Drake Cancels ‘Summer Sixteen’ Tour VIP Meet & Greets

Should we take a rain check? Drake recently announced that he will cancel his Summer Sixteen Tour VIP Meet & Greets, and people are wondering why!

Drake will begin his highly-anticipated Summer Sixteen Tour this summer with Future that kicks of as of next month on July 20th in Austin, TX, but looks like he had some sad news to tell his fans. The tour was announced back in April, and one option, for those who paid for them, was to get VIP tickets that let you meet Drizzy. They called these special tickets the 6 God Meet and Greet Package, but guess there will be no more meeting nor greeting at these shows since he canceled them. Why, Drake, why?

The tickets offered the chance for a close-up photo with the Toronto artist, and treat bag of some swag. According to People magazine, he won’t meet fans anymore because of “scheduling issues.”Should someone call Hotline Bling? I think this is an emergency! Nonetheless, ticket holders will be refunded currency wise, but there will be no coverage for their broken hearts and bursted bubbles to meet the 6 God. The tour is supposed to be a showcase to bring his recent album chart topper, Views, on the road and to the masses. It was released back in April, and features 20 songs, including hit single “One Dance.”


So, all of this is probably bad news for a lot of OG Drizzy fans, but hey, for those of you who wanted to meet Future, you still have the opportunity to. Another package, called the Freebandz Honcho’s Packages allows you to meet Future, take a pic with him and receive some concert goodies; so that stays the same.

Looks like Drake wasn’t the only one to play hard to get though because earlier this year, Justin Bieber did the same thing. Bieber had announced back in March that the meet and greets “drained” him and made him “unhappy.” Bieber’s probably thinking, is it too late now to say sorry?

You can get tickets now for the Summer Sixteen Tour at Ticketmaster.com, and our condolences on the news.


Music Industry Comes Together to Address Gun Control In Open Letter

The music industry is coming in sync together to address gun control in a new open letter.

With the leadership of Billboard, the music industry giant has rallied together a large number of artists and significant figures within the music world to compose and sign an open letter addressed to Congress on the topic of gun control.

In the open letter, Billboard requests with emphasis and urgency that congress should “Stop Gun Violence Now.” With an intriguing and powerful image on the cover of this week’s issue of the magazine, the voices who speak to this movement are forceful and strong, making sure that there will is no chance of rejection.

The letter starts with a bold statement and a call-to-action for an amendment:

“As leading artists and executives in the music industry, we are adding our voices to the chorus of Americans demanding change” 

The list of artists who have signed the letter is astronomically long, and shows how the series of unfortunate events have impacted everyone all around. Because of the influence that these celebrities have over society, this petition will cause a massive wave in the ocean of social issues our country and world faces today. We need voices like these to make such statements if anything is to ever change. Among the artists who have signed the letter as of now include such known individuals as: Wayne Coyne, Zayn Malik, Alicia Keys, Andy Samberg, Diplo, Pusha T, Paul McCartney, Stevie Nicks, Selena Gomez, Trent Reznor, Lady Gaga, Iggy Pop, Katy Perry, Beck, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Wilco, Kid Cudi, Kesha, Yoko Ono, Ringo Starr, Talib Kweli, Questlove, Ricky Martin, Sia, Courtney Love, Macklemore, Mark Ronson, Mike D of the Beastie Boys, and numerous leading music executives in the industry.

This is the revolution to stop and #DisarmHate.

Gun Control Artists

Here is the letter:


As leading artists and executives in the music industry, we are adding our voices to the chorus of Americans demanding change.

Music always has been celebrated communally, on dancefloors and at concert halls. But this life-affirming ritual, like so many other daily experiences—going to school or church or work—now is threatened, because of gun violence in this country.

The one thing that connects the recent tragedies in Orlando is that it is far too easy for dangerous people to get their hands on guns.

We call on Congress to do more to prevent the gun violence that kills more than 90 Americans every day and injures hundreds more, including:

Require a background check for every gun sale
Block suspected terrorists from buying guns
Billboard and the undersigned implore you—the people who are elected to represent us—to close the deadly loopholes that put the lives of so many music fans, and all of us, at risk.


Read the complete letter here and see the list of signatures from artists who have signed it already.

Concert Review: ‘The Human Condition’ of Seeing a Jon Bellion Show

#TBT to when I had the incredible chance to attend Jon Bellion’s concert in Boston at Club Royale- and let me tell you, it will always be a night to remember.

Jon Bellion Concert
The Crowd. Photo Credits: Neelu Mohaghegh

The tour brings his recent album release, The Human Condition, to life as he quite literally sings, lives, invents, produces, and breathes his music on stage. The entire night was an unforgettable memory of emotion, love, fire, passion, and music.

When entering the old theater-turned night club, you can’t help but notice the beauty in its oddity. It is perplexing for how stunningly elegant the venue is and yet, it still is as sketchy and grungy as a night club would be. Everyone crowded for the show standing on floor and looking down from the mezzanine as the all were eagerly waiting for the artist they came out to see. Of course, the event was completely sold out–no less for the man who inspires and brings joy to so many people through his music!

FullSizeRender 11
Photo Credits: Neelu Mohaghegh

The two openers of the show got the crowd warmed up for the main attraction starting with Bellion collaborator, Blaque Keyz. A rapper from Boston, he freestyled and hyped the crowd up, being extremely grateful to the audience and to Bellion for this show. He had a lot of confidence and some great lines, and he had the right idea for technique and delivery; however, there would definitely be room to grow and develop in the instrumental side of his hip-hop as he gets more opportunities within the industry. He features at the end of one of Bellion’s more gentle and profound tracks on the compilation “Weight of the World.” At the end of his act, the rapper even gave out his real phone number in the end to prove that he was an authentic figure and that he was there for the fans when they needed him. Nevertheless, the crowd was kind to him and appreciated the performance he gave as he left the stage and on came the second set.

SonReal / Jon Bellion
SonReal. Photo Credits: Neelu Mohaghegh

Next up was a hip-hop artist  much more known in the industry, Capitol Records’ SonReal. As he came out on stage he provided a lot of enthusiasm and really tried to amp the crowd up. He even sang his most recent hit single, “Can I Get a Witness,” to which the people in the crowd sang along to. He then thanked everyone and off he went, and that is when the suspense kicked in.
I know it sounds absurd to be so excited to see one man perform, but let me tell you, this is not just a mere mortal man. Jon Bellion is an artist. A true blue entertainer, singer, songwriter dancer, and believer. He understands the definition of the human condition very well. (anyone?) He knows what his fans love, what they need, and he is willing to produce that to make the masses happy. But of course, the music also brings him joy as it has become a major part of his life. I had been waiting for so long to be able to attend a concert of his and when I had this opportunity, I quite literally jumped out of my chair! (No lie, #Realtalk, jumped.)

The New Jersey-native stepped out of the darkness and onto the stage, and just his silhouette alone had the entire fan-base screaming. I was truly blown away by the dedication and adoration displayed by everyone in the room. I had known he was loved and supported, but I had only really known my own appreciation for him in my own little world. Stepping into a space where hundreds of people shared the same interest in music was just a whole new dimension all together. Bellion, was nothing but humble and excited and blessed for us all to be there.

Photo Credits: Neelu Mohaghegh
Photo Credits: Neelu Mohaghegh

He started singing his famous intro track “He is the Same” and he danced around the stage and asked the crowd to already start joining in, which we did without hesitation.

It was impressive how he utilized every inch of the stage, not leaving any space untouched, while he let loose with actually really great dance moves! He has such swag- who knew!? At the end of the song, he was so appreciative of the love; he then announced to the crowd, breathlessly “I love you guys so fucking much…About two years ago we were playing a fucking room. Things have changed.” But he’s still the same man.

Off his album he sang “He Is the Same,” “80’s Film,” (which is actually about his hometown) “All Time Low,” “New York Soul Pt. ii,” “Maybe IDK,” “Overwhelming,”  “Weight of the World,” “Guillotine,” and “Hand of God (outro).” One thing that Bellion is known for and is skilled at is covering all bases in different genres. He can rap and make hip hop music, he can sing pop, he can jam with rock, he can croon with indie, and he can blast with electronic. He blends all of these together to make the quintessential mixed, matched, and mastered tracks.

Photo Credits: Neelu Mohaghegh
Photo Credits: Neelu Mohaghegh

All ages were there at the concert! I mean it. There were three 12 year olds standing in front of me, college kids everywhere of course, adults, couples, friends, etc. It was interesting to think that this man could draw such a diverse crowd, but it only made sense that good music would appeal to everyone.

Now like I said, he mixes and is experimentive, so when he started singing “All Time Low” we got a taste of it in a more acoustic yet faster pace than the usual tune the song goes to. When he performed “Guillotine” with Travis Mendes (my personal favorite), it was a COMPLETELY different song. He had sped up the lyrics, had changed the melody, and had an entire choreographed piece with Mendes to go with it. It was absolutely wild! Then when he did “Maybe IDK” and I lost it, the crowd lost it! He came to the center of the stage alone, stood by the mic with a single spotlight on him, and then he started beat boxing- REALLY WELL. He slayed it, beatboxing and then auto-looping his vocals to create the musical backdrop as he sang the lyrics to the song over it. At the, the crowd was practically passing out from the exhilaration and shock!

There is a method behind his madness. A genius behind the invention. Bellion is a man of his art. He truly knows how to play with the music. He quite literally is having fun messing around with the sounds and tones and tropes to create his own toolkit of noise. A man of many talents, he was easily compared to the skills of Ed Sheeran of being a one man show. He loops his vocals so perfectly that it is almost indistinguishable from the music itself, creatively constructing a track as he goes along.

Photo Credits: Neelu Mohaghegh

What really was mind-blowing though was how he did not play the songs as remembered from the studio production, but rather he reinterpreted them on the stage impromptu, painting sonically with his gadgets and his voice.

He performed “New York Soul pt. ii” and had the crowd bumping and get old school with him, and then he sat and slowed things down for the crowd as he sang the heart felt “Weight of the World.”

At some point of the show, a woman, I guess was so enraptured by his acts that she threw her bra at him, to which he laughed hysterically and so adorably and innocently said “jokes on you, now your titties are all saggy and shit, haha. ”

He didn’t really seem to play any of his slow songs that night, but any that he did, he made sure to speed up the pace and make it more of a dance vibe. He was definitely going for the party night, and it was very well executed.

FullSizeRender 7
Photo Credits: Neelu Mohaghegh

The whole show was unworldly, adrenaline rushing, moving, and powerful.

Blaque Keyz returned to the stage for his segment in “Weight of the World” and right at that moment, the trio standing had a full out rager! They were having a blast the whole entire time, and it only made me want to jump down from the mezzanine and onto the stage to join them!

When he sang “Hand of God” that is when the floodgates bursted open. It was an extremely emotional moment in the night because halfway through the song, that encompasses all of the tracks on the album, he went on an inspiring rant that had people in the crowd actually crying. He began to discuss about the tragic events have been occurring in our world like the violence in the past few weeks in Orlando, and then with a strong, yet wavering voice he stated:

“if you could do me one favor after you leave this place tonight, one favor at all, just love somebody, make somebody feel good about themselves. There’s something definitely wrong when somebody believes in something, and they should be able go to a place where they should feel safe and their life is completely taken away from them. Is that unfair to you guys? Does that make you upset? On another note, there’s a girl who does music and she comes out and does a meet&greet and there’s somebody who goes to her meet&greet and shoots her down and kills her. Are we ok with that?” The crowd replied in sync, “Nooooo!” He continued “Music does one thing, god gave us music because no matter who’s color, or who’s race, or who’s gender is in this room tonight, we can relate to something and that’s my music, right? So, I need a favor from you guys, I need you to just close your eyes, and we’re just going to enjoy this fucking music. My band is gonna take us out, thank you so much for having us! If you take away one thing from these guys, or what I do, or whatever for the rest of our lives, know that we wanted you to love our people, to wake up and treat people better every single day, is that cool?” He then had everyone join in to sing the chorus, and raise their hands in the air if they’ve ever lost someone special in their lives. Many hands went up as we all sang together:

Tears at a funeral, tears at a funeral, I might breakAngry at all the things, angry at all the things I can’t changeWhen you’re lost in the universe, lost in the universe, don’t lose faithMy Mother said, your whole life’s in the hand of God…

He left, but he then of course came back on stage for an encore when the crowd was practically bawling for him to come back. He then decided to sing an old song of his that made OG Bellion fans go insane, “Jim Morrison.” He quite literally ended the concert on a high note. Everyone adrenaline buzzed and in a state of euphoria. The hands of fans never went down as they speared light beams and air streams. Bellion was, to put it simply, pretty fantastically “overwhelming.”

FullSizeRender 8
Travis Mendes. Photo Credits: Neelu Mohaghegh

You can listen to the full album here on Spotify now:

Beyoncé Debuts Music Video for ‘Lemonade’ Track “Sorry”

Beyoncé is dancing her heart out to get what she’s really feeling off her beautiful mind in her new official music video for latest Lemonade single “Sorry.”

On June 22nd (today), Beyoncé gifted the world with her accompanying motion picture for her song “Sorry,” directed by Kahlil Joseph and Beyoncé Knowles Carter and produced by Onye Anyanwu. The visual was officially part of the cinematic showcase of her hit album Lemonade, which was aired on HBO and is still exclusively available in its entirety there and on Tidal. But for those who had already paid to see the one-hour visual, they had already seen this clip. You can watch the video above, if you have yet to see it!

Billboard: “Sorry”

Beyoncé is currently on The Formation World Tour in support of her new compilation Lemonade, which has gone platinum and sold 1.6 million copies worldwide since its premier on April 23rd! Wow.

So, what’s the music video like, you ask? Queen Bey having a good time, letting out her feelings, throwing her middle fingers up, bopping on a bus, dancing away, wearing her hair in braids, and rocking out to life- not feeling sorry.

The start of the clip is introduced by a single word, “Apathy,” or the noun for lack of interest or enthusiasm. Fitting for the R&B songstress who tries to convey to the unknown figure that she isn’t sorry, and nor does she care anymore.


Immediately then after, we are taken to a scene with a tribe of young women wearing Yoruba-inspired face and body paint, moving in synchronization on a bus ride, as if to say that they are one and strong together. Throughout the video, they jam out with Yoncé.

“Ashes to ashes, dust to sidechicks,” Beyonce poetically moans and utters in the beginning episodes of her release. The black and white keeps it simple, yet real and harsh, as a sampling of the famous Nutcracker instrumental plays in the background. She whispers about her death and the words that her lover would say to serve as her obituary. It is a rather chilling thought– she speaks with an erotic voice and speaks bluntly about vulgar, dark, and sweet things.

We then enter a Southern mansion to find a smiling Queen Bey in her throne looking indifferent, yet happy to get something off her chest.

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 5.30.19 PM

The lyrics are conspicuously filled with fire, as she blatantly criticizes her heart-breaker. The music is dynamic, with different rhythms and beats and paces and voices leading the song to move at the speed our leading lady moves at.

We are then surprised by the feature of tennis icon Serena Williams, who looks absolutely stunning with her natural hair loose and wears a modernized-Victorian leotard. She dances seductively for the Queen and for the camera, twerking and jerking to the beat. Let’s just say it, damn, she looks hot!

In several different ensembles, Beyoncé demonstrates her versatility and power. From the dress to the braids to the  Egyptian look– each one characterizes Ms. Sasha Fierce go at it!


When first watching the video, it felt slightly frightening and nightmarish with basically black and white shaded reels, but it’s emphasizing a point that she can see it plain and simple that he’s no good for her no more. She choreographs robotic-zombie-esque moves into her joyful bouncing scenes. The paradoxic is that the song itself has a blissfully euphoric tune, yet such a cynical and disheartening meaning.

Now you wanna say you’re sorry…

But I ain’t fucking with nobody
Let’s have a toast to the good life
Suicide before you see this tear fall down my eyes,” 

she sings. The same group of young women from the beginning all join the singer-songwriter in a deserted lot to dance on top and in front of a vehicle as they move to and pour their hearts out into the music, letting their emotions run wild.

lemonade beyonce
Album Artwork for ‘Lemonade’

The whole thing really looks thrilling to film! Williams told Billboard, in an interview held in May, that Beyonce “told me that she just wants me to dance, like just be really free and just dance like nobody’s looking and go all out… So that wasn’t easy in the beginning, but then it got easier. … I thought that particular song on the visual album was really a strong song, and it was also really fun at the same time.”

She concludes the set with her famed line, “He better call becky with the good hair,” with the face of exhaustion and anger- she’s fed up with him.

Just earlier this year, all 12 tracks of Lemonade hit the Hot 100 and also became Bey’s sixth No. 1 on both the Billboard 200 and Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums Chart.
Well done, Queen B.


Keys N Krates Release New Music Video and Remix

Just the other day, the electro-sonic creatives, Keys N Krates released a new music video for their single “Nothing But Space” featuring the vocals of Aqui.

The trio that brings you the remarkable trap-house tracks that get anyone and anything pumping, have been hard at work in the studio. In addition to their music video, they also released the remixes to their past EP Midnight Mass EP on June 20th. This compilation features official remixes by artists and producers like KRNE, Stooki Sound, Autolaser, Promnite, Jakwob, and the legendary DJ Q.

Keys N Krates

In the music video, the guys help you escape from reality for a little bit to an Earth-like, but completely unworldly experience, with a mysterious character choreographing your perspective and thoughts as you jam to the music. The video takes you across mountains, waterfalls, and overcast skies, and then you are introduced to the parts of a creature, a woman in an animalistic ensemble. She dances, fights, and loves all amongst the backdrop of this natural dimension and burning flames. The music perfectly accompanies the story as you are led to hear Aqui angelically and robotically harmonize to the synthesizer chord progressions. Then the beat kicks into a march-like rhythm and that then takes you out of the calm and into an epic, beat-heavy revolution of sound. It’s that kind of self-motivating tune that makes you feel strong and powerful and bold. See for yourself in the video above.

Keys N Krates

As for the Midnight Mass remix package, it consists of 6 reinterpretations by the DJs listed above, in all unique and interesting ways. The inventive power behind producing music is absolutely incredible and mind-blowing as they are still able to take random noises and beeps and tunes and recreate an entire composition. You can hear the package here now.

Online publication, The Fader, said that the the Dim Mak signees’ album “Midnite Mass is an enticing grab bag of electronic tropes and textures. At moments it is intimate and in others it bangs; sometimes its gritty, sometimes its tuneful.”

The six-track bundle allows you to hear every different style featured, from the bass-centric beats of Jakwob’s, to KRNE’s chant-like bangers to DJ Q and Promnite who add a fast-paced, bubbly vibe, to the hardcore trap kicks of Stööki Sound, and finally to the melodic and twinkling martian sounds of Autolaser.

Keys N Krates

It wasn’t hard to see that Midnite Mass quickly became a favorite amongst fans and critics.

The Toronto-based artists won the Dance Recording Of The Year at the 2016 Juno Awards for their track “Save Me.”  Because of this success, their album was pulled up to #2 spot on the iTunes US Top Dance Album Charts and took the #1 spot in Canada. Their music has also been showcased on  Zane Lowe, A-Trak, and Mistajam’s Beats 1 and BBC Radio 1 programs.

Keys N Krates continue to take Midnite Mass to the masses by going on tour all over the world and attending multiple festivals this summer. They’ve been spotted at Bonnaroo and Mysteryland before, and this year, fans can catch them at several festivals including Camp Bisco, Pukkelpop, Life Is Beautiful, and many more. You’ll definitely be seeing them at the beloved Montreal festival, Osheaga!

You can see their tour dates below and you can visit their official website for more information:

Keys N Krates 2016 Tour Dates:

6/23 – Electric Forest: JUN 23-26 – Rothbury, MI

7/8 – Evolve Festival: JUL 8-10 – Claireville, Canada

7/11 – Festival d’ete de Quebec – Quebec, Canada

7/14 – Pemberton Music Festiva: JUL 14-17l – Pemberton, BC

7/14 – Camp Bisco – Scranton, PA

7/22 – WayHome – Barrie, Canada

7/29 – Osheaga: JUL 19-31 – Montreal, Canada

7/30 – Mad Decent Block Party – Fort Lauderdale, FL

8/4 – Red Rocks – Morrison, CO 8/7 – Shambhala – Salmo, Canada

8/11 – Summer Meltdown Festival: AUG 11-14 – Darrington, WA

8/19 – Pukkelpop – Hasselt, Belgium

8/20 – FM4 Frequency Festival – Kiewit Hasselt, Belgium

8/26 – Razzmatazz – Barcelona, Spain

9/2 – North Coast Music Festival: SEP 2-4 – Chicago, IL

9/9 – Mad Decent Block Party – Eugene, OR

9/23 – Life Is Beautiful Festival: SEP 23-25 – Las Vegas, NV


Keys N Krates cover all genres: hip-hop, R&B, pop, alternative, house, etc. They are praised for being leading innovators in their field. Remember one of their breakthrough singles “Dum Dee Dum”? That was a sound completely divergent of most tracks you would ever hear. The Keys N Krates stated themselves that:

We wanted people to wonder where we got a lot of the sounds for this EP, the same way we have when listening to producers like Just Blaze and Timbaland. Those guys have always used source samples or sounds that leave you scratching your head. We love that simplicity; it’s like true Italian cooking, a few ingredients to make something so impactful…. Beats that leave you wondering ‘where the fuck did he get that sound from?’

You can watch them perform their track live here in the video below:


Follow KEYS N KRATES to stay up to date and to listen to their music via:







Watch 50 Cent Get Kicked Off Stage: “I’m Not Leaving!”


Well well well, 50 Cent wasn’t too happy when he was being “kicked off” the stage the other night for Jeezy and T.I. Oops.

The American rapper, actor, entrepreneur, investor, record, film, and television producer was one of the performers at the Hot 107.9’s annual Birthday Bash in Atlanta this weekend. During his set, which seemed to start perfectly fine, even better than fine, people got a little antsy, and possibly even a little bit rude. A few people started to tell him to leave the stage to which Fiddy replied jokingly, “my time is up?” But that all changed when his tone became that of a hurt, neglected, unloved and under-appreciated creature shouting, “you mean to tell me you motherfuckers is gonna kick me off the stage for T.I. and Jeezy? Fuck this!”

He attempted to remain on stage for as long as possible, but I guess the crowd continued to harass him off. He made shots at the station crew stating “I got one minute left. You mean to tell me I can’t have one minute? I’m not leaving, I don’t give a fuck who’s coming up next… Is she the program director? Take my music off your station. I don’t want your motherfucking station no more. We got YouTube,” he said, raging and pacing swiftly across the stage. You can watch the whole travesty unfold in the video above:

50 Cent
50 Cent

Eventually, he forfeited and left the stage, thanking the ungrateful crowd for their time. Dropping the mic with fury in his eyes.

This artist was once a legend to hip-hop lovers, but I guess his flame has sizzled since his glory days as new hip-hop has taken the main stage and the forefront of peoples’ minds. Where do you think hip-hop has headed? Do you think 50 Cent has lost his touch or ever even had it to begin with?

You can also watch this video to get the whole thing from another perspective/camera angle too:

Drake 1st Male Artist Since Eminem to Top Albums Chart 7 Weeks Straight

Drizzy takes the gold, and literally wears it too!

Drake has done more in the last several weeks, than he has ever done in his entire musical career! Just Last week alone, Drake’s latest album Views sold  over 121,000 units. Say what?!

Billboard: Drake

That’s right. Billboard had made a report on how Mr. Champagne Papi  has been sitting atop at the NO. 1 spot on the Albums Chart for the seventh week in a row. Hence, this 6 God has become the “first male artist” since Eminem to “sit on top of the charts for 7 straight weeks straight.” Damn son!

Marshall released what was his sophomore LP The Marshall Mathers LP way back when, and that had stayed at No. 1 for eight straight weeks. Drizzy beat Nick Jonas and Hamilton and won 5 awards and 7 nominations at the Canadian Much Music Video Awards! Drake’s music moved 74,000 streaming equivalent units, 21,000 track equivalent albums and 27,000 traditional units.


VIEWS…7 weeks at number one. Gracias por el amor.

A photo posted by champagnepapi (@champagnepapi) on Jun 20, 2016 at 10:36am PDT

The artist was so ecstatic to find out about the news that he posted via Instagram a photo of his gold watch that reads “Now We’re Here -6 God.” Yes, Drake, you started from the bottom, now you’re here, in a very Leo DiCaprio fashion, you made it and won those awards like a champ. Let the haters hate because you sit on top of those charts with your crowned jewels upon your head and your musical diamonds.

What will be next for the young singer and rapper who has stolen the world’s hearts with his music? Make sure to stay up to date to see if Drizzy is able to beat out the Real Slim Shady and his record!