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Troye Sivan Drops Dazzling Euphoric Single “My My My” with Stunning Visuals


Sorry, I had to, but sincerely, every one of my bones in my body is under the Troye Sivan spell. This single not only made me re-love this artist all over again, but the music video made me feel that kind of first love dizziness, that peak of life thrill, and that exciting summer erotica. The anthem is disastrous, grimey, stunning, and psychedelic. It’s the modern day breakfast club single and an ode to the hopeless romantics.


Do those descriptions make sense, I’m not sure, but those are the emotions I’m feeling. It was almost instantaneous when I heard the song, that I switched over to watch the video and struggled  to stay in my seat. I would say Sivan is one of the most underrated artists, and that he should be recognized for his range.

This single only reinstated how talented the pop artist from Australia truly is. The music video that dropped today is the perfect alignment to that of an erotic wonderland, where the modern day flashing lights and the old school black and white and 80’s synth neon colors meld into one. The angles, the dancing, the force — the entirety of the visual fit the track perfectly and had my head spinning over the euphoric overdose I received from this experience.  It was like walking into a PT Barnum’s circus crossed with a ZAYN music video.

Put it this way, as soon as I watched the video, I immediately began starting a new post because I wanted to be able to review this track. The single had me dancing, had me hoping and dreaming, and had me practically shouting “Oh my my my”.  The visual endeavor has you strutting through his insomnia-driven world and gives you hope that love can work; “let’s stop running from love, running from love” sing-chants the hypnotic ringmaster of pop.


So allow me to stop writing now as I quickly wrote this report in less than 20 minutes out of pure adoration for Sivan and everything he creates, and go enjoy the music video for yourself. Allow yourself to be taken away by his sultry and elegant ecstasy and don’t come back until you’ve dreamed of something bigger or smiled bigger or even got out of your seat and danced your heart out.

“My My My” by Troye Sivan now available on Spotify HERE.


Electronic Power Duo Koven Releases Thrilling New EP ‘Come To Light’


These go-getters are getting at it…

If you don’t know their names yet, then you definitely know their music. Koven, a UK electronic King & Queen (Max Rowat and Katie Boyle), have been tearing the airwaves with their hypnotic tracks. Their two debut tracks to the record label scene of Monstercat (known for Krewella and Marshmello) were “Silence” and “Telling Me.” Finally these two production fiends drop their EP, Come To Light. Though only consisting of 4 tracks, the project is rich in innovative material.

Each song is fast-paced, vivid in instrumentals, bold in vocals, and complex in musical theory as they incorporate classical methods to recreate the sounds they produce. Koven is following the latest in the future bass trend and their sound will remind you of the alternative-punk band of the 90s Evanescence with an electronic twist. Their past works found themselves being recognized by the notable radio leads from likes of Radio 1, XFM, and the Ministry of Sound. That’s high praise, if I do say so myself.

These 4 new singles though, really give their fans and new listeners a chance to hear their capabilities. Starting with “Telling Me,” introduce you into their world of noise where they dictate the creations and fabrications we hear.

Then comes “Breathing Me In,” which places you in a fight with yourself, with a motivational beat and strong voice flections and intonations. This song carries you away to a whole new dimension.

“Silence” gives a  vibe of angsty, intensity, something very different from the name of the track, but that’s what makes it so refreshing and thrilling. The baseline of this song is compromised of a roller coaster of sounds and emotions, and you can just hear it in Boyle’s melancholic singing.

Lastly comes “Everything,” just to sum up the entirety of the project. You can easily picture yourself running or sailing away in this dreamy, lucid track where it seems that “everything” is going to reveal itself to you and all will finally be clear again. We feel minds wander off and heart strings get pulled as we drift away to the end of this well-constructed compilation.

You can listen to the full length EP above!


With many collaborations and a multitude of dynamic compositions their music started to reach up to millions of hits on YouTube and 10’s of thousands of fans across the world.

They’ve dabbled in Dubstep, Trap, EDM, Future Bass, and more, building on their musical stylings and palettes for their fans everywhere.

The act had the special opportunity to perform at one of the largest music festivals of the summer in the world, and that was performing on the Mainstage at Exit Festival (located in Germany) in front of 40,000 people! There they were graced by the presence of playing alongside EDM giants such as Rudimental and Skrillex.

We can expect to hear more from these guys since Koven has been rumored to be back in the studio working a new release and prepping a list of new creations for the new year to come.

Listen to them on Spotify

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And Follow on Instagram and Twitter!

A Boston Breakthrough: Nick Cincotta Sweeps Boston’s The Middle East at Performance Last Weekend

A “Breakthrough” hits Boston

After reviewing one his outstanding remixes a few weeks ago, I had the chance to go with my fellow writer, Elena Moudios, to actually see this Hip-Pop artist take the stage at one of Boston’s best intimate music venues last Saturday afternoon, Cambridge’s nightclub The Middle East. Introducing Nick Cincotta, a man who knew that music was going to be a part of his life forever and who wasn’t going to let anyone get him down.

Photography by Neelu Mohaghegh
Photography by Neelu Mohaghegh
Photography by Neelu Mohaghegh

His music can be described as intense, rhythmic, hot, and charismatic. Of course, Cincotta brought that fire to his performance and I was blown away by the power this commander of verses had over the crowd. Though a smaller audience than what he was usually used to, that didn’t depress his energy; in fact, it seemed he brought even more life to his music as he spit bars and sung his heart out.

Photography by Neelu Mohaghegh
Photography by Neelu Mohaghegh
Photography by Neelu Mohaghegh
Photography by Neelu Mohaghegh
Photography by Neelu Mohaghegh
Nick Cincotta
Photography by Neelu Mohaghegh

Needless to say, this pretty boy brought the hype, and I was amazed at the amount of people that showed up to the concert and behind-the-scenes for a show at 2 PM, and yet, all still exuded the excitement most commonly found in ecstatic teenagers. Seriously, I have never been to such an early concert (with the exception of music festivals) before. It was truly an experience to not forget. Whilst backstage, I had the chance of meeting so many people, artists of all kinds more specifically, such as other rappers who performed that day, managers, videographers, students, friends, photographers, DJ’s and more! All came out to help put the production together to showcase Cincotta’s latest project release Breakthrough. Quite the team!

Listen to the full-length album HERE. Also available via Spotify and iTunes now!

The compilation can be described as an exciting and thrilling adventure of the young  and the fast & furious. It has the high-adrenaline drum beats along with the serenading vocals and the melodic electronic-synth progressions. Get your party started the right way with this fun and exhilarating album that sings goodbye to summer days and thrusts us into the new seasons!

An overall dope execution of music live,  Cincotta galloped across the stage from one end to the other, high-fived the audience, laughed, danced, jumped onto inanimate objects, crooned, and so much more. This rapper-singer was certainly in his element, getting in the zone as he professed his new material with pride.

Photography by Neelu Mohaghegh
Photography by Neelu Mohaghegh

So, with all of this said you know what that means… Check him out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and SoundCloud!

Major DJ & Ableton Music Constructor Alluxe Releases Exotic Night Club Single “Work My Body”


Meet the real “Controlla”

One of the most major names to the electronic music industry is producer/DJ/controllerist Alluxe and she has just released her new single “Work My Body” featuring Salar System. The song is to be on her forthcoming EP which will drop this autumn on October 28th!

Many of you may have heard of her, and many of may have not, but for those of you who haven’t, meet one of the most kick a** individuals to take the stage. This international music producer, DJ, controllerist, electric violinist and live show designer is named Laura Escudé but goes by the stage name Alluxe. Thanks to her, concerts from all over the world have been successful and cutting-edge!

Alluxe has worked with some of the big leagues in the business (and when I say some, I mean A LOT). Her humble beginnings came about when she first became an Ableton certified trainer in their music production program. I myself took Ableton lessons, and I can tell you that musical production is one of the most thrilling and difficult programs to master. With that accomplishment under her belt, she moved on to becoming the CEO of Electronic Creatives,  which is a group focused on bringing together some of the most brilliant and covetable sound designers in the world, and Escudé auditions, reviews, critiques, picks, and trains them herself.

A little more on her, as if that wasn’t enough? She is an extremely well educated individual! Escudé was a classically trained violinist from Vanderbilt University for a year, then she received her BA in Violin Performance and a Minor in Business from Florida State University, and then earned her place at UCLA’s Extension Film Scoring program. So, she already had built a great toolbox of experience and lessons for a professional musical theory background. What she is best known for, however, is her ability to synthesize hip hop, electronic, and bass-drop trap into a revolutionary, cutting-edge commotion of euphoric sound.

So, no. She is not  your ordinary DJ. In fact, she’s far more than that.
Her work has been  noted and utilized by some of the pop culture’s biggest names as they went on tour, thus building her extensive resume for being a live show designer and controllerist. She has worked with artists such as Kanye West on every tour he has ever given since 2009, including this year’s The Life of Pablo Tour, and she just recently came from producing on stage for Miguel during his Wild Heart Tour. But that’s not all. In the past, Alluxe has also collaborated in concert settings with artists like Childish Gambino, Jay Z, The Weeknd, Drake, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Bon Iver, Kiesza, Mike Posner, Selena Gomez, Solange, Becky G, Charli XCX, The Silversun Pickups, M83, Iggy Azalea, Herbie Hancock, Porter Robinson, and SO many more! Some of her violin productions have been sampled in huge tracks like Kanye West’s “Dark Fantasy” and his collab with Jay-Z “Watch the Throne.”

Alluxe (cr. Suzanne Strong)

Now, back to the single, “Work My Body” is the perfect record for the digital instrumentals enthusiasts. This song sparks the intensity of a fire in you. The flame swaying this way and that, and then harshly being blown out in the midst of its ferociousness. At first listen, I was somewhat confused by the track, but it was fascinating to see how after a deeper listen you can actually tell the amount of detail put into this track. It’s a party-starter, but even better, as it also develops a story line of its own. Mirroring verses, embedded novelties, and more, the song is a curiosity in and of itself. Just listen as the Middle Eastern tunes blend and melt into the vocals. The drums bounce of your chest and pull you onto an imaginary dance-floor and you can’t help but move to its rhythm of slow static-waves moving over fast-paced progressions and riffs. The melody is similar to that of a sandstorm in the middle of a blizzard, a flurry of noises surrounding and pouring over you, while you travel down a winding road of harmonies and echoes knotted together. She vividly paints on top of sonic staffs and concocts and element all of her own. It’s amazing how with a single push of a button, she is able to suddenly create a bass-line for an entire composition that will become a stunning record of grandeur! (It also makes a killer workout song!)

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 6.02.15 PM

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 6.02.07 PM

This digital artist is impressive and holds true to her role’s name as a controllerist. She quite literally manipulates sounds, instruments, voices, and airwaves to construct this track into one wholesome mixed & mastered piece. With her music, I am pretty sure she can move mountains. Vibe Magazine has said that “we’ re hearing, immersing and haven fallen prey to the siren sound of this producer” while Earmilk states that Alluxe’s mixes are “the ultimate game-changer[s] effortlessly built for the 6 AM warehouse space.”

What is also perfect about this alluring song is the music video that goes with it. It is a visual of various people dancing, playing instruments, and moving through the darkness, spotlit by neon-lights and given that feeling of nostalgia for the blurry and eccentric nights at the club. Shot completely by a Sony FS-7, the alluring melange of slow-mo and real-time footage captured at higher shutter speeds define the overall aesthetic and schizophrenic nature of the motion picture, which then flawlessly matches the lunacy and mania of the song. It’s a song about desire and movement, and Alluxe exhibits that here.


So now, you’re probably wondering what exactly is a controllerist. Well, it’s one of the most epic and exciting jobs in the world. Escudé gets to be in charge of all of the music programming for a show, so essentially she is editing all of the music that is going and is played during the performance; however, even more thrilling than that, she commands the music LIVE and assures that all of the vocal and noise effects run smoothly as she is creating the beats and production on stage! Isn’t that insane? With such a stellar resume in such a short period of time, there’s no telling where she’s headed next, but what we do know is that it’s only uphill from here as she controls her destiny.

Stay tuned as she will be releasing her second single off of the new EP on September 9th, which is coming up soon! You can also stream the “Work My Body” on SoundCloud HERE! And as always, be sure to check her out on her socials like Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, and her Official Site.

DJ Snake Drops Possibly His Best Debut Album Yet ‘Encore’


Is there any other way to describe this project? With so many superstar names and so many styles of dance music, DJ Snake has risen the bar for his music two-fold!

Earlier in the summer, the French producer released his hit summer single “Talk” featuring George Maple and then its accompanying music video. Already that song alone, stood as a great representation of the beautiful work the DJ could create. However, nothing prepared us for the ultimate project that would leave us screaming, encore over and over again.


This project may be the next album to get you through your entire workout or it may be the anthems to your summer or the themes to your party. Whatever venue you choose, know that this compilation of mastery is there to soundscape your day & night.

DJ Snake came to us when he did his first ever successful collab with Lil Jon for “Turn Down for What” back in 2013, then his second massive release “Lean On” with Major Lazer, and then the smash hit “The Middle” featuring Bipolar sunshine (coming off of this new album). There’s no stopping this mastermind behind the music. He knows the formula to a hit now as he ranks on the charts one at a time. In this 14-track compilation, Snake hits us with not just one or two joint-projects, but with 17 guest appearances! Some artists on the records include Skrillex (what?!), Bipolar Sunshine, George Maple, Travi$ Scott, Swizz Beats, Justin Bieber, Jeremih, Migos and Young Thug. The club-nights leader has no fear to delve into the other realms of genres, clearly, as he makes songs with the sounds of pop, R&B, rap, hip hop, soul, funk, deep house, trap, and so much more!


A post shared by djsnake (@djsnake) on

This architect of sonic design has made a place for himself amongst the EDM heavy weights such as Diplo, Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso, Skrillex, and Calvin Harris. Some may call these people producer geniuses, or better yet, EDM gods, and now, I think it’s safe to say DJ Snake joins these Olympians on their mountain of electronic glory.

Encore is just pure brilliance. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t say that every song is something I like, but I can say that it is a dynamic project and that is has a lot impressive work that has gone into its fabrication.

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 2.26.13 AM.png

If I had to give my own personal opinion, his tracks that are most noteworthy on this project are: “Middle,” “Talk,” “Sober,” “Future Pt. 2,” “Let Me Love You,” “Sahara,” “Ocho Cinco,” and “Here Comes The Night.” Every track off the album is so different from the rest that it’s almost impossible to compare them, but it’s incredible how many options there are to choose from for people with certain tastes and it shows how dance music has now infiltrated all forms of music. There is just an array of electronic, dance-worthy, and club-bouncing musical adventures.

You can now listen to the album in its entirety below, and witness the mastermind at work. Encore, DJ Snake, Encore! :

Vic Mensa Makes An Alteration To Album To Make It More “Autobiographical”

We’ve been hearing a lot about Vic Mensa lately.

The artist has really made it his job to insert his voice in many political and social issues today, and because of that, he has been gaining a lot of attention. He recently went on air with Sway in the Morning for an AllHipHop interview, and from there, we got a few questions answered about the artist and his mindset behind his music. Mensa apparently made the decision to stop working on, what was to be his upcoming album Traffic, and his now rerouting his track to touch upon the topics that really mean the most to him.


The There’s A Lot Going On creator decided to make a project that had a more personal touch in the most factual and emotional kind of way. “The things I’m doing are very autobiographical. There’s a lot of narratives, a lot of stories,” says the Chicago rapper. He continued  explaining, “I made an album and then I didn’t feel like it was the right representation. So I started making a new album. That’s where the songs from There’s A Lot Going On came out of. I would say it’s about 75% done.”

Power to my people in Baton Rouge. How many more murals will we be?

A post shared by vino (@vicmensa) on

The man works quickly! During his interview, he also noted that he would be making a few new music videos, including one that would be for his He also announced that he’s working on a video for his moving and emphatic track “16 Shots.”

Mensa has been several times on Sway In The Morning professing his anger at the authorities, at the people, and at the world for their incompetence and lack of compassion via his freestyles. In those clips, he has truly demonstrated his skill as a rapper and as an activist, and all we can hope is that his words are heard. Even for the Nightclub Pulse Incident, he wrote and produced a track titled “Free Love,” that was beautifully constructed.

We wonder what the revolutionary will have in store for us in this new album that has grasped his attention, so stay tuned to find out when it will be ready!

You can also watch the music video below for his title track “There’s A Lot Going On.”

Diplo Announces Featured Artists on New Major Lazor Album

More people, light it up!

EDM producer/DJ and member of the sensational dance-music trio, Major Lazer, Diplo, announced which artists would appear on the new album for Major Lazer titled Music Is The Weapon.

Following their last album, Peace Is The Mission, this album is intended to drop sometime this summer of August or September. Diplo and his crew have been hard at work in the studio releasing singles left and right with the artists that will appear on their debut. For instance, last week they shared their highly anticipated trop-house single “Cold Water” featuring Justin Bieber and MØ. And a little bit before that they dropped “Lost” with MØ.
We don’t know much about the entire track list but thanks to sources like Ultimate Music, we have a glimpse into the studio production. See the list below for confirmed & recorded tracks:
Cold Water (feat. Justin Bieber & MØ) | Thomas Pentz, Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber, Karen Ørsted Andersen & Benny Blanco

Head Up High (feat. Sia)

I’m a Believer (Major Lazer & Showtek)

Into the Wild (feat. Bonnie McKee)

TBA (feat. Camila Cabello)

TBA (feat. Justin Bieber)

TBA (feat. The Weeknd)

TBA (feat. Usher)

TBA (feat. Travi$ Scott)

Diplo was recently invited on to Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 show to discuss the incredible amount of work the artist has been up to in the past few months, and of course details on this new project with Major Lazer. Artists such as Travi$ Scott, Usher, MØ, and Sia are all expected to appear on their upcoming tracks. “Definitely we have Usher on it. MØ’s back on songs. We have a song with Sam Hunt which is very unusual, but I love him. Travi$ Scott. I don’t even know; I have to go back…Sia is on a couple ideas, but one of the records might be her record. She’s definitely background vocals on a song,” says the American sound producer.
It’s both fair and funny how Diplo isn’t able to say for sure who is on the album and who is just working with them, but that’s only because the DJ is juggling a thousand other projects at once. He just started his Mad Decent Party as well, which should be expected to be a show stopper. He is apologetic but explains why he’s so confused these days because while he’s working on his own material, he is simultaneously working on other artists’ material for them such as Beyoncé with LEMONADE and The Weeknd at Coachella.
We also got a little input on the making of the recent Bieber and MØ release that they just put out, “Cold Water.” Dipole says, “this record has a lot of moving parts. Ed Sheeran helped write the record with us. Benny Blanco. They also had a big hit with Justin last year. It’s like a big family we all do it together. We’re all just people that worked together on the last year and then MØ came in because we love her so much. We just want to put her on as many records on the new Major Lazer album as possible.” He said this with such enthusiasm- it was very sweet.

Major Lazer - Portrait
Major Lazer pose for a portrait during the Notting Hill Carnival in London, United Kingdom on August 27th 2012 // Dan Wilton/Red Bull Content Pool // P-20120828-00099 // Usage for editorial use only // Please go to for further information. //

But looks like Diplo isn’t satisfied with what he’s put out yet. He’s looking to be the next summer banger like the track he put out last year with Major Lazer “Lean On.” He admitted, “Drake and Rihanna killed it this year but that record came out a while ago. There hasn’t really been a summer vibe. For me ‘One Dance’ has been the biggest record of the year…it’s the coolest pop record. I felt like, let’s come through and join the squad.” So, now Mr. Mad Decent is ready for the challenge, think he can do it?
It’s incredible what this man has been doing and how is able to form together the most powerful musical squads in history. So we’re all rooting for him to find the sound that he’s searching for both his benefit and our own. Because, I mean, we know that he makes some of the best tunes ever!
You can now listen to the audio to the interview with Lowe below:

Further References: Complex, Ultimate Music