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Aidan Alexander Releases “I Don’t Love You” that Puts You In Your Feels

But I love this

Indie-pop singer-songwriter Aidan Alexander is another artist to keep on your radar if you haven’t already heard of him. Alexander recently released his new single “I Don’t Love You,” and it’s a track that will pull at the heart strings and have you in your feels even when you try so hard not to get emotionally attached to the song. You can hear the track above now.

With only one song out, the artist already has 47K + monthly listeners on Spotify which is absolutely insane! So, who is Alexander?

Alexander is mostly known as the 18-year old LA actor (yes, that young), who starred opposite the Golden Globe nominee Bill Paxton in the film Red Wing. He was also a part of the Sony production A Cowgirl’s Story and .270, which earned a Grand Jury Prize at the New York International Screenwriter’s Awards.

With success already under his belt, what more could he do? Well, he did more. Not only an actor, he transcended across the media spectrum by delving into content creation where he has one of the most engaged accounts nationwide, according to Twitter, and where he has accumulated over 1.5 million total followers on social media.

As if that wasn’t enough, he then demonstrated his vocal affinity when he released his new single, which plays a character all of its own in Alexander’s life.

“I Don’t Love You” is an atmospheric, serene, sorrowful, and airy song. The lullaby elegance in his voice against the electronic whines and the percussive instrumentation in the back only makes the single feel more airy and dreamy. As you feel complete isolation of the emotions you’re currently feeling, the song intensifies and calms in a matter of seconds. The slow-tempo also makes the song more like a sweet serenade or an indie-electronic ballad.

Aidan mentions that some of his musical influences come from a variety of artists including: Robyn, Fleetwood Mac, and Frank Sinatra. But his first real love in music began when he heard Billie Holiday’s “Good Morning Heartache” for the first time.

The artist is excited to show his fans what he’s been preparing all this time, and I’m sure everyone is anxious to hear what Alexander has in store for this EP later this year.


Be sure to check out Aidan Alexander on all of his social platforms to stay tuned for the release of his project and more!

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Interview with Lemaitre On New Fall Jam & Music Video “Big”

New Artist Spotlight!!

This alt-electro rock duo from Norway is Lemaitre, and they are going to be your new addition to this year’s fall playlist. I had a chance to interview the duo and what great answers I received! They have a sound much like Muse with a Passion Pit twist. They have smooth, mellow, and melodic tunes, and the vocals equally croon through the track. “I’ll see you soon in soon in a dream, when I fall asleep.” Their sweet, happy-go-lucky tunes combined by simple lyrics and dynamic instrumentals are the foundations of Lemaitre’s sound. Lemaitre’s new single “Big” drops today and is accompanied by  a comical visual. As the guys drive you around through the song, we see a variety of characters in the back seat and their personalities and stories as Ketil and Ulrik act as our narrators.

The guys have released 5 dance EPs, a remix collection, two short form releases and their full debut album Chapter One. They have had amazing collaborations with artists such as Betty Who and Mary Noyes in the past as well. Overall, their music has surpassed 200 million streams and they have had the chance to have their songs featured in global campaigns for Google, Apple, Facebook, FIFA 2017, Skyy Vodka, PayPal, Tropicana, Infiniti, Hugo Boss and more!

The guys of Lemaitre are also headed on tour and you can check out their tour dates below:

U.S. Tour Dates:
10/7 Austin, Texas: Austin City Limits
10/14 Austin, Texas: Austin City Limits
11/28 Los Angeles, CA: El Rey Theatre
11/30 San Diego, CA: The Irenic
12/1 Santa Barbara, CA: Velvet Jones
12/4 Seattle, WA: The Crocodile
12/5 Portland, OR: Wonder Ballroom
12/7 San Francisco: August Hall
12/13 Boston, MA: Brighton Music Hall
12/15 New York, NY: Gramercy Theatre

So now for our interview! I had a chance to chat with Ketil and here’s what he had to say:

NM: How did you guys get started in music?

K: We both started messing around with music production software in high school, making beats and stuff. When we were finishing high school, we started talking about taking a year of before going to college and just make music. Now we are going on 8 years, and still haven’t applied to college.

NM: So what was the inspiration behind the new single “Big”?

K: It’s really inspired by the Beatles and 60´s pop/rock. We wanted to have that vibe but wanted it to sound like a current record with big drums and synths. The lyrics are about loss (mainly about losing my dogs), and the fact that if you are sad about someone departing, it means you must have really liked them, and so should be happy about the time you had together.

NM: How did you guys find the home you did?

K: Ulrik found it on craigslist after a couple of month looking around for a suitable house. We were almost giving up on finding a nice house and was about to settle for something mediocre when it came up. After we had been at the house for a few months the owner came by with some family members to show “Dr. Dre’s old house”. Which made a nice house even cooler.

NM: Why is the band named after the astronomer?

K: It looked cool on the page, and is a cool story. We are both kind of into popular science, so it felt like a good fit. Should have tried to say it out loud before we settled tho…

NM: When fans hear your music, what do you want them to feel or think?

K: Hopefully they get the same feeling we had when we wrote it. We always try to communicate an emotion or a feeling you had when you were writing.

 NM: What are fun facts about you guys?

K: Ulrik is gender fluid and Ketil can bench 400lbs.

NM: If you could collaborate with anyone, who would you want to work with?

K: Really hard question to answer, there are so many. Thundercat and Paul McCartney probably. I could name 40 others though. So many great artists around.

NM: How would you describe your sound in one or two words?

K: Eclectic

NM: What’s your favorite social network platform, and do you have a favorite post from it? Can you share it?

K: Reddit probably. It’s nice that you have all these niche communities where people with similar interests can talk. Shout out to /r/lemaitremusic!

NM: Who are some of your musical influences?

K: Daft Punk, Justice, Noisia, Phoenix, The Beatles, Django Reinhardt.

NM: What are you guys On The Verge of?

K: Getting it on.

NM: What are your go-to songs? [Name Top 3]

K: Louis the child – Better Not, Arataan – Effervesce, Superorganism – Something For Your Mind

NM: What are you looking forward to for your fans, new projects or something else exciting?

K: Really excited to show them our new music! We have been writing for quite a while now, so we have a lot of songs that are either done or wrapping up. Get hype.

That’s where we wrapped up the interview! Ketil had really thoughtful answers and I was very happy to have the chance to hear from him about the whole creative process! Be sure to check out the new song/video, and be sure to follow Lemaitre on social media:

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Yoshi Flower is the Eccentric New Artist We All Needed Today

Yoshi Flower has my heart right now, and it’s because his unique sound is like a refresh button for my musical palette.

This week, I challenged myself to find a new artist and test out a new genre I had not really listened to, and Yoshi Flower definitely fit the criteria perfectly. If you haven’t heard of him yet, I think it’s about time to get acquainted. The Detroit-born musician is a newly signed-Interscope Records (via Rock Mafia) artist with a truly eclectic sound. In the past, the artist has collaborated with Elohim and has opened for Princess Nokia and Flint Eastwood. Next Flower will be opening for SG Lewis on his tour this fall! Tour dates below.

So, what’s pretty special about his sound? His very chill music is hypnotic and melancholic. It’s almost eerie in the way he plays with the rejoicing sounds of the compositions by warping them into more cynical tunes. The electronic/hip-hop beats entwined by the voices remind me of two acts I really like: Blackbear and The Neighbourhood. The dark features take over the productions and draw you into the edgy multi-genre records that Flower creates.

Recently, Flower released two new singles, “Brown Paper Bag” and “Just Cuz We’re Paranoid Doesn’t Mean They’re Not Onto Us”. The first single was premiered on Zane Lowe’s World First on Beats 1 Radio on Apple Music two weeks ago and his second track has been receiving it’s own praise.

Both records own a sort of aggravated and dynamic character to them. “Just Cuz We’re Paranoid Doesn’t Mean They’re Not Onto Us” has an aggressive grind to it and a malicious, evil-villain kind of tone, but his voice is just soft enough to pull back into the melody. In “Brown Paper Bag” the music is definitely a mix in tonality where for one second the music is serene and the next it’s viciously biting with heavy beats and fierce guitar riffs.

I’m curious to find out where this artist will take his music and what kind of project he will put out as a whole when the time comes.

Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 1.54.41 PM.png

Tour dates:




Follow Yoshi Flower on social media to find out more on the mysterious artist and his musical endeavors.

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[Premiere]: Prelow x LostBoyCrow Release Chilling New Song “Some Nights”

A song for the day and night.

A song for the day and night.

Friends and tour mates Lostboycrow and Prelow release a sad, melancholy vibe titled “Some Nights”.  It’s a beautiful, millennial track that incorporates the sway of a pop single and the melody of a Daniel Caesar-like R&B song. It’s this lovely lullaby that puts you in your feels at a time you need it most. It is a day and night kind of dream, a chill, zoned-out track, and an introspective, meditative song.

“Some Nights” was the culmination of the two artists spending two full length US tours together. Prelow then moved into LostBoyCrow’s apartment for two months and they could not stop writing together as the inspiration was there and, of course, the talent was as well. We have the honor of premiering the single for you today as it releases, so be sure to press play above!

LostBoyCrow’s voice is always so enchanting, so when he jumps into the track of “Some Nights”, the song only becomes more magical along with Prelow’s charm.

“Turn off the lights, to lighten the mood….”

“It’s like dreaming it up, is your face in the sun, it’s that thing you can’t touch, some nights it’s a lot.”

If there’s any possible way to envision the single, it’s to think of yourself in a somber daydream, where you are sitting by an ocean, reflecting on a love lost, and how beautifully tragic it all is. A cynical little tune.

LostBoyCrow profoundly describes the essence of the single. “It is the minutia of existence that hold such secrets as love. A glance, the soft intention of a touch, an honest laugh, a quiet evening as it slips effortlessly into morning. Some nights you can feel them all crowd in a circle, warm like a fire to congregate hope. Some nights it’s enough.”

In addition to the release of this single, LostBoyCrow recently released the final segment of his Traveler Trilogy, titled Traveler: The Third Legendwhich is now available on Apple Music and Spotify. What has always been so fantastic about this series is that it doesn’t really sound like stuff currently out in this field of music. The R&B/pop sound is really all his own, and places him somewhere very niche in the grand scheme of music. LostBoyCrow somehow is able to create a more natural noise with these records, which allows for more authentic and honest results in his sound.

LostBoyCrow is a romantic pop/R&B artist with an electronic undertone. There’s this sense of mystery from the artist who doesn’t say much to the press and doesn’t reveal too much about himself. However, what we do know is that the Los Angeles native has a knack for storytelling and a talent to vividly create those images in your mind as you sail away to the tunes his perfectly constructed compositions. They all transform from song to narrative instantly, and really possess an emotion that resonates to the listener.

Some would consider his music to be “introspective dance music”. He evokes an energy and emotion from the crowd through his pop nature, while in other respects he pushes thought and provokes discussion of his lyrics.

In the past, the artist has toured with VÉRITÉ, co-headlined with Flor, and has gone on 2 nationwide headlining “Spin the Globe” tours! The tour featured artists Prelow and DYSN. His current listening following is about 130 millions streams, and it continues to grow as he develops and produces more.

“The idea for ‘Some Nights’ started from something we had tweeted – ‘some nights just catching somebody looking at you is enough.’ We really liked that sentiment and had tried it over a few different beats before it really made it sense. And it was great writing and fleshing the track out with LostBoyCrow”, explains Prelow  on the creation of the new track.

So, drift away as you listen to the new single above, that gets you through some nights that are just harder than others. Let it be your song, and when you get a chance after doing that, be sure to check out the rest of what this talented, young artist has been putting out for you to hear.

For more from Lostboycrow, follow him on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

Artist Watch: Stealth Releases Ferocious New Soul Single “Gotta Stop Loving You”



The soulful singer/songwriter Stealth, not only has an exciting new signing with the electronic label Ultra Music (Calvin Harris, Deadmau5, Era Istrefi, Kygo, Sofi Tukker, Steve Aoki), but he also released his visual for “Gotta Stop Loving You”.

Originally from Birmingham, UK, Stealth is known for creating records that are intertwine blues, rock, and soul all in one. His strong, guttural voice is aggressive yet silky that it carries a force across his music.

His prowess doesn’t go unrecognized as Stealth sold out his first ever London headline show at Servant Jazz Quarters in November of 2017. Additionally, he has played in support of Seinabo Sey, Jamie Woon, Zella Day, Tiggs Da Author, Vaults, Kaleo and more. His music has been circulated over BBC stations Radio 1, Radio 2, 6 Music and BBC Introducing and has also been nominated for 3 Unsigned Music Awards prior to his signing to Ultra.

In a previous interview, he discussed the thrill he is feeling for joining the Ultra team. “I’m so excited about this new chapter with Ultra. I had been putting stuff out on my own for a while and although it did pretty well, it’s pretty lonely. In the short time I’ve been signed to Ultra, I’ve felt like I’m part of a real family. Ultra might not be the obvious home for an artist like myself, however, the bricks don’t make a house a home – it’s the people. I really feel that these guys believe in what I’m doing and together we’re gonna have shit loads of fun and make some amazing music!”

The new track will come from what is to be his forthcoming EP The Chorus, set to release September. The EP itself is just as bold as the vocalist, featuring  production from Michael Angelo (Sam Smith) and Matty Benbrook (Paolo Nutini/Jack Savoretti). With the intensity of his vocals influenced by his idols His inspirations include Howlin’ Wolf and Etta James.

The way Stealth truly began his journey of success is when his hit single “Judgement Day” was shown on an episode of Suits, the US TV series. The single alone has earned over 10 million streams on Spotify and YouTube combined. “Judgment Day” charted globally in 12 countries on Shazam. In addition to all of this Stealth has released 2 other EPs including The Intro and The Verse.  These two also included singles that ended up on popular television shows, thus spreading his music around further.

I had the chance to interview Stealth and learn more from him on the man behind the music. Interview below:

Neelu Mohaghegh (NM): How’d you get started in music?

Stealth (S): If we’re talking about the very very start I used to put an Elvis tribute show on from the age of 4 years old. It was very exclusive, only my family ever really got a ticket. But later on I started playing in clubs and pubs in the midlands. Then ended up at music college in London.

(N): How has your hometown influenced your music or has it not really?

(S): Massively as having to learn the pub and club songs introduced me to more classic soul and blues then I found myself. So without the pub and club circuit in my area, I may have had completely different taste.

(N): Favorite artists?

(S): Currently Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats, Alabama Shakes, and Father John Misty.

(N): If you could collaborate with any artist today, who would you want to work with?

(S): He’s a controversial figure but I’d be very interested in working with Kanye West. He’s just visionary and his use of old school songs in his first few albums is inspiring. I think he’s someone who would really pull something out of me I never knew I could create.

(N): Favorite track you’ve made so far?

(S): Made or released? That’s a tough one. If it’s what I’ve released or am about to release, I love my next single “Truth is” as it’s me trying to push my creative boundaries and it’s a song I couldn’t have dreamed of releasing a few years back. But out of all the songs I made, I’d say a song called “Bury Me.” It’s an old school blues jam and the words mean a lot personally. I just hope I can put it out at some point.

(N): What’s the one thing you want fans to think of when they hear your music?

(S): I don’t really want them to think or feel a specific way. The great thing about music is I could write a song that’s personal to me that could mean something completely different to someone else.

(N): What’s your go-to look?

(S): Old school and comfortable. Tends to be black though, so summer is a bit of a struggle.

(N): Favorite type of food?

(S): Curry. The hotter the better.

(N): Where’s a venue or festival you hope to perform at one day?

(S): It’s cliché to say Glastonbury but it’s the pinnacle so it would have to be Glasto.

(N): Any fun facts or hidden talents fans might not know about you?

(S): I can knock back a pint of beer pretty sharpish. Around the 2 second mark. Nothing amazing (or to be proud of kids) but yeah very rarely lose a chin off.

(N): Is there anything (projects, trips, etc.) that you are looking forward to?

(S): I’m just looking forward to the next year in general really. After just signing with Ultra, everything has been a bit of a blur but it’s been great. So I’m looking forward to keeping up the momentum and seeing what comes.

(N): What are you On The Verge of?

(S): World domination?? You decide……😂

So there you guys have it! Be sure to stay tuned for the release of his upcoming EP, to follow Stealth on his socials listed below, and to check out his new song above!

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Sleeping Lion Delivers Whimsical New Single “How We Know” Featuring Cass Miller

How you know this song is for you

Sleeping Lion, the well-loved electronic-pop duo, has been on a songwriting rampage all summer long and their hard work is showing. Today, they release their latest single with all of its magic  “How We Know” featuring the vocals of songstress Cass Miller.

Sleeping Lion, including Nate Flaks and Noah Longworth McGuire, was started back in 2015 after they had written songs over Skype together one summer. At that time, Noah was in Rome and Nate was in New York. The pair has been everywhere, and a lot of times, not in the same place at the same time together; however, they have consistently worked together throughout the years producing and creating melodies, tracks, and projects that develop and define their unique sound. Now, they have stationed themselves in LA where in the past year they have collaborated with a record-breaking number over 60 artists.  In addition to that, they’ve produced remixes for acts like Opia and Zealyn and even delivered their spring single “Easy For You”.

The elements of “How We Know” are actually a lot more profound when you really take a listen to it. Blast the song on your headphones or on your speakers and sit back to take it all in. I’ve come to deem this the ultimate getaway song of the summer as it contains all of the roller coaster emotions of a bewildering and consequential relationship.

As you are given reflections and flashbacks throughout the verses of the complications that heartbreak bring, we are brought back to the chorus where the true questions of love and misunderstandings are highlighted. “But we knew what we had when we lost it. Said we need a break, said we need to break it off, now I don’t want the space, you don’t want the space at all, it’d be better, but we never learned to let it go. This is how we know”.

The echo-and-call format that Sleeping Lion is best-known for is highlighted by the clever layers that go between the two vocalists. Back and forth, they converse in each other’s disliking of the situation, fall back into disagreement, and return to the conclusion that they never wanted this trouble at all. While the voices between the two are powerful, silky, and angelic, almost whispering to each other, the instrumentation is just as forceful as it follows their voices like a ghost through out the rhythms, words, and harmonies. The best factor of this song is how it reminds you of the heat and the rush of it all when emotions are swirling and in commotion from mixed reactions–the production of the track is dreamy, mysterious, and enchanting, while also being loud, impactful, and abrasive.

The evolution of Sleeping Lion’s sound has been a fun one to watch as they constantly refine and tune their music. They have really proven their dynamism by the versatility of their vocal collaborations. These masters of whimsical compositions are even making a big break in the live performance scene as they have headlined their own shows and have performed as direct support for other esteemed acts at venues such as The Peppermint Club (LA) and The Satellite (LA), and have opened for artists such as Brasstracks, Opia, Vesperteen, Transviolet and Vancouver Sleep Clinic.

Sleeping Lion continues to shine and mystify with their ever-changing career and their dynamic collaborations. But wait! There is more magic to come from the guys this fall and we’re excited for that, so until then, enjoy the single above, and stay tuned. Follow Sleeping Lion on their socials below to keep up with the band!

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Artist Watch: Rebecca Perl & Tep No Collab on Chill New Vibe “Keepin’ It Cool”

Just chill out

Here’s a new artist that was put on my radar and her name is Rebecca Perl. She recently collaborated with Canadian-Greek DJ/producer Tep No to put together this jam that has a lot of cool facets. Perl’s serene vocals are perfect with the context of the lyrics: being too shy to make the move, but knowing that if you don’t, you’ll miss an amazing opportunity. However, her smooth voice is then interrupted by the intensity of the EDM drop that Tep No intertwines into the song, making it suddenly a playful, sensual track. It actually is interesting because at first, the drop felt to abrupt and sudden. It felt like it came out of nowhere from the calm aura that Perl provided, but then as I listened again and again, it was kind of humorous how it almost felt like it represented “losing your chill” when you’re trying to keep your cool. The drop comes right in at the point when she stutters “Ke-Keepin’ it cool”, as if her heart just explodes!

*Side note: he song is also the perfect workout song, and a great pool party track to dance to.*

The LA-based singer/songwriter is much more of a country-pop artist; however, she surprised me with this collab, as her voice fit the mold pretty well — much like Maren Morris shocked us with her whimsical, amazing single with Zedd “The Middle”!

Born and raised in New York, Perl was artist from the start. At age 12, she picked up her first guitar and taught her self to play it  and teaching herself by 13, she learned her love for music was the best way to articulate all the complexities and riddles that love and life had to offer. She practiced, wrote, and found her sound, and then delved deeper when she moved to Austin, Texas. Now that she lives in LA, she continues to write and collaborate with artists. Her first major album Rendezvoushelped her gain her place in the industry, selling out Webster Hall followed by opening for acts like Howie Day, Gavin Degraw, Teddy Geiger, Ryan Cabrera and Olivia Newton John.

She’s on her way to some exciting experiences, and with collars like this one, she may open more avenues of possibility. So be sure to check out her single above and tell us what you think. Tep No shared his reasoning as to why he was excited to work on the track with the songstress, saying, “The song has so much potential, when I first heard it, I thought it would be a perfect fit for a Tep No Records release. I totally relate to the lyrics, about being so shy to ask people out or to make a move at least, so you’re trying to act like the bigger person when really, you’re missing out on the chances you don’t take”.

Tep No also mentioned that there will be a music video coming out very soon, so until then, we’ll be waiting for that!

Be sure to check out more from Tep No and Rebecca Perl on social media:

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Rebecca Perl: Facebook| Twitter| Instagram


Era Istrefi and Konshens Release Latest Single “Oh God”, Ya Oh God

Oh god, girl…

Era Istrefi, global-pop sensation, has released a new single in collaboration with rapper Konshens titled “Oh God”. Istrefi has been a viral sensation for quite some time since her first single “Bonbon” received 1/2 billion views. She has continued to grow her repertoire of music along with other large artists such as Nicky Jam, Felix Snow, French Montana, Diplo, Will Smith, and many more. The Albanian-native has been considered the “Eastern European Rihanna” by fashion outlet Vogue and was featured on FIFA’s Official World Cupsong “Live It Up”. That song itself has over 20M streams, debuted on the Top 100 in over 17 countries and trended #1 globally on YouTube.

A sexy, fun song, like all Istrefi songs are, is another track for the summer. Though not her best piece of work compared to some of her past songs, it’s still a song that could be well-rounded and shaped by a talented DJ. The pairing of Konshen and her still worked beautifully, and if only the lyrics and the song had a bit more depth and dynamics to it, then it would be a hit track. At the moment, it’s just a good pop song that has you moving your hips to its melody and has you singing the chorus along with the talented vocalist. The music video has a lot of great effort put into it, with beautiful angles and great lighting, making Istrefi look flawless as a sexy, badass mermaid and a glowing vixen of the night. Nonetheless, it isn’t as rich of a record as I would hope it would be, yet it is good to see her still putting out records to keep her fans engaged and connected with her.

“Oh God” is bound to hit the dance floor in clubs around the world though, especially with its huge remix potential. ( DJs be sure to jump on that). In addition to this release, Istrefi also dropped her single “Prisoner” along with a music video.

I believe Istrefi has a lot more up her sleeve, and that with some more interesting and unexpected collaborations, she’s going to find the exact place her sound needs to be in.

Istrefi also comes from a very musically-gifted family. As the daughter of Suzana Tahirsylaj, a well known Albanian singer in the 80s and 90s, she was bound to have the gene that would make her a star. With her music being so international and ear-worthy, she has been able to grow a large fan base under multiple genres of music: pop, reggae, drum & bass, and future bass.

Not to mention, she has released music in both her native language, Albanian, and her second language, English. Her most successful single that I mentioned before, “Bonbon,” is certified Gold in the Netherlands, Germany, and Canada. It has garnered over 500 million YouTube plays, 100 million Spotify streams, and topped the Shazam, Spotify, and iTunes charts in Europe. That’s pretty substantial. She early on signed with Ultra Music, and “Redrum” her first single released through the label was then produced with the help of Felix Snow, reaching #45 on the US billboard Dance charts.

So, all in all, she’s no doubt an artist with an extremely provocative voice and aesthetic, but this song might not be the one. However, looking forward to hearing what she has next coming up for her!!

Follow her on socials to find out!

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