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Don Diablo Shows Heart in New Single & Music Video “Save a Little Love”


Save just a little love for him

Because Don Diablo is about to make your summer just a little sweeter with his new release “Save a Little Love”. The DJ comes out with this happy-go-lucky tune of love that takes you through a whirling EDM track. As you mess around with the rhythm you honestly can’t help but start dancing and that was exactly his intention. He genuinely gets you up and going, and though the lyrics may be cheesy and simple, the humble message it gets across is one that is worth listening to and keeping in mind.

The goofy, light-hearted nature of the music video makes it impossible not to smile. The dancing is wonderful, from the lead dancer to the group in synchronized happiness. We tend to forget in our busy lives how things can  take a turn from the expected and we just have to learn how to roll with the punches. So here’s your reminder. As an ambitious extraordinaire, he even released this single via his own HEXAGON label.

With already 2.5 million followers on Facebook, 853 million views on YouTube, and 3.9 million monthly listeners on Spotify overall, Don Diablo is pacing his own path to success through the art of dance music.


Don Diablo recently had the honor of appearing on the BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix and has also remixed The Chainsmokers & Coldplay, Rihanna, DJ Snake, and Justin Bieber. In addition, he will be on the road for a summer full of festival adventures appearing at shows such as Tomorrowland, Lollapolooza, Ultra, South West Four, V Festival and Creamfields.

What should we expect from this artist? Tons and tons of potential to be the next big dance hits tycoon! “I premiered Save A Little Love on the main stage at ULTRA Miami and have been getting questions about it ever since. The song features vocals from the talented Swedish singer / songwriter duo Smith & Thell. I wanted to make a feel-good song with a positive message that will put smiles on people’s faces, while incorporating my trademark production style.” says the rhythm curator.

He continues to comment under the video, “this music video was shot in Washington, where I got together with the “Cutting Shapes” crew for a special reunion. Much love to Gabby J David, Ricki Huff and the rest of the crew. Keep dancin’ and keep smilin’, it makes the world a better place!” He will be super busy this summer, but don’t miss your chance to catch him when he reaches your city! He is a great addition to the EDM scene and we can all save a little love for him in our dancing hearts!

Listen to the song below!

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PLS&TY Unleashes a Killer Track that will Run You Wild

Let this song run you wild

If you’re looking for what cutting-edge means, you won’t need to use a dictionary for this one. Just press play above to hear PLS&TY’s recent release “Run Wild”. This single is an incredible banger that is sure to be a hit on the dance floor. It does not require any remixes to spice up the track, in fact PLS&TY has done that all on his own, making the track extremely riveting with its charismatic, high energy, song that is a battle cry of musical creation. The incantations are incredible, carrying the song throughout what the time frame will allow, and preparing you for the depths of life that march into the jungle and run for the great escape. The drums are haunting, like bones against the ground chiming to the sounds of a summer anthem. The synths then raise our hopes and spirits as the melody carries through a stream of our consciousness alongside the eerie chants of the song.

After the release of his hit single, “Good Vibes”, which landed a Universal Music licensing deal and re-release, and after having already been on tour for 4 months in the U.S., this artist decides that it is time to push his fans’ musical ears and challenge them to an abstract track such as this one, “Run Wild”.

Run Wild Art_Final.jpg

At a young age, PLS&TY is already noticed as a leader in the Future Bass world today (and all it took was one year)! He is known for remixing various genres like R&B and hip-hop and abstract house music which have all led him to over 30 millions plays on SoundCloud and a #1 spot on HypeMachine charts.

The DJ has also been recognized by some of the biggest in the EDM leagues including labels like OWSLA, Dim Mak, Disruptor Records/Sony Music Entertainment, Island Records, Wind-Up/Concord Music Group and more. This trippy, erotic, chill, wavy sound that this man fabricates is certainly a way to distinguish himself against the others.

PLS&TY Landscape.jpg

His music has already been featured on notable media platforms such as BBC Radio 1 and Diplo & Friends & Sirius XM, his remix of Genevieve’s “Colors” was used in a Hershey’s “Hello Happy” TV commercial; and many more accomplishments came along down the line.

PLS&TY is hitting the road and the studio and making a big bang with his musical prowess. We are all excited to see what is in store for this producer and he continues to run wild and take chances for his music.

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Merk & Kremont Tell a “Sad Story (Out of Luck)” In this Summer Jam

 Out of luck, but full of heart.

Merk & Kremont are two DJ’s I was never aware of.  In fact, I had never heard of these Milan-bred producers before, until I heard their recent release “Sad Story (Out of Luck)”, which release today! If you are the type who loves electronic, downtempo music, but are looking for something new, then this is the track you should be listening to.


A unique blend of pop and cultural tunes intertwined into a beautifully polished single, this song, released through Spinnin‘, captures what is means to feel broken from the ever-occurring series of unfortunate events of life.

This is honestly such a simple song, and yet, it is extremely catchy in the way the melody follows a tune you wouldn’t expect, like the way it incorporates the Spanish guitars that strum away at heart strings whilst we reminisce about the troubles we have. Notable publication, Your EDM, admits “[Merk & Kremont] show no signs of slowing down with their unique, explosive musical stamp.”


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From pop music to house, these guys change it up each time to fit their musical energy. They have released numerous singles on labels that include electronic tycoons such as Tiesto’s Musical Freedom, Nicky Romero’s Protocol Recordings, Steve Angello’s SIZE and also Spinnin. They have reached over 40,000,000 streams online! In addition, the two have performed at many highly recognized festivals and radio shows alongside acts such as Oliver Heldens, Don Diablo, Martin Garrix, Avicii, Steve Aoki, Dimitri Vegas, and Like Mike.

So, guessing this time, the boys lucked out after all!

Listen to the track below!


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[Artist Spotlight]: Rodga Takes You For a Ride with the ‘Backseat Mix’

Ride with me

You’re about to be in for an incredible musical experience as you live in the dimensions of Rodga and his eclectic beats.


This man knows the power of sounds as he melts together the heated tracks against the cold noises of production to create his music. He recently released his new mixtape the Backseat Mix, and the only way to best describe this project is “fire.”

This 56 minute progression of sound waves will revive you and reiterate incantations to bring out your soul and recreate new emotions with each melody. The young DJ from Toronto, Canada, a hot spot of talented artists, incorporates remixes and originals to build such a cool piece for listeners to hear.


Let Rodga take you to a whole new level through the music. Let the vibes wash over you as it resonates with you physically and emotionally. Let the music make you sway.

Rodga constructs a home from the echoes and reverbs of house, trap, and electronic music. This guy is so talented and it shows through his work and passion or the music.


“Nothing too serious on a technical standpoint but the songs in this mix are very dear to me” says the curator of sound. Rodga, the 21-year old, just before this release, also dropped a studio EP earlier in December titled “Unmask”, fully mixed and mastered to perfection. Listen to it now below:

I look forward to seeing where this artist will go as he continues to expand his musical creations and grow his fan base!


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[Exclusive]: DJ Wandrew Turns 21 and Drops Fire New Track ‘Bacardi’


DJ Wandrew has absolutely created the most fire track EVER. I have never been in more in love with an EDM sound before than this one. Wandrew is a junior at Boston University, studying in the College of Communications. Today, he not only releases this stunning electronic composition “Bacardi” on SoundCloud, but he also turns 21 years-old! Happy Birthday, dude!

Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 3.36.53 PM.png

This artist is eclectic and powerful in his musical production abilities, and as a renown DJ on campus, he’s been doing a lot to share his projects.  He last released his EP II which was a wicked take on the reflections of life and sound in two tracks. The DJ is now across the pond studying abroad in London, and it’s only fitting that on his 21st, as this producer becomes legalized, that he drops his track “Bacardi.”

Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 3.37.13 PM.png

What I think I love most about this record is the swaying waves of intonations impacting your ears at every direction. It’s just so complex, and unlike most EDM tracks, you can actually hear each note and tone and beat being used to construct this chill vibe. The whiny-warp voice motif is a beautiful touch over the instrumentals, and the subtle sounds of reality like the phone ring and the “f*ck you” phrase spoken add a nice touch to pull you out of the daydream you may have been drifting off to. It’s a swirling array of noise that all meld together indefinitely. Wandrew includes the techniques of oriental musical methodology which builds even more character over this song. It’s almost impossible to ignore the bouncy reverbs, lazer-piercing synths, and the dramatic snares and risers that all lead to a flawless chorus that you can drown yourself into.

Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 3.37.23 PM.png

With a perfect conclusion, we gradually complete our song in this sea of dizzying alcoholism and euphoria. This young artist in the dopest of ways became a story teller to help us envision and depict perhaps what his 21st party may look and sound like tonight using the skills of painting with sonic notes and tunes. 😉 You can listen to the song above!

Happy Birthday, dude! Here’s a shot to you!


The “Before School Starts” Playlist


1 More Week Left!

At least for the Boston University Students, that is. It’s that time of winter break when you start to realize you kind of want your social life back but you fear the thought of studying and doing homework again! So, to keep you settled and get you excited for the new semester, while also keeping away from the negative mindset, here’s a playlist made for just “Before School Starts.”

We need to crank some of the best tunes that have been graciously given to us now, and that includes some new hits that just dropped in the past week *cough cough ~ Ed Sheeran* and film scores that swept the Golden Globes *cough cough ~ La La Land * Hmm, maybe I’m catching a cold.

But if we really know collegiate party music, then let’s be honest, it’s going to be a lot of electro-pop and R&B and that includes artists such as: The Weeknd, Cashmere Cat, The Chainsmokers, KREAM, SOHN, Kriss Kross, G-Eazy, ZAYN, Steve Aoki, Martin Jensen, Jon Bellion, and of course many many more.

Of all of the songs in this playlist, I have to say “Some Kind Of Drug” is a pretty incredible track, and I am very impressed with G-Eazy and Marc E. Bassy’s collaboration on this record. If you haven’t already listen to it, then you definitely better give it a shot (no pun intended). It’s a song with a great beat and the right vibe. It’s chill with a little excitement. It puts you in the “relax” mindset and it’s the perfect intimate jam. The vocals matched with the rap bars very well as they merged and converged into a tight nit, but loosely constructed song.

And of course, we can’t forget about Sheeran who has finally returned to us after some silence! And of course, his latest release is a hit! Go listen to “Shape of You” now and get jammin’!

School isn’t here yet, so let’s crank some uplifting tunes before it does start! Press Play!



[Exclusive]: Jesper Jenset Takes You Through Wonderland With His Single “Lies”

A wonderland of lies

Press play on the track above now, because you”ll want to listen to this as you read this. As the drop takes you away, we’ll introduce you to Jesper Jenset and his wonderful electric wonderland.

This new riser to the music scene has become the next Norwegian obsession as he creates the music that you want to listen to and experience. He now is excited to announce that his killer new track “Lies” is out and ready for many to jam to. As just a 19-year old artist, he recreates a slippery, silky sound with his melodies which twist and turn against claps and whiny, warped vocals. Overwhelmed with much love and praise, Jenset has been honored to be placed in the renown Spotify New Music Friday playlist.

I'm so lucky to front @spotify NEW MUSIC FRIDAY list today!

A post shared by Jesper Jenset (@jesperjenset) on

Allow this extremely innovative, youngster and songster take you on a trip down the rabbit hole of deceit and illusions as the slur of synths, snares, and vocal flections take the forefront of your mind. The beat stands strong and the bass crashes a thud in your heart, where he’s practically pulling the truth out of you with his hypnotic and trance-like single. This song is definitely one to take note of and recognition as he revamps and reassembles the casual autotune and electronic vibes we now know of to a R&B riff. He brings a Justin Bieber persona to his own unique sound. His thunderous voice and the despairing meaning behind the song pulls at the heart strings as he embraces you with the sounds of this wondrous world of melancholia and intensity.

Jenset is actually from a city called Molde in Norway which translates as, “The City of Roses”. A little more on the artist? He began playing the guitar and singing when he was much younger and now he’s a self producer and songwriter for his own compositions. It’s easy to see that this youthful songster is not messing around and is taking this career as seriously as he can in order to perform to the best of his abilities and become the next big thing.

Behind the scenes #lies #musicvideo @futurstore 📷: @eriksensiri

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However, don’t let his minimal years of experience in the industry fool you as he has built a strong fan base in countries all over the world: already he has 66k followers on Instagram and has performed in front of a crowd with 80k people.


Now this Sony Music (Norway) Label signee has offered us his version of … His Favorite Norwegian Tracks! So check it out below!

“To fulle menn” – Jokke

Norwegian rock. My dad used to sing it for me as a lullaby. Kinda funny when the title is “two drunk men”.

“Hurts So Good” – Astrid S

Distinctive voice. Great song!

“Cut To Black” – Lemaitre

Indie and electronic music sounds so good together. 

“Riv i hjertet” – Sondre Justad

Catchy song, and great lyrics! 

“Jump” – Astrid

Astrid tells a cool story through the song. Like that type of songwriting. The drop is also sick. 

“Patience Revisited” – Bernhoft

Probably one of my favorite artists from Norway.

“Stop / Shut up” – Bernhoft

Great soul artist. The whole concept is so completed. Love that type of music.

“Drøm videre Violeta” – Kaizers Orchestra

This song is so cool. Don’t know what their saying even though it’s Norwegian! But the sound and expression is awesome. 

“Torgeirs vårsang” – Diderre

Also a song me and my father used to sing when I was a kid. Love Jo Nesbøs lyrics about how summer and brighter days are coming and you go out with your friends. 

“Spis din syvende sans” – Karpe Diem 

Great song from Norwegian rap duo. It’s okay to fire a planner someone else hired to make plans.

^And, so there you have it folks!

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[EXCLUSIVE]: Cheat Codes Release Thriving New Single “Queen Elizabeth” & Their ‘2017 Artists To Watch’ Playlist

“Lay with me, we can rule the world together…”

And we can rule the world with the Cheat Codes newest trop-house anthem, “Queen Elizabeth.” This buzzy DJ trio, hailing from Los Angeles, California, have been certainly learning their ways of ruling the music boards as they have been gaining momentum in the EDM scene.

The boys have already been able to have half a billion streams on Spotify, a music god platform, with over 326 million streams on their popular single, “Sex.” Thanks to that track’s success, this dance music’s act is currently currently ranked in the Top 30 most streamed artists on the music-streaming site worldwide. And they’re only going to grow as they have had incredible opportunities to play at some of the biggest music festivals in the world such as Firefly, Billboard’s Hot 100, and Voodoo.

These knights with shining headphones produce their way into the horizon as they see their glimmering dance-music careers beginning to soar!

Their latest release “Queen Elizabeth” has now hit a whopping 2 million plays via Spotify since its release!

This chest thumping lullaby will serenade you to the flow of fall days and whisk you away to a tropical paradise as the percussion and sounds blend and merge into perfect harmony. All together they build a rhythmic ocean floor for the velvety vocals to sail over its mid-tempoed currents. These three musketeers triumph the airwaves with their undeniably and wonderfully infectious music.

The bridge in the record is enrapturing as the music crescendoes and drops without any disruption. Flawlessly, the tunes and vibes make you feel nostalgic for summer, love, and good times. As they commemorate the feelings of falling in love and giving one’s all for the other, we are suddenly bit by the lovebug and find ourselves twirling into their lovely, whirling, electronic abyss. Let the smooth melodies and the wailing synths spark electricity in your soul as you mellow down for the few moments the Cheat Codes take you away for.


In addition to all of this excitement, we had the chance to get an [EXCLUSIVE] look into who the guys think are worth keeping an eye and ear out for next year! You can see the list below of their ‘2017 Artists to Watch‘ forecast. What do you think?

[2017 Artist To Watch Forecast]:


19 year old RnB and future bass artist coming off of his debut EP CARE via Spinnin Records, his single with DJ Mokita currently has over 6 million plays on SPOTIFY and is blowing up right now! Check it out!

Phil Good –

Debut single “Sleeping In” just dropped and it sounds like indie electronic gold.


Check out “Wanna be like you” his debut single, mixing pop urban and electronic in one catchy jam!

Shaun Frank –

Played tons of shows with this guy and he’s become one our good homies, check out his new song “Let you get away” featuring Ashe!


Indie pop artist LAUV has perfected the introspective love song, plus his vocals are amazing!


DJ out of New Zealand leaning towards Flume sounding house that’s perfect for any party!


DJ out of Holland, mixes catchy vocals with pop house track, definitely one to look out for!!

So, there you have it! Be sure to keep on the look out for these artists as they continue to grow! And of course, stay tuned to this amazing group, Cheat Codes, as they continue to have more releases in store for us. Shhh– yes they’ve got some sick new stuff for us on the way 😉

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