Cado Releases Artistic Hip-hop Track from Summer Single Series “kintsugi”

Cado brings you a fresh new beat to your strut.

The DJ duo, Cado, drop their highly anticipated track, “kintsugi” today! The single is a chill vibe that slides into the rhythm and intertwines with the bars being spoken to offer us a wavy hip hop production to sway along to.

“kintsugi” is a fun track with a solid baseline that carries through a whirling tune, chanting “this is all a dream”. With complex layers of oriental tones, we get a cool mixture of new school music with elegant, waterfall-sounding chords. This song will start the series of singles that are to be released throughout the summer. The boys have been hard at work to create this outfit of tracks that will keep their fans and listeners engaged to their musical process!

The inspiration behind this first track? Matt Mckeen, one half of Cado, explains that “‘kintsugi’ is a Japanese word for the art of putting broken pottery back together with melted gold, so even though it’s broken and cracked it’s more valuable/beautiful than before (kinda corny haha)”, but it portrays a really important message about looking at things in various ways and from alternate perspectives, because everything can be interpreted differently.

new song first week of june. really care bout these next few.

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Some more on these producers! Cado is an act comprised of two DJs, the lyricist (McKeen), and the producer, Cam Cox. Originating from the city of Boston and now treading the Brooklyn waters, these two have a mission to create music. Though coming from different backgrounds, the boys have come together to form a merging of styles where rap, R&B, trap, indie folk, and EDM music all meet in harmony.

With clever samples and witty lyrics, the two have been able to build a substantial musical following (that is over 1M streams!).

As upcoming artists, their previously released album, Free Wifi, did very well reaching about 61.3 K streams on SoundCloud on certain tracks! They continue to pursue and follow their passions of bringing musical worlds together and venture on to play shows in cities all over the Northeast and West Coast regions. Their charisma and energy is what truly bring the crowd to their shows and draw them to the music.
Listen to the new track now on Spotify as well and stay tuned as they release more in the coming weeks!

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Alternative R&B Artist Chris Buxton Drops Single “Swerve”

Swerve on me, but not this song

The Rock Hill, South Carolina native, Chris Buxton, drops his new single “Swerve” for all of us to jam to. The single is actually one of the hip-hopper’s best tracks, with a great start that catches your attention from the start using claps in a repeated pattern. His voice is strong and smooth all at once in this ever-flowing record that moves you this way and that way, as if to swerve us along with the disillusioned love that is the subject of this song.

The cover art of the track is also an eye-catching image that fits well with the song itself. Elements of martian-like tonalities sprinkled throughout the track embrace Buxton’s silky vocals and support the melancholia that the artist feels for falling for the tough, hard-to-get lover. Broken-hearted, but full of inspiration, comes this song, produced by the masterful Hiko Momoji.

The lyricist himself explains:

“Basically it’s a song that drew inspiration from wanting something you can’t have. I feel like as people we have all been in a situation where we liked someone and we’re willing to go through it all to have them. However, this song is about me looking back at the time and wishing that girl would have curved me or (Swerve on me) because she never truly liked me. I was willing to give my all and she was willing to take advantage of that. I fell in love with what we could have been and not who she was.”

The melody has a great chord progression that is both inviting and haunting– definitely head-nodding worthy and memorable.

With a series of busting singles, this artist is growing his fan base one release at a time. Hustling hard, he’s got the musical talent to capture a crowd’s ears with his unique, yet familiar sound. His last hit releases were revealed 3 months ago titled “Selena” ft. Croosh and Tessellated, which received 97.3 K streams on SoundCloud and 5 months ago called “Mary, Lucy, I“, which received over 102 K streams!

The 21 year old independent artist tries to meld his worlds and influences in Hip-Hop, R&B and Pop. He has already been noticed by artists such as Skizzy Mars and has been featured by notable publications like MTV – The Wrap Up, Revolt TV, DJ Booth, The Daily Loud and on EARMilk.

All in all, he intends to continue playing the music industry game as he produces more impressive tracks and is now working hand-in-hand with Skizzy Mars’ Penthouse Music collective.

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The Playlist for Those Who Relate to “Bad At Love”

Halsey may have been on to something.

Despite the fact that this playlist of the week is named after Halsey’s recent release “Bad At Love” off her hit album Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, there is a lot of truth to the title.

A lot of of us feel that we just are not in the right mind set, or perhaps we don’t feel like we know ourselves well enough to enter love. AND THAT’S FINE. Love is a whirling mess for most, and it’s tough. But when you do find the one, it’s the most incredible thing ever, the most important, because it’s the thing that pushes you forward and gives you passion and gives you reason. Until you find that one though, you’re going to need some music that helps you get through the confusion, whether a happy tune or a melancholy one, it’s ok to not be ok, and it’s ok to keep waiting and figuring it all out, because in the end, the most important love is the one for yourself. Sorry for the corny message today, but Halsey’s new single “Bad At Love” was just such a great track, and it really hit a chord that I think so many can understand and feel connected to.

So this playlist is to the lovers out there who have a lot of love to give, but have nowhere to put it for now. Music heals the best anyways. So enjoy this compilation of music from Halsey to Hermitude to Axel Mansoor to SZA, Paramore, Dagny, Cashmere Cat, Blackbear, Jon Bellion, and many more!

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[Exclusive]: Russell Elliot Releases Single That Keeps You in His “Orbit”

Running circles around and play tricks with your mind.

Russell Elliot, has stolen your heart again with his latest shining, breakup track release “Orbit” produced by GeS. With a stellar production of jazzy intonations and panning synth echoes, Elliot’s voice surrounds your space with his deep, melodic R&B croons. Thought you could escape his embrace? Think again, he pulls you, in fact tugs you into his orbit of seduction and erotica. Featured in the renown alternative magazine Nylon, the publication described the record as the “perfect addition to your breakup playlist”, which is not far from the truth. The artist himself calls the song a “FUCKBOI-REPELLANT SONG OF THE SUMMER”.

orbit title art -- insta friendly size.jpg

Elliot is prepping up for what will become his sophomore EP later this year! Fans are extremely excited for Elliot’s next project which has already been hinted to be a incredibly steamy and provocative masterpiece.

Even in this single’s cover image, we feel that taste of daring, exotic smokiness … spiked with lust and beautiful disasters.

Earlier this year, Elliot graced us with the release of his track “On You” accompanied by a music video with incredibly choreography and all the 90’s R&B feels. His fame continues to grow as he has made some groundbreaking achievements this year, including his official SXSW showcase back in March of 2017, and soon to be his upcoming show at the Pride performances in D.C. & NYC this June 2017.

Now, time for an [EXCLUSIVE] interview with the rockstar bae himself:

full press image.jpg

Neelu Mohaghegh (NM): What was the inspiration behind “Orbit”?
Russell Elliot (RE) : Orbit is inspired by a fuckboi who didn’t know who he was trying. What else is new? The song is mostly me frustrated with myself for returning to the same toxic shit over and over again. It’s definitely an evolution from songs that placed the frustration or blame solely on other people.

NM: What is the process like creating your next EP?
RE: So far I’ve produced, engineered and written the whole record myself. Nobody has heard it but me! Not even my team. It feels like a delicious and exciting secret. Right now it’s all mine. The solitude has allowed me to take my time and create with less pressure. Soon I’ll need to let other people in on the creative process. That is scary, exciting, wonderful, and horrible all at the same time.

NM: What would be the color of your upcoming EP if you had to define it that way and why?
RE: Pitch Black. You get lost in it and can’t see what’s coming next.

NM: What should we expect next in terms of musical direction?
RE: The rhythms have an old-world, savage, relentless, visceral quality to them. You can definitely expect the record to be more percussion driven than anything else I’ve put out. It’s dark, but there’s definitely some beauty and soul in there. It wouldn’t be an RE record if I didn’t get my Boys II Men moment.

NM: What is your guilty pleasure right now?
RE: I’m rewatching “Queer As Folk” on Netflix and living for it. God, if you’re reading this, please send me Brian Kinney.

NM: Who would you want to collaborate with if you had to choose?
RE: This list is always a mile long, but the ones that come to mind are: H.E.R, Lizzo, Kehlani, Chance, Solange, RAY BLK, JoJo, Jidenna, Frank (duh), 6LACK, & Russ.

Well, that’s it folks!

Listen to “Orbit” in its enchanting rhythmic entirety and all of its intergalactic splendor below:

Can’t get enough? Neither can we!

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Opia Drops Daring Downtempo-Funk Single “Devil In Disguise”

“Searching for words I can’t define…”

These are the words that exactly characterize the emotions that this song insinuates in your soul. Opia, a duo that is known for constructing lush, abstract, and ambient vibes bring us their most recent angsty release “Devil In Disguise”. What is so attractive about this track is the fact that it’s seductive and provocative. It practically exudes the feeling of betrayal and discontent in the form of a sick jams and rhythms.


“Devil In Disguise” is a manifesto of  blood boiling and burning hate for being hurt by love. It consists of that hard rock reverb, with an R&B melody, and a funky tune. It’s always been impressive how this young duo create a downtempo beat that can encompass so many genres and still manage to sound so smooth and entertaining. Utilizing elements of electronic noise they build this dynamic track! “Call me a loser, but you ain’t a winner” harshly accuses the vocalist as disjointed tones beat all over the melody like a shattered heart would sound.

Opia (11 of 19) (1).jpg

Opia has come a long way since the beginning of their musical creations. Before this, they released their dreamy single “Secrets” featuring vocals of Sam Fischer. Opia has found themselves recognized by some great platforms such as Spotify’s Alternative R&B playlist and Hype Machine! They are now excited to be on tour and sharing the stage as the opening act for Marian Hill!

To see the tour dates, check out the graphic below!


The last time I had written about Opia, it was for their hit single “YDU“, which was an amazing track! I have no doubt that 2017 has a lot in store for these guys and their success.

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[Artist Spotlight]: Ollie Rodgers Brings You the Sounds of ‘Tropical Weather’

Surf’s up! Here’s the perfect soundtrack to your long summer days.

Looking for the serenading tunes of blissful guitar riffs and weening echoes of greener grass on the other side? Than here is your latest addition to your playlists. Meet Oliver Rodgers, also called Ollie Rodgers, who was a film & tv major and advertising minor at Boston University’s College of Communications. The 22 year-old has lived in various cities including Hong Kong, London, Boston, and Los Angeles, making his influences stem from various corners of the world. As a passionate individual for all forms of creative content, such as music, fashion, and media, he decided to take on the music world and found his talents in guitar and production.

His compositions come into this wonderful package of sound which he calls Tropical Weather. This 6-track EP summons emotions of nostalgia and grandiose desires to escape on a Great Escape of sorts. Personal favorites from the project would include “Big Wave Bay”, “Better Places”, and “Take It Easy (Interlude)”. Incorporating elements of Weezer, Franz Ferdinand, and Jack Johnson, Rodgers sweeps you away with sick vibes of rough vocals followed by falsettos and raw acoustics.

The reverbs of the strings pluck away to jazzy forms of melodies and transform into dynamic yet simple tones of harmonies. We sway to the ebb and flow of his songs as they take us through a ride of an “Endless Summer” saga of rhythms.

Still an up & comer, he has the potential to merge his throwback tunes into another generation and era of music as he continues to make more music and grow his number of listeners. Essentially, his music is the ultimate chill of noise, it’s something we all want.

Now, Rodgers is not only an artist in the singular sense of music however, he is also a creative in videography and an avid skateboarder and traveler. You can see the videos he has produced below:

As a multi-faceted artist, he intends to grow his musical audience so he can spend more time on his love of music!

To hear more from Ollie Rodgers, check him out on Social Media:





Singer/Songwriter Gianni & Rapper Chris Buxton Debut “Better off This Way”

Looking for new summer vibes? Here’s a track that will leave you “Better off This Way”.

A vision of Dave Matthews Band, Weezer, and Never Shout Never, you get a tropical alt-punk/rock sound that will help you find your chill for days to come. Gianni and Chris Buxton bring you this simple, sweet tune with reverbs and guitar riffs that carry you through the melodies and chorus.

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 11.21.22 AM.png

“Sun’s beating hard but your heart’s still cold” croons the vocalist. Gianni has released a few tracks in the past as of 2016, which can be found on Spotify, such as  “Ready or Not”, “Forest Fire”, “Los Angeles”, “Worth It (ft. Ollie)”, “Evermore”, and “Oh No”. The artist continues to consistently put out work this year, keeping his sound fresh and reaching out to more audiences as he produces more material. He goes back and forth between indie-rock and hip hop to delve into various sounds. His music can be defined as a little raw and a little wavery, and it can come off as a simple production, but for some that can be a good thing, where there is not too much going on. In “Better off This Way” there are no synths, no exotic filters or fluctuations in sound- just true to its original sound.

Featuring the up and coming rapper, Buxton, Gianni adds a smoother element to his single and brings charismatic beat to the harmony.



Like what you heard? Check these two out on Spotify now for more music and more tunes to add to your playlists!

Chris Buxton


Dreamer & Son Release Beauteous Live & Unplugged Version of “Sweep”


Dreamer & Son are back with a new creation that will have sweep you with all the feels.

This innovative team of artists create alternative-rock/pop sounds that will have you craving more. From their recent hit release off their new project, “Cheat”, to the older more old-school rock tones such as “Hello Vancouver”, we are invited to their whimsical world of music. Dreamer & Son now release this beauteous Live and Unplugged version of “Sweep”, which is a track to be on their debut album.

Cheat just hit 400k views thank you. Artist: @pxrxvi – VA. USA

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In this rendition of “Sweep”, the boys slow down and break down the track into a sweet ballad. The piano plays on as lead singer, Sayak Das controls the air waves with the strength and charisma in his voice.

They’ll remind you of a combination of The Killers, Walk the Moon, and DNCE, with a upbeat aura to a rock-punk vibe. The boys categorize themselves as “nostalgic dream-rock”, somewhere between being in the moment and remembering the past, longing for a good time and some good vibes. Their music is overall a mysterious memory that strings along background noise to serenade on a whirlwind of flashbacks and reminiscence.

The quartet hailing from Boston, MA makes the city proud with their incomparable sound that most certainly has the potential to make it big in the industry one day. Until then, we are to listen and support them as they pursue these endeavors. Their project is to be released soon, including the tracks “Cheat” and “Sweep”, and while we wait, they will be performing all over Boston, so stay tuned!

We're looking towards the future more than ever before. Thank you all for standing by. Photo by @ryanvwatanabe

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