Dude Madison Collabs with Scotty Evil to Create “Rebel Soul”


The 90’s are back

In this cool, kick-back vibe, Dude Madison and Scotty Evil collaborate to create “Rebel Soul”. This smooth auto-tuned and raw piece is a simple flow with a vivid sound.

Hailing from New York originally, but residing in Ann Arbor, Michigan currently, Leo Gitelman, also known as Dude Madison, is a young artist with a massive passion. He’s basically just a kid with a vision and big dreams, and even talent. Listening to the song above, you’ll realize his attention to detail is impeccable as each beat and rhythm are in sync with the vocals. He produces a track that has both an element of nostalgia and novelty, which is a refreshing breath of fresh air from the current conformist sounds of hip hop we hear today.

Madison allows the echoes and synths to circulate delicately around the piano chords which vibrate throughout the song. Scotty Evil’s rapid fire of poetic language then takes the mic and the whole song becomes this concoction of dreams.


Madison is actually still a student at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and has been pursuing this love for music and production since he was a kid. Only now do we get to see it come to fruition and see him take the reins to prove himself a member of the music scene and with this track, I agree that he does leave a memorable impression.

The single is a preview of the EP the artist plans to release this week! The project will include the tracks: “808s & Ankleweights”, “Lala Lala La”, “Rocky”, “FCD”, “Rebel Soul”, and “Dice Roll”. A super well-constructed compilation of songs that deserves a listen!  Be sure to check it out when it releases soon!

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Indie Electro-Pop/Rock Duo FRENSHIP Hits the Road this Fall

The fun in fall

The boys of the electronic duo FRENSHIP are hitting the road this season and are bringing their indie pop/rock with them.


For those of you who may have forgotten, these are the guys who brought you the sensational track “Capsize (feat. Emily Warren)”, which has almost 400 million streams on Spotify! The LA – based duo is now here to set the scene for the fall season with their hypnotically happy music, and they’re stopping at our home base here in Boston TODAY! September 17th, Cambridge, at The Middle East Upstairs, FRENSHIP will be performing their highly acclaimed EP Truce.

The 5-track project included, “Carpet”, “Capsize”, “Run Wild”, “1000 Nights”, and “Kids (acoustic)”. All of the music, in its entirety, comes across as a vibrant, soulful awakening that keeps you moving day in and day out. In fact, the project truly sounds like an escape. Which is exactly what people need in the chaos of getting back into the swing of things, from school to work to anything life throws at us. FRENSHIP’s carefree and addict music has this power to command us to roll with the punches and be happy. It’s the live in the moment kind of vibe that we all need!


The Platinum-selling duo are prepared to share their music with the world and are even more excited to begin releasing some  new material that they have been working on in the studio and recoding since the release of their EP.

So, get excited for this tour, be sure to see if they’re coming to a place near you, and don’t miss out on an amazing, epic experience of electronic indie-pop/rock proportion.

Tour Dates Below:

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 10.21.31 AM.png

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Amy Cohen R&B/Pop-Soul Artist Debuts Seductive & Enchanting Single “Playing Games”

Playing silly little games

R&B is getting a fresh face to the scene. Singer/Songwriter Amy Cohen has released her hot rhythmic single “Playing Games” today, and it’s going to be a track all soul-pop fans are going to adore.

Originally from Boston, Massachusetts, Cohen takes a step into the wonderland of the music industry with a track that truly proves she’s a worthy contestant. Utilizing music as her outlet to self-expression and discovery, she took to the keys for sanctuary and found her real voice in the sounds she fabricated on her own. With a contemporary twist on the raw, authentic side of R&B, she pulls the emotions out of the listener. In this empowering song, both musically and symbolically, she speaks on behalf of women who have a lot to say, and can’t bring themselves to voice their troubles.

“Baby, you should put your pride aside for me, and I should put my pride aside for you” croons the soulful siren.

The angelic and endearing sounds of the composition and the velvety voices overlaid is reminiscent of Kehlani because of how they both use intonations of melancholy sung within an optimistic tune. It’s all an enchanting experience of love and realization and seductive.

Amy Cohen 2

“I draw from personal experiences when I write, starting with honest lyrics and slightly broadening the story to universally resonate with listeners”, Cohen delineates as she discusses her relatable musical process.

Cohen explains that the song, “Playing Games”, “touches on the push/pull power dynamic we see so often in today’s relationships, emphasizing how simple it all could be if we just swallowed our pride and gave into what we want.”

Playing Games Cover.jpg

Cohen continues to grow as an emerging musician, and she shows the zeal and devotion to her artistry just from her tracks alone. Her vulnerable and confident tonal contradiction in each song she produces creates a very real feeling in her music, that comes from a humble, understanding place. In the past, Cohen has experimented with a collection of remixes and covers on Facebook, SoundCloud, and YouTube, but she’s pioneering her place in this music world now, and in doing so, is sharing her music with us all to enjoy and vibe to.

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Allowed to Dream: Exclusive with LÉON [Cover Story 2017]

Something made of dreams…

… is what people tend to relate this stunning songstress’s music to. I had the chance to ask the influential contemporary pop singer/songwriter LÉON about her music and herself to give a face to the music. Who is this vibrant voice behind the music? Her name is Lotta Lindgren,  who was born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden.

The vocalist is best known for her melodic voice that also contains a hint of melancholy, though she sings these upbeat and bright songs. Her hit single “Tired of Talking” from her debut EP of 2015 Treasure, has hit over 53 million streams on Spotify only demonstrating that though she is a small act, she makes a large impact on the listener.

She recently released a new single titled “Body“, which is a 60’s pop-esque song about living forever young and questioning love.

How the artist got engaged with music to begin with was from her already heavily-music involved family who were all musicians. “…so it was pretty natural to me to start playing instruments and sing very early on”, says the pop star. “I just never thought of doing anything else than do music, so I always attended schools where I could meet other people who wanted to be creative too.”


The creative herself has big dreams, and those dreams take her to hoping to one day perform at Madison Square Garden- a truly magical experience for any artist.

I wanted to learn more about the artist and so I decided, with songs as passionate and moving as hers, what would possibly be the most relatable song she has written in her career? “At the moment, I’d say it’s the next song I’m releasing. It’s called ‘I Believe in Us’ and is about something I went through very recently.” A very exciting confirmation from the LÉON herself that good things are to come.

If there was anyway to describe the sound of this talented young artist, it would be that she calls to mind the voice of the legendary  Stevie Nicks. It’s almost as if she re-incarnates her sound and brings it new life and meaning in our day and age. The indie-soul-pop composer is able to portray her deepest and most personal thoughts in her writing, making the music something worthwhile to the beholder of the song.

LÉON went on to tell me how her most favorite part of her musical journey has been touring and how it’s the moments she gets to meet the people who listen to her music, “and that’s when all the songs really come to life. And I get to travel with friends and see places I’ve never seen before.” However, the best part are seeing her fans, singing new music, and going to new places.


On tour with her is her opener, the wonderful indie-pop artist Wrabel. “Wrabel is incredible. I got butterflies in my stomach when I found out that he’d join me on this tour. We wrote one of my songs together, “Surround Me”, and hit it off in the studio. His energy is so positive, I’m very lucky to have him on this tour.”

Speaking of traveling on tour, the artist being from Stockholm, Sweden, was an intriguing factor to see what her take on its music scene is like. Most especially because so many great artists come from there! “There are so many amazing songwriters, producers and artists over here. It’s a big community of us, but in a very small country. Everybody knows about each other and there’s  lot of creativity going on here which is really inspiring”, she explains.

If she could collaborate with anyone, who would it be? She admits, “there are so many I’d love to work with. Daft Punk would have been incredible, I grew up listening to them. Sing a duet with Adele? Haha I’m allowed to dream!”

LÉON will be hitting Boston, MA as one of her tour date stops and will be performing at the Paradise Rock Club on October 25th! The last time I had seen her live was The Sinclair in Cambridge, MA and the show had blown my mind and carried my heart. “Boston is one of those shows I’ll always remember. The crowd was crazy and so fun to sing with, and this lady was standing on the balcony doing weird things during the entire show…. But I’m planning to see a little more of Boston when I go there this time.”

The artist is extremely rooted to her fans. I had noticed that the star has a Tumblr account that engages a lot of her fans, and so I wanted to know more about that and what drew her to the platform. “I have a strange relationship with social media. I’m not a huge fan of how exploited people are today. When it comes to Tumblr I’m still not really 100% sure of how it works haha, but I like that you can post photos and share music and quotes that you love.”


The Columbia Records signee would consider her music to be the color “red” and her life mantra would go along the lines of trying to “be present.”  She is trying to live the music life she loves and has built for herself and turn it into a life lesson to “take in certain moments in life, and not just quickly let them pass me by.”

Now, if our girl wonder was given a chance to make her own dream day and live it up in the present moment as she so wishes, she said she would be most likely “Snorkling in Thailand or somewhere in the Caribbean and float around in the water. Get a sun tan, drink beer on a beach. Totally carefree!” Sounds heavenly.

So what’s to expect from LÉON? “More music.” The artist has been hard at work all year long in the studio and music and is excited to share what is to come.

“Very excited to release my next single, and hopefully you’ll like it a much as I do!”

Be sure to see her while she’s on tour, you won’t regret it! Tour Dates Below:

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 1.57.31 AM.pngScreen Shot 2017-09-14 at 1.57.24 AM.pngScreen Shot 2017-09-14 at 1.57.13 AM.pngScreen Shot 2017-09-14 at 1.57.04 AM.png

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SAINT WKND Drops His Supreme Track Ft. MAX: “Survive”



Welcome to the wonderland of bottled frustrations and sexual appeal. German producer SAINT WKND releases his phenomenal new single “Survive” ft. MAX, which released the other day via Ultra Music and Nothing Else Matters.

“and I don’t  know how I had excuses thought your juice was keep me alive / No baby yeah / Now I see it clearly / You’re not near me / Don’t need you to survive”

This erotic, funk fairy tale takes you on a wild ride of rage as the stunning vibrations of MAX take the melody and SAINT WKND’s compositions fill the air waves with sonic disposition.

“I get so fucked up on manipulation / Yeah frustration / You get off leaving me alone”.

The single is not only erotic, but also chilling, dreamy, and impactful. With arpeggios lining the way and whiny synths glazing the drums, the rhythm and beat come to life with an unreal flow that feels like the reincarnation of apocalypse thrown into a Generation Z era of sound.

20170728-Survive - Singlerelease - Cover

Just the lyric video alone is perfect enough in its simplicity, trekking the concrete on his skateboard steed, and escaping the thoughts of a mistaken lover. MAX’s strength in range is tested to its most intense limits as he slips into the falsettos  with the greatest ease to break down the walls.

The single sounds like a superhero track with the perfect villainous twist. The notes and lyrics in both the verses and the chorus are powerful, striking, and empowering, with just the right amount of edge to keep your soul  thrilled. “Survive” manipulates the body into contorted shapes as the music runs through the veins and captures your musical intrigue.

SAINT WKND and MAX teamed up for this fantastic release of a track that only accentuates their varying talents. SAINT WKND also dropped his debut EP ‘Golden Youth’ this year, which garnered over 7 millions streams and received attention from BBC Radio 1.

SAINT WKND (Maximilian Seethaler) himself from Germany and is only 22 years old, yet has the talents of producers who have worked in this industry for years. He has covered and remixed artists such as M83, Two Door Cinema Club, and Chet Faker, which then led him to reach play counts above and beyond 25 million streams! As a result, his music then excelled on the Hype Machine charts placing several #1 spots. This has been quite a year for the musician, as he has also had sets at this past summer’s Electric Forest, Bang On! Elements Campout, Splash House and Firefly, and will be at Lollapalooza (Berlin) in September!



SAINT WKND said once “‘Survive’ started as an instrumental that I wrote between studio sessions in London. I was just playing around with an arpeggiator at first, liking how it sounded so weird. I sent a package of different beats over to MAX to see if he liked any, and included this one. It was a real surprise when he chose it, it’s so different. Working with him has been amazing – his vocal range is simply insane. As soon as he sent me his first vocals, the whole production for the song fell into place”.



As for our other half, MAX (Max Schneider) is a New York City born pop-soul singer, actor & dancer. The artist now has over 1.2 million followers on YouTube and it doesn’t just stop there. He is known for his recent hit single “Lights Down Low” which earned over 70M streams. How did he reach stardom? YouTube had chosen his single “Gibberish” for the YouTube Music Awards, and after that breaking moment, his career took off. Already, the 25-year old has been honored as the MTV’s Artist to Watch and performed on NBC’s TODAY show. MAX all in all, was a big fan of the young producer’s work and reached out to be a part of this project, which then came to fruition as this stellar single.

So, what I’m saying is let this single move you. Let it re-instate the music you should love because something as well-constructed and as grand as this track, deserves the support and push to bring it to the next level of recognition.

SAINT WKND is now on tour and will be opening for Whethan as well on the Good Nights Tour! MAX will also be on tour with ROZES on their Meteor Tour, and will be coming to Boston, MA on November 7th at the Brighton Music Hall! So be sure to find out if the guys are coming to a place near you! Below are SAINT WKND’s Tour Information:

Upcoming SAINT WKND live shows:

AUG 30 - Flash, Washington, DC

SEP 02 - Both Coast Music Festival, Chicago, IL

SEP 03 - Electric Zoo, New York, NY

SEP 09 - Lollapalooza Berlin, Germany

SEP 30 - CRSSD Festival, San Diego, CA

OCT 24 - Trocadero Theatre, Philadelphia, PA*

OCT 25 - The Bowery Ballroom, New York, NY*

OCT 26 - Music Hall of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY*

OCT 27 - The Sinclair, Cambridge, MA*

OCT 28 - Le Belmont, Montreal, Canada*

OCT 29 - Velvet Underground, Toronto, Canada*

OCT 30 - Westcott Theatre, Syracuse, NY*

OCT 31 - Skully’s, Columbus, OH*

NOV 02 - Magic Stick, Detroit, MI*

NOV 03 - The Miramar Theatre, Milwaukee, MO*

NOV 4 - Skyway Theatre, Minneapolis, MN*

NOV 7 - The Blue Note, Columbia, MO*

NOV 8 - Canopy Club, Urbana, IL*

NOV 9 - Bluebird Nightclub, Bloomington, IN*

NOV 10 - Majestic Theatre, Madison, WI*

NOV 11 - Concord Music Hall, Chicago, IL*

NOV 12 - Concord Music Hall, Chicago, IL*



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Waffles & The Good Nights Tour: Exclusive with Whethan [Cover Story 2017]


Good Nights and Lots of Waffles for this Tour

Beginning his music career at the age of 16, The young DJ has collaborated with many artists such as Elohim, Ashe, MAX, Flux Pavilion, Mascolo, Charli XCX, and more!

Ethan Snoreck, also known as his moniker Whethan, has become one of the most talked about electronic producers today, hitting the New Music Friday ranks a few times already with some of his recent releases, and really making some great tracks that last in your mind and heart with their eccentric and satisfying vibe .


Whethan hails from a suburb just outside Chicago, IL called “Orland Park”, where he would listen to artists like Skrillex, who seemed to have a sound completely of their own that he never witnessed before. As a result, that then inspired him to try and make his own music and his own sound.

“Music is a weird thing, kinda other worldy, and most of the time, I feel like I have no idea how I got into it, feels like it just chose me. Been obsessed ever since” says the two-time ranking New Music Friday champion.

The artist is now on his big Good Nights headlining tour around the states! He’ll be making a stop with us in Boston, MA on October 27th at the reputable venue, The Sinclair (Cambridge), and we’re excited to see what experiences he’ll bring to the city with his music. Excited by the energy his fans have been emitting thus far, he lets us in on some of the things to look forward to on the tour. “I’m the most amped for this tour. Super excited to put on the show and create the world I want on this tour. The visuals and the music will hopefully put you into the world I’m creating through the music. The fans should expect all my music with a ton of other super hype moments and a lot of new music as well.”


As you can see in the tour video above, his description is not wrong. The screaming fans, the lights, the moody visuals, and the smiles take over the aura of the venues he plays for, igniting the night and controlling the dance floor.

The artist who has been known for defining his own craft explains how his favorite vibes come most from the alternative and more unexpected sounds that give off a familiar experience while also offering a catchy and novel encounter for the listener. “Definitely love to work on whatever the vibe of that session/day is.” His signature move is  adding a synth-filled drop to a clear and mellow track with an upbeat tune.

The song that made a ruckus for the young artist, making it on the New Music Friday playlist first, was his single “Good Nights”. “‘Good Nights’ was inspired by the idea of wanting to just let everything go and having a great time. Not worry about what will happen later but just enjoy the moment and find time to make these moments.”

The 17-year old’s second single to make the list however, “‘Sleepy Eyes’” on the other hand, while they both are uplifting songs, is more about the love and feeling that someone has for their partner. It’s a dreamy single that pleases both my fanbase and Elohim’s fanbase respectively.”


Now, I had to get into the nitty gritty about Whethan himself, or I guess Ethan in this situation, so why not? I asked…

“My favorite food like most of my fans will know is waffles. Eat them probably every day or at least 5 times a week.” It’s true. Take a look at the young man’s cover image of himself on Spotify. He really loves his waffles and breakfast foods. He also admitted that his diet is a bit strange and that he’s a picky eater, eating more so waffles, chicken tenders, and burgers, on a usual basis. When I asked him who was an artist that he thinks his fans would not expect him to be listening to, he replied, “Someone I listen to who people might not think of me listening to is Mac Demarco. I’m a huge Mac fan and really love all the albums he’s put out. We have very different styles but I love finding influence in all styles.” It is a very strange and yet understandable connection for the artist to be fond of Demarco because both have that feel-good factor in their music.


So how does the young curator of joyful, electronic, indie-pop dance music get prepared for shows like these? “It’s funny with me I have so many power songs that depends on the moment. I’m always onto the next thing. It’s so hard for me to pick one song. My tour manager has a song that always pumps him up in times of stress and that song is Sade – Smooth Operator. He puts it on and it always soothes the vibe.”

So, now that you know the talented producer a little bit more, go take a chance and dance into his wonderland of exhilarating music while he’s still touring! Touring dates are below!



Be sure to follow him on his socials to keep up with new music and the tour!






starRo Recreates Little Monarch’s “No Matter What” into a Funky Wonderland


Funk & Vibe

The dazzling indie-pop band Little Monarch just gave their single “No Matter What” a little remix makeover with the electronic stylings of producer starRo. The Tokyo-born artist recently collaborated with the trio to recreate their feel-good track and give it a new kind of energy.  The producer is not just involved with the music scene, but is also engaged in the realms of high art and street culture, food, philosophy, culture, and even has created music for gaming soundtracks. You can hear that kind of thoughtfulness in the work he has put into this song alone. The band consisting of Casey K, Lanita Smith, and Justin Andres add a new flair with this remix of their pop/rock and soul quality.


In this remix, the single is ignited with a new kind of metallic touch, slowed down to a more seductive level, and reborn into an futuristic era. However, at the same time, it’s too difficult to really pin point the generation the song affiliates with as starRo’s touch  on this remix kind of blasts it into every pocket of sound, with high balling synths, smooth vocals, and a funky riff in between.

starRo is also known for being recognized as the Soulection producer, which makes sense why he creates such great sensual material. What’s also great is that he doesn’t do too much to the original track, but only mellows it out more, serving the viral pop track justice to its original sound. Instead, he just elevates how fun it is, and accentuates its rhythm and beat.

The remix is now available on Spotify!


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The Sexistentialists: Exclusive with RKCB [Cover Story 2017]

Let’s Get Sexistential

I had the chance to speak with the magical and mysterious indie-electronic duo, RKCB, or also known as Riley Knapp and Casey Barth, to hear beyond the music that they put out. Our conversations trekked various topics that provided a crazy and fun momentum for the interview. Whether discussing their music and recent releases, or their favorite songs, spirit animals, ideal days, and hidden talents, the guys had plenty to share.

If you want an act that can do it all, then here they are. This is a band built from scratch, all home-made, and based on the most organic and raw ingredients to create the soundscapes that penetrates through our bodies and electrifies our nerves leading to the most stunning sensations. Mixing their talents of sound and voice, this rhythmic production duo is the whole package.


For those who are not familiar with their music, there’s something in the way they comfort and arouse all in one riff and are able to compose a beat in an array of chaotic instrumentals, that are just remarkable. They’re the perfect example of over the top without being obnoxious. They’re overwhelming in the most exciting way, and their music manages to send chills down your spine. They posses  an energy that ebbs & flows to the progression of their hypnotic music.

What is RKCB music, you ask? It’s music that actually permeates through the speakers and physically touches you.

The guys started off letting me know where they originated from. Knapp is from Phoenix, Arizona and Barth from Boston, Massachusetts. As I spoke with them, I got to know a little more about the genesis of this pairing, which Knapp explained had happened as kind of an accident. “RKCB kind of happened with us meeting in school, writing one song, which was “Comatose”, deciding to put it up online, and it built some heat from there…” Both coming from thoughtful, experienced musical backgrounds, this enabled the guys to better understand each other. With Knapp in a few bands and Barth working on solo projects, the two came to a collision that burst into something larger than life.

When I asked them where they got the notion for their sound, Barth went into this profound dialogue of how their inspirations stemmed from having a fond connection to the music of artists like James Blake and Rhye, and other “emotionally potent and visceral music and electronic sounds”. But he also then realized that the last decade has consisted of some major EDM/Pop, high energy movements as well and saw it more as an opportunity to bring those worlds together and make something entirely new. “We thought about what’s going to compliment the song, the lyrics, and what sounds are going to put the listener into this world that we want to create.”

Barth continues on with this kind of knowledgeable acceptance of what they have defined their music as, and with a settled mind explains “we’re both trained on multiple instruments- we’re both drummers first- and finding some really unique sounds is something we love to do all the time. Take natural sounds of piano, drums, guitars, anything that sounds like the instrument, whatever, and then take that instrument and manipulate it and turn this into something almost unrecognizable, so that can turn the mystery into almost something like this world that then when you write a song it can be a really visceral experience.”

The hot rhythmic-exotic sounds that RKCB produces are riveting compositions made to move the body. In that same vein, the guys noticed that as a result of their music, a whole dance community was in fact in motion from their songs, and so it only seemed right to dedicate a piece to all the choreographers and dancers who felt their records. As a result, the three-part epic visual ‘Alone, With You’ was designed. How the whole video concept for the three songs in this visual escapade came about was from the collaboration with the creative directing and production duo called Cue the Bird, and it stemmed from this place of the dance collective’s inspiration. (You can read more about the video HERE, and watch it below.)

“It’s pretty crazy how the dance community reacts to our music and puts out videos all the time and we’re blown away by that whole thing…So, Cue the Bird came up with this whole crazy fucking thing, and it was this gorgeous narrative idea, that went along with those three songs, and it was kind of everything we were hoping and envisioning for”, Knapp adds on.

Just the fabrication of this whole concept is majestic af, and these sexistentialists were able to bring these three songs (“Vice”, “Bloom”, and “Naive”) of erotic beauty to life. What is sexistentialism you ask? Allow the guys to explain their philosophy…

“It’s funny, Riley actually came up with it. We were trying to come up with what was a single word or phrase that would capture the mood of our sound and our songs”, and at first Barth wasn’t too sure of the term, in fact “I [Barth] really didn’t like it, and I was  just like ‘ah, let’s think on it,’ and it was just one of those things that stuck with me for the next couple days, and I honestly actually totally forgot about it, and then I had thought that I had come up with it at some point, so I came back to him and was like ‘dude, what about sexistential?’ and he was like ‘I just pitched that like two days ago’, so that’s when we knew, oh ok cool we’re both coming from the same place, it just felt right… It’s something that can grow too, it doesn’t just mean one thing to us and it can be many different moods.”

Knapp then chimed in, “ya, the whole point of our music is basically we want to be different in the writing and we want to feel different and sound different and we want to be just overall a completely unique experience to what listeners are used to. And I think we’re trying to do that by adding a little bit more depth and a little bit more, not vagueness, but hide a little bit more normal and natural feeling behind these more complex and abstract things, so that you kind of have to dig deeper, but once you get there it’s worth it, for this whole unique experience, and it means whatever it means to you.”

At the end of the day, the guys want to be able to connect with people, and more importantly, connect worlds and people that would normally not meet nor would go out of their way to communicate. They want to build the conversations. “The reality is  we’re all going through generally similar stuff, we can really feel pretty similar things at the heart of it, and all we want to do is make the bridge to connect those feelings, connect those dots, because what we found is that we want to bring a certain amount of emotional intelligence to our listeners through our songs, so people feel safe listening to our songs and can bring themselves to say, ‘you know, that is actually how it’s feeling, and I’m wanna stick by that.’ And maybe it’s not a hashtag and maybe it’s not a fucking social media post, but it’s something deeper and something we can all actually have a discussion about.”


On that same level of respect and understanding, the guys delineated what the best aspects of being a duo truly is to them. At the start of it all, Knapp and Barth were a songwriting-production duo, and so that meant meeting a lot of people, or as Knapp put it “blind-dating”, and having that person by your side through the process was the best part for them. “Just being able to go through that with someone is super valuable. We both write and we both produce, so we kind of tag team it, and there’s not as much fatigue, and there’s a little bit more energy, and a little bit more camaraderie as opposed to just going to a creative situation, you know kind of risking that.”

Barth further explains Knapp’s last point, “You definitely get to take more risks because you’re bouncing ideas off the wall and if something doesn’t work for that particular session or the vibe is just different, depending on who’s doing what, you can always switch it off.” With the amount the two have done together already, it is not surprising that they understand when it is the right direction they are hoping to pursue and when it just isn’t and that things need to change. RKCB consider themselves completely self-sufficient in terms of writing, producing, performing, mixing and mastering. “It both helps and hurts us because we get a little bit in our heads sometimes.” Barth chuckles and then the two laugh, as if they are reflecting back on these instances.

Throughout the conversations between the three of us, you can’t help but notice the joy and synchronization between the two, who seem to affirmatively recognize that they are two individuals, bound by one passion. Being so fervent about their music, there can be moments when they reach an intensity of making sure that what they hear individually and collectively, is what they want the product to be. “I think there’s this third brain between us that we both understand what that is”.

I challenged the producers to then describe each other using one word, which caused quite a hysterical uproar. The two thought hard, laughing and cursing as they were searching for the perfect adjectives. Knapp then came to the conclusion, deeming Barth as “deliberate”. Following that, Barth distinguished Knapp as a combination of two words “active” and “passionate”.

Casey Barth (Left), Riley Knapp (Right)

The guys have recently released a single with the former Disney channel star, and the now budding alt-pop artist, Bridgit Mendler, on a track titled “Diving“. The song actually landed a spot in the ever-so-popular Spotify New Music Friday playlist, and they explained that it was one of the most fluid, fastest experience with a song. Another shocking note about the track was that the vocals in the finished product are just the demo vocals that they had originally received from Bridgit’s team! No alterations!

“We find that often too that there’s sometimes a magic in that room, in that moment, at that time, when we’re writing a song that it’s so fresh that you haven’t been able to overthink it and sometimes you just write the song and cue the vocals and there’s a magic in that room… ‘Naive’ was like that too”.

They then mentioned the benefits of being an independent artist.

“At a label there’s so many different people so many opinions and you have to get it this way, and a lot of the time a demo or a demo vocal might be the right move and it’s whatever the right emotions and stuff are then.”

The band has worked with other great artists on some amazing collaborations, such as Opia, Steve James, and Ariana and the Rose.


I always love asking weird questions for their artists to describe their music by, and so I had to ask the question of what spirit animal would their music be if they could define it as such, to which Knapp seemed to be pretty confident about a Centaur. ha!

Next came the question of from all of these incredible singles they have released, which would be their favorite? It seemed as though the boys knew the answer to this one already.

“Mine is definitely ‘Elision’” says Barth calmly and thoughtfully. “‘Elision’ I like ultimately because that was the third song we ever wrote together; it was the first song we wrote together that I was just like ‘alright, fuck it, I’m gonna take a lot of risks and see what happens and see if it’s cool’ and just pushed my writing boundaries as much as possible.” You can really hear that in the single. “It was definitely kind of like an experiment for me, and then it turned into kind of this thing that we really fell in love with, and then it got brought to life when we started playing it live. Like it was kind of like a ‘sleeper track’ in terms of people listening to it, but it had a cult following of its own. For a small group of people, that was a favorite song of theirs but it definitely wasn’t the song that people know us for…then once we started playing it live and it became this like funk jam in the middle of our set and it just lit the whole place up and I kind of just fell in love with that moment”.

Knapp then expresses the love for his song choice. “Of our release songs, mine is “Baptize”. We have one coming up that’s been my personal favorite for a while, so that’s going to change my answer, but for now it’s “Baptize”. I remember it was so different from “Comatose”. I remember sending it to my mom and totally thinking she was going to shit on it” he chuckles a bit and jumps back in “and then she responded ‘this is amazing!’ and I was like ‘wait, you like it?!’

His voice begins to fill with an air of excitement, like a kid in a candy shop, “I really liked it and I remember think like ‘how did this happen? How did me and Casey make this song?”

The guys who are in synch with each other for almost every tune, to create these stunning tracks that fill the spaces and voids with sound, admitted that much of their success comes from the loyalty and trust between each other and their bandmates. “We have an amazing band, there’s this level of trust that no matter what happens, we’re going to be good. Ya it helps, I’ve actually known our drummer since we were in high school. There’s this total, trust total respect and then there’s just this raw passion that comes out in all of us and you know we all have different projects going on, but then we get on stage it’s really a unique experience.”


Aside from the fact that RKCB is always surprising us with their music, we find even more fun facts about Barth’s hidden talent! “haha, they [fans] might already know this, but when people ask me ‘what would you be if you couldn’t play music or if I were to be something else?’ I’d be a bartender. I love making craft cocktails.” He bashfully starts to laugh at himself and his other art, but you can totally tell he really does love it. “Some people are worried how passionate I am about it.” RKCB even prepared drinks for their Spotify session show in Boston a few months back, sad I missed out on that!

So, I had to know, how would the perfect days for the guys go?

“I would wake up, drink coffee (it just immediately appears in my hand), and I’m actually staying in an AirBnB that’s on top of a mountain, and I walk out and there’s a paragliding instructor there. He’s like ‘hey man, we’re gonna go down to the beach’, and then we paraglide down to the beach, and then we drink on the beach and grill… and that actually sounds really nice right now, I’m getting lost in it.”

He sighs with longing.

“Paragliding onto a beach grilling.”

Barth then jumps in, painting the pictures of his own getaway day. “I’d wake up”, he takes a moment to ponder where he will be and then says, “actually, probably at my house, where I am right now. I actually like where I am, I like my house. I’d come out, and put on some music, some ambient electronic music to help wake me up in the morning, and then pour myself some homemade cold brew, and walk out to my lemon tree, pick out some lemons, line up some cocktails for the day, and maybe go out to some local spot and have brunch or something. Then I’d come back and…” he thinks more and then comments “and maybe grill, grilling sounds really nice and making cocktails. Ya, hang outside, in the garden, taking care of my plants.”

Pretty idealistic, huh? They know how to chill; they’d be pretty fun to hang with.

With excitement, the guys were happy to relay the information that their upcoming single is part of a bigger sort of project that they are going to be talking about in the coming weeks, but it’s going to be a twist on their old stuff that will garner a fresh, unique EP for listeners to explore. So far, they have hinted to us that it should be releasing in a month. So, that is something to look forward to!

To listen to their music, check it out below:

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