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2018 Billboard Hot 100 Artists To Get Excited and To Look Out For!

Another year, another summer, another season of festivals and one we’re definitely looking forward to is the annual Billboard Hot 100 Festival!

This year will mark the festival’s 4th year running, and the epic lineup has already been announced. The Billboard Hot 100 Fest will once again takeover the summer scene hosting itself on Long Island’s Northwell Health, Jones Beach Theater on August 18 and 19. The festival will be produced by Billboard and Live Nation.

We’re pumped because there are a laundry list of amazing artists that the music industry’s most esteemed chart-tracker is gathering together for their big event this summer and you won’t want to miss out on it! We’re letting you know who we’re most excited to see at this year’s Hot 100 festivities!


Here’s just a few of the artists of the massive 2-day fest and their most recent releases for you to jam out to:


DJ Snake





Olivia O’brien




Sarbina Carpenter

hot 100

Cheat Codes


Taylor Bennett

And… Billboard is surprising us with a guest female artist,whom has yet to be announced–so we’ll just have to wait and see!

Tickets went on sale today, Friday, April 13th at 10 AM, so you can go and order yours now on their official websiteas well as see the full lineup for yourself. Make yourself a Spotify playlist with some of your favorite Hot 100 Fest artists, and share it tagging #billboardhot100 and #vergecampus so we can see who you’re most hyped for this summer!

There will be general admission two-day passes available through Live Nation starting at $80, as well as two-day tickets for the Hot 100 main stage.

Be sure to check out and follow Billboard’s Instagram, Twitter, and Facebookfor more live updates about the festival, and we hope to see you there!


Off the Verge Showcase Spring 2018: Boston Breakthrough Edition 3 is Revamped

2018 has been quite a year for a lot of people, and that’s why our annual Boston Breakthroughs has been renamed and revamped. It is now Off the Verge. 

2018 brings another fantastic adventure by the Verge Campus Boston University chapter! You may have remembered our semesterly Boston Breakthrough events, but this time, we’re revamping it, as this year has brought so much novelty. This time around, VCBU is collaborating with Boston University’s award winning high fashion organization, Off the Cuff. With the future looking so bright, and a whole lot more to discover, we have decided to name our usual event of “Boston Breakthrough” to Off the Verge. No longer are our artists “on the verge” of doing something big, and no longer are we “on the verge” of locking this event. We are now off it and doing it, and making as many amazing calls as we can.

With another amazing line-up our interns are beginning to interview and cover our artists to prepare you for the amazing showcase that is to come in the near future!

Starting this week, our writer Ina Joseph will be writing about R&B songstress Kayce, and following that Tamara Souedein will be writing about Supersmashbroz, and so on. There will be interviews, articles, Instastory takeovers, photoshoots, designing, videos, styling, exclusive Spotify playlists, and more from these musicians, as the OTC and VCBU prepare them for a night to perform. OTC will be styling the artist themselves to give the program their own signature touch and vibe, sure to be stunning/amazing. The room will be surrounded by local businesses which will be paintings from visual artists, streetwear lines of store owners, and food from vendors in the Boston area, and the theme will be “Future in Music”. So be prepared to see some pretty epic stuff!

The whole line-up includes:






Digital Natives

J O 

The day of the event will be Friday, April 6th, from 7 PM – 10 PM, in BU Central, 775 Commonwealth Avenue. Tickets will be sold for $8 via Venmo, Eventrbite (TBA), and cash at the door. So, bring your friends out and be sure to check out this once in a lifetime, multi-experiential college event, from our fam to you.

Follow us on Instagram for daily updates on the events and our artists, and follow our Verge Campus BU Spotify account to hear the awesome exclusive playlists our artists will be curating for you HERE.

Off the Cuff: Instagram, Facebook, Website

Verge Campus: Instagram, Instagram BU, Facebook, Facebook BUWebsite, Website BU

Sounds Limitless is Emerging in the City of Boston

Sounds kind of limitless, right?

Sounds Limitless Phoot shoot-1.jpg

Welcoming to you a new electronic vibe to the city of Boston and hopefully to the entirety of the industry, Sounds Limitless brings you positivity in the form of sound waves. The group that was formed by two music producers from Windsor, CT, brought everyone together as of earlier in the year, and they have been making music since. With such a young reputation in the industry the team has already made massive moves to perform in some extremely well known venues such as Royale, Whiskey Saigon, Icon, Cure, Candybar, and Wonderbar.

Their music is bubbly, emphatic, and spirited, and with more time together, their music is sure to get better and stronger. Sounds Limitless recently released their EP #SummerVibes back in August of this year, and they have been working on more material soon to come. They also have shot music videos that you can watch here: “Royalty” and “Til We Meet Again”.

Their music is much like the EDM summer festival sounds we all love to hear at pool parties, get togethers, and more, and could definitely be seen in a setting like Ultra or Coachella where people are around for a good time. Bits and pieces could use more smoothing out, but all in all, there is hope that they will bring themselves to a point where audiences will recognize their name.

To listen to the EP check it out above.

Bringing their music throughout the New England region and New York, Sounds Limitless honestly sees the power in not preventing yourself from going higher and reaching for more. We will be having them live with us on our radio show On The Verge, November 18th, at 98.3 FMSo be sure to tune in!

Sounds Limitless Flyer Photo.jpeg

Follow along their journey on their website and on Facebook.


RKCB and Their Erotic, Whimsical, & Episodic Music Video “Alone, With You”


RKCB did the thing- they made a masterful, whimsical masterpiece of visual creation

The electronic, down-tempo duo, consisting of Riley Knapp and Casey Barth, have constructed this beautiful and epic music video titled “Alone, With You” to accompany their three recent singles and give us a short film to help us visualize the songs as they were meant to be seen and heard. The video was premiered on Nylon today bringing the much-needed recognition it deserved.

With the impeccable, mystifying directing and producing talents of Cue The Bird (JP Stiles + Harrison Macks), RKCB is able to provide a piece of art to be proud of. This is an actual video that you can touch and feel. The lighting, the dancing, the movement, the music, the angles and perspectives inject doses of primal, visceral, charming, and poignant effects to our bodies for the entirety of the 6 minutes and 41 seconds.

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 5.16.14 PM.png

Truly sexistential, “Alone, With You” is redefining, challenging, questioning, and experimenting with one’s own sexual desires. The characters are monstrous, vicious, attractive, and adored. Overall, “Alone, With You” is an irresistible adventure of lust and despair that carries you on a velvety path, torn by the heart breaks of these lovers and RKCB’s lyrics. The songs are perfectly ordered beginning with “Vice”,  followed by “Bloom” and concluded by “Naive”.

The seductive contemporary dance brings this thrilling and heart-breaking visual escapade to life. The body contortions, the hallucinogenic scenes, the flaura, and the lingerie all act as part of an exciting sensual journey. Every facial expression depicts the episodes of a rocky relationship perfectly matched to the hues of fogged out rooms and vintage film reels. From beginning to end, the story unfolds before our eyes, flawlessly soundtracked to RKCB’s stunning singles.

Confusion, love, and remorse & vengeance, these are the emotions  we endure in this cinematic experience.

At every moment, I felt a deeper and deeper connection to the characters, and each time I watched, I felt as though I found more, and saw more. This music video is the perfect balance of going beyond the expected and staying simply true to the messages behind the music.

The final scene is an enrapturing scene of the male protagonist jumping into the air, as a transparent RKCB logo consumes and erupts from his head, ending an era and satisfying our souls.

Find Out More About RKCB on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Official Site, and Spotify

[Ones to Watch]: Live Nation Presents Allie X & Buddy – LA



Back at it again with Live Nation’s incredible event that showcases some of the most talented up-and-coming artists today! Ones to Watch has to be one of the best ideas in the music industry and for it. On the hunt for new talent, OTW scouts search and seize those they find have incredible musical skills and potential and bring them to this one night where they are seen by many within the music business world!

Last wednesday, (August 2nd), OTW presented us two artists of different genres who truly have a passion for their art and a talent that will most likely blow up on the charts at some point!The crowd that night was ecstatic as all filed in to get their free shirts from Bella X Canvas and The Shirt Agency and to get their free beverages from the bar. The room decorated with chandeliers looked fantastic under the lighting and the glass windows showed off a perfect sunset to start the night.

To set the scene, the event unfolds before our eyes on a simple stage of mics, seats, a drum set, a rug, and a “One to Watch” projected backdrop.

Artist 1: Allie X (Electronic-Pop):

Allie X is a radiant character hailing from Oakville, Ontario. Her real name is Alexandra Ashley Hughes. She originally came from a classical piano, opera, and musical theatre background, and it wasn’t until 2014 when she started to outgrow that scene to enter into the world of pop and electronica. Her first ever released single was “Catch”, which Time magazine had written about. Her music can be described as whimsical, positive melancholy, and enchanting. They’re hypnotic in their own way with her strong, yet serene vocals and she just manages to shock you with that electric feel. She will remind you of Betty Who, Charli XCX, and upbeat Lana Del Ray, and Ashe.

In 2015, she released her debut EP CollXtion I and in 2017, she released her sophomore EP CollXtion II. She has drawn quite the crowd through the power of her music and with her inquisitive nature and her fascinating personality, she draws attention to herself. She exposes a whole new side of the nature of pop to her fans and listeners. Truly a talent, she is one to watch.

Listen to her music below:

Artist 2: Buddy (Hip-Hop/R&B):

The second artist at the event was Buddy, a young man from Compton, CA who will remind you of artists such as Mack Wilds, Tunji Ige, and Saba. Simmie Sims (aka Buddy) has a cutting-edge sound to offer the hip-hop world. He was known for his impressive rap battles in the LA scene and starting at the age of 11, Buddy was performing in various showcases, and writing and performing for a rap collective. He was found out by DJ Casanova who then decided to take the budding rapper under his wing to help construct his style and discover his musical persona.

Soon after, Pharrell would find Buddy and mentor him. Together, the two produced Buddy’s single “Awesome Awesome” with the Neptunes. Buddy spits fire and will remind you of the skillful, witty tricks of Vince Staples, but he will also remind you of the fun, light-hearted stylings of Smino. He’s a new taste for hip hop. He recently collaborated with KAYTRANADA to create his EP Ocean & Montana. He will also be on a US tour with KYLE this fall, so be on the lookout for this one to watch.

Listen to his music below:




Find more emerging artists, here at OnesToWatch.com!

[Exclusive] Interview with UK Electronic Outfit Fenech-Soler at The Middle East

“London’s got me dreaming of you…”

Well, if not London, then at least these vibrant characters, Fenech-Soler, have got you dreaming. UK electronic outfit are back with a technicolor sound they call Zilla and it’s a wonderful compilation of rejoicing for the sounds of music. This recently released studio production includes 12 strong tracks that all embody a different tune & tone to cater to all types of musical tastes!


With eclectic sounds and positive vibes, the music instills an energy into any room that is lucky enough to host their shining compilations. Zilla is an album that will uplift spirits and will have you jamming along to its metallic dance music. Utilizing elements of techno-pop beats, 80’s melodies, and disco-funk ballads, theses two English brothers create a synergy between synths and sounds!

One of their lead tracks off of the album “Kaleidoscope” now has a wonderful visual to accompany it; you can see it below:

Recently, the boys had a performance at Cambridge, Massachusetts’ well known venue, The Middle East, with opening act Knox Hamilton.

I had the pleasure of talking to Fenech-Soler, pre-show, about their talented creations and to find out more behind them and the music.

When I introduced myself to Ben and Ross Duffy, they were both smiling, excited to be interviewed, which of course made me thrilled to speak with them!

“We are a band from the UK, from a small little village called Kings Cliffe, which is a farming village in Northhamptonshire, England and that’s where we’re from.”

PC: @NeeluMedia

The dynamic duo went into the story of how this all started for them which began when they grew up around instruments, especially from their musically-affiliated father who was very much into the bluegrass/country world of music. Then as they grew up, they turned towards dance music and Ross started a band, which Ben eventually joined. “After that we were in a lot of embarrassing teenage bands, and then we just started recording music at home ourselves on our laptop and that then transformed into playing gigs and becoming a solo act.”

I was very curious to know where the eclectic sounds of their genre came from. “Ultimately, we were always influenced by electronic music, that was kind of the spark that led us to make Fenech-Soler…if you kind of draw line between the DJ world and the dance music and the band world, that’s kind of where we place ourselves, certainly from a live perspective.”

PC: @NeeluMedia
PC: @NeeluMedia

Their influences stem from notable acts such as Daft Punk, The Chemical Brothers, and other modular stuff, as well as some late 80s and early disco work and indie-rock tunes. “Those are kind of the melting pots of our musical influences,” says Ben. “We’re bad about being decisive, it may be our downfall,” Ross admits. But what they call their downfall, could easily be considered their expertise in this fun, captivating project they released back in February!

The album was named after their close-friend Zilla, a named they always loved, something they considered different, and a word that not many people have heard before. For them, this musical process/journey has been quite the ride and has been extremely riveting and fulfilling. “We’ve gotten to perform for our friends and family and we’ve gotten to travel the world…We take so much from that.” Fun fact? This electro-rock/pop pair performed at the Russian Summer Olympics once!

PC: @NeeluMedia
PC: @NeeluMedia

I then proceeded to ask Fenech Soler if there was any song from the album that they felt they identified with best, or would consider their soul song?

“Cold Light, is one of the few songs that if we went back to it, we wouldn’t want to change anything about it because we were really in it when we made it. Very happy with it sonically,” recalls Ben. Ross followed up by also noting that his favorite song would be “Kaleidoscope” just because “it felt like everything we were trying to achieve along the process of making the album, it was pretty much the last song we wrote…” Ben then jumped in, “it wasn’t the last song we wrote, but it was definitely the turning point. It was the most emblematic song of the ‘Zilla‘ sound, and right after that, the rest of the record fell in line really quickly.”

FS - Press Photo.jpg

When I asked them the birth of the band name, they both chuckled and Ben replied, “the band name, it’s a weird name, kind of a made up language… People always say it wrong on the radio.” [Fen-eck Soh-luhr] in case you were curious to know yourself.

We then went on a bit of a tangent to discuss the music indsutry itself, and kind of how hey made their way into the scene. “A lot of what we did was find our way through the music industry by talking to people… Music in its essence is subjective, so it’s good to kind of chat and meet people… and it’s super connected.” It is always good to talk about the music with to share each others’ ideas, opinions, and perspectives.

PC: @NeeluMedia

Where does Fenech-Soler want to perform next? They said they would love to perform on the beach, at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles, and in Japan! The two were witty and funny

Like always, I had to ask these guys what they are #OnTheVerge of … and they told me….

After the interview, the guys prepped for the performance and when they entered from stage right in jackets bedazzled and frilled, the crowd went wild, and immediately their music filled the room with color and excitement. Their charisma spread throughout the crowd and the contagious sounds of optimism carried us through the night.

Listen to their album Zilla here now:


And be sure follow them on social media here:





#OnTheVerge Episode 4: Interview with Artists Jean-Luc and Trevor Kaminski

Hello Again, Verge Campus Readers and GoodMusicAllDay Listeners! You’re listening in to 89.3 FM, 640 AM, Channel 6 on BU Cable or live at wtburadio.org and this is ON THE VERGE.

In this episode, we played some awesome new beats for y’all, talked Headlines & Hashtags, and interviewed two featured artists from Boston University, fellow seniors Jean-Luc and Trevor Kaminski!


It was a fun-filled and action-packed show this past Sunday! During our Headlines & Hashtags segment, we discussed some of the most pressing topics this week like the recent clown sightings (which we found that some of us interns had a deep phobia for), Kim Kardashian’s concierge writing an open letter about the gun-point incident recently reported, the new Power Rangers movie to be released starring an unfortunate cast like Becky G, the latest Netflix documentary premiere on the case of “Amanda Knox” (an article written by intern Latifah Obaid), and the unexpectedness of Kid Cudi’s announcement to check himself into rehab due to his suicidal thoughts!!!

WE  ALSO GAVE A BIG ANNOUNCEMENT ON A GIVEAWAY OPPORTUNITY! If you check out this article and enter the contest, you may have the chance to win two free tickets to see a Celtics Pre-Season game front & center row with VIP Putnam Club access included! Enter HERE.

DJ A-Rad (Aka Angeli) and DJ Lu-Nee Tunes (Aka Neelu) discussed their complete and utter sorrow for missing the KAYTRANDA concert that had occurred the night before, and then they proceeded to play his single “YOURE THE ONE,” which is also a part of our radio header. #noshame. For music, we  featured songs such as “My Hands” by AYER, “Balance” a remix by Joe Mason for a The Him ft Oktavian song, “The Mack” by Nevada ft. Fetty Wap, “THE MOVE” by Reva DeVito and produced by KAYTRANADA, and many more!

After a few laughs and giggles, we had the opportunity to bring on our featured artists and guests to jump into our Just College Things and #OnTheVerge Featured Artist segments to dive deep into an a fun, creative, and inspiring conversation about being a student and a musician and utilizing one’s resources in the city and finding the right friends and working together to construct something extraordinary. Both guys, Jean-Luc and Trevor Kaminski are seniors in Boston University’s School Of Communications, majoring in Advertising. Trevor is also minoring in Film/TV. The two linked up a while back and with Jean-Luc’s music and Trevor’s vision, they came up with the ultimate way to build the college spirit of art into one cohesive visual! Check out their 80’s funk-pop music video and track in the video below:

It is refreshing to see people who show such drive and passion for their work and include people into their worlds, because as we had mentioned on air, when it comes to art, from fashion to music to film and to visual art, everyone needs each others’ help to produce something of quality. In addition, we talked about college and the work and how for both Jean-Luc and Trevor, their studies taught them a lot about what is is they wanted to do and how to do it right.

Listen in to our interview and recap on the awesome playlist we put together, right now, right here:

Despite them being unable to give a rated-PG college story, we at least had an amazingly elaborate and dynamic talk with these two very talented yet humble human beings. We were honored to have them on the show. They’re #OnTheVerge of doing it big and doing it for real!

Check out Jean-Luc Music on FacebookTwitter and Instagram and Trevor Kaminski on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

And…. of course be sure to listen into us, On The Verge, every Sunday from 10 am to 12 pm on 89.3 FM, 640 AM, BU Cable channel 6, or online HERE!

*Videography courtesy of Isabelle Nguyen-Phuoc*

The Weeknd & Cashmere Cat Come Together For Single “Wild Love”

Our gift for the weeknd…

In an enticing twist of musical fate, R&B artist The Weeknd and producer Cashmere Cat came together to create their newest release “Wild Love.”

Yesterday, these two were kind enough to drop this little gift right before our weekend started and now we have something fresh to cleanse our musical palettes. The two had been teasing fans for sometime about their work in the studio, and finally we receive their anticipated product, which also features Francis and the Lights. “Wild Love” is an enchanting track that captivates you at first listen. It already begins with a dynamic introduction of all three artists’ sounds as we hear the the vocal and synth layers most commonly known from Francis, the high falsettos singing by Abel, and the infectious sirens and electronic rain drop noises of Cashmere Cat. This single will be the title track to Cashmere’s new album, Wild Love which will drop today! The album is to be via Mad Love (Benny Blanco’s production division under Interscope Records).


This stunning single is ominous and charismatic. It is a wake up call, a battle cry, and a lullaby. The way that Francis messes with vocals and warps them into blurry incantations is what really gives this piece some personality. With Cashmere’s intended interruptions, the song is strikingly beautiful. And as for The Weeknd, he carries the track with a fantastic will and force that thrusts us into their worlds of music.


The Weeknd, like a lone-wolf, howls into the digital mixing of both producers works bringing soul to this exotic melody. An atmosphere is created between the trio’s contributions to the song and it only excites an individual for what these guys will bring to the music scene as they continue to develop their styles and create new projects for us to indulge in.

In other news, it seems like The Weeknd has a lot in store for us as he has been hinting to various collaborations with other artists in the past few weeks over his social media. We heard the other day from a Republic Records Executive that this R&B god would be working on a joint-track with the electronic-dance heavyweights Daft Punk.


Cashmere Cat released his last EP project back in 2014 titled Wedding Bells. He has made quite a successful career for himself as he has worked with the likes of Kanye West, Ariana Grande, and A$AP Ferg (just to name a few).

As for Francis, of Francis and the Lights, a lot of people are getting to know the sonic extraordinaire as he recently released his own song
“Friends” and an accompanying music video that featured both Kanye West and Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon. In addition to this, “Friends” was sampled and used for the track “Summer Friends” one of Chance the Rapper’s hit songs off his album Coloring Book. Francis will now be touring with Chance on his Magnificent Coloring World Tour this autumn!

You can listen to the track below! Let us know what you think!: