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[Exclusive] Interview with Coast Modern on New Album & Fav LA Tacos

Take a dive into their chill, tropical sound waves

This dynamic duo, made up of Luke Atlas and Coleman Trapp, is up to something and that something is their forthcoming debut album which is to become the perfect set list of jams for you this summer! The expected release is to be July 28th, so be sure to mark your calendars for when this special day arrives.

A new track we have gotten a taste of is their recent release “Dive”, which is a single off the upcoming compilation. Billboard said “Here’s another certified jam to add to your summertime playlist, courtesy of Coast Modern.”

The best way to describe their music? I’d say it’s the sound of Weezer’s Island in the Sun meets the Beach Boys in a wistful indie dreamland of sorrow and bliss. When you hear their music, you are transported to a sort of middle world of dimensions where  you really have no cares at all and just let the music take you away in this endless stream of consciousness. I decided to take a dive with the guys and learn more about the makings of their sound and little more about them in general.

The guys are always known to be fun and cheeky, and so I thought it would be fun to ask a few unconventional interview questions to set the right scene.

#tbt 💪pumped to do this stuff again next month. 👀 u soon‼️

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When I asked 1/2 of Coast Modern about their sound and the genre he perceived themselves as, he replied “It’s funny that before we signed our publishing deal our record deal, I didn’t even know that alternative was a genre, and that kind of surprised me when that was a thing.” He continued to explain the concept behind their recently released track: “when we wrote ‘Dive’ we were kind of trying to capture that nostalgic, youthful excitement. Maybe it’s like fresh love, maybe it’s like exploration. It’s also just very tropical vibes.”

Coast Modern quite literally tries to aim for their namesake, “modern”, in the sense that they are pushing the boundaries of their alternative pop peers and hoping to create a genre where they lead the way all the way through. In other words, their genre could be considered a misfit of alternative rock bands as their pop/electronic influences seep into their old school, beach house aura.


Similarly, these boys are masterminds behind their brand, utilizing bold, colorful graphics behind their cover art and marketing to match their eclectic sound. Trapp, who writes and produces everything with Atlas as well as sings when they perform live, explained that “early on we knew we wanted something that was bold and had lots of colors. We dug through some artists that were great at that, and luckily the first choice we had, Dai Ruiz, knew exactly what we wanted. She was awesome and we’re glad that we’re still working with her up to this point.”

He stammered for a bit when I asked who were his favorite artists, and justifiably so. “Like I have a thousand answers,” he laughed in exasperation. “Like when I was younger discovering music, it was of course like Led Zeppelin, but I’ve been so inspired in the past couple years by so many artists. Errrr, I don’t even know where to begin. I’d say Dessert, they put out a single last year called “Eyes Wide Shut”, and it comes to my mind because of how fun it was. The most ill party vibes, and I call it “ill” because they played a 90’s hip-hop sample with this very underwhelming melody over it, and the juxtaposition is just very inspiring. There’s also a band called Mini Mansions that I liked and then this collaboration project called Soft Hair that did a song “Lying has to Stop”, and it’s like butter to your ears”, he says excitedly. You could just hear the passion in his voice as he named these artists.

Trapp went on to tell me that his soul song would have to be the classic “Sitting On the Dock of the Bay” by Otis Redding. Why you ask? “Because I got this feeling when I was younger that there is something much deeper than what is sitting on the surface of the lyrics, and  it was the first time I ever got that feeling, so it really stuck with me. Like instead of talking about sitting  on a dock talking about watching time pass, when I heard it, I got this really deep sensation that it’s actually about like going through different lives and eternity, so it gave me this weird out of body experience and it stuck with me.”

I had to ask where their dream place would be if they could perform anywhere, to which he replied jokingly (but pretty seriously) “In space”. LOL. Then he followed that response by saying that he would also like to perform somewhere in Asia, like Japan.

The boys’ history goes way back, but for Colemann specifically, it started back when he was 18 producing for all kinds of rappers and singers, then inspiring to pursue his own music career. The LA scene was a great stepping stone for the boys to get their music out there.


I asked him what would be his favorite taco place in LA if he had to give us advice. “I really like janky places, not trendy ones, so I would have to say King Taco, Taco King, …” If you couldn’t tell, he likes his regal tacos. “Really the jankier the place, the better it is haha!”

One thing Trapp can’t leave without is his spare guitar, which sits in the back of his truck for whenever inspiration strikes. The guys plan on having more releases and projects coming out down the line in the next 5-10 years, so fans will be on the look out.

After releasing their hit single, “Hollow Life”, the LA-based act has released numerous tracks to keep their musical mojo momentum going. And it only proved to be true as their were garnering air time from notable organizations like SiriusXM Alt Nation and KCRW. They received set time to perform  live at SXSW, and they were able to open on tour with BORNS, The Wombats, and Temper Trap! Quite the resume they have here. Blogs and fashion press would find them and only help build their name and publicity, and they continue to grow and become more well known as people begin to recognize their powerful and well-crafted sound.

I asked Trapp what they are on the verge of, to which he replied, “being a ‘meme’– we want to be a part of the internet. But as much as we want to be a meme, we’re also doing everything we can to like like make life more physical and to make our brand really something that you can touch…”

It was a pleasure speaking with Coast Modern and I look forward to hearing the full-length album!

Find Coast Modern on Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, Spotify, Instagram


[On The Verge] Episode 9: Just College Things & Interview With Alt-Band Ocean Park Standoff

“You’re either Teen Nick or Disney, you’re either in or you’re out,”

shouted DJ A-Rad as DJ Theater Thug mistakingly mentioned a Teen Nick movie during our entire Disney Channel-dedicated show! THE NERVE!

Today’s show of On The Verge was one for the books, filled with light heartedness and enthusiasm, as we transitioned from segment to segment with a lot of great material and whole lot to say!

We began with our Headlines & Hashtags where we spoke about pressing topics like Prince Harry’s girlfriend, Chad Michael Murray becoming a novelist, HBO releasing a Slender Man documentary trailer, Cavs and FLOTUS, and the recent discovery that Shia LeBouf can rap?  You can read all about this and more from our very own online collegiate  lifestyle magazine, Verge Campus. Check it out HERE for some of the latest updates in the things you care about!


Nonetheless, the most exciting and best part of today’s episode was absolutely our Just College Things piece where all we brought to you was nostalgia, joy, and embarrassment from what was our childhood, Disney Channel. We talked about all of the classics from Even Stevens to Lizzie McGuire, to Proud Family, to That’s So Raven, to Phil of the Future, to The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, to High School Musical, to Cheetah Girls, to Smart House, to Pixel Perfect, to so much more! Oh, what a time to have been alive! We went into a full-fledged conversation about how we learned so much from them, the social messages they gave, and how weird kids are today. You can check out some of the fun facts of those Disney Channel favorites we discussed on air HERE.

Of course, we followed all of this excitement with a sound block, so be sure to listen to the playlist below from some of the recent findings and reviews from GoodMusicAllDay!

AND FINALLY, we got to my personal favorite part of the show, the Featured Artist Interviews. We had the honor to interview an incredible emerging act of the L.A. scene, alt-band Ocean Park Standoff . The band, hailing from Santa Monica, CA, consists of lead singer Ethan Thompson, who we spoke with today, and band members Pete Nappi and Samantha Ronson. This dynamic trio of sound formed together to become an incredibly talented and eccentric group. We had a chance to ask Thompson about the formation of their group, their songwriting process, their experiences in the music industry and what is to come for them!

When looking at the Ocean Park Standoff crew, your first impression would be that they are more a rock or indie styled clan, but when you give their two standing tracks a listen, you find that there is so much more to them. They are a curiosity, if we are putting it simply. They are strange and unique, but perfectly catchy for any ear. Their music is contagious, versatile, and charismatic.

And their prowess is demonstrated by the numbers; in just a month of the release of their only two tracks, they have 448, 475 listeners on Spotify! That’s incredible! They were even shocked to find that they reached the No. 1 and 2 spots on the Spotify Viral 50 for the Czech and Zimbabwe playlists! Their two singles are “Good News” and “Photos & Liquor,” both which are beautifully constructed songs with their own personalities and finesse showcasing the band’s capabilities and range. They can go from a typical pop sound, like the of DNCE or Walk The Moon to more of a sultry alternative-R&B vibe like that of The Neighbourhood. With Thompson’s silky vocals and Nappi and Ronson’s musicalities, we are delivered the songs we hope to hear serenade us each and everyday. Their music will fit any mood, and if they keep continuing on this path of fun and innovative music, I have a feeling we’ll be hearing much more of them soon.


These Hollywood Records signees took to their own sound, built it, and it got it to be something incredible. All thanks to the Bulldogs and toothpicks– what are we saying? Guess you’ll just have to listen to the interview HERE to find out 😉


Be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and their Official Site, and be sure to check them out on Spotify!


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Australian Contemporary Indie Artist Yates Debuts New Single “It’s Over Now”

Arousing & Awakening

Last Friday, Australian contemporary singer-songwriter Yateshas released his new single and re-creation of a classic 90’s song titled “It’s Over Now,” turning it into a free-flowing, emotional journey built on complex, ominous tunes, and an impressive vocal range. Recently having signed to SweatItOut, the artist who goes by his stage name Yates, has been making bigger and better marks in his musical career. His debut single “virtue” reached high recognition by Triple J and was voted as its Hottest 100 Nominee for 2015!

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 9.46.17 AM

The international artist just returned from his Tora tour which was performed globally, and when he came back, he inspired a new sound into his music. He has now further developed and transformed his sound from the acoustic indie-folk we are familiar with to a diversified and mixed tune of electric and ambient-indie melodies. His debut EP came out this year, and his single ‘Mercury’ off of the compilation gained large attention from Triple J, Australia, and the US! It even reached 2 million streams on Spotify! Yates is now preparing himself for a sophomore EP, and ready to delve into the new sound he has been playing around with and fabricating. With his recent single, we get a taste of the new approach he is taking, and since its release the track has featured and premiered in Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist all over the world.

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 9.46.32 AM.png

In “It’s Over Now,” we get a healthy dose of a light hip hop beat coated by the electric/alternative-indie sounds of Yates. There is an erotic simplicity about his voice. The single is dark and slow, yet provocative and forceful. Like most artists these days, he blends elements of electronic synths and vibes into his indie vocals, but he does masterfully, running chills up your spine and splashing across your face like a wave. His voice illuminates parts of the song when he slides to the higher notes and then blankets the composition as his voice dips into deeper, lower octave territory. He’s a poignant tide that moves in and out, caressing your ears and mind. A song about broken, lost love and confusion, Yates perfectly defines the inner emotions of intensity one endures after a heartbreak.


His voice is like a deeper, slower sound of Brandon Urie’s (of Panic! at the Disco) vocals, but a more airy, optimistic version of lead singer of The Irrepressibles, Jamie McDermott. A sultry, ominous, mysterious, and sweet tone, Yates is the intonation that you wish to hear when you desire to drift away or want someone to lull you away from the world. Picturing yourself late nights at the bar or on an island’s beach or walking the city streets, his music travels with you as you explore the world and yourself. His music is the kind of music we wish to hear if the apocalypse were to ever occur, these sounds would be what we desire to hear at the brink of the world’s culmination.

Like what you heard? Then be sure to check Yates out on Facebook, SoundCloud, Twitter,  and Instagram.

Banks Is Kinky & Ferocious In New Single “F*ck With Myself”

This is freaky, but fantastic.

Jillian Banks, more officially known by her stage name Banks, premiered her latest single release “F*ck With Myself” on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 Radio show last Tuesday, and it wasn’t as much the music that shocked people as it was the music video that accompanied it.

This hypnotic and enchanting song pulls you into what is the Donnie Darko meets Alice In Wonderland world of Banks’ mind. Don’t get too uncomfortable.


People were very wary of UK-based songstress Banks at first, but maybe now is the time that we let her have a chance in our hearts as she makes this song with a lot of heart. This song is a song about self-worth and love. It’s about the judgement and negative self-talk that we inflict on ourselves, and how we must empower and be stronger than that. Anyone who has been self-conscious before can understand. She gets erotic, creepy, and creative in this piece. The song is retro in its atmosphere, but as eerie and ominous as a pop song done by Lana Del Ray & and an R&B tune by Miguel put together.

In the music video though (that you can watch above), we see all of the messages she is trying to portray through the clothed masochistic, sensual visuals and movements she displays next to a mannequin of herself. Backed up by 3 dancers wearing masks of her own face and who shape shift and contort their bodies into irregular positions, the singer-songwriter, well f*cks with herself, both mentally and physically. In her Matrix ensemble, and V for Vendetta lit dungeon of a room, she sits before a shattered mirror, all naked, staring hopelessly at herself, she caresses, kisses, hits, messily makes-up, and licks her life-like dummy of herself. And in the end, she sets it on fire.

Banks told Lowe in their talk on air that “there’s so many meanings to it,” the song that is. “It could be like, ‘I fuck with myself,’ like, ‘I mess with myself more than anybody else.’ It could be, ‘I fuck with myself,’ kind of like, ‘I’m feeling myself.’ It means a lot of different things that I think a lot of people can relate to.”


Banks is in the works of what will be her second album, following her first full-length studio 2014 album Goddess. It is set to drop this fall on September 30th.

What do you think of the the music video and song?

Miley Cyrus Joins Lolawolf On Her New Track “Teardrop”


We haven’t heard much from the “Wrecking Ball” artist, Miley Cyrus, in almost a year, but she is taking on a new sonic approach by joining indie band, Lolawolf, on their new track “Teardrop.”

The song was recently premiered on Zane Lowe’s BBC Radio 1 show. It’s sweet, yet edgy. It croons indie vibes, but alien, weirdness that Cyrus has always inserted herself in. In this Lolawolf piece, we join her on an eerie indie journey, from minor key melodies and major harmonies and chord progressions, chants, echoes, and loops.



Half way through, the song gets a little louder and stronger as the vocalist of the band, Zoë Kravitz, takes on more force. There a multitude of layers of voice patterns and beats and rhythms. Cyrus particularly adds a very significant piece to the puzzle when she starts kind of rapping/speaking in the song. It makes the record trippy and elusive. The two singers compliment one another very well as these mystics of sound. It’s actually quite impressive. I like the fact that Cyrus has ventured into territory she hasn’t ever really messed with before, because it was a pleasant surprise to hear it work out so well for her.
Starting the recording process for their debut album in the Bahamas and officially recorded in LA, Lolawolf, which consists of Kravitz and Jimmy Giannopolous, are now back in the East Coast, New York, to present more of their music as well as perform at a lot of festivals.


Lowe asks them, after playing the song, about the new album that they are working on and what the record means to them and what is its inspiration. The band responds, “we’re trying to be as melodic as we can be, and then keep it as hard, you know as far as what we think is hard, you know to make this feel good.” 

You can listen to the track above now on Apple Music.

In addition, Cyrus and Lolawolf have worked together in the past on music such as the music video for “B*ch.” Lolawolf also appeared on Cyrus’ Bangerz tour at one point.

Tove Lo Instagram Hints To New Music

The famous Swedish singer, Tove Lo, has been keeping things on the DL, but only until recently when she posted a few Instagram pics hinting to the possibility of new music.

As we all recall, Tove Lo has appeared in some major track collaborations with big artists. The alternative/electro-pop musician has featured in singles like “Say It” with Flume, “Desire” by Years & Years, and “Close” by Nick Jonas, and this is to only name a few. Back in 2014, she released both her EP Truth Serum and her debut album Queen of the Clouds. Some of her hits from those two included “Habits (Stay High)” and “Talking Body.” Her music is best described as seductive, erotic, fun, and unique.


Now, it’s been a while since we’ve heard the artist go solo, but she is cluing us into a little secret perhaps, that there is new music of her own on the way! On Instagram the other day, Tove Lo teased a few pictures of her in very intensive frames, possibly coming from a music-video and captioned by hopefully what are lyrics to new songs. In the first image that she posted about a week ago, she writes “‘you can run free, I won’t hold it against ya’ 👸🏽➕🌲 #soon” Is it now Queen of the Forest, instead of clouds? Nonetheless, it’s a beautiful scene and the #soon gives us the idea that this must be something of hers that she will be sharing in the near future. As for the second post, this was posted a day ago, and is a sinister shot of the Lo beauty that shows off the more cynical, edgy side of this artist with the line “‘you do your thing, never wanted a future’ 🔥💔.”

By the number of likes and comments the images received, it definitely seems like Lo fans are ready for new music from the songstress. No date or even confirmation has been mentioned, but hopefully we’ll get more of these enigmatic posts that solve the puzzle!

You can see the Instagram shots below:


"you can run free, I won't hold it against ya" 👸🏽➕🌲 #soon

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"you do your thing, never wanted a future" 🔥💔

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FKA Twigs Gives Stunning Performance in Moscow To Debut Her New Music

FKA Twigs has been sharing her new music with the world, literally, as she performs all of the new material at a performance in Moscow, Russia on Friday night.

This alien-goddess performs with her band an amazing production of her new music and the crowd remains in awe with the costumes, and of course, the songs.

The tracks are very much like her past work in that they’re dreamy, un-earthly, and transcendental. They bring you to the Twigs dimension of nonsense and beauty. Twigs hits her iconic high-pitched note and gives off her indie 80’s sound. The tribal seductress with her white dreadlocks was a showstopper as the entirety of the live event was dramatic, erotic, choreographic, and experiential. She had much to do with the symbolism of hands, making it a stunning, awkward, and seductive visual live display on stage. You can watch the videos below of this article.

All images via @stonemilkr of Pigeons & Planes

#FKAtwigs #facepalm #ласточка #лужники #москва #moscow #night #live #gig #canon

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The concert took place at the first-time showing of the Lastochka Festival in the beautiful Russian environment with food, dancing, games, artists, and so much more. The set was adorned by physically shaped hand figures. The costumes were exotic. The music was slow but loud. She performed her single that she released earlier in the year titled “Good to Love.” Listen to it here.

Just a couple more, I promise #FKAtwigs #ласточка #лужники #москва #moscow #night #live #gig

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This dark princess had the chance to debut three of her new songs during her set. One of those songs was “Radiant Me.” Twigs had been very active that day on her socials posting on Twitter and Facebook about plans and expectations. She recently had posted a rehearsal picture for “Radiant Me2” that displayed mute dancers.

After her performance in Russia, she said she would be performing the show for a series of seven dates (at least) between July 9 and 23, one of those being at the Pitchfork Festival in Chicago.

FKA Twigs was not the only star of the show that day though. She was accompanied and followed-up by artists Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and Icona Pop. So needless to say, it was a dance party. Watch the videos below to see Twigs perform at the festival!

Further References: ConsequenceOfSound; Pigeons & Planes

Videos Via Pigeons & Planes/YouTube