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Moontower is the Next Band to Keep on Your Radar – “William”

Get Her Back

Welcoming the sound of edgy electronica comes the emerging band Moontower.  This trio originates from Los Angeles, and have been on the path to creative recognition as they release their first single “William” (which released on April 25th) and have performed for live shows all over Southern California for more than half a year. Before all of the buzz they received though, these guys were doing it all makeshift, redesigning spaces form backyards to living rooms into the musical experiences that people could enjoy and feel connected to. With that all said, Moontower has had exciting opportunities to open for headlining artist like Bad Suns and Yungblud, as well as playing a few festivals!

With Moontower’s first track exposed, they were delighted to find that it has already racked up over 66K streams and has been placed on a Spotify curated playlist “Fresh Finds: Poptronix”.  The band itself boasts over 45K monthly listeners, which is extremely impressive for a band that, only until just recently, released one song on streaming platforms!

Now back to the song! “William” is tale about a young man that the band fabricated of their own imagination. The protagonist, William Hollywood, is from suburban USA, but it seems his life is not as monotonous as the white picket fences seem, as like any love story, he embarks on a journey to rescue the love of his life. The story line will thicken and grow as the band continues to release new music, and with each song, we get another piece of the narrative.

With a peculiar image of an orange juice carton as their cover art and the presence of oranges in their press photos, these guys are undoubtedly going to be something fresh, quirky, and above all else, fascinating to watch as they add to the industry scene of indie-electronic music. The song is both epic and mellow. It has a superhero-esque tone and the softness of an indie vocalist. With beeps and other noises incorporated to build the sound, we get a wonderfully wicked and sweet melange of a song that packs a punch like a glass of OJ. It’s got that tang to it when the tempo changes at just the right moments. Right as it gets soft, you get a sick guitar riff to that reminds listeners of nostalgic classic rock music. The well-constructed song demonstrates the talent boys have, who still have more to come.

This track is certainly not their last, and there is plenty of time to see where these three amigos take their musical endeavors. They have a lot in store  for their listeners, so until then, keep listening to “William” above and follow the guys on socials: Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


Sleeping Lion Serenades the Heart with New Single “Easy For You”


A song that both lulls you to sleep and leaves you alone at night; a song that comforts the heart and reminds you of heartbreak; a track that dances on the edge of making it easier for you.

The kings of contradictory emotions and copious amounts of feels are back with this stunning new single “Easy For You”. This track gives Sleeping Lion’s usual sound a makeover including a more pop-filled melody and a more subtle electronic composition that sits in the back of your mind like a carousel of wistful memories.

It’s a beautiful single that Sleeping Lion (Nate Flaks and Noah McGuire) can proudly add to their track list as the guys are continuously working on new songs to release over the summer season. The song is a mid-tempo exhale as you finally come to terms with whatever or whomever it was that kept you fastened to the past. What makes it so unique is that it’s this mixture of raw vocals and metallic beats. The new sound the LA-based duo produce on this record is reminiscent of a faster-paced “Say Something” by A Great Big World, triggering the same emotional symptoms. You just can’t help but sing along to the track as Flaks and McGuire sing vigorously to the lyrics “I don’t have the room to take you with me / I got too much baggage in the back of my car”… followed by “Let this be the end of it”, and then “If you never want to see me again, I made it easy for you”.


“I made it easy for you”… just those 6 words alone in one sentence are so powerful and frustrating–they hold a melancholic allure coated by notes of bittersweetness.

The duo don’t plan to stop here, as they are gearing up to keep sharing new tracks with us. “Easy For You” follows their last release “Stop It”, which was released via Majestic Casual Records and was a hit amongst the press. In the past, these curators of electro-indie sound have been praised by media outlets like HillyDilly, Indie Shuffle, EARMILK, and The Line of Best Fit. They have also earned features on Spotify’s “Chill Vibes” and “Electronic Vibes” playlists, as well as have played as opening acts for concerts of Vesperteen, Transviolet, and Brasstracks.

The two artists had been in Boston in the past few years, and the desire to leave and start new didn’t quite hit them until a series of episodes from both life and love gave them that extra push to pack up and leave for the creative sunshine out in Los Angeles.

Flaks breaks down the single, explaining that “The first verse is very apologetic… I’m this way, I’m sorry for being this way and making it easy for her to want to leave… But as the song progresses, it becomes more about taking ownership of that sort of stuff. It moves from this song for her to this song for me.” It’s a notable change, the guys go from their past sounds found in Patient Creature that were once so formed by electronic trills, layers, and spirals to something simpler, “folkier”, and calmer.


The guys are just beginning their journey of introspection and self-actualization as bit-by-bit and note-by-note, they produce a sound closer to the essence of Sleeping Lion.

“During this move, driving to Los Angeles with Noah, it was this long, straight road,” Flaks reflectively states. “And it didn’t matter if you were going 30 miles per hour or 100 miles per hour, it was just this one straight road for hours and hours and hours. And I just had to believe that I’d eventually be in California. That’s how I feel about my life right now. I could go 30 or 100 and it would be the same road right now, but I have to believe I’m moving towards something. If that’s the case, you might as well go 100.”

Flaks continues, “Leaving wasn’t easy, but hopefully whatever comes next will be worth it.”

Well, this song is the definition of simultaneously going 30 and 100 on this road of the music world, and I have a feeling this song, as well as the ones to come, will definitely be worth it.

Be sure to check out the guys on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, their Websiteand Spotify.

“Easy For You” is available now across all digital streaming platforms.

Petticoat Paints Metallic Remix of Kelela’s Single “A Message” Today



Body 3.jpg

David Halsey, musically known as Petticoat, is an artist you’ll want to keep an eye on. With this erotic remix of Kelela’s mystifying single “A Message”, you will feel the euphoria seep into your mind and take you on a fantastic ride. Like a ray of sunshine and a rhythm to a silent day, Petticoat demonstrates the artistry behind working in music, songwriting, and being a musician. He takes an dark ominous song and transforms it into a high energy escapade of sound.

Somehow, Petticoat is able to manipulate the movements and inflections of the vocals harmoniously without a stir and make them all flow like waterfalls into dark spaces. All I can picture as I hear this remix are light beams shining into cracks of places and big life to the things that were once silent.

Cover 1.jpg

“To me, music is a physical character built from melody, texture, and effects. What do you see when you listen to something? Perhaps a scene plays in your head, or maybe you get an audio-visual sensation like seeing colors. Behind the music, I want the listeners to get a sense of playfulness, femininity, and brightness through sound. So much of the music i was making and listening to was enveloping this masculine energy through distortion and large, abrasive synths & noises. Frankly, I was just tired of it. I hope my music provides a splash of color or a breath of fresh air to someone’s music landscape. That’s my goal” articulately explains the fellow artist.

Originally from LA, the artists is surrounded by an insurmountable array of electronic and R&B influences. However, today’s era of electronica have taken a new spin into areas of production with artists like Cashmere Cat, Lido, KAYTRANADA, and Mura Masa, that are just a whole new level of complexity and skill.

Artwork Kelela Remix.png

Much of Petticoat’s talents though started when he was in a duo called SKULS, it incorporated both dark ambient music as well as UK-influenced electro music. Supported by the label in London, Terrorrhythm, SKULS gained attention even from!

Body 2.jpg

What’s exciting about all of this is that with each year comes new possibilities for this artist, and he’s definitely making sure to take hold of them. His once bubble-gum pop and serene sounds are now being replaced or combined with metallic and bolder tones, and rhythms are altering, and sound waves are vibrating more so than ever.

So be sure to check out the song above, and to keep up with the evolution of this producer, Petticoat as more is to come.

Follow him on social media at: Soundcloud, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.


Sub-Radio are the Summer Vibes We Need This Winter


Dancing into oblivion

This fun indie-pop rock sextet is just what the doctor ordered. Reminiscent of a younger Walk the Moon, these guys control the microphones and airwaves with their sound of pure dancing joy. Sub-Radio is a band to look out for this year as they are creating some really amazing pop-dance music that will bring any body to the dance floor.  The band is currently finalizing their upcoming EP and released on of their singles off the album today, “What Are We”.

The track is layered with 80’s dance feels, like that of Two Door Cinema Club and include the charisma of a high energy rock band. The band singing in unison together in the background of the lead vocalist’s lines create a beautiful up-tempo, feel-good song. The music itself is enthusiastic and fluid, and the electric guitar constructs beautiful divots within the composition. The song itself is a powerful track that is about understanding love and what a connection between two people really means after all.


Sub-Radio has already toured the North East, performed for the Cherry Blossom Festival, Celebrate Fairfax, and Firefly 2017; there is not intention of stopping now. With a momentum building, the guys cannot wait to release this highly anticipated project, since the circulation of their 2016 album Same Train//Different Station. 

So press play to the single above and dance into oblivion with this worry-free, hypnotic record by Sub-Radio.


The guys are currently on tour now, so be sure to check out the dates for a show near you!

Jan 20 - Gypsy Sally's - Washington, DC
Jan 27 - 622 North - Blacksburg, VA
Feb 03 - Reston Craft House, Reston, VA
Feb 23 - Rockwood Music Hall - New York, NY
Feb 24 - Tellus360 - Lancaster, PA
Mar 10 - Sauf Haus Bier Hall & Garden -Washington, DC


And of course, check them out on Spotify, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Lostboycrow Sails Us Away with New Single “I’m a Sailor Not a Salesman”

Sail Away

Lostboycrow is back with another stunning single that will take you worlds away. The LA-based pop artist and producer released the track “I’m a Sailor Not a Salesman”, yesterday and it has lived up to expectations. Slower than the more recent tracks he has revealed, the song is smooth and beautiful. “It’s synthetic, it’s just not fair”, sings the songster.

5 - Teren Mabry.jpg

This new material comes as part of his successful three-part LP, Traveler. The single is now the second song to be revealed from what is to be his highly anticipated Traveler: The Second Legend project! It is disparate from the other tracks as it includes much more raw instrumentation, from the R&B guitar lines, to the pop-touched vocals, and the electro-painted tones.

4 - @MichaelDanenberg.jpg

The melancholy intonation in his voice makes you fall in love with the storytelling of the mystic who leads the seas and the song waves.  Lostboycrow’s voice has always been able to be strong over the compositions he designs. The voices in the background give this dream-like sensation to the already hazy soundtrack.

The Oregon-born musician is absolutely one to watch as his music is what music should be. (The single already has 33,768 streams on Spotify in less than 24 hours) “The idea that who we are and are becoming is a direction leading us to far greater places than any other pursuit. Any other motive” details Lostboycrow, as he explains the development of this beautiful and wondrous song.

8 - Dana Jacobs.jpg

Lostboycrow has always been a favorite of mine and one I feel has so much to offer to the music scene. His artistry is one that can best implement various genres at once, and every song has this element of hopeful sadness that grabs you by the heart and takes you away to better places in your mind. It’s like going off on your own dark trip to Neverland, falling in love with a broken heart, and traveling off into the world with emotions of wanderlust and blissful uncertainty.

Lostboycrow, himself, is a mystery to all, hiding behind the alluring lyrics he writes. Nonetheless, that is what makes his music that much more attractive and provocative.

Check out the song above, and stay tuned as this artist grows, creates, and strolls into our lives.


Be sure to follow Lostboycrow on Spotify, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Taska Black Releases Soulful Single “Sandpaper (feat. Ayelle)”

Soften the edges

Producer, Joachim Gorrebeeck, also known as Taska Black, brings us an all new track with a powerful message and a forceful production! Featuring the stunning vocals of singer/songwriter Ayelle, “Sandpaper”comes to life in an exotic and ferocious way.

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 11.56.31 AM.png

Taska Black has recently garnered millions of streams in 2017 and gained listeners in over 58 countries. He also had the amazing opportunity to perform for the big leagues of festivals including Lollapalooza Paris and Bonnaroo.

To start off the new year right,  he releases this spectacular track which is sure to bring more attention to his sonic works. “Sandpaper” only demonstrates how well the two can work together in harmony and in total control of the music. Taska Black creates a pop song containing hardcore elements of warped moans, electronic drops, and high-hitting snares that give the track a revolutionary feeling, as if it’s off to the races.

“Speak to me softly, I can be your sandpaper. Come soften the edges And I can give you space”, softly sings the songstress. The repetition within the layers and the melodies draw you back to the overall experience of the track: “You say that I’m too much, I say you’re out of touch”.

“I think relationships are tough because they force you to work on yourself and grow as a person, sandpaper is a metaphor for that and how we polish a relationship in order to make things work” explains Ayelle about the meaning of the song and the connection it has with people in every day life.

The constructor of noise mentions that, “For me this was a very interesting project because I decided to come out of my comfort zone and create something that’s more pop-influenced and accessible than my previous records.” He’s right- in the past the artist created much more trap-heavy, electronic music that would be best fit for that particular group of listeners. However, with a song as dynamic as this one, he’s able to reach various crowds.

Be sure to take a listen to the song above now!

Check out Taska Black online at: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

And connect with Ayelle on: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Friz Transforms Maroon 5 & SZA’s “What Lovers Do” Into an Anthemic Dance Track

This song is a love trip.

If you don’t find this a fun remix, please re-listen, because this rendition of the radio, pop single hit “What Lovers Do” by Maroon 5 and SZA, is one to bring sunshine to any avalanche-covered town.

Though we may be in the depths of winter darkness, that doesn’t have to put a damper on the mood, and this song is just the track to fix that. Sure to be a sensation at all the bloc-parties, this remix has “Good Vibes Only” tattooed over every riff and layer of tracks incorporated in the piece. So, who’s behind the dose of joy in a bottle? None other than emerging electronic producer Friz.


Friz (neé Ryan Frizelle) was born in Seattle, Washington before moving to Los Angeles to pursue the widely known music dream. There he entered the Icon Collective, LA’s premier music production school, where he could hone his energies into. He practiced to create his electronic genre-style by piecing together elements of light synth melodies, metallic beats, and strong bass backdrops.

“I started making music four years ago. I never really did anything musical before that, so once I discovered producing I fell in love and would spend hours and hours in my room creating songs. I began DJing in college which led to playing some shows and clubs. That really took everything I was doing to another level and showed that I could really do something with my music” notes the artist of sonic distortions and intonations.


In the past, Friz had remixed Frenship’s hit single “Capsize” which racked up over 185K plays on Soundcloud alone. Soon after that release, he performed at select shows in LA such as Avalon Hollywood, thus cementing his position amidst the forefront of the crowds’ minds.

“Recently I’ve been blending pop with house music. I love how dancey house music is especially when there’s a good bassline. When you mix that with a catchy melody or vocal, you’ve got yourself a song that has some serious potential” remarks Friz.

Friz is here to offer the audience what they want to hear and how they want to hear it. He mentions to me how much he wants to give his listeners something to enjoy. “I love music that makes you move. That’s my goal with the music I make. I want to make you feel something that also makes you dance.”


Friz genuinely loves what he does, and isn’t that end point we all want? It’s amazing too, that the artist has fans that he can rely on to have his back and that already his music is beginning to resonate with people. It’s something he has started to recognize and truly appreciate. #CareerGoals. “Playing shows is one of my favorite things to do. When you’re vibing out with a crowd that’s jumping and down and dancing to your music, it’s hard not to lose your shit. There are a lot of people I notice who continually make their way out to my shows and it’s such a powerful and humbling feeling. That support means the world to me and I’m forever grateful for those people.”

2018 is here, and so is Friz with a whole new array of tracks, videos, and shows coming up soon. So be sure to stay tuned and up to date with this electro-songwriter.


“There is a lot to come in 2018. I have a ton of new originals, remixes, and collabs. We’re planning on putting on more events with my manager (Alek Blik) and I’s event company Open Doors. We’re going to be releasing a lot of video content featuring new music, friends, and dopeness. 2018 is going to be a big year and I’m really looking forward to it!”

The remixed single will have you moving regardless of the situation and brings the popular song to life in a whole new way, that actually may be better than even the original (tbh).

Take a listen for yourself at the track above and be sure to follow Friz on Soundcloud, Spotify, YouTubeInstagram, Snapchat @rfrizelle, and Twitter. For his official website, check it out HERE.

Transported To the Universe of Odesza at the House of Blues Boston

Ever had that feeling, for a moment, when your heart has been torn apart and then is put back together again?

Those were the effects of the sheer beauty that was and is Odesza. Last night at the Moment Apart tour, Boson witnessed an event to never forget. With a sold out show at the House of Blues in Boston, MA, Odesza blew the crowd away with its magic.

(Clearly, because one show wasn’t enough, they perform again at the same venue the following day!)

The lights went out and nothing but stars were left on the backdrop of the stage, as theatrical and orchestral sounds gradually grew louder, images of satellites, and asteroids, and other interstellar characteristics filled the space. When the duo jumped on stage, it was almost as if we blasted off to infinity and beyond. The rest of those two hours, I wasn’t sure what hit me but it felt like being in a spaceship, headed to somewhere unearthly. It was elsewhere in this universe where lights consumed adoring fans and where souls became the music.




Odesza is made up of two gentleman, Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight, who originated from Seattle, Washington. After finishing college, these two decided to pursue their passions in this field of manipulating sound back in 2012, and since became the rising producing pair they are now.

They released their album A Moment Apart earlier this year, which received critical acclaim from many and all! This is what set them on this journey for their Moment Apart Tour. The music is exotic and the sounds are electronic yet global. They create songs that are fragmented and melodic. The overall project exists to reveal stories of matters untold. Every single off the Odesza album feels as though they hide a secret, and as you close your eyes, you are transported to Odesza’s planet where these mystifying things are.


The concert was just this galactic experience – out of body, outside the box, and between the stars. It was a lullaby and daydream all placed together in this hopeful roll of imagination.

Ok, I’ll stop with the imagery. However, honestly, this duo has blown away minds with their work. With music that seems almost too good to be true. The compositions make you feel as though you are living a movie.


These were some of the photos I captured of the night, but truly it does the show no justice. With Naomi Wild appearing on stage, the lazers, and the space theme, it was so much wonderfulness to take in that it was blissfully overwhelming. The guys of Odesza even were having a great time on stage, dancing and shouting to the crowd. If there was any word to describe the night, it would be “fantastic”. Fans who attended responded with statements such as “mesmerizing” and “taken to another level”. Everyone was in a good mood that night, because how could you not be?


All in all, the results of this concert were undoubtedly incredible. From the sound quality, to the drum line, to the lights, to the band and the artistry, there was no going back to reality after this trip. Thank you, Odesza, for a truly memorable time and have the chance to dream for a night.

Check out their album A Moment Apart on Spotify now below: