Kids Vibing to Chance the Rapper Music Is True Love

When Chance the Rapper’s Coloring Book was released last month, all anyone could say was how incredibly beautiful, soulful, upbeat, and spiritually positive, the infectious album is.


The music of Chance the Rapper has had its recognition over the course of the years, but this time, it has been given much more of that spotlight. Chance has been smart enough to include not only his fellow adults into his world, but also the likes of the youth. The album has been a huge success commercially, becoming the first streaming-exclusive record to rank in the top 10 of the Billboard 200. This is such a huge hallmark for both the Hip-hop realm and the Chicago-born rapper himself. The album struck a chord in the hearts of many because of its nostalgic aura.

The 23-year old artist has catered his music to a large variety of audience members, and yes, that even includes children.

Chano, they all love you, no doubt about that, but you got the kids vibing out to the sounds of Coloring Book like no other album does.

Mashable recently reported how Twitter has been blowing up with what might be the most adorable videos ever known to man! These are little kids under the age of 10, vibing, singing, dancing, and feeling the feels to Chance’s Coloring Book. Some of these kids are still in diapers! But this really gives me hope that this generation will have great taste in music and a whole lot of love and peace. The cutest part is that you can even tell which munchkins enjoy the mellow, laid back tunes of Chance or the fast-tempoed, more kickin’ with it songs. The kiddos show true love for the music like the OG Chance fans that they are.

So, enough talk! Here is your daily dose of pure joy and delight watching these little ones rock out to some pretty great music.

Caution: Prepare yourself, because you may find yourself shrieking and/or crying out of the utter, incomprehensible cuteness of these videos.


Hope you’re still ok after all of that. So precious!



Bieber Keeps Us “Company” With New Music Video

Yesterday, June 8th, Justin Bieber released the music video to one of his top singles off his Purpose album, “Company.”

The broken-hearted 22-year old gathered together episodes and fragments of his recording and touring experiences to put together this simple and humbling video of Bieber’s life in this album to accompany with a song that demonstrates just as much humility in its lyrics.

Complex Magazine

In a recent cover story interview with Complex, Bieber said:

That’s what I wanna get out to the world more. I’m tired of putting on a mask and a show for these people. I’m just gonna be myself and if they don’t like it, they don’t like it. I move on.

He states that he wants people to change their perceptions of the young boy that once was. The boy who did foolish things, lost a monkey, got sent to jail, pissed in a bucket all for publicity and  fell in love too soon. He wants to be appreciated for his music and the effort he puts into it. People such as Skrillex and other artists whom he has worked with have said that Bieber’s hyper-competitiveness is an achilles heel to his personality– one side we never really get to see. So is he ever real?

Snippets of concerts, friends, press, recording studios, smiles, kids, travels, adventures, goof offs, Bieber’s face, tattoos, bleach blondeness, and Calvin Kleins — the video has all the components that construct what is the Bieber icon.

Nonetheless, with a solid effort and a shot at redemption, this video exposes a more authentic, down-to-Earth side to the Biebs. One where he’s really acting his age, enjoying his time, learning, growing, and appreciating the people that surrounded him. In the song itself, Bieber just asks for a companion to share the moments with:

It ain’t about the complications
I’m all about the elevation
We can keep it goin’ up
Oh, don’t miss out on us
Just wanna have a conversation
Forget about the obligations…

So, is Bieber really taking a stance? Is he letting his fans in, keeping them company as he goes on this journey to find himself? Is he making a change of mind or a change of heart?

In other recent related news, Bieber had dropped a little musical surprise for his fans that demonstrates a change of sound. He remixed a cover for Drake’s “One Dance.” This remix was shockingly well executed and you can actually experience a new tone to the Canadian’s vocals– deeper, stronger, and possibly more mature.

Check out the new video for “Company” and let us know what you think of it!

The Great Escape Playlist



Travel, travel, travel…. Anyone feeling wanderlust? Ya, we all are. Well, here is your little hint of relief; this is you’re Great Escape playlist!

This is a set list of electronic, international, R&B, indie, rock, and tropical house tracks that will get you into the right zone. You’ll feel all the moods of being on a Mediterranean Sea, hearing foreign voices, getting tropical vibes and R&B feels, rocking out to alternative indies tunes, and enjoying just the overall thrill of getting away and escaping somewhere unknown.

This playlist will have you saying c’est la vie, jumping into your car, and driving off or getting to the airport to jet set out of here and go to wherever your heart desires.

Satisfying all of your needs with all kinds of liberating music to help with your departure, there are artists like Matisyahu, Matoma, HelloGoodbye, Chris Brown, Galantis, Major Lazer, Broods, Ben Howard, The Knocks, Cobra Starship, The Fugees, Rihanna and many many more. Per usual, a very eclectic list to cater to whatever you need to breakout of the explorative-slump that you’re in. There are also a few artists from overseas with wonderful tunes that very much make you feel like you are sitting in an international coffeeshop listening to their tunes and drinking a nice cup of cappuccino. AND, of course some throwbacks, because why not?

Ah….This is your Great Escape. The Great Escape. That’s what some people need this summer, especially since school had you going crazy, work and internships now have you going mad, and don’t even get me started on what being back home with families are possibly doing to your sanity.


As Chris Martin of Coldplay sang:

And if we’ve only got this life / In this adventure, oh, then I / Want to share it with you

-“Adventure of a Lifetime”

And…We want to share with you our music to help you get on your adventure! So, here it is! Listen Now!

Like always, be sure to follow our Spotify account for more weekly playlists this summer and to refresh your music library– Ciao!

Artist Spotlight: Introducing ‘Black Water’

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 1.00.22 AM copy.jpg

Put enthusiasm, charm, humor, drive, and talent together and the equation formulates the dynamic musical duo Black Water.

I had the pleasure of meeting with Jameel Zion and Brian Phillips, two collegiate artists from the city that reached out to speak with me about their music and their aspirations!  We had the meeting the other day in Boston on a bright sunny day, in a Bluestate Coffeehouse. The first to show up was Zion, in all white garment, and looking extremely and hilariously prophetic, and then came Phillips, conversely in all black clothing. Needless to say, they promised me that this was not a planned ensemble, but I had noticed almost immediately that they seemed to have an innate vibe between one another.

The interview was extremely casual and chill and the guys made sure to keep it light hearted. But the great part of our discussion overall was how we bounced back and forth between ideas, opinions, thoughts, preferences and brainstorms on all types of topics: music, school, Boston and the Hip-hop scene, artists, family, past experiences, management advice, politics, and more. The conversation was extremely diverse and it seemed to never end only because these two were so fascinating and captivating from the start.

IMG_0669.JPGSo, why should you be on the look out for these guys? Because Black Water will hopefully be the next underground alternative R&B group you swoon over. Girls, these guys are charming. Boys these guys are dope. They’re a group of two young men with a vision and passion for their style of music, that is an innovative blend of contemporary Hip-hop, alternative R&B, and electronic Soul. Both being Berklee College of Music students, they have a pretty good musical background behind them. Zion is concentrating in songwriting and Phillips in overall music production.

All in all, these two have an ear for sonic composition and are trying to make a name for themselves within the city of Boston, though neither one of them come from Boston originally. Zion is from Ohio and Phillips is from New Jersey, but since their whole musical collaboration and partnership was found here, in the cafeteria of their college, this is where they hope to grow and develop until they achieve their dreams.

Throughout the entirety of the interview (and even after), Zion, 23, and Phillips, 26, seemed to be vibing and connecting on a level only they could comprehend. They would look at one another, nod in agreement to each others’ responses and piggy-back off of one another’ phrases and jokes.

When I asked them where they got the name Black Water from, Zion replied, somewhat guiltily, that he had seen something on Tumblr that looked like black water and it was just so interesting to him that he thought it would be a cool name for their group.

______________________________________________________Here are some highlights from my interview with Black Water:

Me (NM): What about music drew you to the whole career path or the whole idea of making music?

Phillips: Well for me, it’s funny, I started playing saxophone first, well actually, I first started with clarinet and recorder, so with me, I don’t know. It was fun, and it was something about the sounds coming from it that caught me, and you know, I noticed that everyone was having fun with it… I guess it was the energy behind it all is what attracted me to it and it makes people happy; I think that’s what attracted me to it.

Zion: For me, I have always been like a creative person, and I would always see my mom coming home from work, stressed out, and so for me, it was that I wanted to do music, and I knew I wouldn’t be stressed because it is something I like, it won’t  make me feel like I am going to “work” and would be stressing me out all the time. I was originally in classical music, so I was in opera, and they told me I should try out for something else and so yeah, I did, and one thing led to another.

_________________________________________________________________NM: So, how did you guys end up meeting and going into this project together?

Zion: We just vibe.

NM: Kind of feed off one another’s music?

Phillips: Ya, most definitely.

They went further into the funny story of their meeting then, that had me cracking up.

_________________________________________________________________NM: So, who are some of your musical inspirations or influencers?

Zion: I would say FKA Twigs, The Weeknd of course…

Phillips: Tyler the Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, Odd Future people, Frank Ocean, Kanye West, Anderson .Paak, Taylor McFerrin, Flying Lotus, MF Doom, a lot of UK producers.

They gave some insight into their writing process and how it has changed over time. Before they would have one of them make the beat and the other would write, but now they write the ideas first together, and then put it to rhythm and music later on.

Phillips: We come to it like how can we tell this story and paint as much imagery as possible… I’m trying to tell you a story and make it as vivid as possible.

We talked about the motivation behind the constant creation and production, even when obstacles get in the way, and Zion had commented that it’s the real love behind it all and that there would be nothing else that he would want to be doing. He also noted that it’s cathartic for him and that he wants to give people something that they can relate to and feel what he’s trying to show.

_________________________________________________________________We explored their opinions on the Hip-hop scene in Boston, particularly, and they laughed about their personal criticisms of it.

Phillips: Haha oh man, I’m trying to find the most respectful way of saying this.

NM: Oh, c’mon. You can be totally honest!

Phillips: Ok, to me, the Boston Hip-hop scene has promise in it, but it’s weird. There seems to be a lot of talent, like Michael Christmas, I like what he does, what he does is dope, but in Boston (a) there’s not a lot of unity and (b) I just don’t think the city overall supports it [Hip-hop]. But I’ll be honest, I don’t think there lacks talent, but there are a lot of interesting little people trying to get out of Boston, I don’t mean little, but there’s not a lot of places to perform Hip-hop here in the city.

Zion: Ya, we’ve been specifically told by certain places ‘we don’t do Hip-hop.’ There’s definitely a glass ceiling here. _________________________________________________________________

It was interesting to hear them explain the difficulty of getting yourself out there to venues and reaching out to people so that you can perform and hard it is, but Phillips also had told me that he busked his freestyles and beats in the underground T stations and that’s where it all began for him to start letting people hear him out. On the upside, they have always had their family’s support in whatever they were doing, and since that “whatever” is music, they encourage to keep pursuing what they enjoy and to keep doing their thing.

All in all, as Black Water, they feel that they have identified their sound and their group and have enough material to produce, but they’re trying to figure out what they have to do next– trying to perform and go on tour and make an EP– the whole publication process.

When I first listened to Black Water, I had listed a few similar artists that came to mind, and when I asked them who they could compare themselves to, they seemed to be in agreement with my perceptions. They could easily be compared to the musical stylings of The Weeknd, Miguel, Tyler the Creator, Frank Ocean, and Earl Sweatshirt (just think all Odd Future).

As I had mentioned earlier, our conversation took many various paths and led down multiple trains of thought even after the interviewing process (mostly becatuse we got food and decided to just hang out some more and eat). It was incredibly refreshing to speak to two young artists in the Hip-hop world who didn’t have the ego of Yeezy or the lack of appearance of Frank Ocean (yes, I am still a bit salty about the album). No, these two have a lot more behind them, and that’s passion and drive and desire. They heard it, they made it, they want it. And they are willing to give it all that they have got to make it real.

The two still have a lot of work to do when it comes to working in the industry such as finding quality mixers, photographers, videographers, connections, venues, and more. But, they have a plan they know what they want and need, and getting their name out there will be the first step to making this experimental duo a masterpiece.

To hear more from Black Water, check them out on:





Official Website

Chris Borelli Drops New Music Video: “Clocks”

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 2.27.10 PM.png

It’s about time! Chris Borelli is back with an all new music video for his single “Clocks.”

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 2.26.22 PM.pngScreen Shot 2016-05-26 at 2.26.40 PM.pngScreen Shot 2016-05-26 at 2.26.31 PM.png

Do not forget this name, Chris Borelli.

A couple weeks ago, Verge Campus writer, Adrian Thomas, had a one-on-one interview with the Massachusetts-local artist himself, discussing his story and the power behind the man and the music.

Now, Borelli proudly announces his return and rise by dropping a this new music video today for the track that comes straight off of his PASSIVE mixtape!

Check out how a Boston rapper’s story and love for the art of Hip-hop evolved into his career now, here.


The song, “Clocks,” is wonderful in itself with the Hip-hop vibe and flow it conveys. It has a beat that strikes the chest and a bass that surrounds your ears at every corner and angle. Borelli delivers this piece with purpose and extreme passion, so that when you hear him say:

I got elegance handcrafted in my psyche / lyrics be like movies on my mind so I write these / motion picture bars make you see the whole feature…genesis in my tone / one love I got the heart to bring the peace of my own / one shot to kill the game it’s not a piece I can done / I stole them, alright, with one of my masterpieces alone…

you know he means it all.

Every single word, line, lyric, verse, chorus, rhythm, beat is distinctly representative of the fabrications he thought of and wrote. You know he constructed this piece to not cater to anyone out there but himself and his fans. In the video, women and men and color are all stripped away by the lack of color to fully display an equal playing field. The visual display of his track is so incredibly unique. In all of that brief 4 minute and 37 second cinematic experience, you gain a better perspective of the artist himself and his musical identity.

The black and white of the video is just the right amount of simple to make the music truly stand out. The people in the video shape shift alongside the focal artist, and it’s almost as if you are moving along with time as the images alter and the faces and body movements change, as well as, the rapping goes on perpetually in a cyclical intonation. It’s as if he is chanting to the world out there as he breathes out his words hoping that you can keep up with him and feel him on his level. The crumpled paper-background adds a nice texture to the overall white noise of the video, and the up-and-down emotion that Borelli displays alongside his multiple actors who sing along with him, adds a diverse and dynamic element to the overall mobile scenes.

Borelli’s vocals were extremely striking in this particular track as he plays with his voice in its raw nature to a robotic sound and from a calm and collected incantation to a loud and emphatic announcement, to the smooth, melodic, and accentuating tunes of the sing-song chorus. The music is atmospheric from the start and builds up behind his verses, sounding simple, airy, low and high; almost like digital wind chimes.

At the end of the video, there’s a quick snippet of a blooper that displays the down-to-earth and authentic character Borelli is. In other words, he is keeping it real.

People could compare his sound to Logic, Kid Cudi, Childish Gambino, and G-Eazy, but of course he is an artist all of his own.

Borelli said in his last interview with Thomas that “I find the commonalities with what people are enjoying and what people enjoy the most. You take that as your main ingredient and mix it up with your story and your style.” He truly believes in the product he creates, and he wants to share that with people. “No matter how much the industry changes, as long as you continue to tell your story and stay true to what you are and how you convey it, I think people will always respect it, especially when they can rock to it,” Borelli explains.

Watch the music video now!:

He’s got the right formula and the right mindset, and there’s a great potential for this rapper to emerge in this city, as long as he continues to keep pushing forward, challenging his work, and putting himself out there for the crowd and community.

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 2.28.04 PM.png

Want to hear more from Borelli? Want to see more? Then be sure to follow him on Instagram / Twitter, like him on Facebook, and check out his Site and Soundcloud!

Stunning and Insane: Telegraph Ave Music Video— Childish Gambino


Childish Gambino released a music video a while back to accompany his single “Telegraph Ave (‘Oakland’ by Lloyd),” and it is stunning and outrageous!


The location of this cinematic representation of his track takes place in Kauai, Hawaii. Of course, Gambino has us feeling all the feels in this sweet rendition of a man falling in love on an island getaway with a beautiful girl (Jhené Aiko). And in like every music video the Hipster-hop artist constructs, he finds a girl, they have a whimsical rendez-vous, and then he gets friend-zoned. Oh Donald.

Nonetheless, the visuals are stunning. They’re powerful enough to take you to another place and the music in the video vibes and flows perfectly together in perfect harmony.


As you watch the scene-by-scene reel, the lighting strikes angles of the face in ideally accentuating ways. It shadows parts of Gambino’s facial expressions while also illuminating others, but consistently brightens Aiko’s throughout the short film.

As the beat and rhythm flow along with the driving, the waves, and Gambino’s gestures and dance, one can not help but feel transcendental and at peace in all of this balance of music and wanderlust. Gambino plays with his laid-back nature and reflects the seduction of the tropics in this music video.

But of course, like every freak and geek, Gambino leaves a bit of a surprise for all to see, abruptly disturbing the beautiful Island vibe and bliss you were experiencing.

The end will have your mind spinning…


Thought you’d be watching the  eternal chill of Gambino that possesses and exudes? Think again. Prepare yourself for that last minute… You may find that you’re jaw has dropped to the floor and that you’re replaying the end over and over again to assure yourself that you saw what you actually saw– until it finally sinks in, that yes indeed, that did actually happen in the video.

Album Release: Ariana Grande – A Not So ‘Dangerous Woman’


The R&B/Pop songstress, Ariana Grande, is back again with a new album release that comes with a bite, and possibly a bit of a gnaw, Dangerous Woman. Here is a full track-by-track review of it!

From all of the hype that was given to the promotion and fabrication of this piece, I could only imagine that Grande would not let this album be a failure. Though true that there are an incredible amount of songs on this album that are unique and are sonically and vocally innovative, I felt that it did not compare to her previous album My Everything, that I thought really had some dynamic tracks to it and displayed her music individually. Nonetheless, Dangerous Woman flows and follows a consistent clichéd theme of being the seductive, innocent girl expressing herself a little more than her parents would approve.

So, that should make it a dangerously steamy album, and yet something about the slightly more feminine Donnie Darko still is missing something in her music or maybe it’s that it’s too much of the same card being played, thus making it a blandly erotic album  to the already disillusioned listeners.

Here is the 15-track list review:

Track 1: “Moonlight”

She starts off her highly anticipated album with a sweet, almost 50’s-esque tune that reminds me of a summer melody from Grease but with a more 21-st century pop sound. It’s soothing and fits her voice decently, but seems to not fit the exact portrayal of the album she rendered before-hand.

Track 2: “Dangerous Woman”

Now comes the track that everyone has heard and expected of the seductress herself. Honestly, this would be one of the better songs on her album. With a clear beat and an alluring melody, it keeps you head-nodding to its rhythm. It has an eccentric and strangely satisfying mixture of rock, pop, R&B, and electronic sounds to its structure, which is what I think makes it such a strong piece. It’s dark without being too cynical, and sexy with a pinch of sultry joy thrown into the cocktail that could make any girl feel like a “Dangerous Woman.” It is also the name of the entire record and was also the first song on the track to be revealed along with a music video.

Watch the Music Video for “Dangerous Woman” Now!

Track 3: “Be Alright”

Another catchy tune of hers, “Be Alright,” fit more of her more usual sounds of layered vocals on top of warped baby/alien sounding voices. It even had xylophones creating the backdrop noise, which was an intriguing twist, but also very much fitting for her paradoxical goal to sound like a mature and sensual version of bubble-gum pop.

Track 4: “Into You”

This was another favorite of mine. She uses her strong voice proudly in this piece with a very contagious and passionate dance sound that gets you entranced to jam out and move no matter what you do. Trust me, do not resist the urge to move to this song.  Very into this.

Track 5: “Side to Side ft. Nicki Minaj”

This was a cool track because it had a bit of that modern take on the Caribbean beat that it seems all artists are giving a try these days (e.g. Drake, Rihanna, and Meaghan Trainor), not to mention it incorporates a collab with the rapper beast herself, Nicki Minaj. Those two always seem to work well together when it comes to combining their musical stylings because of their assertive vocal positions.

Track 6: “Let Me Love You ft. Lil Wayne”

Of course, this song was another hit on her set-list. It was the second track she released from the previews of the album she displayed. The excitement came from the fact that she collaborated with Lil Wayne for this song, as well. Weeeeezy. I agree, the song is very catchy, very chill, and very refreshing in a sense. It doesn’t need much to make it a worthy song to kick back to, and Lil Wayne just intensifies that laid-back vibe. It has those provocatively robotic and other-worldly incantations that The Weeknd tries to do in a way.

Track 7: “Greedy”

Ok, I can admit I get pretty greedy listening to this song. It’s got a bold, 80’s vibe that I just really find fun to listen to. It has a little girl-power to it too, with emphatic percussion lining the perimeter for the entirety of the song as she pops, jumps, swings, and riffs away.

Track 8: “Leave Me Lonely”

This track had so much potential, but not for this album. This was a piece that could have been executed better if it was more integrative with her voice and, perhaps, more layered. Knowing that Macy Gray is one of her musical inspirations, it was nice to see her incorporate a sample of a famous song of hers, yet it was just so out of place from the rest of the record.

It’s got a moody aspect going for it though, and it absolutely gives that true jazzy/soul perspective to her sound. On the other hand, it seems too try-hard to be artsy utilizing vintage components to elevate her music. The transitioning between each artist was not well-constrcuted. This is when I slowly started to notice that the songs began to not sound different from each other. Where’s the lustful temptress I felt from “Dangerous Woman?” Now, it just sounds like the girl next door. No differentiation in pitch, in tone, in charisma, in anything… Just plain ol’ Grande… getting to be more petite.

Track 9: “Everyday ft. Future”

Now, I was very excited for the collaboration with Future, since he seemed to be on fire these days with his recent album release and other collaborationbut was very disappointed by the result. I did not find the song flattering to her usual falsettos, and Future had a very minimal part to the song... “everyday, everyday, everyday…” Of course, he had his rap monologue, and it was great, as usual, but I am still not pleased by her collab with him.

Track 10: “Sometimes”

From this point on, the songs began to feel less and less experiential as her first few tracks and they seem to become less significant. The rest of the songs were more like the fluffy, extra, and unnecessary tracks just to hear more of her voice and seem impressive that she spent so much time on 15 tracks. But Ari, sometimes less is more.

Don’t get me wrong though– the others are definitely catchy and something I could listen to in the background while I was working.

This particular track, I did like for its more lax atmosphere. Something I could listen to if I was laying back in a field of grass or in a hammock staring at the sky or walking on the beach. It even has some great lyrics that give you the feels:

"I ain't even think of leaving sometimes/ I ain't even think of letting go / I ain't ever thought of going nowhere / I don't even see it down the road / Cause we're collectin' moments / Tattoos on my mind"

Track 11: “I Don’t Care”

But here we go again…

Track 12: “Bad Decisions”

And again…

Track 13: “Touch It”

And… again… (2 more to go)

Track 14: “Knew Better / Forever Boy”

Should I really keep going?…

Track 15: “Thinking About You”

Yes, I think I have made a distinct point. As many literature professors would say to the conclusion of a paper, “so what?


Sure, her recent performance on SNL proved that she could rock a man’s suit while singing, and her performance earlier today on Good Morning America definitely raised the excitement of the soundtrack’s release, but overall, this album was much more of the twenty-year old facing the struggles of the teenage-to-adulthood transition– perplexing and mystifying. Where did the flame go? Where did the “dangerous” in the “woman” disappear to? The rest of the songs are just… well… cute?

All in all, it is all left to personal, subjective interpretation, and so you should most definitely give it a listen on your own. The link is below! Has Ariana been over-estimating her supposed “sex-appeal” and popularity as the queen of hypocritical pureness versus promiscuity? Or do you think she has stepped out of her box and given her music a new sonic edge? Let us know!

Note: Music video to “Let Me Love You ft. Lil Wayne” to be dropped soon!

Listen to the entire album here!


Kehlani Delivers a Powerful Speech to Fans



This is what R&B songstress and suicide-survivor, Kehlani, announces positively to the crowd as she delivers a motivational speech to her fans about the reality and severity of mental illnesses today.


Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 11.25.35 AM.png
Instagram: @kehlani


You’ve lost all hope and you feel like there is nothing else for you to do, nothing else you can do– these are the feelings that artist, Kehlani, has felt before and has escaped successfully. She recently performed her first show back since her incident in her hometown of Oakland, California. During the show, she paused her performance to convey a powerful speech about suicide prevention. She reveals information about her own suicide attempt last March and how it was not the first time she attempted to take her own life. If you can recall, the petite beauty had ended up in the hospital, Instramming a photo of her injected arm. She also had posted a ‘Thank You’ photo to her ex, PARTYNEXTDOOR, for “saving her life.”

In this same segment of her performance, Kehlani discourages her fans of doing and thinking the same demeaning acts and thoughts as she had done and to instead focus on the importance of living here and now– to push the negativity out and embrace the enchantment surrounding.


Instagram: @kehlani


With her sweet voice, she tells her screaming, adoring fans “please tell somebody. And please, don’t TRY it, don’t DO it.” She goes on to express the immensity of depression today and how it is something “so many young people are dealing with and so many young people just slip under the rug to things like depression, severe anxiety, and many disorders that people know nothing about.”

With emphasis, Kehlani says “so, if you have a friend and they’re scaring you a little, just love them, ok? Hug them and love them up and tell them that it’s good, ok?”

She professes her intense love for everyone there, with the most genuine and hopeful smile painting her face. She is planning on working closely with the National Suicide Hotline to help people in mental health crises. She wants it to be available and accessible to anyone and everyone.

Here’s a clip from Kehlani’s performance where she speaks up for and speaks out to her fans.


What’s up now?

Well, with a new hair-do (shorter and blonder) and a stronger mind, this star is now all smiles, shining brightly and making moves:

  • She is touring again, and gracing her fellow followers with her stunning vocals, recapturing the essence of her music and love for the art.
  • She has released a new single “24/7” earlier this month, and it is killer! The song addresses the complexities of life and its ups and downs. She sings in the introduction:

It’s ok to not be ok / To dive in your pain / And it’s alright to not be alright / To search for your light

Listen to it now!

  • And… She has reportedly gone vegetarian for the past three months, and is hoping to eventually make the shift to veganism.

Unknown.jpegPeace and love! 🙂