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The Music Interviewed: Recap Edition Spotify Playlist


This weekend, I decided to do take a trip down memory lane, and look back at all of the artists that I was able to interview this past summer. All were amazing acts that all relayed such interesting facts to me about themselves and their music.

Here are the artists of the summer of 2017. For each one, you can go back to the interview to see what they had to say!

R.LUM.R: [Genre Alt-R&B]


Emmit Fenn: [Genre: Indie-Electronic]


NaÏka: [World / Pop]


Blonder: [Synth-Rock]


Amy Shark: [Indie-Pop]


Coast Modern: [Indie-Rock]


RKCB [Indie-Electronic]: COMING SOON




Also, I will be starting my own side project involving a creative visual portfolio of all of the interviews I have had with artists since my time with Verge Campus / GoodMusicAllDay. It is a bittersweet kind of project, but it’s a way for me to preserve all of the incredible conversations I have had with these talented artists and my goodbye to the blog as this is my final year at Boston University. I want to create almost a mini zine, based on the interview questions I asked each artist and their responses using Instagram as my platform. It’s a zine created by the artists themselves and will be called “Interzined”. So, if you’re interested, stay tuned and follow the profile HERE. 🙂 Thanks to  everyone who has read my articles since day one and to those who have been reading my articles now. It means so much to me to be able to share my love for what I am passionate about, which is music, and to all of the talented emerging artists out there, thank you for letting me share your music with others.


The Playlist for Those Who Relate to “Bad At Love”

Halsey may have been on to something.

Despite the fact that this playlist of the week is named after Halsey’s recent release “Bad At Love” off her hit album Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, there is a lot of truth to the title.

A lot of of us feel that we just are not in the right mind set, or perhaps we don’t feel like we know ourselves well enough to enter love. AND THAT’S FINE. Love is a whirling mess for most, and it’s tough. But when you do find the one, it’s the most incredible thing ever, the most important, because it’s the thing that pushes you forward and gives you passion and gives you reason. Until you find that one though, you’re going to need some music that helps you get through the confusion, whether a happy tune or a melancholy one, it’s ok to not be ok, and it’s ok to keep waiting and figuring it all out, because in the end, the most important love is the one for yourself. Sorry for the corny message today, but Halsey’s new single “Bad At Love” was just such a great track, and it really hit a chord that I think so many can understand and feel connected to.

So this playlist is to the lovers out there who have a lot of love to give, but have nowhere to put it for now. Music heals the best anyways. So enjoy this compilation of music from Halsey to Hermitude to Axel Mansoor to SZA, Paramore, Dagny, Cashmere Cat, Blackbear, Jon Bellion, and many more!

Keep following for weekly updates of playlists with fresh new sounds and themed tracklists to get you through the summer! And, if you have suggestions, let me know what songs you want to hear on the next playlist

A Playlist Made to Help You ‘Refresh, Rewind, & Revibe’ This Summer

Sometimes, after those longs days of constantly doing work to the point that your bones are about to break and your brains about to shut down, you need sometime to press the refresh button.

That is what this playlist is here for. This is your ticket to the ultimate sounds that will help you unwind and rewind your mind, and will help you get back into the right chill zone your body needs. It’s only healthy to revibe yourself once in a while and there’s no better way to do so than through the power of music.

In this small playlist, we get to play around with some of the musical stylings of fragmentation and composition, where melodies form from scattered pieces of sound strung together into one. Where disassociation is welcomed and where you are able to bring a track to life by its own musical chaos.

I have always really been a big fan of what I call “Vibe Music” or “Mood Music”, which is in essence just the true sounds of distraction all focused into one cohesive song. The talents of these producers, such as Cashmere Cat, KAYTRANADA, Lido, Mura Masa, Shy Girls, and more are artists who helps us listen to the roots of our music as they slowly form before our ears.

Production is an art of its own and growing to become a genre of its own in the music industry. It is incredible. And I do think that the music is able to create a newer feeling in all of us like no other tunes could.

Listen to the music now to get your fresh start. Keep tuning in for new musical compilations to come and be ready for some great playlists made just for you to fill your day with music.



The Music That’s “Not The Type” of Playlist You Find

This is not your ordinary playlist.

Nope, if you were looking for a playlist with a theme or some sort of consistency, then you came to the wrong post, because this one is a list filled with tracks that will keep you wondering what will be played next.

I was feeling a little all over the place this week and thought that it was time to find a playlist that addressed a similar kind of emotion. Thus, came to life the “Not The Type” playlist.  From The Weeknd, to Stamos, to ZAYN, to Kendrick Lamar, to Blackbear, to Trey Songz, to Cashmere Cat, to Sleeping Lion, to Jax Jones, to Danny Ocean, to Sampha, to Charlie Puth, to Nick Cannon (Indian song, not Mariah Carey’s ex.), Kiiara, Luis Fonsi, Matt Maeson, Sonder, GoldLink, Opia, Sir Sly, One Republic and more and more and more under the sun of names you may or may not know. The list is pretty extensive, and sometimes, that’s all we really need for intense, long weeks that have us going in a million directions. You can turn to music to know just how you’re feeling, and the best kind of therapy can be the noise. So, drift away or hair whip and head bang your way through finals or that chaotic week of work that has you so indecisive, that you’re really willing to  jam out to anything and everything.

These are vibes galore in this list! Personally, I find that the growing trend of electro-[insert other genre combo here], has really made the biggest and most impressive mark on the music scene today, which is why you might that to be the one commonality amongst the tracks below. But enough of this explanation of weirdness and discontinuity, and let’s have a good time to some hits and some fresh new finds for our ears to hear.

Press play below now!


“Brisa”: A Fun Latino Playlist For Breezy Summer Days

It’s almost summer time and you know what that means? Sunshine, late nights, music, friends, food, fun, adventures, (maybe internships), and more!

Here is a bit of a twist with our regular weekly playlists. This week, we bring you the sounds of the incredible genre of latino music! Honestly, I don’t know why you wouldn’t like Latino music when it was one of the roots of the multitude of sounds we incorporate in music today!

The vibes of the Spanish guitar, the rhythms and beats of various instruments, and the incantations of silky, melodic vocals run chills up your spine and make sure that your hips don’t lie. I’m serious, you will always be swaying or dancing to these beautiful, exciting tracks.

In this playlist, we incorporate some of the big leagues of the mainstream today, including: Luis Fonsi, who just released a fantastic new remix, featuring Justin Bieber, for his already acclaimed single “Despacito”, J Balvin (*swoons*),  Zion & Lennox,  Enrique Iglesias, Danny Ocean, Nicky Jam, Shakira, Maluma, Ricky Martin, and many more!

Music fills the air this summer with the hot sensations of this musical genre!

Directions for how to use this playlist?: Click on the link above, have a get together with friends, press play and dance the night (or day) away!

I will always be adding more music and more jams to your library of sounds, because you can’t go about your day in silence! So stay tuned each week, when I keep updating the records for your listening enjoyment.

So, have a great summer break guys and catch ya’ soon! Happy Summah’ Lovin’!

Playlist: Big Sean Don & the House of Blues

A playlist Big Sean Don would approve.

Today is the big day for Boston as the American hip hop, rapper, singer, songwriter, producer, and musician, Big Sean, finally makes his stop to Boston for his tour to show off his amazing new album I Decided. This studio production released back in February this year through G.O.O.D. Music and Def Jam Recordings, and it  was received much appraisal for its stylings, making it to the No. 1 spot on the Billboard 200. Now, the rap mogul has hit the road sharing this project with his adoring fans.

The album features notable artists such as Jeremih, Migos, The-Dream, Jhené Aiko, Flint Chozen Choir, Starrah and Eminem! A dynamic production, no doubt!

This playlist is made just for your listening enjoyment, to hear the new and the old Big Sean and the amazing musical journey this hip hop artist has ventured on!


For those of you who don’t know either, this G.O.O.D Music signee is known for spitting some of the best lines in the game, and is proud to now say that I Decided has become his fourth album (another success)!

What I am looking forward to most for this concert is hearing him perform his track “Same Time Pt. 1”, which is part of  a series collaboration with his lovely and talented partner Jhené Aiko. They go by the name of Twenty88, and they are most definitely an incredible power team as they feed off each others’ energy and charisma and passion.

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Exclusive merch for the Detroit show tonight only! 🙏🏾

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This concert is about to be one of the dopest experiences, Boston will have as Big Sean Don will be making blessings all over the stage his melodic fire.

So what you waiting for? Listen to the playlist above and some recap pics of the tour thus far below! Let’s give him a warm welcome, Boston!

Stick to the plan, stay focused! 💥💥💥

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The “Before School Starts” Playlist


1 More Week Left!

At least for the Boston University Students, that is. It’s that time of winter break when you start to realize you kind of want your social life back but you fear the thought of studying and doing homework again! So, to keep you settled and get you excited for the new semester, while also keeping away from the negative mindset, here’s a playlist made for just “Before School Starts.”

We need to crank some of the best tunes that have been graciously given to us now, and that includes some new hits that just dropped in the past week *cough cough ~ Ed Sheeran* and film scores that swept the Golden Globes *cough cough ~ La La Land * Hmm, maybe I’m catching a cold.

But if we really know collegiate party music, then let’s be honest, it’s going to be a lot of electro-pop and R&B and that includes artists such as: The Weeknd, Cashmere Cat, The Chainsmokers, KREAM, SOHN, Kriss Kross, G-Eazy, ZAYN, Steve Aoki, Martin Jensen, Jon Bellion, and of course many many more.

Of all of the songs in this playlist, I have to say “Some Kind Of Drug” is a pretty incredible track, and I am very impressed with G-Eazy and Marc E. Bassy’s collaboration on this record. If you haven’t already listen to it, then you definitely better give it a shot (no pun intended). It’s a song with a great beat and the right vibe. It’s chill with a little excitement. It puts you in the “relax” mindset and it’s the perfect intimate jam. The vocals matched with the rap bars very well as they merged and converged into a tight nit, but loosely constructed song.

And of course, we can’t forget about Sheeran who has finally returned to us after some silence! And of course, his latest release is a hit! Go listen to “Shape of You” now and get jammin’!

School isn’t here yet, so let’s crank some uplifting tunes before it does start! Press Play!



A Playlist for the West Coasters As They Chill This Winter Break

West Coast, Best Coast.


Now, before all my East Coasters get all huffy about things, I’m not siding with anyone here, I’m just saying when you’re in the dead of winter, the West Side doesn’t look as bad. Not to mention all of the amazing cultural creations that came from it and the people and the art and the food and on and on. So, this time, I decided to create a playlist that is dedicated to and for the West Coaster, who sits under the sun, takes in the waves, skates, surfs, raps, dances, and whatever it is you love to do there. You won’t just find the gold hidden in the rivers anymore, but gold in the music scene, in the fashion scene, in the film scene, and in the sports scene. But most importantly, Cali is one of the largest hubs for music, and where much of a genre’s characteristics were birthed and formed. Over the years, the tone of the West Coast have developed into new arrays of sound and noise, whether it’s mixing hip hop with EDM or indie folk with pop.



Now, take a seat in that beach chair or get on your board and play these tunes as you groove to the rhythms and beats of good music. This playlist includes: Lauv, Mura Masa, Khalid, Big Sean, Chance the Rapper, Frank Ocean, Disclosure, Kendrick Lamar, Tory Lanez, The Weeknd, Drake, Rihanna, Shoffy, ZHU, KAYTRANADA, John Legend, Jon Bellion, MØME, The Chainsmokers, Cheat Codes, The Neighbourhood, The 1975, Hoodie Allen, Bahari, Bon Iver,  James Blake, 2Pac, Nas, Coconut Records, Russ, Bryson Tiller, SOHN, BJ the Chicago Kid, J. Cole, Elephante, NERVO, Major Lazer, DJ Snake, Martin Garrix, and so many more.

It’s a playlist I really enjoy because it can incorporate so many types of sounds while still being intriguing and atmospheric. So enough of this, let’s play! To all my West Coasters, enjoy the vibes, to all my non-West Coasters, just zone out and imagine you’re there!