Transported To the Universe of Odesza at the House of Blues Boston

Ever had that feeling, for a moment, when your heart has been torn apart and then is put back together again?

Those were the effects of the sheer beauty that was and is Odesza. Last night at the Moment Apart tour, Boson witnessed an event to never forget. With a sold out show at the House of Blues in Boston, MA, Odesza blew the crowd away with its magic.

(Clearly, because one show wasn’t enough, they perform again at the same venue the following day!)

The lights went out and nothing but stars were left on the backdrop of the stage, as theatrical and orchestral sounds gradually grew louder, images of satellites, and asteroids, and other interstellar characteristics filled the space. When the duo jumped on stage, it was almost as if we blasted off to infinity and beyond. The rest of those two hours, I wasn’t sure what hit me but it felt like being in a spaceship, headed to somewhere unearthly. It was elsewhere in this universe where lights consumed adoring fans and where souls became the music.




Odesza is made up of two gentleman, Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight, who originated from Seattle, Washington. After finishing college, these two decided to pursue their passions in this field of manipulating sound back in 2012, and since became the rising producing pair they are now.

They released their album A Moment Apart earlier this year, which received critical acclaim from many and all! This is what set them on this journey for their Moment Apart Tour. The music is exotic and the sounds are electronic yet global. They create songs that are fragmented and melodic. The overall project exists to reveal stories of matters untold. Every single off the Odesza album feels as though they hide a secret, and as you close your eyes, you are transported to Odesza’s planet where these mystifying things are.


The concert was just this galactic experience – out of body, outside the box, and between the stars. It was a lullaby and daydream all placed together in this hopeful roll of imagination.

Ok, I’ll stop with the imagery. However, honestly, this duo has blown away minds with their work. With music that seems almost too good to be true. The compositions make you feel as though you are living a movie.


These were some of the photos I captured of the night, but truly it does the show no justice. With Naomi Wild appearing on stage, the lazers, and the space theme, it was so much wonderfulness to take in that it was blissfully overwhelming. The guys of Odesza even were having a great time on stage, dancing and shouting to the crowd. If there was any word to describe the night, it would be “fantastic”. Fans who attended responded with statements such as “mesmerizing” and “taken to another level”. Everyone was in a good mood that night, because how could you not be?


All in all, the results of this concert were undoubtedly incredible. From the sound quality, to the drum line, to the lights, to the band and the artistry, there was no going back to reality after this trip. Thank you, Odesza, for a truly memorable time and have the chance to dream for a night.

Check out their album A Moment Apart on Spotify now below:





Logic’s Newest Signee John Lindahl Drops 2 Singles Off Upcoming EP ‘Changes’


Logic adds a new member to the Team Elysium fam, and it’s a talented young artist by the name of John Lindahl!

Lindahl is the newest pop artist to join Logic’s team, and we could not be more ecstatic. His voice is silky and charismatic, and his vibrations will be the next tunes you add to your winter break getaway and summer escapade playlist.


The energy in this superstar’s music is honestly the kind of music we need right now, especially as days & nights feel longer. Lindahl is here to  bring a little life to our days with well-produced dance tunes. The 1 of the 4 signees to the label is now preparing to release his debut EP CHANGES, today! The EP features two of his already released tracks, “Contagious” and “The Feeling” ft. Logic.

Friday … #ChangesEP

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“Contagious” lives up to its reputation. It’s a simple melody with a catchy tune matched to a lovely trop-house vibe. With the same enjoyable sounds of the N’ Sync boys and smoothness of Chris Brown, Lindahl’s voice is a heartthrob in this track that loops around your body and pulls you onto the floor. You can’t help but smile as you hear the song.

In “The Feeling”, we get perfect layers of nostalgia, old school vocals, 80’s vibes, and the striking and emphatic power of Logic’s words. Together the two create this fantastic single that can’t be missed and only further demonstrates their strengths in sound.

Logic had created Team Elysium in hopes of protecting the artists that meant the most to him. (Including artists: Jessica Andrea, Big Lenbo, and Damian L Hudson). He told Billboard on the announcement day that “Elysium was created mainly because I don’t trust anybody else with the precious cargo that is my family… I wanted to create a place where they can feel free and literally do whatever they want because this is so much more than just music.”

Well, now Lindahl gets to prove that himself, that this is more than just the music and that he has what it takes to give us a good feeling about what’s to come for him.

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[Exclusive Interview]: Artist Chuck Adams Once Lost But Then Found & Stronger Than Ever


Take him as he is

That’s all this talented Nashville-based singer-songwriter asks for. Chuck Adams has an interesting tale to tell, one that many do not have to share and one that definitely needs to be heard.

So where do we start? Adams once wrote a radio hit that landed him with both a lot of money and a deal with Jay-Z. Sounds surreal right? Well, he then made one mistake and the next thing he knew, he was being dropped from the label via Twitter. This was just the abridged version.

Now he’s starting from scratch.

With his newest release “Take Me As I Am” released through 300 Entertainment, he’s making his entrance once again. It’s hopeful, it’s thoughtful, and it truly gets down to the core of a person with an emotional desire for love and acceptance. It represents the most basic of human needs in a smooth, melodic form, and most certainly transcends to listeners wholesomely. It’s pure compared to what the artist explained he was working on in the past.


Back in 2008, when he was making music before the whole debacle, he was becoming pretty well known among the NYC songwriters crew. This is when he was invited to take part in a songwriting camp and somehow ended up writing the Ludacris hit, “One More Drink (feat T-Pain).” This then rolled into the deal with Roc Nation, that changed his life completely; not only once, but twice.

His former stage name was Range, where he released a song in collaboration with Rick Ross called “Ghetto Dance”.  A quarter of a million dollars was put into the video of this track and the buzz marketing began, but still something wasn’t right. “It felt weird. It wasn’t me. I wanted to put out slower, more melodic music and they wanted me to be aggressive. ‘Ghetto Dance’ wasn’t a phrase I ever used. They misunderstood the tag and I changed the lyric to make them happy. It wasn’t the message I wanted to put out there. But you take the check and tell yourself it’s okay, even though deep down you know it’s not” confesses the musician.

After being dropped, the young artist explained how it felt like the “death of dream”, thus spiraling into a whirlpool of dark songwriting. But once he ended his rants, he felt relieved, revitalized, and ready to get back into the music world and make the music he wanted to make.

Adams moved to Nashville, with a life that went from college to making 6 figures, to having no label, to being taken by a new manager, and to being completely broke and happy. “My life is now what I want it to be. Going to a café and reading a book and making music every day. Nothing beats a good song. Though it’s a bit daunting to go back to square one, I trust the process and am taking it a day at a time” says the artist reflectively.

“People see me and don’t expect me to be making music that sounds like this. But this is me.”

When I jump on call with the “social introvert” (as he calls himself), he is at his mother’s in Kentucky for the holiday week. He calls it “peaceful and quiet” and though life has been bit hectic since releasing his new music, he’s been ok with that.

I ask how he happened to get into music to begin with, and he starts to explain how he was just a fan, like anybody else, and how slowly but surely as he began making his own music, he realized he was imitating artists that he loved; “whether I be rapping or singing someone else’s song, I enjoyed the sound and making a career of that”. He was in school at the time, attending university and studying  Business Administration while making music. He thought one song in particular was a hit record, wrote it, and pitched it which got reached by Ludacris, and that’s when the Roc Nation label grabbed him.

“Writing led the way. I always wanted to be a writer and wanted to know what that meant. I always thought you were an artist or you were not. I realized you could get in and be successful by writing music. So, I just pursued that until I found my place” admits the songster.

It seems like his music comes from a deeper, introspective place, which allows him to think beyond what happens in the past and present, but what can also happen in the future. This is another time and space that fans can relate to, so when I asked him about this and his hypothetical story telling he said, “I just thought about this on my drive here to Kentucky. I definitely tell stories, and hypotheticals. I’m a lot less poetic. Yes, you nailed it, it starts with my story, and then it goes to this place of melody and then I fill in with my story. I try to keep it just me, and occasionally it’s a hypothetical.”

If there was anything that the debacle of Roc Nation taught him, it’s that he learned how to self-identify himself truly, and realize his own self-worth  and desires. “I learned how to decide what I wanted, with them, it’s almost as if I didn’t earn it. Once it ended, my life had some more intent, I was making decisions on my own; this is what happens now.”

I had a tough time defining what his sound was and is, because he has touched so many kinds of sounds, but he explained, “the genre thing is kind of tough for me. I don’t like to put it on my music because I just make what I love. I think it’s the sound that makes us do that.” He’s not wrong.


For his recent single, “Take Me As I Am” there was an incredible meaning behind it, and one that he wanted to share with his listeners. “I was feeling alone. It’s my letter to people that you’re not alone. It’s like a ‘hey, heads up.’  It’s a moment, which is kind of cool about songs, it sucks that it’s that moment that you dont want to relive forever because the song goes on, but for me it’s a beautiful one. I like to spin on everything I do, and everything I say, even my social media. No matter what I’m going through, I try to use it to encourage someone else and let them know it’s ok. For me, over time, that’s how I get a peace of mind, like nothing bothers me once you get to know me.”

Now, if Adams could collaborate with anyone, he would very quickly choose John Mayer.

Adams then answered my favorite question, “what color would you call yourself?”. He replied, “I’m an introspective, contemplative person, I could think about things forever, so to save you that, the first thing on my mind was like a green, darkish kind of green, like a forest green. Maybe because that smell is on my mind, that Christmas time, candles, trees and stuff.”

We then took it back to the music and his experiences and the difficulty of navigating the industry. What would be the hardest part for him?

“Good lord! Turning myself and my art to a product and exploiting myself in that way, because it’s almost against most things that make all the great minds that I look up to. I don’t feel like that would make them be an artist. I don’t think they would sell their art like this, it’s what they live off of. It’s tough for me to do, write something somewhere or do a picture of something and have a business say do this all the time, we love this do this all the time. for me, ya this was me then. If you love me and my work, then you will love me tomorrow when I do this instead. It’s Chuck Adams, I just want to be me. I wrote urban stuff yesterday, but doesn’t mean I’ll be writing that tomorrow.”

The mover and shaker is excited tone performing live for his fans everywhere.  He confesses, “I love the stage, I love to sing. That’s my favorite part”.

So, what’s this emerging OnTheVerge of? “Heaven. Everything I do is to help and to just inspire people to do better and for me to do better and me giving, hopefully, anything that I can do.”

Be sure to follow Chuck Adams on social media to find out more about young artist and what he’s up to via Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and be sure to check out his music on iTunes, Website, Spotify, and SoundCloud.

San Holo Releases New Single “One Thing” Today, Now on New Music Friday

He’s got the One Simple Thing

A lullaby that whispers a beautiful melody through an intricate composition comes the newest San Holo tune “One Thing”.

“Wandering, searching all the world for one thing” sings the light vocals of the female artist as San Holo creates a stunning track about constantly looking for the one simple thing that makes us tick or that one person who makes our world go ’round.

With a simple melody, but an uplifting atmosphere, the song about aspirations is motivational and inspiring and absolutely worth adding to your playlists. It’s got just right amount of rhythm, number of beats, and vocals to make the song a beautiful wandering daydream.

I had the chance to catch up with this incredibly talented young artist on his tour when he made his stop to Boston last Friday, performing at the well-known venue Royale. If there is any way to describe San, it is that his music is not the only thing that is great, so is the man behind the music. He is such a kind, genuine, and sweet man, and I am honored to have been able to sit next to him and chat and to be able to take pictures of his incredible show that almost sold out the entire space that could fit 1000 people!

San Holo is originally from The Netherlands, where he began his musical career, working with some of the best in the business, bitbird, Heroic, and Sony, he has been able to get his footing right in the music industry.

His hit single “Light” skyrocketed to over 83 million streams on Spotify, and continues to grow each day. He is so humble as an artist, and the connection he has with his touring team is incredibly heart warming. I loved the way they were able to interact with each with ease and calmness that it felt that though bumps always arise for big shows, nothing was going to mess with their positive state-of-minds.

San performed “Light” as both his opener and his closer, adding a perfect layer of symmetry to the night. He hyped the crowd both at the beginning and at the end of the show, leaving them showered under a hues of technicolor LED lights tones and melodies endlessly playing in their dizzy heads. He also then performed his newest single “One Thing” before it’s release to the crowd, and they absolutely adored it.

Check out the song above now, which is also on New Music Friday!

Here are some images below from the show:




I hope to see San again when he comes to a city near me, and I am excited to hear more and more of what he is to release in the coming year and next year to come.

Be sure to check him out now on SpotifyInstagram, Twitter, and Facebook !!!

Diggy Lessard’s “Our Love” Music Video is for the True Breakfast Clubbers of Our Day


The newest getaway jam

Finding a new spirit song is always an exciting moment, and that is exactly what “Our Love” by Diggy Lessard’s song “Our Love” is (at least to me). The song he just released last night has reached 576 views so far, but it needs and deserves more!

This is the song for the dreamers, for the passionate and melancholy, for the banished and popular, for the Breakfast Club lovers, and the revolutionaries, the kids who wear their hats backwards, fall in love too easily and talk too deeply, and for the light-hearted who sometimes are not here for a long time, but are here for a good time. This is a song that brings emotions of love to any being who has a love for the past. Incorporating elements of the 80’s/90’s pop tune and the enchanting indie-rock sounds of The 1975 and Empire of the Sun, Lessard makes nostalgic music sound fun again!


I can’t stress enough the fact that even though I don’t know much about this up-and-coming artist, what I do know is that this track is the perfect blend of the millennial qualities. Sometimes we just love, and our misunderstood by those older than us, and it’s up to us to make sure we’re not taken astray from those special moments that make all of this worth it.


The music video is a perfect depiction of what I described above. Just youngins, enjoying their time together, partying away without a care in the world, and there’s no obstacle nor limit that would keep them from having the time of their lives. I hope to hear more from this artist as he begins to delve more into this hemisphere of music, and hopefully we’ll find out if a project is on the way!

Be sure to check him out on YouTube, Soundcloud, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!  

Energetic Electronic Duo WITHOUT Releases their Music Video for “Love Liike This” ft. Essie


Search for a love like this

Now, here’s a fun duo that will always manage to have you dancing to funk vibes. Bringing back the old school genre, comes the electronic UK duo WITHOUT (Oliver Smith & Luke Vidamour).

If there was a way to describe this pair’s music, it would be best reflected in the sounds of KAYTRANADA and the vocals of RKCB and Opia. The two have been writing for a while now with songs such as  “Wanta Be”, “Your Love”, “Sum1 Else”, and “VYZA” all from their EP Cheap Touch.  They now are happy to announce the release of their new single “Love Liike This” and an mis-matched accompanying music video written and directed by Gianluca Ricceri.

Why is the music video silly? Well, it is focused upon a Sicilian synchronized swimming quartet practicing, and it actually matches really well with the music, but is so confusing to follow as to why this was the artistic choice for the song. The guys of WITHOUT explain,“There’s something about discipline that bridges sport and art – the dynamic between technicality and emotion is fascinating. We felt it would be an unusual but relevant visual for the track which itself balances synthetic sounds and beat making alongside live instrumentation and a heartfelt vocal.“


Of course when they put it that way, it only makes sense as the absurdity alludes to the stylings of Mura Masa and Lido and more. WITHOUT is slowing making their debut to the music scene, especially in the UK Underground Club, which was established by Disclosure.

In this particular song, WITHOUT really pays attention to detail of when to let a beat in and when to alter the tempo and tune. In collaboration with the Scandinavian vocalist Essie, the song becomes a very fun, thrilling track with reminiscent to the 90’s. Her wavery voice during the chorus is perfectly slipped into the track and matches the sounds of the watery visuals created above. As the song places upbeat percussion throughout the entirety of the composition, we hear discipline and artistic expression it took to make the track. There are hints of gospel, video game tones, funk, soul, synthesizers and old-school pop all intertwined to one magical creation of sound.

The two have began their record label, which they call The Peace. And if it wasn’t enough having that success of releasing their own single under their label, they have also been on top of the most “shazzamed” song in the UK list, and “Wanta Be” has earned over 1 million plays across DSP’s and has ranked on the Spotify Viral chart in the US. Their singles have already made it on notable platforms such as Beats 1, Radio 1, and LA’s Dim Mak Records, and there’s WITHOUT a doubt there is still room for them to move upward in their careers.

STREAM the track now on Spotify, watch it on YouTube above, and follow them on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

Sounds Limitless is Emerging in the City of Boston

Sounds kind of limitless, right?

Sounds Limitless Phoot shoot-1.jpg

Welcoming to you a new electronic vibe to the city of Boston and hopefully to the entirety of the industry, Sounds Limitless brings you positivity in the form of sound waves. The group that was formed by two music producers from Windsor, CT, brought everyone together as of earlier in the year, and they have been making music since. With such a young reputation in the industry the team has already made massive moves to perform in some extremely well known venues such as Royale, Whiskey Saigon, Icon, Cure, Candybar, and Wonderbar.

Their music is bubbly, emphatic, and spirited, and with more time together, their music is sure to get better and stronger. Sounds Limitless recently released their EP #SummerVibes back in August of this year, and they have been working on more material soon to come. They also have shot music videos that you can watch here: “Royalty” and “Til We Meet Again”.

Their music is much like the EDM summer festival sounds we all love to hear at pool parties, get togethers, and more, and could definitely be seen in a setting like Ultra or Coachella where people are around for a good time. Bits and pieces could use more smoothing out, but all in all, there is hope that they will bring themselves to a point where audiences will recognize their name.

To listen to the EP check it out above.

Bringing their music throughout the New England region and New York, Sounds Limitless honestly sees the power in not preventing yourself from going higher and reaching for more. We will be having them live with us on our radio show On The Verge, November 18th, at 98.3 FMSo be sure to tune in!

Sounds Limitless Flyer Photo.jpeg

Follow along their journey on their website and on Facebook.


[Photo Story]: R.LUM.R Cambridge Performance at the Sonia

Close Enough to Fame

IMG_0298 2

This would be considered the fourth time  I see R.LUM.R perform and I will probably keep on going. Since I first heard his music, I was hooked, and truly have never believed in an artist more than Reggie. As friends now, I really hope to keep supporting him as he continues to venture on into the industry and achieve so much more.

IMG_0295 2

With already his own headlining tour, a performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and numerous co-writes and collaborations, the artist is on a golden path to fame. He recently released his album “AfterImage” this past summer, and since then has been crushing it with the streaming game. With already 26 million streams on his single “Frustrated”, he has proven that people are devoted and in love with the fabrications this designer of sound creates.

The other night, R.LUM.R performed at the Cambridge’s Sonia, and I was beyond excited to see the crowd and the energy that filled the space.

IMG_0293 2

With a smile across his face, he sang all of his greatest hits, as well as performed some of his notable covers including The 1975’s “Somebody Else”, Frank Ocean’s “Thinking ‘Bout You”, and Bonnie Raitt’s “Can’t Make You Love Me”.

IMG_0294 2

With a stunningly simple stage set up with diamond lights that changed into various hues of color according to the mood of the song, the crowd danced, sang, and moved to the sonic waves of the room.

R.LUM.R, barefoot on the stage, performed with force, charisma, and class. He commanded the crowd with happiness, throwing up his shaka  for all to reciprocate the gesture. All were hanging loose and free and all were shouting statements of adoration.

Once again, it was a stunning and mind blowing performance with some of my favorite tracks, including: “Tell Me”,“Bleed Into the Water” and “Close Enough”. When it came to “Bleed Into the Water”, the crowd was getting so into it, they were bumping, grinding, dancing, swaying, and singing– it was a wonderful atmosphere of euphoria.

Truly an experience to not miss, from someone as talented as R.LUM.R. I am excited to see where he will go from here!

Be sure to check out his music HERE, to follow him on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and to check out the tour dates for when he comes to your city HERE.