Bad At Love

Refresh, Rewind, & Revibe

Not The Type


Big Sean Don

For Her

Before School Starts

For the West Coaster

Places & Sounds

All Night

Love On the Brain


The Unrecognizables

Coffee House Hours

The Ultimate Dorm // Apartment Playlist

Ye Button

I’m Finessin’

Guys Who Falsetto

California Dreamin’

 The 4th

100 Degrees Higher

From seductive R&B riffs and heavy-hitting hip-hop beats and hear-racing EDM risers, this is the playlist that makes the temperature in the room go up 100 Degrees Higher. Whether you’re in a room filled with crowded dancing people or by yourself in your room with the music blasting, this is the set list that will have you raving for days. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to find your epic and enticing inner islander spirit! So, soundtrack your life!

Hello, It’s Me, Love

Here’s another playlist for your enjoyment this week with a slew of new voices, some obscure and unknown, and some known better than they know themselves. No matter how well known you are, no matter who you are and what you do, this is a playlist about the self. This is a playlist for all of you, loves. This is a playlist about love and acceptance of all sorts. In the past few days, there has been a lot of hate, and I think one of the most powerful forms of medicine for that is music and art.

Christina Grimmie’s death, the Orland shootings, fear and hunger and pain and strife overseas. There is so much in this world that needs fixing and we have been singing our hearts out about it hoping that one day it will change. For every step we take forward, we take a step back, and every time we do, we should never stop trying to take that next step forward again.

Whether you are man, woman, child, adult, black, white, short, tall, artsy, scientific, and more… what does it matter? We all listen to the same tunes, all feel the feeling of loving something in our lives, and to me and to many, that’s the most beautiful gift of all. To feel love. To know oneself and love oneself for whom he or she is and to love another for the exact same reason.

Music is the same. It’s free flowing – it is the freedom of expression. It is the voice with emotion in the form of many genres. All sound different and all have their own personality and effect on people. That is what makes it unique. It is free for anyone to listen to and it is appreciated by all. Let’s stop the hate and appreciate.


And here is an exclusive song, or bonus track if you will, that I thought was very fitting for the playlist and the unfortunate events that occurred this weekend, an artist who knows the meaning of Love– “Eyes Like Sky” by Frank Ocean:

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Peace and love! ✌❤️

The Great Escape

Travel, travel, travel…. Anyone feeling wanderlust? Ya, we all are. Well, here is your little hint of relief; this is you’re Great Escape playlist!

This is a set list of electronic, international, R&B, indie, rock, and tropical house tracks that will get you into the right zone. You’ll feel all the moods of being on a Mediterranean Sea, hearing foreign voices, getting tropical vibes and R&B feels, rocking out to alternative indies tunes, and enjoying just the overall thrill of getting away and escaping somewhere unknown.

This playlist will have you saying c’est la vie, jumping into your car, and driving off or getting to the airport to jet set out of here and go to wherever your heart desires.

Satisfying all of your needs with all kinds of liberating music to help with your departure, there are artists like Matisyahu, Matoma, HelloGoodbye, Chris Brown, Galantis, Major Lazer, Broods, Ben Howard, The Knocks, Cobra Starship, The Fugees, Rihanna and many many more. Per usual, a very eclectic list to cater to whatever you need to breakout of the explorative-slump that you’re in. There are also a few artists from overseas with wonderful tunes that very much make you feel like you are sitting in an international coffeeshop listening to their tunes and drinking a nice cup of cappuccino. AND, of course some throwbacks, because why not?

Like Controlla

So you’ve just been chilling around, hoping for some new music to get you jamming, right?

Well, look no further because Verge Campus BU has got a new playlist for you and it’s going to get you singing, dancing, and feeling all the feels “Like Controlla.” 😉

This playlist is filled with some of the newest songs out now from some of your favorite artists and from all kinds of genres. It’s eclectic enough to adapt to any style you’re in the mood to vibe to. The list includes OneRepublic (tbt?), Drake (but of course), Kygo (summmmmeeerrr), French Montana & NAS, MØ, Colony House, Elijah Blake, Jon Bellion, Kehlani, Mike Posner, Zara Larsson, Calvin Harris and many more!

Also, another artist in the playlist that needed to be represented has an album that is still slightly under the radar, yet is shocking people and getting a lot of listens! KAYTRANADA’s newest release 99.9%, which consists of collaborations with a lot of dynamic individuals. Some of those artist includes features with AlunaGeorge, Anderson .Paak, River Tiber, Craig David, and BadBadNotGood (just to name a few).  This is album is certainly going to be making waves as more and more people give it a listen and find out more about it. It can be best described as the strangest mélange of jazz, R&B, hip-hop, and some pop-electronic sounds.

All in all, we hope this playlist is a cool new addition to your music library and a good start for you to not only hear other sounds that you’ve already heard before, but to also see how some of the artists you used to listen to have evolved over time. Listen to this playlist and then go back to some of the artists in the playlists old work and see what is different about them now– I’m sure you’ll be in for a surprise.

Welcome to My House Summer 2k16 Playlist

What is that? Finals are over? Your school year has officially ended?! That is right collegiate friends, congratulations on possibly surviving another year of college! In order to celebrate your freedom, here is a playlist filled with some of the newest hits worth getting up an partying to, that you love, but also some of the sickest tunes to vibe and grind to– Oh yes, here is a summer 2k16 playlist!

Time to breathe and think about the good days to come. Whether you’re working the new internship you landed, or you’re planning a summer bucket list to explore cities and new places with friends, or you’re traveling to new places, or you’re a graduating senior preparing yourself to take on the real world, we all need music to bring our spirits up!

With that in mind and my eclectic taste in music, I have concocted a summer vibes cocktail that will certainly have you jamming out in almost every genre form there is! What better way to dance with joy, cynically kissing all of those textbooks and late nights and energy drinks and stress, goodbye, than to jam out to some of your favorite tunes?! This playlist is sure to get you in the right state of mind to stop all of the Work, Work, Work, Work, Work… Some artists included are: Kanye, LÉON, Tove Lo, Parade of Lights, Two Door Cinema Club, AlunaGeorge, Calvin Harris, Big Sean, Jhené Aiko, Kevin Garrett, ZAYN, Meghan Trainor, and Drake! What are you waiting for?! Let summer commence and check this playlist out now!

Hotline Kings

A Contemporary R&B playlist to get your day started and your mind focused.


The Lookout

Starting off the new year of 2016 with a new sound; here are the artists and songs to look out for in the new year!


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