Verge Campus BU x Off the Cuff Present: Off The Verge (2018)

On the Verge of being Off the Verge.

This past Friday (April 6th, 2018), was the 3rd Edition of what was the Boston Breakthrough, revamped and renamed as Off the Verge. This year, team Verge Campus BU decided to partner with the major fashion club on Boston University’s campus, Off the Cuff, to bring a unique twist to our usual showcase. Once again, 8 artists were chosen and premiered, featured, shared, loved, and highlighted by our team of editorialists, marketers, and creatives.

All hands were on deck, decorating, preparing, laughing, dancing, sound checking, and more! It was a wonderful time, getting together with hard working, ecstatic students to put together an incredible showcase that was intensely and thoroughly created over the course of a month.

At the event, there were streetwear brands like Allston Crawl and Buch America; there was jewelry designed by BU student Ameera Hammouda; there was Sony Music U merchandise; and there was a food sponsor Eat Your Coffee.

The saying holds true, third time is the charm! Of the three production of this showcase, 2018’s, this year’s edition of the show was the best outcome yet with tons of amazing articles, playlists, photos, instastories, graphics, and a wild promo video (filmed and produced by Jared Brill), there was no doubt that the show was going to run just as well. As a matter of fact, it did, with the most attendance we have had, we were able to offer our performers and vendors a chance to share their craft to a full crowd.

However, we can not forget our main attraction, which was that the 8 artists (unfortunately, 7 due to medical reasons) performed throughout the night, serenading the audience and demonstrating their talents on the stage of BU Central under the lights and surround by glow sticks.

It was certainly a night to remember, and one to be proud of because of all the hard work our teammates put in together.


As Editor-in-Chief of the Boston University chapter since its genesis, this was my last Boston Breakthrough event. The event I wanted to create in order to allow our team members to work together as an actual team, as a family. At the end of the day, this is my family. I love them all so dearly, both the old and the new, those whom have been with me since day 1 and the ones who just joined this last semester. Everything about Verge Campus has formed what I have been able to do, and what I have been able to see. Without this, I don’t think I would have ever bene able to become a leader, to understand that music industry or meet the people in the music scene who I have met. This is a thank you to not only my teammates for keeping me afloat and inspired and motivated, this is a thank you to all of the artists, both small and large, who have given me the chance to speak to them, to write about them, and to share their music and my words through this platform. Thank you to the artists who participate in Boston Breakthrough and thank you to Off the Cuff for this amazing collaboration.

Remember that what you give is what you get, and what you show passion in and hard work in will reflect back in the career or life path of your dreams. Don’t be afraid to work hard and don’t be afraid of others. But most importantly, don’t be afraid of yourself, because as long as words, music, friends, interests, and experiences exist, you will always be able to create and show off something incredible that was made or done entirely by you.

Here’s to once being on the verge to now being off the verge. 

Love, Neelu Mohaghegh (4.11.18)

(P.S. If you go to our Verge Campus BU Spotify account HERE, you can check out the exclusive playlists of all of our acts from the night of Off the Verge)


Mr Koo Charms You With New Indie-Jazz Single, “About You”: Listen

Mr Koo is the coolest.

Mr Koo is the formation of talented musicians coming together to create a group that delivers the 50s style rock and roll, indie-jazz vibes you’ll fall in love with all over again. Today, they release their newest single “About You” (produced by Jack Mullin), and it’s sure to capture your heart by the strings and take you way to some island getaway. It’s a song that’s both relatable and dreamy, placing you in a fantasy of love and longing.

About You 3

The song itself is a trip on the beach, in the car, in the air, on a boat, strolling through the park–it’s practically everywhere. With a calming energy of its own, you can hear the character in Rodgers’ voice as it is elevated by the bass, drums, and guitar encompassing the track. With hints of twines here and soft beats throughout the composition, you are forced to ~chill~. Though a song about heartaches and memories, it’s the optimistic tone that keeps you in orbit and nodding your head and swaying to the passion in the soft-spoken melody. “About You” is a representation of broken love, with sprinkles of bliss and topped by the perspective of a hopeless romantic still knowing that love exists and that it is just a matter of time before the confusion and melancholia evaporate and love comes back around again.


The band, Mr Koo, was formed this past year (2017) in the city that never sleeps, New York City. Including musicians:

  • Ollie Rodgers – lead vocals, guitar
  • Matthew Lau – backing vocals, guitar
  • Jake Brickner – bass guitar
  • Drew Shwartz / Nathan Repasz – drums (Nate is the new drummer)

Previously, vocalist Rodgers had produced his very own studio album titled Tropical Weather, and then a single titled “Big Wave Bay”, before becoming a part of this cool band. The group has been creating new songs as they go, preparing themselves for a year hopefully filled with releases so they won’t keep fans waiting.

Rodgers pensively explains the inspiration behind “About You”, saying: “I was in LA last summer doing an internship and was inspired to write this song when I started to doubt that the long distance relationship I was in at the time was going to work out. I remember writing the groovy guitar riff and liked how it prevented the song from being a slow sad one but instead would eventually be really fun to play live.”



There is much to come for this emerging collective of talented young men, and while we wait, we will play “About You” on repeat until given more of their music.

Be sure to follow the band on Instagramand Facebookto find out more about their live performance dates and what the band is up to!

The next Mr Koo show is at the Delancey in NYC on June 8th! Make sure to check it out!

A Provocative and Beautiful Spotify Original Series: I’m With the Banned


When people can’t travel, music can.

If there is anything in this world that has moved me more, or impacted me more, it would be this series. A beautiful documentary split into episodes of collaborations between two artists from two worlds. The US travel ban restricted 6 countries to come to this country, but music will not let that happen. Watch above.


Spotify decided to give President Trump a backhanded slap for the absurdity and disgusting Travel Ban he put in place, which  is intended to keep citizens of Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Iran, Yemen, and Libya out of the U.S. completely. Spotify’s idea? Using what they do best, which is discover and share new music. With Spotify, beginning to enter the video realms of the digital industry, they produced their very own documentary series titled “I’m With the Banned“, in which they take an emerging artist from each one of those forbidden countries, and fly them over to Toronto, Canada (a safe zone), where they would collaborate with an American artist. The message relayed is that “Music has no boundaries”, “Music without borders”.


In each of the 5 episodes so far produced, we get a glimpse into the worlds of each artist both from the U.S. perspective and from the third world country viewpoint, and we have the chance to learn how different their musical backgrounds are.

The U.S. artists are K. Flay, Desiigner, Pusha T, X Ambassadors, BJ the Chicago Kid, and Dr. Lonnie Smith.

The artists from the banned are: Waayaha Cusub (Somalia), Methal (Yemen), Moh Flow (Syria), Kasra (Iran), Sufyvan (Sudan), and Ahmed Fakroun  (Libya).

Each collaboration fabricates a different product and outcome. They’re all beautiful. They remix elements of their cultures into one and meld the DNAs of their music into a completely new  and exciting species of song. The best part is that each composition has a story, and through that story they tell the tale of what music means to these artists and where it has come from for them.

Why is this series important? Besides the fact that they are very cool and fascinating films, they also show how large corporations, like Spotify, can make a difference. They have the power to influence society in what they hear and who they are moved by far more than the president does. This makes them more forceful in sending messages to the masses. With a platform like Spotify that can transcend oceans and mountains to all parts of the world , and that anyone and everyone can use, it only makes sense that they stand to have a significant voice in the lives of the world’s population.

Music is an intangible, yet an impactful product, that I can safely say EVERYONE listens to, even if against their own will.


Spotify is also a culture. It feeds lifestyles with the sounds we want to hear, but as a bonus, it offers the sounds that we need to hear. With video now involved and a shaky political climate, Spotify has the power to show that there are no differences in a human being when it comes down to it. At the end of the day, we’re all music lovers. At the end of the day, we all live a life and we all have something we love. This series shows a step in the right direction. It shows that businesses can be good, fair, and caring. Spotify is taking a stance and it’s using its best retaliation strategy: discovery. Real people meeting with real people and producing music, producing a beat, and a song. With Spotify playing this card for change, it only shows that they are a force to be reckoned with.

Be sure to check out the full length documentary (31 mins) on Spotify, as well as watch the episodic series above, and then listen to the playlist. Truly an incredible movement.


Artist Spotlight: G-Eyez Releases Music Video for “Sacrifice”

This is a song to relate to, to feel for, and to understand. It’s a song that is meant to cope along with and help you recognize the things you’ve accomplished, the hardships you’ve been dealt, and then a way to go about resolving the issues.

2018 is a big year for G-Eyez’s music and for his career. With his company doing well and his music finally getting the attention it deserves, he’s given his all to make this work. You can hear in his music the raw intensity, the pure love, the agonizing pain, and the true emotion placed into each riff. Even in the music video, real life unfolds before our eyes, as G-Eyez takes us for a ride through his tale of his single “Sacrifice”. With amazing production, impactful scenes, and ominous lighting, we get a very distinct feeling of nostalgia and hardships all in one while watching the visual.

G-Eyez, stands for an abbreviation of “Golden Eyez”.  After 10 years in the difficult whirlwinds that make the music industry, he has now made a place for himself and a name that he can reflect upon with pride. The artist was born in Cambridge, MA and then lived in Texas some years. He has numerous success stories working with artists such as Termanology, Red Café, Joe Budden, and more! In his debut album, the artist takes poetry and redefines it with the elements of his beat-heavy compositions, profound energies, and hypnotic rhythms.

The Boston-based rapper has thus far released his sophomore record “Retro Series” and an EP titled “Chasin’ History”. Currently, he is working on his next EP to follow up the last one and to complete the creative thought process. As if music as a performing artist was not enough, G-Eyez  launched his own publishing company CMB Publishing (Cambridge Music Business Pub Co LLC), and is a partner in a booking agency called Capitol Front Booking, all in 2017.

The artist has been on a crazy, hectic U.S. tour and has performed at every SXSW since 2013 (amongst many others). The connoisseur of hip hop has even opened for major artists such as Rae Sremmurd, Migos, T-Pain, Fabolous, and a few others. There’s no doubt that the trajectory of this artist’s future is  clear in view with positivity and opportunity, and we’ll be here to continue to see him climb!



Be sure to check him out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Wallows Releases Nostalgic Single “These Days” Worth Not Missing


Wallows will be your new indie-rock boy-band that you fall in love with.

The trio (made up of band members: Cole Preston, Braeden Lemasters, and Dylan Minnette) recently released their sweet, daydream-esque single, “These Days”, which comes off their forthcoming debut EP Spring. Already, the guys have began to circulate a buzz as SirusXM Alt Nation’s Critical Cut chose “Pictures of Girls”, another one of their outstanding tracks from the project. Spring is set up with high hopes of being a wonderful production with the help of the Grammy award-winning producer John Congleton (St. Vincent). It is set to be available on April 6th through Atlantic Records. What to expect with this record is a a light-hearted, bright, pure, and infectious take on music that seems to be lacking in a lot the sounds we hear today.


In preparation, Wallows announced a special release week of performances at Los Angeles’ Amoeba Hollywood on April 5th, Brooklyn’s Rough Trade on April 9th, and at London’s Hoxton Bar & Kitchen on April 14th, which will also be their first ever international endeavor. Tickets for this awesome experience are now on-sale HERE.

Now back to “These Days”–it’s a song that shines a light on your shadow, brings a smile to your face, and keeps the a positive perspective in the forefront of minds. It’s a sweet, yet melancholy single that dips up and down between major and minor chords, and gives you the airy feeling of happy-go-lucky love. It’s the single you’d want to be listening to in your room, away from the stresses of the world, and it’s a good reminder that there are better days ahead. It’s a love song as a whole with vocals that are charming, lyrics that are grin-inducing, and a composition that is atmospheric. Together, it’s as if someone concocted a cocktail of  The Beatles and Passion Pit into one–a killer combo.


The Los Angeles-based band recently completed their first headlining tour with sold-out shows across the U.S. and Canada, including Los Angeles’ El Rey Theatre and New York City’s Bowery Ballroom. In addition, the guys had the honorable and exciting chance to perform at this year’s SXSW. However, the festival experience doesn’t end there, as this summer they gear up for Lollapalooza!

There’s a bright future for Wallows, and I’m excited where the music takes them.

For a sneak peek into the guys’ plans for their album release, check out the list below:

1. Ground
2. It’s Only Right
3. Let The Sun In
4. These Days
5. 1980s Horror Film
6. Pictures of Girls

And don’t forget they’re going on tour in these specific cities, so be sure to come out  when you can:


Follow the guys on social media to stay up to date: Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Petticoat Paints Metallic Remix of Kelela’s Single “A Message” Today


Body 3.jpg

David Halsey, musically known as Petticoat, is an artist you’ll want to keep an eye on. With this erotic remix of Kelela’s mystifying single “A Message”, you will feel the euphoria seep into your mind and take you on a fantastic ride. Like a ray of sunshine and a rhythm to a silent day, Petticoat demonstrates the artistry behind working in music, songwriting, and being a musician. He takes an dark ominous song and transforms it into a high energy escapade of sound.

Somehow, Petticoat is able to manipulate the movements and inflections of the vocals harmoniously without a stir and make them all flow like waterfalls into dark spaces. All I can picture as I hear this remix are light beams shining into cracks of places and big life to the things that were once silent.

Cover 1.jpg

“To me, music is a physical character built from melody, texture, and effects. What do you see when you listen to something? Perhaps a scene plays in your head, or maybe you get an audio-visual sensation like seeing colors. Behind the music, I want the listeners to get a sense of playfulness, femininity, and brightness through sound. So much of the music i was making and listening to was enveloping this masculine energy through distortion and large, abrasive synths & noises. Frankly, I was just tired of it. I hope my music provides a splash of color or a breath of fresh air to someone’s music landscape. That’s my goal” articulately explains the fellow artist.

Originally from LA, the artists is surrounded by an insurmountable array of electronic and R&B influences. However, today’s era of electronica have taken a new spin into areas of production with artists like Cashmere Cat, Lido, KAYTRANADA, and Mura Masa, that are just a whole new level of complexity and skill.

Artwork Kelela Remix.png

Much of Petticoat’s talents though started when he was in a duo called SKULS, it incorporated both dark ambient music as well as UK-influenced electro music. Supported by the label in London, Terrorrhythm, SKULS gained attention even from!

Body 2.jpg

What’s exciting about all of this is that with each year comes new possibilities for this artist, and he’s definitely making sure to take hold of them. His once bubble-gum pop and serene sounds are now being replaced or combined with metallic and bolder tones, and rhythms are altering, and sound waves are vibrating more so than ever.

So be sure to check out the song above, and to keep up with the evolution of this producer, Petticoat as more is to come.

Follow him on social media at: Soundcloud, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.


G-Eazy in Boston: From The Middle East to Agganis Arena

From only 80 people at The Middle East Upstairs to a sold out arena at Agganis, G-Eazy has captivated the hearts and souls of many, the beautiful and the damned.

On Sunday, March 18th, G-Eazy took a stop on tour to the city of Boston to perform at the venue located on Boston University’s Campus, Agganis Arena. Overall, the show was an impeccable musical encounter where all the lights, the sounds, and the wardrobe changes perfectly displayed the feelings of darkness and intensity.


With a packed set list, G-eazy delivered as desired for the crowd who were majority day one G-Eazy lovers. You could that not only the floor GA was dancing, but so were the people standing in the bleachers, waving their arms and singing along as the rapper so commanded. It was as if he put everyone in the room on some kind of drug, hypnotizing the crowd with his erotic, hard-edged tracks and riffing off each song meticulously. He sounded on point the entire night from his slower songs like “Fly Away” to his bangers like “The Plan”. You could feel the emotion in his voice and the power in his will to be in front of the crowd.


G-Eazy was here for a good time, not a long time, but what he did with that period exceeded expectations. He even threw it back to basics, singing some of his older singles, which of course riled up the crowd in the most exciting of ways. The man of the Bay Area, though so large and famous now, never forgot to keep thanking his fans in the crowd, and specifically shouting out Boston’s name as one of his favorite stops on tour. During the show, it was noticeable how extensive his discography was, but also how incredibly impactful his music has been all over this journey. Every song he performed was a masterpiece of his own and it has been amazing seeing how far this one rapper has come since his genesis in the music industry.

Already, the RCA Records artist has announced another tour that will be stopping by in Mansfield, MA on August 26th. So, if you missed him last time, this is your chance to make up for it, and if you went already, time to go again!


For the set list, look below:

The Set List Was:



Pray For Me


The Plan

But a Dream

That's a Lot

Lotta That

I Mean It

Order More


No Less


Fly Away


Got Damn



You Got Me

Calm Down

Say Less



Him & I


No Limit

Off the Verge Showcase Spring 2018: Boston Breakthrough Edition 3 is Revamped

2018 has been quite a year for a lot of people, and that’s why our annual Boston Breakthroughs has been renamed and revamped. It is now Off the Verge. 

2018 brings another fantastic adventure by the Verge Campus Boston University chapter! You may have remembered our semesterly Boston Breakthrough events, but this time, we’re revamping it, as this year has brought so much novelty. This time around, VCBU is collaborating with Boston University’s award winning high fashion organization, Off the Cuff. With the future looking so bright, and a whole lot more to discover, we have decided to name our usual event of “Boston Breakthrough” to Off the Verge. No longer are our artists “on the verge” of doing something big, and no longer are we “on the verge” of locking this event. We are now off it and doing it, and making as many amazing calls as we can.

With another amazing line-up our interns are beginning to interview and cover our artists to prepare you for the amazing showcase that is to come in the near future!

Starting this week, our writer Ina Joseph will be writing about R&B songstress Kayce, and following that Tamara Souedein will be writing about Supersmashbroz, and so on. There will be interviews, articles, Instastory takeovers, photoshoots, designing, videos, styling, exclusive Spotify playlists, and more from these musicians, as the OTC and VCBU prepare them for a night to perform. OTC will be styling the artist themselves to give the program their own signature touch and vibe, sure to be stunning/amazing. The room will be surrounded by local businesses which will be paintings from visual artists, streetwear lines of store owners, and food from vendors in the Boston area, and the theme will be “Future in Music”. So be prepared to see some pretty epic stuff!

The whole line-up includes:






Digital Natives

J O 

The day of the event will be Friday, April 6th, from 7 PM – 10 PM, in BU Central, 775 Commonwealth Avenue. Tickets will be sold for $8 via Venmo, Eventrbite (TBA), and cash at the door. So, bring your friends out and be sure to check out this once in a lifetime, multi-experiential college event, from our fam to you.

Follow us on Instagram for daily updates on the events and our artists, and follow our Verge Campus BU Spotify account to hear the awesome exclusive playlists our artists will be curating for you HERE.

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