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Vibe Makers & EDM Duo Phantoms: Billboard Hot 100 Festival Interview No. 4

A steady agenda

Phantoms just have a good feeling about where they’re headed and rightfully so. The Los Angeles-based electronic dance music duo consists of Kyle Kaplan and Vinnie Pergola, two hilarious best friends and former child actors, who took their messing around with sound and turned it into a serious career very quickly.

In 2017, the guys released their self-titled debut album. Their single off that project, “Just a Feeling”, received high praise as it placed on the Dance/Mix Show Airplay chart in spot number 40.

The best way to explain their music is honestly enchanting dance music. You can’t help but move when you hear the hypnotic beats that these two construct together, with Vinny’s drumming skills and Kyle’s melodies on the keys, the two really know how to cross-pollinate the vocals they collaborate with their productions.  Their most recent release was their single “Agenda” with singer & songwriter Nicole Millar. Listen to it HERE. Their music is magical and somewhat alien, but it plays to the crowd that wants to fall into a trance and just dance their worries away.

Check out their music below:

I had a chance to chat with the pair post their performance at the Billboard Hot 100 Festival this summer, and we had a great time talking about how they got into the whole genesis of Phantoms.

The two met when they were 16 and began making some music together, but at the time they admit it wasn’t all that good. It wasn’t until they started exploring the world of electronic music that they found their sound.

“We got really into electronic when we saw Justice, DJ Mehdi and Juggernaut…It was kind of like the electrohouse days”, explains Kyle. He continues, “Vinny’s a drummer and his dad played in a lot of funk groups. My uncle used to play with Michael Jackson  back in the day…We wanted to get that funk vibe into it [the sound] and that pop and electronic so it’s kind of like a [melange].”

After having so many tracks produced and written in their time as artists, I wanted to ask which track they felt is their favorite. Vinny chimes in, “I think ‘Just a Feeling’ is the one we kind of go to, the one we released last year. There’s a couple coming out that we’re really excited about…We have a song coming out with Vanessa Hudgens that we’re really excited about… and what we ended up making ended up being one of our favorite songs. That’ll be out sometime in September”. Definitely something for fans to look forward to!

I was curios to know as it seemed that the two came from a pretty connected background, how much of that had to do with being from LA, aka LaLa Land. Kyle begins to clarify “I don’t know if it was necessarily an advantage, but it definitely helped you learn ’bout the industry”.

Vinny further elaborated, “it helps you grow up fast, ‘cuz we were using faking IDs to get into Dim Mak Tuesdays back in the day, Daft Punk Play [and others] we were really there with all these adults, and we really didn’t get the fun I don’t think, it’s not even a complaint! It’s just a different way of growing up.”

“We grew younger and now we’re 50 year old men, now we’re in our 60’s” Kyle jests.

I asked about the experience of being on the Billboard line up and what that has been like to which Kyle says, “they’ve been extremely supportive of us in the past few years, it’s an amazing line up and an amazing group to be a part of.” In that same vein, I was curious to know who these dudes looked up to as mentors in this massive industry of electro-dance music. “A good friend Dillon Francis has always taken us under his wing a lot…but very early on James Ford used to help us out with stupid shit…That guy’s a wizard, he produced so many records. He’s such a hero and for him to take the time to email us back for our stupid questions meant a lot. But you have to start somewhere and figure it out”.

I asked Phantoms if they could give their music a spirit animal, what would it be, and their response was in fact, not a ghost, but instead a Golden Retriever on cocaine, then they revised it to a German Sheppard on cocaine because is it “more conniving but too amped up…I don’t know, I just like the vision of a dog on drugs”.

If the guys could collaborate with any artist, they said that there’s really a lot of people they would be down to work with, but at the moment they have been giant Ariana Grande fans, and would think it would be cool to have a song done with her.

They admit that a lot of times, it can be really intimidating finding an artist who can fit with their vibe but they love the process when it does all work out and it becomes an effortless task leading to a great new record.

My favorite question to ask acts of more than one person is “what’s the best part of being a duo, and the two looked at one another and then Kyle began “definitely the ability to bounce ideas off each other”. Vinny nods his head. “I feel bad for people that are solo, not that it’s bad, but it’s harder ‘cuz it’s kind of all on you to make decisions… and I know that I can bounce an idea off of Kyle and if he’s not fully interested or if he loves it. I know that it’s a strong idea, I know we can move forward with it”.

Kyle says, “It’s the back and forth.

Vinny agrees, “ya, the back and forth… but we have a really good working relationship together like that”. Kyle adds, “even for traveling experiences we go through everything together and there are sometimes when one of us is not feeling it you know the other person will be there to cheer you up, I think I do way more of the bitching in our relationship…” The creative process is also just as fluid for them, bouncing of ideas from each other. “We create a beat and one other person writes the song… if there’s more people the idea gets weird sometimes”, so they like to keep it small and intimate when they can. Ideas also come to them for all over the place, including  his walks to Starbucks (s/o to Starbucks!).

In a quick visualized snapshot, Kyle’s ideal summer day would take place in  Puerto Vallarta. He goes on, “it’s 89/90 degrees and you’re on the beach,  someone is coming with a Mai Tai, you’re on Miami Beach, on a jet ski looking at all of the hotels”. Vinny jumps in to complete the story saying “maybe a little drunk…? Even though you’re not supposed to be drunk when you jet ski, but let’s say it’s ok… you won’t hit anything out there. But don’t try it.”

Now, on the topic of touring, I asked the guys if they could choose a space between the studio or performing where would they choose, they unanimously agreed it would be performing. Kyle admits “my favorite thing about performing is the pay off. It’s like everything that you worked on in the studio you get to see if it live and if it connects or not”. He goes on, “and it works both ways. Sometimes you play a song and you’re like ‘shit this is not working’ but when you’re performing and it does connect, there’s no better feeling than that”. Vinny reflects back and tells me how their favorite memory performing would have to be at the BFD Festival, which was their first real festival show.

Their favorite tour food totally shocked me as I have never heard of such a thing, but Phantoms loves the Paella tent at Coachella! And just to follow in suit with that, their dream place to perform would be Coachella. “It’s been such a part of our life growing up and if you made it there, you made it anywhere” Kyle points out.

Lastly, if the guys could describe each other, Vinny said Kyle would be “Twizzled” and Kyle said Vinny would be “Rizzled”. Total soulmates.

It was a blast chatting with these guys and getting to know more behind the music. It was especially a great way for me to end the day at Billboard Fest as they were my last interview! Be on the lookout because Phantoms will be popping up all over your playlists probably very soon. On that intensely humid day, the guys could only say that they’re #OnTheVerge of passing out from the amount of Titos they drank and the lack of water they drank and #OnTheVerge of a headache.

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Out There Impels You to “Risk It All” with New Single Ft. Blake Rose

Making some risks this summer

As EDM has taken over much of the music industry, it’s nice to see every once in a while artists who are still bending and playing with the sounds that electronica can expand to. That includes Out There’s recent release that dropped today “Risk It All” featuring the vocals of Blake Rose. The track is a great summer 2018 single that helps you escape your head for a moment and makes you question why you haven’t just did what was wanted to be done?

The pop-electronic single is a vibrant escapade that delves further into a tunnel of static, sound, tunes and tones. The end result? A song  that sounds like a melodic heartache based on a love lost due to risks taken because of a lack of self-control.

It’s a head-banging worthy single, but also a sweet serenade. The lyrics are simple, but the voice perfectly aligns with the composition produced by Out There, and it all comes together in this perfect chaotic harmony. Rose impels the question of existential being, desire, unknowing, and then reminds us how no matter these circumstances, we are still willing to risk it all.

The track even demonstrates the production capabilities that Out There has mastered, balancing the vocals perfectly with a hard-hitting soundtrack that gets the blood pumping and the mind racing.

The man behind the music is Sam Perlow, an LA-Native who demonstrates his talent through the many years of experience he has had learning about it. He studied piano at a young age, graduated from Scratch Academy (where he learned how to DJ), and  the continued his education at Berklee College of Music. The man behind the voice is Blake Rose, an Australian-born singer with millions of streams across both YouTube and Spotify. Together, they bring you “Risk It All”.

Out There has plenty of tracks to go as the summer holds many exciting new projects for the young producer. So of course, this means we will all have to stay tuned to see what more he will bring to the table.

Be sure to listen to the track above, add it to your summer playlists (I know it will be on my running playlist!), and follow Out There on socials: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Lostboycrow Sails Us Away with New Single “I’m a Sailor Not a Salesman”

Sail Away

Lostboycrow is back with another stunning single that will take you worlds away. The LA-based pop artist and producer released the track “I’m a Sailor Not a Salesman”, yesterday and it has lived up to expectations. Slower than the more recent tracks he has revealed, the song is smooth and beautiful. “It’s synthetic, it’s just not fair”, sings the songster.

5 - Teren Mabry.jpg

This new material comes as part of his successful three-part LP, Traveler. The single is now the second song to be revealed from what is to be his highly anticipated Traveler: The Second Legend project! It is disparate from the other tracks as it includes much more raw instrumentation, from the R&B guitar lines, to the pop-touched vocals, and the electro-painted tones.

4 - @MichaelDanenberg.jpg

The melancholy intonation in his voice makes you fall in love with the storytelling of the mystic who leads the seas and the song waves.  Lostboycrow’s voice has always been able to be strong over the compositions he designs. The voices in the background give this dream-like sensation to the already hazy soundtrack.

The Oregon-born musician is absolutely one to watch as his music is what music should be. (The single already has 33,768 streams on Spotify in less than 24 hours) “The idea that who we are and are becoming is a direction leading us to far greater places than any other pursuit. Any other motive” details Lostboycrow, as he explains the development of this beautiful and wondrous song.

8 - Dana Jacobs.jpg

Lostboycrow has always been a favorite of mine and one I feel has so much to offer to the music scene. His artistry is one that can best implement various genres at once, and every song has this element of hopeful sadness that grabs you by the heart and takes you away to better places in your mind. It’s like going off on your own dark trip to Neverland, falling in love with a broken heart, and traveling off into the world with emotions of wanderlust and blissful uncertainty.

Lostboycrow, himself, is a mystery to all, hiding behind the alluring lyrics he writes. Nonetheless, that is what makes his music that much more attractive and provocative.

Check out the song above, and stay tuned as this artist grows, creates, and strolls into our lives.


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San Holo Releases New Single “One Thing” Today, Now on New Music Friday

He’s got the One Simple Thing

A lullaby that whispers a beautiful melody through an intricate composition comes the newest San Holo tune “One Thing”.

“Wandering, searching all the world for one thing” sings the light vocals of the female artist as San Holo creates a stunning track about constantly looking for the one simple thing that makes us tick or that one person who makes our world go ’round.

With a simple melody, but an uplifting atmosphere, the song about aspirations is motivational and inspiring and absolutely worth adding to your playlists. It’s got just right amount of rhythm, number of beats, and vocals to make the song a beautiful wandering daydream.

I had the chance to catch up with this incredibly talented young artist on his tour when he made his stop to Boston last Friday, performing at the well-known venue Royale. If there is any way to describe San, it is that his music is not the only thing that is great, so is the man behind the music. He is such a kind, genuine, and sweet man, and I am honored to have been able to sit next to him and chat and to be able to take pictures of his incredible show that almost sold out the entire space that could fit 1000 people!

San Holo is originally from The Netherlands, where he began his musical career, working with some of the best in the business, bitbird, Heroic, and Sony, he has been able to get his footing right in the music industry.

His hit single “Light” skyrocketed to over 83 million streams on Spotify, and continues to grow each day. He is so humble as an artist, and the connection he has with his touring team is incredibly heart warming. I loved the way they were able to interact with each with ease and calmness that it felt that though bumps always arise for big shows, nothing was going to mess with their positive state-of-minds.

San performed “Light” as both his opener and his closer, adding a perfect layer of symmetry to the night. He hyped the crowd both at the beginning and at the end of the show, leaving them showered under a hues of technicolor LED lights tones and melodies endlessly playing in their dizzy heads. He also then performed his newest single “One Thing” before it’s release to the crowd, and they absolutely adored it.

Check out the song above now, which is also on New Music Friday!

Here are some images below from the show:




I hope to see San again when he comes to a city near me, and I am excited to hear more and more of what he is to release in the coming year and next year to come.

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Energetic Electronic Duo WITHOUT Releases their Music Video for “Love Liike This” ft. Essie


Search for a love like this

Now, here’s a fun duo that will always manage to have you dancing to funk vibes. Bringing back the old school genre, comes the electronic UK duo WITHOUT (Oliver Smith & Luke Vidamour).

If there was a way to describe this pair’s music, it would be best reflected in the sounds of KAYTRANADA and the vocals of RKCB and Opia. The two have been writing for a while now with songs such as  “Wanta Be”, “Your Love”, “Sum1 Else”, and “VYZA” all from their EP Cheap Touch.  They now are happy to announce the release of their new single “Love Liike This” and an mis-matched accompanying music video written and directed by Gianluca Ricceri.

Why is the music video silly? Well, it is focused upon a Sicilian synchronized swimming quartet practicing, and it actually matches really well with the music, but is so confusing to follow as to why this was the artistic choice for the song. The guys of WITHOUT explain,“There’s something about discipline that bridges sport and art – the dynamic between technicality and emotion is fascinating. We felt it would be an unusual but relevant visual for the track which itself balances synthetic sounds and beat making alongside live instrumentation and a heartfelt vocal.“


Of course when they put it that way, it only makes sense as the absurdity alludes to the stylings of Mura Masa and Lido and more. WITHOUT is slowing making their debut to the music scene, especially in the UK Underground Club, which was established by Disclosure.

In this particular song, WITHOUT really pays attention to detail of when to let a beat in and when to alter the tempo and tune. In collaboration with the Scandinavian vocalist Essie, the song becomes a very fun, thrilling track with reminiscent to the 90’s. Her wavery voice during the chorus is perfectly slipped into the track and matches the sounds of the watery visuals created above. As the song places upbeat percussion throughout the entirety of the composition, we hear discipline and artistic expression it took to make the track. There are hints of gospel, video game tones, funk, soul, synthesizers and old-school pop all intertwined to one magical creation of sound.

The two have began their record label, which they call The Peace. And if it wasn’t enough having that success of releasing their own single under their label, they have also been on top of the most “shazzamed” song in the UK list, and “Wanta Be” has earned over 1 million plays across DSP’s and has ranked on the Spotify Viral chart in the US. Their singles have already made it on notable platforms such as Beats 1, Radio 1, and LA’s Dim Mak Records, and there’s WITHOUT a doubt there is still room for them to move upward in their careers.

STREAM the track now on Spotify, watch it on YouTube above, and follow them on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

Sounds Limitless is Emerging in the City of Boston

Sounds kind of limitless, right?

Sounds Limitless Phoot shoot-1.jpg

Welcoming to you a new electronic vibe to the city of Boston and hopefully to the entirety of the industry, Sounds Limitless brings you positivity in the form of sound waves. The group that was formed by two music producers from Windsor, CT, brought everyone together as of earlier in the year, and they have been making music since. With such a young reputation in the industry the team has already made massive moves to perform in some extremely well known venues such as Royale, Whiskey Saigon, Icon, Cure, Candybar, and Wonderbar.

Their music is bubbly, emphatic, and spirited, and with more time together, their music is sure to get better and stronger. Sounds Limitless recently released their EP #SummerVibes back in August of this year, and they have been working on more material soon to come. They also have shot music videos that you can watch here: “Royalty” and “Til We Meet Again”.

Their music is much like the EDM summer festival sounds we all love to hear at pool parties, get togethers, and more, and could definitely be seen in a setting like Ultra or Coachella where people are around for a good time. Bits and pieces could use more smoothing out, but all in all, there is hope that they will bring themselves to a point where audiences will recognize their name.

To listen to the EP check it out above.

Bringing their music throughout the New England region and New York, Sounds Limitless honestly sees the power in not preventing yourself from going higher and reaching for more. We will be having them live with us on our radio show On The Verge, November 18th, at 98.3 FMSo be sure to tune in!

Sounds Limitless Flyer Photo.jpeg

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Don Diablo Shows Heart in New Single & Music Video “Save a Little Love”


Save just a little love for him

Because Don Diablo is about to make your summer just a little sweeter with his new release “Save a Little Love”. The DJ comes out with this happy-go-lucky tune of love that takes you through a whirling EDM track. As you mess around with the rhythm you honestly can’t help but start dancing and that was exactly his intention. He genuinely gets you up and going, and though the lyrics may be cheesy and simple, the humble message it gets across is one that is worth listening to and keeping in mind.

The goofy, light-hearted nature of the music video makes it impossible not to smile. The dancing is wonderful, from the lead dancer to the group in synchronized happiness. We tend to forget in our busy lives how things can  take a turn from the expected and we just have to learn how to roll with the punches. So here’s your reminder. As an ambitious extraordinaire, he even released this single via his own HEXAGON label.

With already 2.5 million followers on Facebook, 853 million views on YouTube, and 3.9 million monthly listeners on Spotify overall, Don Diablo is pacing his own path to success through the art of dance music.


Don Diablo recently had the honor of appearing on the BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix and has also remixed The Chainsmokers & Coldplay, Rihanna, DJ Snake, and Justin Bieber. In addition, he will be on the road for a summer full of festival adventures appearing at shows such as Tomorrowland, Lollapolooza, Ultra, South West Four, V Festival and Creamfields.

What should we expect from this artist? Tons and tons of potential to be the next big dance hits tycoon! “I premiered Save A Little Love on the main stage at ULTRA Miami and have been getting questions about it ever since. The song features vocals from the talented Swedish singer / songwriter duo Smith & Thell. I wanted to make a feel-good song with a positive message that will put smiles on people’s faces, while incorporating my trademark production style.” says the rhythm curator.

He continues to comment under the video, “this music video was shot in Washington, where I got together with the “Cutting Shapes” crew for a special reunion. Much love to Gabby J David, Ricki Huff and the rest of the crew. Keep dancin’ and keep smilin’, it makes the world a better place!” He will be super busy this summer, but don’t miss your chance to catch him when he reaches your city! He is a great addition to the EDM scene and we can all save a little love for him in our dancing hearts!

Listen to the song below!

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PLS&TY Unleashes a Killer Track that will Run You Wild

Let this song run you wild

If you’re looking for what cutting-edge means, you won’t need to use a dictionary for this one. Just press play above to hear PLS&TY’s recent release “Run Wild”. This single is an incredible banger that is sure to be a hit on the dance floor. It does not require any remixes to spice up the track, in fact PLS&TY has done that all on his own, making the track extremely riveting with its charismatic, high energy, song that is a battle cry of musical creation. The incantations are incredible, carrying the song throughout what the time frame will allow, and preparing you for the depths of life that march into the jungle and run for the great escape. The drums are haunting, like bones against the ground chiming to the sounds of a summer anthem. The synths then raise our hopes and spirits as the melody carries through a stream of our consciousness alongside the eerie chants of the song.

After the release of his hit single, “Good Vibes”, which landed a Universal Music licensing deal and re-release, and after having already been on tour for 4 months in the U.S., this artist decides that it is time to push his fans’ musical ears and challenge them to an abstract track such as this one, “Run Wild”.

Run Wild Art_Final.jpg

At a young age, PLS&TY is already noticed as a leader in the Future Bass world today (and all it took was one year)! He is known for remixing various genres like R&B and hip-hop and abstract house music which have all led him to over 30 millions plays on SoundCloud and a #1 spot on HypeMachine charts.

The DJ has also been recognized by some of the biggest in the EDM leagues including labels like OWSLA, Dim Mak, Disruptor Records/Sony Music Entertainment, Island Records, Wind-Up/Concord Music Group and more. This trippy, erotic, chill, wavy sound that this man fabricates is certainly a way to distinguish himself against the others.

PLS&TY Landscape.jpg

His music has already been featured on notable media platforms such as BBC Radio 1 and Diplo & Friends & Sirius XM, his remix of Genevieve’s “Colors” was used in a Hershey’s “Hello Happy” TV commercial; and many more accomplishments came along down the line.

PLS&TY is hitting the road and the studio and making a big bang with his musical prowess. We are all excited to see what is in store for this producer and he continues to run wild and take chances for his music.

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