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PLS&TY Unleashes a Killer Track that will Run You Wild

Let this song run you wild

If you’re looking for what cutting-edge means, you won’t need to use a dictionary for this one. Just press play above to hear PLS&TY’s recent release “Run Wild”. This single is an incredible banger that is sure to be a hit on the dance floor. It does not require any remixes to spice up the track, in fact PLS&TY has done that all on his own, making the track extremely riveting with its charismatic, high energy, song that is a battle cry of musical creation. The incantations are incredible, carrying the song throughout what the time frame will allow, and preparing you for the depths of life that march into the jungle and run for the great escape. The drums are haunting, like bones against the ground chiming to the sounds of a summer anthem. The synths then raise our hopes and spirits as the melody carries through a stream of our consciousness alongside the eerie chants of the song.

After the release of his hit single, “Good Vibes”, which landed a Universal Music licensing deal and re-release, and after having already been on tour for 4 months in the U.S., this artist decides that it is time to push his fans’ musical ears and challenge them to an abstract track such as this one, “Run Wild”.

Run Wild Art_Final.jpg

At a young age, PLS&TY is already noticed as a leader in the Future Bass world today (and all it took was one year)! He is known for remixing various genres like R&B and hip-hop and abstract house music which have all led him to over 30 millions plays on SoundCloud and a #1 spot on HypeMachine charts.

The DJ has also been recognized by some of the biggest in the EDM leagues including labels like OWSLA, Dim Mak, Disruptor Records/Sony Music Entertainment, Island Records, Wind-Up/Concord Music Group and more. This trippy, erotic, chill, wavy sound that this man fabricates is certainly a way to distinguish himself against the others.

PLS&TY Landscape.jpg

His music has already been featured on notable media platforms such as BBC Radio 1 and Diplo & Friends & Sirius XM, his remix of Genevieve’s “Colors” was used in a Hershey’s “Hello Happy” TV commercial; and many more accomplishments came along down the line.

PLS&TY is hitting the road and the studio and making a big bang with his musical prowess. We are all excited to see what is in store for this producer and he continues to run wild and take chances for his music.

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KEYON Releases an Amazing Jazzy Remix of Ellie Goulding’s “Outside”

Feeling it on the inside and outside

The producer has really decided to show off his true musical skills in this recent remix he released today for all to hear! KEYON, a young artist from Massachusetts, remixes the renown track originally created by Calvin Harris featuring the stunning vocals of Ellie Goulding, and turns it into a masterpiece of EDM jazz. Using the real, natural voices of his instruments, he captures an authenticity in his electronic music that only some artists, such as Lido, offer. KEYON himself noted that, “I think people could respect that I make all my own samples and sounds”, he continues, “and I’m telling you…jazz is making a revolutionary comeback”.

This artist really makes us appreciate the art of musical theory with his songs, something I think many of us seemed to have forgotten after all of these days of mainstream, artificial tunes blasting through the radio.

When this remix hits 2:15, the conflict rises and the best guitar interference you will ever hear takes you down a path of intense jam-worthy freedom. It’s funny that KEYON chooses to use the raw sound of electric guitars to create the drop rather than the synths and it works so perfectly!

The song ends with a little jazzy piano riff to ease us after the stunning sound storm. The drums help guide you to the beat and march you onward into the depths of the track. The risers are well-developed and the synths similarly riff into waterfalls of sound in a downward formation– pouring into your ear drums.


The artist has a lot in store this summer as he ventures off into the music realms of his simple studio set up, and we are excited to hear what he’s got for us!


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Cado Releases Artistic Hip-hop Track from Summer Single Series “kintsugi”

Cado brings you a fresh new beat to your strut.

The DJ duo, Cado, drop their highly anticipated track, “kintsugi” today! The single is a chill vibe that slides into the rhythm and intertwines with the bars being spoken to offer us a wavy hip hop production to sway along to.

“kintsugi” is a fun track with a solid baseline that carries through a whirling tune, chanting “this is all a dream”. With complex layers of oriental tones, we get a cool mixture of new school music with elegant, waterfall-sounding chords. This song will start the series of singles that are to be released throughout the summer. The boys have been hard at work to create this outfit of tracks that will keep their fans and listeners engaged to their musical process!

The inspiration behind this first track? Matt Mckeen, one half of Cado, explains that “‘kintsugi’ is a Japanese word for the art of putting broken pottery back together with melted gold, so even though it’s broken and cracked it’s more valuable/beautiful than before (kinda corny haha)”, but it portrays a really important message about looking at things in various ways and from alternate perspectives, because everything can be interpreted differently.

new song first week of june. really care bout these next few.

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Some more on these producers! Cado is an act comprised of two DJs, the lyricist (McKeen), and the producer, Cam Cox. Originating from the city of Boston and now treading the Brooklyn waters, these two have a mission to create music. Though coming from different backgrounds, the boys have come together to form a merging of styles where rap, R&B, trap, indie folk, and EDM music all meet in harmony.

With clever samples and witty lyrics, the two have been able to build a substantial musical following (that is over 1M streams!).

As upcoming artists, their previously released album, Free Wifi, did very well reaching about 61.3 K streams on SoundCloud on certain tracks! They continue to pursue and follow their passions of bringing musical worlds together and venture on to play shows in cities all over the Northeast and West Coast regions. Their charisma and energy is what truly bring the crowd to their shows and draw them to the music.
Listen to the new track now on Spotify as well and stay tuned as they release more in the coming weeks!

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Opia Drops Daring Downtempo-Funk Single “Devil In Disguise”

“Searching for words I can’t define…”

These are the words that exactly characterize the emotions that this song insinuates in your soul. Opia, a duo that is known for constructing lush, abstract, and ambient vibes bring us their most recent angsty release “Devil In Disguise”. What is so attractive about this track is the fact that it’s seductive and provocative. It practically exudes the feeling of betrayal and discontent in the form of a sick jams and rhythms.


“Devil In Disguise” is a manifesto of  blood boiling and burning hate for being hurt by love. It consists of that hard rock reverb, with an R&B melody, and a funky tune. It’s always been impressive how this young duo create a downtempo beat that can encompass so many genres and still manage to sound so smooth and entertaining. Utilizing elements of electronic noise they build this dynamic track! “Call me a loser, but you ain’t a winner” harshly accuses the vocalist as disjointed tones beat all over the melody like a shattered heart would sound.

Opia (11 of 19) (1).jpg

Opia has come a long way since the beginning of their musical creations. Before this, they released their dreamy single “Secrets” featuring vocals of Sam Fischer. Opia has found themselves recognized by some great platforms such as Spotify’s Alternative R&B playlist and Hype Machine! They are now excited to be on tour and sharing the stage as the opening act for Marian Hill!

To see the tour dates, check out the graphic below!


The last time I had written about Opia, it was for their hit single “YDU“, which was an amazing track! I have no doubt that 2017 has a lot in store for these guys and their success.

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BU Producer KEYON Releases Single “Morning” With Wyatt Ward and Sam Uzbay

This could be the next track to be on Soul-ection.

On the morn of his birthday, 21 year-old producer (KEYON), releases his latest record “Morning” in collaboration with vocalist Wyatt Ward and Sam Uzbay. Together, these three musketeers bring you a vibe that will make your day a little brighter with a bit of hip-hop and R&B shine.

In preparation for what is to be their project Digital Natives, the three BU students came together to create this vibey new track that gives you all the feels of a lethargic Sunday morning and gives you a sneak peek of what they will have in store for us on the EP that is expected to drop in late summer.

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 7.29.12 PM

“Morning” is different from a lot of productions we hear today that utilize a lot of synth and loud, thudding bass production. Instead, clicking sounds at the beginning ready you for the chillest vibe for your Sunday mornings. With a sharp beat and a bounce-worthy rhythm, the trio take you for a wild trip of bedroom imagination. Both enchanting and erotic, you hear the rawest elements of the track and what it takes to produce the single. Mid-way through the track breaks through the forceful, bold vocals of songstress Uzbay who decides to join the boys on their escapade of day dreams and seduction. Ward and Uzbay then circle through a harmonious medley of their voices layered over each other like sheets, as cyclical echoes and impressive guitar riffs, designed by KEYON, lay as the backdrop to their melodic conversations.

The song is practically a melange of R&B-hip-pop and electro-funk. “I never see you in the morning, I never see you anymore and it really kills me…” croons Ward, as Uzbay trills back “I got nothing left to share…” The piano and xylophone tones are sweet, making the whole song’s heavy meaning of broken and lost relationships seem as  innocent as child’s play.

Come on, these artists are basically asking you to vibe with them, so press play on the link above and get to it.

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The Music That’s “Not The Type” of Playlist You Find

This is not your ordinary playlist.

Nope, if you were looking for a playlist with a theme or some sort of consistency, then you came to the wrong post, because this one is a list filled with tracks that will keep you wondering what will be played next.

I was feeling a little all over the place this week and thought that it was time to find a playlist that addressed a similar kind of emotion. Thus, came to life the “Not The Type” playlist.  From The Weeknd, to Stamos, to ZAYN, to Kendrick Lamar, to Blackbear, to Trey Songz, to Cashmere Cat, to Sleeping Lion, to Jax Jones, to Danny Ocean, to Sampha, to Charlie Puth, to Nick Cannon (Indian song, not Mariah Carey’s ex.), Kiiara, Luis Fonsi, Matt Maeson, Sonder, GoldLink, Opia, Sir Sly, One Republic and more and more and more under the sun of names you may or may not know. The list is pretty extensive, and sometimes, that’s all we really need for intense, long weeks that have us going in a million directions. You can turn to music to know just how you’re feeling, and the best kind of therapy can be the noise. So, drift away or hair whip and head bang your way through finals or that chaotic week of work that has you so indecisive, that you’re really willing to  jam out to anything and everything.

These are vibes galore in this list! Personally, I find that the growing trend of electro-[insert other genre combo here], has really made the biggest and most impressive mark on the music scene today, which is why you might that to be the one commonality amongst the tracks below. But enough of this explanation of weirdness and discontinuity, and let’s have a good time to some hits and some fresh new finds for our ears to hear.

Press play below now!


Sleeping Lion Suspends You With Dreamy New Track “Stop It”

When you’re between sleep and awake, this is the song of dreamy purgatory that will lull you away …

This is Sleeping Lion, if you haven’t heard of them yet, then you should keep them on your radar now, because they’re about to find your playlists and fill the airwaves with their electro-soul vibe sounds.

The Boston-born band consists of Nate Flaks and Noah Longworth McGuire who sing and produce the music together in perfect bolstering harmony. Honestly, it is incredible to find the artistry and intricate tonality held behind each note in their music. The two proudly release their latest single “Stop It”, as a hypnotic and trance-like track.

PC: Ariff Danial

This indie-pop, mood-music duo, Sleeping Lion, divulge this stunning lullaby to enchant you into various states of consciousness. You can listen to the full track above!

This is a song of blissful contradictions: the song that alleviates the hurt, the voice that leads you into the dark, a melody that finds the fullest in the empty, and a composition that creates the blurs from the experiences of fading. It’s a record of joy and melancholia.



“Stop It” assuages the left behind scars on shattered hearts and emits a kind of silver lining. Picture yourself walking amidst the bright lights in a big city as your interlude and outro. This is the song of the lion taking a hiatus from the hunt, allowing sweet electronic vibes to caress ears with warped whispers and eerie echoes of the cement jungle.

The song also features the silky, ghost-like vocals of a songstress, who croons her way through the synths and break-down beats. As the bass line hums a soft-spoken tune, the vocalists & producers join forces to allay the listeners with breathy words and whimsical vibrations.

The boys have already reached success with this new track, recognized by publications such as BeautifulBuzzz, TrueMusicNetwork, ThisSongIsSick, Sound of Boston, Going Solo, and more, as well as finding their way to the notable Spotify-curated playlist “Chill Vibes” and featured by channels like Majestic Casual.

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 9.59.26 PM

Can’t get enough and can’t say Stop It? Find more from Sleeping Lion below!







Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 9.29.52 PM.png

17-Year Old Female Producer Ninajirachi Creates Exquisite Single “Pure Luck”


This is not just pure luck that this artist is so talented.

Introducing a new producer to rule the sound waves, Ninajirachi brings us our next weekend jam or summer playlist lead-track with her debut single “Pure Luck,” featuring the mystical vocals of Freya Staer.

The music is the perfect blend of the techno-pop that is carrying the mainstream trend along these days, but it also has a heavy dose of that hipster major-minor balance that caresses you and twirls you around into euphoria. If there was any way to describe the sound of this record, it would be if Birdie and Maggie Rodgers joined forces in an epic battle of utter chillness and peace. It’s sweet tonalities that mix and mingle through each verse make you smile as the rainbow sounds of xylophones and bouncy indie notes take you down a free flowing stream of consciousness.


These two make a beautiful collaboration that is meant to be recognized with high praise. Already, this song has been on repeat several times as I write this because it is one of those melodies that keeps you moving and keeps you happily paralyzed in that space between sleep and awake.

Ninajirachi told a source, “Freya and I have been friends since we were 10 years old, so to be able to work with her vocals on this song has been really special.”

The intriguing and mysterious moniker is obviously not her real name; in fact, it’s actually Nina Wilson, who is a young, beautiful, and talented musician/producer of this day and age. Hailing from Sydney, Australia, this aussie discovered her influences and inspirations from other notable composing connoisseurs such as Porter Robinson, Mura Masa, Flume and more.


At only 17-years old, this melodic muse became a finalist in the Triple J’s Unearthed High competition in 2016!!! Insane!

Utilizing complex layers and an elegant, smooth finish to the product, Ninajirachi is completely in control of her musical capabilities and at one with her creative soul.

This particular enchanting track has already received recognition and support from sources like ElectroPose, TripleJ Unearthed, Purple Sneakers, Pilerats, Indie Shuffle, Music Feeds, and Tone Deaf.

People are patiently waiting and are excited for this lady’s progression in the music scene, where the music will take her, and what she will come up with next. Keep Calm and Vibe On…

Listen to the song above and let it give you nothing but pure bliss and a little pure luck.
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