-affiliated father who was very much into the bluegrass/country world of music. Then as they grew up, they turned towards dance music and Ross started a band, which Ben eventually joined. “After that we were in a lot of embarrassing teenage bands, and then we just started recording music at home ourselves on our laptop and that then transformed into playing gigs and becoming a solo act.”

I was very curious to know where the eclectic sounds of their genre came from. “Ultimately, we were always influenced by electronic music, that was kind of the spark that led us to make Fenech-Soler…if you kind of draw line between the DJ world and the dance music and the band world, that’s kind of where we place ourselves, certainly from a live perspective.”

PC: @NeeluMedia
PC: @NeeluMedia

Their influences stem from notable acts such as Daft Punk, The Chemical Brothers, and other modular stuff, as well as some late 80s and early disco work and indie-rock tunes. “Those are kind of the melting pots of our musical influences,” says Ben. “We’re bad about being decisive, it may be our downfall,” Ross admits. But what they call their downfall, could easily be considered their expertise in this fun, captivating project they released back in February!

The album was named after their close-friend Zilla, a named they always loved, something they considered different, and a word that not many people have heard before. For them, this musical process/journey has been quite the ride and has been extremely riveting and fulfilling. “We’ve gotten to perform for our friends and family and we’ve gotten to travel the world…We take so much from that.” Fun fact? This electro-rock/pop pair performed at the Russian Summer Olympics once!

PC: @NeeluMedia
PC: @NeeluMedia

I then proceeded to ask Fenech Soler if there was any song from the album that they felt they identified with best, or would consider their soul song?

“Cold Light, is one of the few songs that if we went back to it, we wouldn’t want to change anything about it because we were really in it when we made it. Very happy with it sonically,” recalls Ben. Ross followed up by also noting that his favorite song would be “Kaleidoscope” just because “it felt like everything we were trying to achieve along the process of making the album, it was pretty much the last song we wrote…” Ben then jumped in, “it wasn’t the last song we wrote, but it was definitely the turning point. It was the most emblematic song of the ‘Zilla‘ sound, and right after that, the rest of the record fell in line really quickly.”

FS - Press Photo.jpg

When I asked them the birth of the band name, they both chuckled and Ben replied, “the band name, it’s a weird name, kind of a made up language… People always say it wrong on the radio.” [Fen-eck Soh-luhr] in case you were curious to know yourself.

We then went on a bit of a tangent to discuss the music indsutry itself, and kind of how hey made their way into the scene. “A lot of what we did was find our way through the music industry by talking to people… Music in its essence is subjective, so it’s good to kind of chat and meet people… and it’s super connected.” It is always good to talk about the music with to share each others’ ideas, opinions, and perspectives.

PC: @NeeluMedia

Where does Fenech-Soler want to perform next? They said they would love to perform on the beach, at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles, and in Japan! The two were witty and funny

Like always, I had to ask these guys what they are #OnTheVerge of … and they told me….

After the interview, the guys prepped for the performance and when they entered from stage right in jackets bedazzled and frilled, the crowd went wild, and immediately their music filled the room with color and excitement. Their charisma spread throughout the crowd and the contagious sounds of optimism carried us through the night.

Listen to their album Zilla here now:


And be sure follow them on social media here:





Fitz and The Tantrums Electrify the Night at Boston’s House of Blues

“All of you sitting, that just won’t do!” shouted Michael Fitzpatrick, lead singer of Fitz and the Tantrums.

On November 15th, a warm and rainy night in Boston, the House of Blues was graced by the musical stylings of an amazing band, Fitz and the Tantrums! This American indie-pop / neo-soul band from Los Angeles has been riding the waves of fame as they grow their fan base more and more with each album they release. Their debut studio album began with Pickin’ Up the Pieces, then came their second project More than Just A Dream, followed by their most recent and self-titled album Fitz and the Tantrums.


fitz_mainIt was incredible. The concert instantly began with flashing lights and bold vocals as crowd members of all ages and types stood in excitement and awe at the energy brought by the artists on stage. The band consists of members: Fitzpatrick, as lead vocals,  Noelle Scaggs, as co-lead singer and percussionist, James King, as instrumentalist (saxophone, flute, keyboard, percussion, and guitar), Jeremy Ruzumna, as keyboardist, and John Wicks, as drums and percussion. Fitzpatrick was jovial as he cracked jokes between each song and as people cheered and laughed along with him.

Photo Credits: bostontamcam

The saxophonist of the band then took the forefront of the stage as he masterfully played some of the best improvisation I have EVER heard. It was stunning, mind-blowing, and enlightening, truly. The most hysterical moment in his performance was when he all of sudden began playing the tune to “Wiggle” by Jason Derulo. At that time, the crowd went wild. This band is just an extremely talented and well-rounded group of individuals that the music industry has not seen in a while. Back in April of 2011, Fitz and the Tantrums were deemed by the music-publication-god itself, Rolling Stone, as a “band to watch.” Now, we’re here!

Fitz and co. have certainly evolved from the initial sound that they once had. They have now come to find more solidarity in the modern 80’s techno-indie-pop tunes they produce, and of course, it works! Within the storm of noise, the crew found their real element and true identity.


To match along with their exuberant charisma, the lights and staging, though simple, perfectly reflected the emotions behind each of their songs. Scaggs and Fitz danced their hearts out and had the crowd jumping with them as the musicians had the crowd dancing and swaying in every direction possible. It seemed that everyone in the venue space forgot their troubles for the hour and half we were all together. It is easy to describe this band as the epitome of the saying, “your vibe brings the tribe.” There is no doubt that his band brings the vibe and along with it came their tribe of fun-loving spirits all into the music because it’s a good time and a feel-good experience.


Everyone was clapping, swaying, jumping, swinging, stepping, stomping, and more! When they sang their song off of their sophomore album “Out of My League” the crowd instantaneously rejoiced!

Fitz is known to have a very bold voice, much like Freddy Mercury and Scaggs steals hearts with her music and majestic appearance. When the two combine to form their dynamic duo, their voices become this other dimension of reverberations and creativity. Scaggs, like a glamorous gypsy, danced, sang and played her tambourine all across the stage and back as she and Fitz danced to a choreographed piece together. They rallied the crowd to evoke an engaging, epic, and interactive show!

Photo Credits: Neelu Mohaghegh

In addition to some of the songs mentioned, they also sang:

“Burn It Down”

“Out of My League”

“Break The Walls”

“Run It”

“Roll Up”

“Get Right Back”

“Walking Target”


and more!

In an elegant and pristine storytelling voice, Fitz spoke to the audience before each song to get them hyped up and to also thank them for their graciousness, love and support!

Photo Credits: bostontamcam
Photo Credits: bostontamcam

The love was so real in the room that when they cam back out for their encore, they played 3 more songs!!! Those songs included their latest hit “Handclap,” “The Walker,” and one other!

To hear more from this incredible group, check them out on Spotify!

Brit-Indie Alt-Rock Band Catfish and The Bottlemen Take Boston

I would have paid to see Catfish and The Bottlemen “Twice.”

Last Sunday night, the British indie alt-rock band swept Boston’s House of Blues with their contagious and infectious sounds. With an incredible rush of adrenaline and thoughtfulness, Van McCann took the mic with force and stole the crowd’s hearts as he sung out to us all.

IMG_7719 2

The group went at it, not missing a beat, and not letting a single solitary moment remain silent. They played most of the songs off their recently released project The Ride, from favorites such as “7,” “Twice,” “Soundcheck,” “Postpone,” “Red,” and many many more.

For those who do not know, the band consists of members Van McCann, Johnny Bond, Benji Blakeway, Billy Bibby, Samuel John Halliwell, Jon Barr. Their big debut began when they released their first album The Balcony, back in January of 2015. This album accomplished great feats reaching the No. 10 spot in the UK Albums Chart and from then on, the rest was history.

We’ll be talking about your background
And how it never left you much
Because you grew up in a small town
You’ll appreciate it more
When you’re done figuring your life out
And everything’s fine



Their music has brought them far in already such a short period of time. They have already had the honor of performing at Governors Ball and Bonnaroo and they won their first Brit Award for British Breakthrough act in February of 2016. What differentiates these guys from most is just the charismatic approach to the noise they produce. They are fun, aggressive, passionate, and sweet all at once!

The Communion/Capitol Records signees brought back a new life to the post-punk revival scene with their heavy guitar-filled tunes, their melodic and indie-esque vibes. They were able to make me have butterflies in my stomach as I jumped and swayed alongside a sea of people, which created a massive wave of dancing bodies moving to the fast-paced tempo and thriving under the ever-changing hues of the neon lights.


They also continued to stir the crowd’s excitement by going back to their older records. They proceeded to perform “Fallout,” “Business,” “Pacifier,” and then for their finale, a throwback from their first album “Tyrants.” With an almost abrupt, yet flawless finish to their set, the boys strung the final riff and swiftly left the stage in the darkness of the space.

It was an unforgettable night as I felt the beating of my heart still running, as my ears were still ringing and stuffed with the noises of voices, rhythms and beats.

To hear more of their music, definitely check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and Spotify (Which is below):

[Exclusive Interview]: Sammy Adams & ‘The Long Way Tour’ Giveaway

A helluva night

“The answer is ‘No,’ I will not have sex with you!” shouted the American hip hop recording artist, Sammy Adams, during our very special, exclusive interview.

On September 3rd, the Boston-native, and Cambridge-local rapper, came back home one more time before heading off on what will be a very big journey for him, his The Long Way Tour, this fall 2016. He performed his Back to Bentley concert at Bentley University that night along side Waka Flocka Flame. (Get a recap of the night HERE.) I had the wicked opportunity to sit down with this talented individual and had a great conversation about taking a look from his perspective of the tour, the music, and college life.

Photography: Neelu Mohaghegh

Some of you may remember Adams back in the early 2000’s when Samuel Adams Wisner, better known by his stage name Sammy Adams, exemplified his talents for what could be considered the “hip-pop” scene. He comes from his musically humble beginnings as a college student, creating and recording songs on his Macbook from his dorm room, but with diligent work and an ear for the beat, the former D1 soccer athlete actually turned his words and thoughts into lyrics and the music into his baseline, thus creating his songs we so adore today.

Adams has certainly made a name for himself and he is not intending of going anywhere now except up. He’s come this far and he plans on going even farther. Already, the hip hop star has been recognized and showcased by notable events, venues, and figures such as Lollapalooza, Billboard, Sony (being signed to RCA Records with them), Conan O’Brien, AT&T, Artist Direct, Teen Vogue, Entertainment Weekly, and many more!

Photography: Neelu Mohaghegh

This 29-year old heartthrob and party starter never lost his momentum and never truly lost his fans as demonstrated that night at Bentley University, when the crowd, quite literally, LOST IT as his voice filled the space and then as he jumped onto the stage. The down-to-earth and authentic character he was and is made everyone more than happy to be among his presence that night.

Photography: Neelu Mohaghegh

Wild, fun, erotic, humorous, energized, passionate, and so many more characteristics bound together, Adams brings life to the party of every joint he hits up. I mean that literally. With a lot of highs and lows in this individual’s life, Wizzy has not once let it get between him and his passion, which is music. He truly loves his art and shows it in the hard work that he puts into each project. A while back, before the release of his most recent album The Long Way (which the tour is dedicated to), he put out a visual experience of his endeavors to create this project and what it took. He really wants to connect with the audience, with the listeners and fans. He wants to relate to people and be a resource to them and offer the best package of good vibes and good times all in one to them. His music is forceful, profound, enlivening, hysterical and rhythmic. The hot tunes are able to get you moving, even against your will, and you can’t help but sing along to the contagious lyrics of his infectious music.

Adams’ first EP, Boston’s Boy was released on March 4th back in It instantly ranked No. 73 on the Billboard 200 Charts and then reached the No. 1 spot on iTunes! That was when we knew, we had a musical extraordinaire before us.

Photography: Neelu Mohaghegh

So, hold up now, because here comes my EXCLUSIVE interview with Sammy Adams, who really has a great sense of humor and a lot of heart & spirit behind his artistry:

Neelu Mohaghegh (Me, NM): First question, so first of all great show…”

Sammy Adams (SA): NO! I will not have sex with you!!

*Cue intense laughter from everyone in the room* and after recovering from that..



See the moment unfold^

NM: So, first of all, how excited are you for this tour, The Long Way Tour?

SA: I’m really excited, it’s like the first time I don’t have to pay f*ng people that regardless helped start my career. So, it’s like some new music some old music, but it’s like being out on the road again, and like the road culture really shaped my life in the last decade, that it’s great, cuz we’re either in the studio or we’re like flying to do something or do a show, or on the road. So it’s nice that I’ve had a little build up since the spring to be in the studio, I made a sh*t ton of new music which is awesome. And I can go showcase some of it now, like I used to play “Closer” coming up to frat parties and see which ones would go on and be the best and that’s how I would design the set. And so I was really nervous like a month ago cuz like regular things artists worry about having a perfect set production, I don’t give a sh*t about how many tickets were sold, that’s like sort of behind me, I’ve like pretty much sold out shows in Boston and other places … But it’s like being out on the road is fun, getting the right crew is the most essential thing, because you’re only as strong as you’re weakest link.

Photography: Neelu Mohaghegh

NM: So, should we expect anything new or is there anything that you’re keeping secret from us on this tour?

SA: Yes, I have this new song called “The Road” with this kid Aziz the Shake. He’s the f*kng man. So that’s really exciting, I have a ton of other music too and so we’re definitely testing that out on the road.

NM: So, do you have a concert mantra before you’re about to perform?

SA: Umm… I really try to focus on “me time.” Sometimes if I’m feeling really stressed or agitated or if it’s a big show, I’ll clear the room and I’ll just get my down time. As you can imagine, with a crew of Boston boys it’s not the quietest place in the world, as they kind of are right now…

The artist turns around and smiles at his boisterous squad conversing and laughing with one another around us in the room then turns back to continue speaking with me.

Photography: Neelu Mohaghegh

SA: But yes, I do sort of like, I don’t know it’s sort of like rehearsal, I listen to my music all day, listen to my set one time through before we got out and then we just rock it. Sometimes I get f*king crazy anxiety for no apparent reason, and whether it’s because I’m hungover or something has happened in my life, what people don’t realize is that I still have to go on stage for f*kng an hour even if my girl dumps me or cheats on me or like one of my boys died on Sunday and I had to come do this [the Bentley show] and you just got to roll with the bunches, and I have definitely learned how to do that. It has definitely been a huge hard learning curve, but you know it is what it is. It kind of comes with the territory. You know it’s like playing at shows, I would much rather play a 60 minute set then work at a f*kng gas station for 12 hours of the day.

NM: Right, it’s your passion and you’re doing what you love.

SA: Ya, so I definitely can’t complain.

Adams then jests a funny side comment “don’t make me look bad!” to which we both begin chuckling about.

NM: So, is this what motivates you when you go live and keeping going, knowing that you’re doing what you want to do?

SA: Ya, I think I wanna…my earliest memories of going to shows and sh*t, I was such a fan boy, I would go see Taking Back Sunday, and Yellowcard, and Something Corporate, and I was just so enthralled by the like, half the time, I wasn’t even looking at the f*kng stage. I would be looking at all of the people, all of the fans and what motivates them to be so anxious and amped and have so much f*king energy. I remember one of my first shows, I remember thinking holy sh*t this isn’t f*cking real. I mean some of the shows I did when I dropped Boston’s Boy was literally like out of a f*kng dream, and like it was all from my dream! And you know, all of the sh*tty stuff that comes with it, like you just gotta roll with the punches, because I’m so blessed to be here, and cuz like holy sh*t that stuff never ends! Haha.

NM: Ya, there will always be bad and good.

SA: Exactly, it’s honestly like I think I get inspired more and more when I’m on stage now because it reminds me of when I was a kid and when I used to see artists, and I just want to be that image that I used to see so that I say “Holy sh*t, this is real for me.” You know I was always the new kid and I went to high school, so I always fit in and stuff so I could literally go out with them and probably make friends. I’m close with my people. And so it’s definitely a dream job.

He smiles as he says that, possibly looking back at how far he has come. He then turns around to ask his crew mates to make him a “strong drink.” A well deserved reward for an epic and successful production and execution of the show. A job well done.

Photography: Neelu Mohaghegh

NM: So, now for a few college questions since we are a collegiate national publication. I know you went to Trinity College, so what did you study while you were there?

SA: I did! Political Science. My focus was political theory.

NM: Awesome. Do you feel like it may have turned you towards where you are in your life now with your career decision? Did it help with anything?

SA: I think it undeniably helped in terms of vocab. College taught me that I wanted to read more. The last thing I wanted to do in college was read what was assigned, but like now I read a book a week.

NM: I’m sure it helped lyrically and writing wise.

SA: Ya, definitely, and I think more than anything songwriting and stuff, it is an art, but you also need to be witty, you need to be smart, you need to have an idea and a direction. So, it’s cool! It’s like Machiavelli and Socrates don’t exactly pertain to rap music, I meac Tupac Machiavelli 😉 , but you know it’s like with that sh*t owning the crowd is like the principality. You want to be loved and feared, but you never want to be hated. And so you play for a crowd, and I’ve only had one crowd who hated me, it sucks, so long story short, the second tour we had was just…

We were interrupted at this moment for him to hug some dear friends and thank them for coming to his show which was all an extremely sweet exchange between them all, and so for timing purposes we jumped to the next question.


NM: What’s the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you while performing?

SA: Oh, does it have to be performing?

NM: Oh, it can be anything if you got it!

SA: Oh ok! So, the most embarrassing thing that happened not performing (technically, depending how you take it), I lost my voice right before my Lollapalooza set, and I was freaking out, so I got two shots in my ass that literally my legs feel like a horse kicked me as hard as he could in both of my buttocks and so I was trying to steam out all of these toxins. So of course not even a hotel shower is going to get hot enough to f*kng steam it, but I get out of the bathroom and my bathroom is sitting on the couch and he’s like “Yo, Wiz, the doctor is here.” So the doctor comes in and she has an intern, and the intern was a girl probably my age at the time, 21 or 22, and my friend goes “Oh, Wiz!” And I’m so frail and dehydrated, and I’m like “What, dude?!” and the chick starts giggling, and I’m like what is this chick laughing at me, and my friend goes “yo, look,” and my dick is just hanging out of my boxers and the entire medical crew and all of my boys are just laughing their a**es off, and I’m just like “alright, I f*king can’t win.” So, that was that.

The most embarrassing thing that happened on stage was at Opera House in Toronto, when I went to go change my Dockers and I was in such a rush because they had such a hard stage time that I forgot to put my boxers on and I didn’t put on my Dockers, I put on a manager’s Dockers, which were a little bit smaller I would say. So, while on stage I stage dove and then I came back on stage and full on rip, balls out, and so I was full on nude, and the crowd loved it, but I didn’t, I mean who wants to see that?


NM: Haha, oh my god. Ok ok, so my last question, very different from the last, haha, for students who are aspiring to do what you do, what is your biggest advice or biggest take away for them? What kind of advice would you give to them?

SA: Don’t listen to anyone about anything. Maybe listen to vets or people that you meet, but what I mean is develop your craft. The biggest f*kng thing ever for me if you ever do get somewhere is under-promise and over-deliver. Like always be prepared too. Being over-prepared, you’re going to be able to deliver whatever you want. Like if I know every single song, and I know every drop, and I get everything dotted and we’re performing it next week, it’s going to be amazing. But then there will be times where you won’t have enough time to do all of that and those are the stressful ones, but really for aspiring people, just go for it man. For me, if I never went this and I was just working some other job I know for the rest of my life I would wonder why I never did that man. I’m Getting F*kng Old Man!

NM: Hahaha, thank you so much, Sammy for the time!

So, yes that was it! As a man who puts his heart out there for his fans and is willing to give his all to his performances, I can really say Adams is a genuine, fun, and talented person.


His tickets are available now, so be sure to get yours! To see his tour dates, check out the flyer below!:


In addition to all of this incredibleness (in case there wasn’t enough), Verge Campus & GoodMusicAllDay are promoting a free ticket to any Sammy Adams show during the tour to lucky winners out there who enter and win this Giveaway Contest! So, what are you waiting for?! Enter HERE now! Go Go Go!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to hear more from this amazing hip hopper as he takes you the whole long way with him on his tour! Follow him on Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat @sandyadams and be sure to like his Facebook and check out his Official Website! Hope to see you there 😉

*All Photography Credits to Neelu Mohaghegh

Aria Lanelle, UglySexy, & Blkwtr To Perform Concert Series At Boston’s Wonder Bar Sept. 6th

Pour yourself some red wine…

And head on over to this “wonder”ful concert, because on September 6th, three very unique acts are going to be performing in our hometown of Boston! Allow me to introduce these new artists to the music scene of the city, a scene that is quite mysterious and uncertain, yet undoubtedly possessing raw talent in every form of genre.

On September 6th, at the infamous Wonder Bar of Allston, Massachusetts, R&B songstress Aria Lanelle, heavy Electro/dark Funk artist UglySexy, and fresh & contemporary Hip Hop duo Blkwtr will be taking the stage front and center to deliver you some of the most recent releases! Starting as of 6 pm and going on until 8 pm for those 21+, you will be serenaded by the eclectic sounds of these individuals who all bring a different tonality to the voice of the people in this city we call home.

Interested in who these entertainers are? Well, for starters the entirety of the event is in honor of Lanelle who is performing her first Boston show and is performing tracks from her celebrated EP My Name Is. For her production, she will be accompanied by the talented DJ Seth Daniels. Lanelle is not just any R&B singer; in fact, she’s a little more hardcore than that. When you listen to her heavy, lower octave-voice sing songs about self-confidence and swag, you can feel the energy, edge and force behind it all. A unique act that is a must see at this concert event!

Next up is UglySexy, a very other-wordly sounding being who combines elements of music that sound like Prince with aspects of intensity that remind you of Fall Out Boy. His vocals are breathy, eerie, funky, rock-like and sinister. As a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, he attempts to make his music sound lustful, arrogant, and imperfect. He wishes to embrace the isolation of music with a tone not many would at first approach. Check him out when he performs live!

Finally, comes the young, multi-talented pair Blkwtr, two graduates of Berklee College of Music who teamed up to create the avant-garde Hip Hop music that they produce today. These two will inspire you with their drive and charisma as they take the methods of artists such as The Weeknd and Tyler, The Creator and/or Odd Future in order to mold a sound all of their own. These guys are hilarious, but when it comes to their music you can tell they have a chemistry that seriously works together. Blkwtr has recently released a music video, as well as a few new tracks as they continue to develop their sound and get word out there of their music! So, be sure to check these guys when they perform at this concert!

For ONLY $8, you can see the expertise of these three artists before your eyes and hear their art make noise in your ears!

Now, in case you wanted to preview a little bit of what you’ll be hearing that night, check out the videos and audio links below!

Aria Lanelle:






Tickets are available for purchase HERE, so get yours now! Verge Campus & GoodMusicAllDay will be covering the event that night, so stay tuned, and hope to see you there! For more details on the night, here is the Facebook Event Page.