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Off the Verge Showcase Spring 2018: Boston Breakthrough Edition 3 is Revamped

2018 has been quite a year for a lot of people, and that’s why our annual Boston Breakthroughs has been renamed and revamped. It is now Off the Verge. 

2018 brings another fantastic adventure by the Verge Campus Boston University chapter! You may have remembered our semesterly Boston Breakthrough events, but this time, we’re revamping it, as this year has brought so much novelty. This time around, VCBU is collaborating with Boston University’s award winning high fashion organization, Off the Cuff. With the future looking so bright, and a whole lot more to discover, we have decided to name our usual event of “Boston Breakthrough” to Off the Verge. No longer are our artists “on the verge” of doing something big, and no longer are we “on the verge” of locking this event. We are now off it and doing it, and making as many amazing calls as we can.

With another amazing line-up our interns are beginning to interview and cover our artists to prepare you for the amazing showcase that is to come in the near future!

Starting this week, our writer Ina Joseph will be writing about R&B songstress Kayce, and following that Tamara Souedein will be writing about Supersmashbroz, and so on. There will be interviews, articles, Instastory takeovers, photoshoots, designing, videos, styling, exclusive Spotify playlists, and more from these musicians, as the OTC and VCBU prepare them for a night to perform. OTC will be styling the artist themselves to give the program their own signature touch and vibe, sure to be stunning/amazing. The room will be surrounded by local businesses which will be paintings from visual artists, streetwear lines of store owners, and food from vendors in the Boston area, and the theme will be “Future in Music”. So be prepared to see some pretty epic stuff!

The whole line-up includes:






Digital Natives

J O 

The day of the event will be Friday, April 6th, from 7 PM – 10 PM, in BU Central, 775 Commonwealth Avenue. Tickets will be sold for $8 via Venmo, Eventrbite (TBA), and cash at the door. So, bring your friends out and be sure to check out this once in a lifetime, multi-experiential college event, from our fam to you.

Follow us on Instagram for daily updates on the events and our artists, and follow our Verge Campus BU Spotify account to hear the awesome exclusive playlists our artists will be curating for you HERE.

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Pop Artist Brynn Elliott Helps Us Kick off Boston Breakthrough Exclusive

We definitely like her

Be on the lookout for this Boston Breakthrough queen! That’s right! We’re kicking off our annual BBT event again this semester, and we couldn’t be more excited, but what’s even more exciting are the artists we have in store for you all! First on our list is the incredibly talented pop songstress Brynn Elliott, who is #OnTheVerge of Being in Love with Boston.

Brynn is the cool girl you wish to be and want to be friends with.

A girl with a head on her shoulders and a big heart, she puts her heart into the music and exhibits genuineness in her sound.  A little more on the vocalist? She is currently a senior at Harvard University, but how she got her start in the music industry was when the renown executive producer, Nathan Chapman, found her and asked to work with her.


Elliott has already accumulated 1.23M plays on Spotify and has toured with notable acts such as: Lifehouse, Switchfoot, Alanis Morisette, Grace Potter, Brandi Carlile, Allen Stone, Parachute, and OAR. She has been recognized by large publications in the past as well and continues to place herself in the forefront of minds as a power woman to watch. Featured in the Billboard Dance Chart Upstarts, her single “California” has peaked at No. 39!

With 3 well-constructed singles currently available on Spotify “Might Not Like Me”, “Psycho Stupid Crazy”, and “California”, Elliott continues to ride on her journey to stardom.

Many of her inspirations, influences, and favorite artists include figures like Bono, Adele, Sia, and Lorde. As she sets to embark on the next 5 years of her career, she hopes to have achieved releasing an album, touring that album, and getting a graduate degree.

We wanted to know more why she decided to choose the path of pop music with a voice as versatile as hers, to which she replied “because it was a genre that helped me best communicate the universal truths we all feel postbreak up, in friendships and in life.”


What she loves about being a musician? “How music can constantly surprise you. You can never use the term “bored” in being a musician. The opportunities and experiences are limitless.”

If you want to see her before you see her perform at our event, she will be performing at the Brighton Music Hall on Monday, October 23rd, in partnership with the local Boston charity Y2Y. So be sure to go out and see her! AND to enter into a ticket giveaway for that show, email us your name at vergecampusbu@gmail.com with the subject “BRYNN ELLIOTT SHOW”.

Brynn Giveaway v2.jpg