Here’s a Snippet of What Sounds Like a New Frank Ocean Song

Frank Ocean lovers were just about losing hope for his “claimed” album, Boys Don’t Cry, that was due to come out July of 2015,  but was never seen or heard of… until now!


Just when you started to think Ocean dropped off the face of the Earth, being a Super Rich Kid and getting Lost amongst the Pyramids while streaming Forest Gump… (too many puns?), a random fan leaked a three-minute video of Ocean’s new song releases! Though the sound quality not all that great, it is still evidence that Ocean is pursuing his project and is working on new music.

Unfortunately, the whole three minutes were taken down after being found out that the man had released them, but, there is still Instagram evidence of two of his songs to be, thanks to Complexand Fuse. The caption of one of the video posts wrote “very very secret frank ocean listening party.” Wish I could have been a part of that. …

Update: That clip has been pulled, but there is a 30-second clip with samples of what sound like two different songs. You can listen to it here.

So, what do you think about Ocean’s creation-to-be? Let us know in the comments below!

Catfish and The Bottlemen Releases Single “Soundcheck”

Soundcheck! Testing 1, 2, 3…Yes! They’re back with some good news and a great tune- It’s UK’s hottest, award-winning band, Catfish and The Bottlemen!

The Welsh indie rock band was formed in 2007, and ever since then, from humble beginnings, they have grown to be a huge success! They released their first album, The Balcony, in September of 2014, and almost instantly, their first and only album reached number 10 in the UK album charts!


Before all of this happened, the band performed in a bed&breakfast, and then after being found out, were signed by Communion Records in 2013, followed by Island Records. Their music about unrequited love and other relatable and memorable things in life are what make them such a crowd pleaser.

Album artwork for their EP ‘The Balcony.’

In December 2014, they won the BBC Introducing Award at the first BBC Music Awards! They have compared the vocal stylings of the band to that of The Kooks, and they remind the audience of the musical stylings of Jimmy Eat World and The Wombats. Their optimistic, rock vibes carry through with rhythmic and static-covered guitar riffs by Johnny Bond (lead guitarist), layered with the straining yet harmonious intonations of Ryan “Van” McCann (lead vocalist). Joined by bassist, Benji Blakeway, and drummer, Bob Hall, the band forms into the musical ensemble that everyone has come to love.

The Guardian.

Their newest track “Soundcheck” has a lot of spirit to it though, and it definitely is a creation jam worthy of your time. The new hit single that is sure to get you going has the tunes and rhythm of a song you would cruise along to on a summer day with your shades on and nothing but sunshine.

It only makes sense that this band won the 2016 Brit Award For Best British Breakthrough Act! The band won this award through fan voting and beat other hugely renowned artists, such as, James Bay, Jess Glynne, Years & Years, and Wolf Alice! At a time that commercial rock is slowly fading out of the picture, their unique, indie sound serves them well.


This band has made it big, and is going to continue to make it bigger! After touring all over the world, they have left traces of their amazing music for everyone to have taste of.

Catfish and the Bottlemen have done it again with this new track single; fans love it! Right after winning the award, they released their music video for it, which displays them in their natural habitats of the rock and roll world, in their element, in their atmospheres, where they cultivate and introduce the song. It is shot in the studio giving the song a more real and authentic feel to it. Their sound is raw, but at just the right amount.

Watch the video here!


“Soundcheck” premiered as Annie Mac’s Hottest Record In The World” on BBC Radio 1 on Fenruary 15th, which is now available for all to see and hear now! Check it out here!


This retro-feel phenomenon, comical, yet chill and laid back, has got everyone captivated once again. So be sure to listen to the song!

Be sure to follow them on their social accounts too!


And to hear more from the artists, here is their Spotify link! Enjoy!

Anywaysenjoy WordPress.

Bryson Tiller at The Wilbur Theatre – Boston

I’ve been working on it, putting in overtime…

*Overtime by Bryson Tiller

These are the words to American R&B singer-songwriter and rapper’s, Bryson Tiller, song “Overtime,” which he performed last night at The Wilbur Theatre in Boston, Massachusetts, Thursday, February 25th. Tiller gave the crowd a night to remember as his melodic, melancholy, seductive, and emphatic vocals encompassed and shook the entire vintage theater, and possibly Boston.

PC: Neelu Mohaghegh

On another night in the city, a line filed up outside of the building that was to be presenting an artist who has been making quite an impression on RCA Records and other notable R&B artists. He entered full force into the contemporary R&B scene with his debut studio album, T R A P S O U L, in 2015.  Listeners all around were thoroughly intrigued by the magnitude of this man’s abilities in the music he put out. One could tell that the record was well-thought out and constructed.

The show opened to a hot, new hip-hop duo act, known as THEY., who have been best known for their single “Motley Crue,” and who performed excellently for the crowd! The two gentlemen who make up this band, Drew Love and Dante, reminded people of Rae Sremmurd, but with a more Empire TV series-esque vibe to them. Their vocals and music were on point and really had the crowd hyped for the main attraction to come. You can listen to their EP Nü Religion, here!


After their performance, they thanked the crowd, and the DJ took over, turning some sick beats and tunes and transitioning songs with ease. The theater was practically bouncing, and at one point during the show, an audience member got up and started getting down so hard, dancing so well, that he captured the crowd’s attention and everyone cheered and adored him. Finally, it was the main act’s turn to take the stage, and when the lights died out and the beat started up, the crowd went crazy. The light shadowed the figure that would be Bryson Tiller and the fans were prepared for his incredible musicality and artistry.

The Kentucky-born musician’s career began when he posted many of his videos online and then started to massive internet attention from music industry insiders and experts. He hit his peak when he released his single “Don’t,” which, at the time, was only available on SoundCloud. After the breakout of that song, record producers Timbaland and Drake, gave Tiller the recognition he needed to be picked up and signed by a RCA Records. His music even reached the Billboard Hot 100 charts at number 11!

What differentiates Contemporary R&B music from its main genre base, R&B, is that while it still consists of the similar Rhythm and Blues elements that make music suave, sexy and on-beat, the contemporary part includes and combines other musical facets, such as, soul, funk, pop, hip-hop and dance. The electronic sounds created by synthesizers, the rhythm of the bass, the rap verses, the bold voices, the sweet lyrics– that is what makes up contemporary R&B, and what makes up Tiller’s musical domain. At just the young age of 23, Tiller has perfected a genre. He calls his musical style, “just trap and hip hop-influenced [by] R&B, the perfect marriage between hip hop and R&B.”


PC: Neelu Mohaghegh

He has deemed that some of his musical influences are: Omarion, R. Kelly, The-Dream, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown and Drake. People who have heard his music sometimes compare him to artists like  Jeremih, Drake, PartyNextDoor and Tory Lanez.

Nonetheless, last night, he executed his own show, and performed for the crowd. The lighting of the stage was incredible. All it was, was a simple set, and one LED banner across the background of the stage that displayed video-game-esque bands across its screen, perfectly silhouetting Tiller as he serenaded us all. His adoring fans reached out for him and he reciprocated the love by holding their hands and singing straight to them. What was so impressive was the fact that he sounded just as he does on his studio album, making his credibility spike up the charts. He spoke about dreams, he spoke about women, he spoke about hatred and he spoke about love. Tiller displayed so much charisma as he jumped, danced, gestured and paced back and forth across the stage. He had the crowd entranced; in fact, he seemed to have trapped their souls.

The crowd was young, but there was an aura about them that matched the intonations of the artist entertaining on stage. Tiller fostered somehow a group of people with passions and ambitions it seemed. Everyone around the room were smiling, and respecting Tiller as he went song by song, and small talk. People danced and cheered and for those instances, it felt as if there were nothing to worry about, and all that there was to do was enjoy the music.

Album artwork for T R A P S O U L.

Bryson is evolving in the music industry, and will absolutely be gaining momentum as he performs more and creates more. There have been discussions about future projects he is planning and working on at the moment, and fans are eager to hear what the innovative composer has in mind.

Listen to his album here now!

How To Live Creatively (Even If You’re Not)

Do you find yourself unable to express yourself artistically, but have always had a profound appreciation for all things art? Here are some tips to living creatively, even when you think you’re not artistically inclined in the slightest.

Have you ever wanted to create something of your own? Have you ever wanted to escape reality through an aesthetically pleasing outlet but just felt that you had no way of doing so for the lack of creative ability? Have you ever wished you could live life like your favorite musicians, artists, and celebrities? Have you ever wanted to say that you are living creatively?

We have all been in those slumps when the going gets tough in college, especially during four-day weeks that end up accumulating so much more work and activities and commitments than a regular, full week of school!

Well, luckily for you, there is an upside, and that is that you don’t have to always inherit an innate skill in art or some form of inventiveness when it comes to living creatively. You do not have to be the next Salvador Dali or the next Kendrick Lamar to lead a creative life! All it takes is a little change in perspective and a step in a new direction. Here are some tips to get the imagination warmed up and the artistic vibes flowing, because art truly comes in forms and kinds of all mediums. That is what is so great about it!

1. Take a new course, something different and out there.

Google Images

You can never go wrong when it comes to experimenting and trying something new. Creativity does not have to mean a paintbrush and canvas or an instrument and a tune, art can simply be taking the initiative to try something new and to become passionate about it. You could try to take that Global Documentary course you were dying to take or a language course or even a course on Fairy Tales or Sci-Fi.

2. Get more active in the social media world and add value to the posts you write or the images you post.


Try out different editing apps and search up quotes that inspire you. Look for artists (musicians, visual artists, photographers, fashionistas, etc.) that influence you. Post a picture of you and your friend somewhere totally cool in your town or drop a line that means a lot to you. Share yourself in a way you would want others to hear and see you.

3. Try out a new recipe.


A great way to spend time with friends and get a little creative is by cooking/baking. It is always adds an element of fun and experimentation. Pretend to be a food critic of your own masterpiece and enjoy the break from the crazy work surrounding you in your everyday life. (Plus, you finally take the time to feed yourself– I know college students are very bad about getting those important meals of the day.)

4. Go on an adventure!


No one really thinks about traveling or exploring as art, but if you really, truly grasp it, you are experiencing a form of art. You are appreciating the culture, the city, the people, and the food, even if it is just your college home town or what not, just doing something daring and different to inform you of something novel is one way to living creatively. You are willing to step out of the boundaries and venture out into the world– wanderlust.

5. Pick up a new hobby.


God knows, college is filled with an extensive array of activities right in front of you to take advantage of– so, do so! For instance, some universities offer spin classes, dance classes, ping pong classes, or aerial acrobatics, or you may be more into the music scene and want to go to some open mic nights or jazz sessions at a local coffee shop in your area, or you may enjoy writing more and start your own blog, or you may want to pick up a camera and learn how to do” light painting;”whatever the case may be, you should absolutely be open to reaching out and becoming an active member of something unique that will mean a lot to you. Plus, hobbies are great creative stimulators.

6. Search up new trends and give it a try.

Google Images

Once again, staying out of the lines is always a wonderful way to express yourself and your passions and to show that you really care about art and its ever-changing trends. Plus, it gives you a new sense of purpose and motivation when you have a goal to try something new. Try a new hairstyle, a new look, a new sport, or a new genre of music. Update that Spotify playlist to what is being recently discovered or give that hat look a try for the first time.

8. Carry a journal.


No, I am not saying you need to have a creative bone in your body to be a writer or a journalist. Sometimes, it is just the simple act of taking out that pen and paper and writing a word or two down, a phrase, a saying, a mantra, or even a doodle! Just step away from the phone and let those creative rants loose!

9. Finally, “look at your life like it’s a work of art,” and “eat with your eyes.”


A blog post on Astral & Opal by Vanessa Hudgens made an amazing point, that “we eat every single day, so sometimes we forget that food is art as well.” And this is so true! You would be surprised if you realized that life itself is an art. It is. Look back at memories, together they construct a short film in your head, they create bloopers, and they formulate a scrapbook. Look at the present and notice all the amazing people around you and the value they add to your life through their own experiences, stories, and passions. What is it that makes you energized, fascinated, alive? Appreciate the food you eat, the yoga you practice, the places you see, the music you hear, the dreams you dream, etc etc. There is always something that drives us, a powerful force of instant passion–creativity at its finest. It is fantastic when you feel best about yourself, the things you do, and the people you love. That is when you know you are doing something right, you are living creatively, in your own way.

So, never feel like you are not creative or never will be, because there are a multitude of ways you can get inspired and be considered creative– you just have to find your platform, your space, your tick, your outlet.

Def Jam’s Jahkoy Releases New Track “Odd Future”

In the ever-growing genre of Contemporary R&B, there is a particular artist who has made a place for himself among the big leagues of Def Jam, and his name is Jahkoy.

Jahkoy Palmer (known simply by his stage name Jahkoy) was named by Billboard as an “Artist To Watch” in 2016, and it is impressive that he has been recognized among the extreme competition in new music and sound that enters the industry each day.


The Toronto-born musician brings a new element of music to the studio table and his past hit songs “Still In Love” and “Hold Your Hand” made a huge hit in 2015, having been played on rotation on such artists’ individual Beats 1 radio stations as, Zane, Elton John, Pharrell, and Drake! He has also caught the attention of numerous media platforms such as PitchforkComplexThe Fader and NYLON.
His music is considered to be a multitude of genres put together, creating the perfect cocktail of sounds and vibes. Jahkoy himself, claimed that his music could be best defined as “bipolar.” And that it is. From the layering of beats, tunes, vocals, rhythms, and instruments, he creates a robust sound that is just the right amount of chill, while also being dramatic.

The dynamic artist uses the sweet sounds of synthesizers and beats to create typical electronica sounds, like those produced by Cashmere Cat, MNEK, and SZA. He then blends that with the aesthetic appeal of rhythm found in R&B, constructing the feeling of the ebb and flow of tunes, much like artists Mack Wilds, Kevin Garrett, and Jarryd James. He then mashes the concoction with a touch of unique, echo-ey pop vocals. His voice is reminiscent of Justin Bieber, yet with a more serene, seductive R&B aura about it.
He sings in his single “Hold Your Hand”:

“Can we get to know each other
More than we already do
The crazy thing about forever
Is that I only believe in it with you”


His music is catchy and contagious. Tempting enough to take a seat and just lay back to think about life.

In Jahkoy’s recent release, “Odd Future,” produced by Wondagurl and Nova, he implements a different take on the structure of the song from the rest of his past works. In this piece, the instrumentals are slowed down, more chaotic, and more layered. The ability to distinguish the sounds are blurred and his voice emulates the same melancholy falsetto as that of The Weeknd accompanied by the backdrop of bold dance club-like beats. It is then disrupted here and there by the striking sounds of snares and the rawness of the rap bridge. It is a very unique piece of work compared to his past releases and fits very well amongst the artists that Def Jam manages and promotes.

To hear it, take a listen here:


Fans of his were ecstatic for the new drop, blowing up his twitter page:

@jahkoy retweet.

At 11-years old, Jahkoy had decided to start rapping under the name Raheem, a name that had been given to him by his father’s side of the family. He then realized, that in order to be noticed, he would need a much more unique sounding name, and so he chose to go with one that was less known among the music community, his birth name, Jahkoy. He began making music since then, with single after single. In the fall of 2013, his debut project, Dying To Live Forever, presented the new flare that he hoped to bring to the Contemporary R&B world. He uploaded his work on Soundcloud and the rest was history.

Universal Music Group

In hopes of reaching out to an audience outside of his hometown, Jahkoy made it his mission to go to Hollywood, and soon after he did. The now 20-year old lives in Los Angeles working on a potential publishing deal with 1916 Management. He knew that moving to California was the write move for his career. He told Tania Peralta, of online publication Noisey, that he wished to be in a closer vicinity to “all these artists, producers, and songwriters many up-and-coming rappers and singers” and “if I’m in the Universal office or studio in LA there’s a chance I can run into Kendrick, I can run into Chris Brown and I can mainly run into them because everyone is just here. There’s just a lot more opportunities.”

This statement proved true when he was offered the chance to work with a Grammy Camp that 1916 Management put together. Jahkoy is now in the studios with producers and songwriters that were a part of the Grammy’s and works on potential records for certain artists, more specifically with Talay Riley (who has done significant work for artists such as Chris Brown and Austin Mahone).

Jahkoy continues to build new styles to his sound and works alongside notable people in the industry to help him climb the ladder to success. There is no doubt that the collaborations he has implemented in his compilations have helped him in the music domain. His delicate lyrics blended with R&B and dance, have featured voices like Mecca Kalani and Willow Smith. He has also been a part of a collective called 1234, which includes Willow and Jaden Smith and many more talented creatives.

He will be performing in the amazing line-up for the Firefly Festival this summer!

Jahkoy sang it himself in his song “Still In Love”:

“It’s alright
It’s okay
To try and hide your feelings today
Been around
Been away
But I won’t let it stay the same”

He certainly won’t let it stay the same with the momentum he is gaining in the music world, and many look forward to seeing what is in store for him in the new year of 2016 and what he is to produce in the future. He is an artist with a lot of potential and passion that is going to add to the musical community.

To hear more of his music, check out this link to his Soundcloud (you can also find him on Spotify) below and be sure to follow him on InstagramTwitterFacebook, and his Official Website.

Alessia Cara: Live at Brighton Music Hall

Last Friday night, chart-topping R&B/pop artist, Alessia Cara, gave an amazing performance at Boston’s intimate concert venue, Brighton Music Hall.

written by: Arzu Kir and Neelu Mohaghegh

Upon arriving to the venue, the atmosphere was filled with high-energy and anticipation for the three opening artists. These musicians all held a different style in their sounds, making the next performer just as unique as the last.  Collectively, they all contributed to creating an overall dynamic experience by introducing different genres to the audience.

The first to take the stage was the promiscuous and bold singer, Leaf. This woman knew how to pump up the crowd with her stage presence, complete with her two back-up dancers and their erotic choreography.



After giving a stunning performance, Craig Stickland took the stage with his acoustic guitar and vocals. He brought a sound that resembled a mix of Train and a higher-pitched Hozier. Needless to say, he shocked the crowd with his emphatic, passion-filled voice.

Craig Stickland.

The last opener was Kevin Garrett, a Brooklyn-based musician well-known among the R&B/Contemporary world.  Garret introduced a different vibe to the crowd— one that slowed things down. His particular sound conveyed melancholy emotions so strong that it had the girls in the crowd screaming out their adoration.

Kevin Garrett.

Several moments passed and the stage was finally set for the night’s anticipated headliner. The lights went out as screams filled the air, and Alessia Cara confidently strode onto the stage for her first stop of her U.S. tour. Dressed in a casual manner of a simple black shirt and black jeans, her style directly displayed her instant laid-back and relatable charisma.


Alessia Cara.

Her setlist covered her entire debut album, Know-It-AlI, released in November 2015, along with two well-known covers. The crowd, filled with diverse people of all ages, proved their dedication by engaging with the young artist throughout the night. Cara mutually engaged with her audience by separating the physical and emotional distance between her and her fans, keeping the spirit of the concert alive.

Alessia Cara.

Halfway through, she addressed the Boston crowd as the “loudest crowd yet.” Her constant humbled remarks to her fans showed how appreciative and modest she was about the journey she faced to get to where she is now. She also made a point to introduce her entire band, giving the recognition they deserved for their collaborative efforts.

Cara also introduced two of her more profound songs with special introductions. For her ballad “River of Tears,” she urged the crowd to put away their phones and to simply experience the moment with her. For her ballad “Scars to Your Beautiful,” she touched upon her views on body image. She emphasized that people in today’s society “decide what beauty should be” and vocalized how she’s opposed to it.

Alessia Cara.

Right before she sang her last song of the night, she made sure to take a picture of the crowd from her yellow polaroid, capturing the moment forever.

As part of her encore performance, she gave the crowd a treat by singing The Neighbourhood’s hit, “Sweater Weather.” The concert officially ended, and she left the crowd wanting more. The crowd was a lively sea of smiles, reluctant to leave the night.

For Alessia Cara, 2015 was not only her break-out year, but a year filled with incredible success. With constant radio play of her debut single “Here,” which recently became #1 on the Billboard charts, her presence in the music industry grew rapidly.  To hear the music that touched many, check out her album here:


Chance the Rapper Announces Third Mixtape!

Everyone’s favorite Chicago-born Hip hop/R&B/Soul artist has been making artistic feats one after another from his “Family Matters” Tour to his newest song “Somewhere in Paradise” feat. Jeremih and R. Kelly, and now his recently announced and anticipated third mixtape!

The Fader.

There is no stopping this man with wings whose music soars to new heights. Chance the Rapper is truly a man of his craft who experiments and evolves his sound with each release. Along with his fantastic orchestral crew, Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment.

Chance the Rapper’s music has been deemed innovative, unique, and inspiring. Of course, no one expects less from the musician as he recently displayed a teaser of his newest album to come through two 9-second clips on Snapchat.

Chance most definitely built hype for this new project with the first two singles – “Angels” feat. Saba and “Somewhere in Paradise” that he first previewed while on his tour.

Instagram account @chancetherapper.

The young 22-year old creative last created a mixtape in 2013, Acid Rap. Since then, he had not done much in releasing another record, but that did not stop him from living a dynamic and fulfilling lifestyle. His daughter was born and he became a father, he toured constantly, and he released his latest single with The Social Experiment on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Besides the Snapchat sneak peeks, Chance was also a musical guest this past showing of Saturday Night Live where he also hinted about his third mixtape there and on his Twitter account!

Twitter account @chancetherapper.


On Instagram, the star stood next to a crowd of musical gods, Jay-Z, Beyoncé, and Usher. In the picture, he even announces and hashtags the potential title for the third mixtape… Angels!



Looks like Chance is going to start the new year off right with this new mixtape! Be sure to stay on the lookout for the release date!

Colton Faull, of online Hip hop and Alternative music new publication, Pigeons and Planes, was able to retrieve Chance’s snaps  teasing two of his songs to be.

Update: The snaps have recently been taken down for copyright reasons, but what do you think? Will the mixtape be called Angels? Will it be yet another masterpiece? :

Weekly Hip Hop Ciphers in Downtown Boston Subways

If you happen to be walking underground in the MBTA stations of Downtown Crossing between Washington Street and Winter Street of Boston on Sundays around 3-6 pm, you might hear the deep intonations, fast-paced beats, and fantastic lyrics of the innovative hip hop community, Wreck Shop Movement’s Subway Cipher.


Yes, under the very streets that we walk upon each day, lies a whole world of people trying to influence and inspire through their passion to spit fire and recite their own thoughts and opinions in poetic and melodic form. All of this performance is free for your eyes and ears to discover, see, and listen to.

In case you weren’t sure, a “cipher” is a secret or disguised way of writing, almost as if you are speaking in code. Wreck Shop Movement’s Subway Cipher was established last year by a man named Justice Born, on Easter Sunday, and its mission is to gather rappers, poets and appreciators from all ends of the city of Boston area every Sunday afternoon at the Downtown Crossing T stop. The collective hopes to empower, inform, and educate the people of the Hip Hop culture, and being in such a millennial and collegiate town, I think that will not be a problem for them. They wish to give back to the community through their passions, which is a call to action any one should wish to aspire to do as well.

Perry Eaton of writes that here, “some of Boston’s best Hip hop comes alive every Sunday…at a T stop.” And he is most certainly right.

Whether it be through the hustling of freestyle rap verses or the cool and cunning nature of the rhymes and actual knowledge behind the forceful, compelling, and dominant words of these echoing voices.
Can you just imagine how exhilarating it must feel to have a circle of people all with similar interests, but all coming from different perspectives and backgrounds?

Here are two videos of the squad in action:


Born, the founder, explains that the reasoning behind the name “Wreck Shop” Movement is because it actually represents an acronym, and that is “When Raw Elements Combine Kinetically, Start Helping Other People.” These people from this community of creatives, are artists executing their craft for the world to see. From DJs to producers to poets to song-writers and to every-day intellectuals, they support one another in this circle of the underground.
Born stated that:

the ultimate goal is to inspire,” and that “Hip-hop is originally a movement for the people, and we’re trying to bring it back to that. It’s why we come to a subway station that’s heavily concentrated with people.

The larger the crowd, the more recognition. They may use technology to film and upload their videos out through the internet, and they may hide within the confines of the underground world, but when they are standing there in that very moment, they are displaying a show of talents face-to-face. One look around the circle and this mission becomes clear of bringing all ages, genders, and backgrounds. You could find older rappers singing about their growth and development over the years, you may hear a multi-lingual rapper, you may hear a man who teaches sign language in schools actually voice his emotions, and you may hear odes to children and loved ones.
Eaton was able to interview several regulars of the Subway Cipher crew and here is what they had to say about their experiences and why this place is significant to them:

Estee Nack, 31, of Lynn. PC: Perry Eaton,

“The cipher is something that we do to connect. It’s something that people have been doing since before it was a rap thing. As far as hip-hop is concerned, the cipher is where we gather to kick our rhymes, to share our minds with each other. But this is folk. Hip-hop is the last true form of American folk music. It’s something that’s organic, natural in speech, you can just start doing it.”

Big Brother Sadi, 40, of Lynn. PC: Perry Eaton,

“Hip-hop is a way of life, man. It’s a culture. It’s the music, the style of dressing, the dancing, the art. There’s a lot of things that you can’t express any other way. Every day we listen to music, we have conversations, we dress a certain way. We do all of those things to communicate through hip-hop.”


Justice Born (Founder), 33, of Lynn. PC: Perry Eaton,

“One time there was a blind man who passed by the cipher, and he looked like he was just trying to pass through to get wherever he was going. I was telling people to stand back and give him some room, but he was actually looking to reach onto someone and say, ‘Hey, are you guys going to be here long?’ The guy ended up leaving and came back with a box of Boston Creme doughnuts. He gave them to us and said, ‘These are for you, you guys are Boston’s cream of the crop.’ So he stuck around and gravitated towards this random cellist, and so the cellist came over and asked if he could strum some chords over the beat that we were playing. Next thing you know, he comes over and joins that cipher, too. That was probably one of the most beautiful things we’ve seen here.”


Mama G, 51, of Beverly. PC: Perry Eaton,

“I think the biggest misconception about hip-hop is that it’s all about negativity. There’s a lot of people who perform a lot of socially conscious hip-hop. That’s why I’ve decided to step out and do it recently. I’ve been writing my whole life, but I never really had enough of a purpose to do it. Now my mission is to share my message. It’s beautiful, what’s going on here. It’s about unity and bringing the community together.”


Michelle La Poetica, 39, of Boston. PC: Perry Eaton,

“Maya Angelou said, and I don’t remember it verbatim, ‘You’ll forget a person’s face, you’ll forget their name, but you’ll never forget how they made you feel.’ As a poet, my aim is to touch people, and make them see the world through my eyes–feel my pain, feel my struggle. Look at this beautiful circle–you see different colors, different sizes, different genres, different genders, and everyone has something about them to share.”


Mr. PSA, 32, of the North Shore area. PC: Perry Eaton,

“Wreck Shop has been my family for years. Everyone’s heard the phrase, ‘Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.’ Well this is the perfect place to never judge a book by its cover. I’ve seen Santas hop in the cipher before! There’s a kid over there right now rapping who’s 16 years old. I’m homeless right now so weeks have been a bit crazy for me– figuring out what I’m going to eat, where I’m going to sleep. So this for me is like church. Everything in the outside world is muckery compared to when I can come here and just put all of those problems in a bag and toss it to the side for a little while.”

To these people of the sect, this is an artistic sanctuary for a musical genre that has taken place in some of the worst parts of cities and some of the most beautiful. It is genre that has taken several forms of sonic sound (of voice and song) and transformed it into a medium all its own, with both dominance and charisma. It is a realm where people feel safe from judgement and can speak out. It is amazing to see the world and how it reacts and implements the entertainment world to make a greater and more connected notion. It only goes to show how the power of music can link livestogether. This is what makes living in a spirited and active city, such as Boston, so incredible.

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