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Artist Watch: Stealth Releases Ferocious New Soul Single “Gotta Stop Loving You”



The soulful singer/songwriter Stealth, not only has an exciting new signing with the electronic label Ultra Music (Calvin Harris, Deadmau5, Era Istrefi, Kygo, Sofi Tukker, Steve Aoki), but he also released his visual for “Gotta Stop Loving You”.

Originally from Birmingham, UK, Stealth is known for creating records that are intertwine blues, rock, and soul all in one. His strong, guttural voice is aggressive yet silky that it carries a force across his music.

His prowess doesn’t go unrecognized as Stealth sold out his first ever London headline show at Servant Jazz Quarters in November of 2017. Additionally, he has played in support of Seinabo Sey, Jamie Woon, Zella Day, Tiggs Da Author, Vaults, Kaleo and more. His music has been circulated over BBC stations Radio 1, Radio 2, 6 Music and BBC Introducing and has also been nominated for 3 Unsigned Music Awards prior to his signing to Ultra.

In a previous interview, he discussed the thrill he is feeling for joining the Ultra team. “I’m so excited about this new chapter with Ultra. I had been putting stuff out on my own for a while and although it did pretty well, it’s pretty lonely. In the short time I’ve been signed to Ultra, I’ve felt like I’m part of a real family. Ultra might not be the obvious home for an artist like myself, however, the bricks don’t make a house a home – it’s the people. I really feel that these guys believe in what I’m doing and together we’re gonna have shit loads of fun and make some amazing music!”

The new track will come from what is to be his forthcoming EP The Chorus, set to release September. The EP itself is just as bold as the vocalist, featuring  production from Michael Angelo (Sam Smith) and Matty Benbrook (Paolo Nutini/Jack Savoretti). With the intensity of his vocals influenced by his idols His inspirations include Howlin’ Wolf and Etta James.

The way Stealth truly began his journey of success is when his hit single “Judgement Day” was shown on an episode of Suits, the US TV series. The single alone has earned over 10 million streams on Spotify and YouTube combined. “Judgment Day” charted globally in 12 countries on Shazam. In addition to all of this Stealth has released 2 other EPs including The Intro and The Verse.  These two also included singles that ended up on popular television shows, thus spreading his music around further.

I had the chance to interview Stealth and learn more from him on the man behind the music. Interview below:

Neelu Mohaghegh (NM): How’d you get started in music?

Stealth (S): If we’re talking about the very very start I used to put an Elvis tribute show on from the age of 4 years old. It was very exclusive, only my family ever really got a ticket. But later on I started playing in clubs and pubs in the midlands. Then ended up at music college in London.

(N): How has your hometown influenced your music or has it not really?

(S): Massively as having to learn the pub and club songs introduced me to more classic soul and blues then I found myself. So without the pub and club circuit in my area, I may have had completely different taste.

(N): Favorite artists?

(S): Currently Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats, Alabama Shakes, and Father John Misty.

(N): If you could collaborate with any artist today, who would you want to work with?

(S): He’s a controversial figure but I’d be very interested in working with Kanye West. He’s just visionary and his use of old school songs in his first few albums is inspiring. I think he’s someone who would really pull something out of me I never knew I could create.

(N): Favorite track you’ve made so far?

(S): Made or released? That’s a tough one. If it’s what I’ve released or am about to release, I love my next single “Truth is” as it’s me trying to push my creative boundaries and it’s a song I couldn’t have dreamed of releasing a few years back. But out of all the songs I made, I’d say a song called “Bury Me.” It’s an old school blues jam and the words mean a lot personally. I just hope I can put it out at some point.

(N): What’s the one thing you want fans to think of when they hear your music?

(S): I don’t really want them to think or feel a specific way. The great thing about music is I could write a song that’s personal to me that could mean something completely different to someone else.

(N): What’s your go-to look?

(S): Old school and comfortable. Tends to be black though, so summer is a bit of a struggle.

(N): Favorite type of food?

(S): Curry. The hotter the better.

(N): Where’s a venue or festival you hope to perform at one day?

(S): It’s cliché to say Glastonbury but it’s the pinnacle so it would have to be Glasto.

(N): Any fun facts or hidden talents fans might not know about you?

(S): I can knock back a pint of beer pretty sharpish. Around the 2 second mark. Nothing amazing (or to be proud of kids) but yeah very rarely lose a chin off.

(N): Is there anything (projects, trips, etc.) that you are looking forward to?

(S): I’m just looking forward to the next year in general really. After just signing with Ultra, everything has been a bit of a blur but it’s been great. So I’m looking forward to keeping up the momentum and seeing what comes.

(N): What are you On The Verge of?

(S): World domination?? You decide……😂

So there you guys have it! Be sure to stay tuned for the release of his upcoming EP, to follow Stealth on his socials listed below, and to check out his new song above!

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KITTEN Releases Debut Eclectic Pop Rock EP “Pink Champagne”KITTEN Releases Debut Eclectic Pop Rock EP “Pink Champagne”


They did it!

Pop-rock band KITTEN finally did it! They released their highly anticipated EP Pink Champagne, and once again charmed us with their fun, eclectic, 80’s pop sound. For those of you who don’t know KITTEN, they may be your next favorite band, and for those of you who do know them, well here’s some more to love. Pink Champagne is a fun summer project that has you by the heart strings and takes you away to a place you’d rather be with your friends.

It’s the kind of song you’d want at a party and the kind you’d blast in your car. It’s an EP that would soundtrack a day-in-the-life-of montage pretty perfectly if need be. The 4 track EP consists of a range of sounds from fast-tempo to slow-tempo, from hard rock, to bubble-gum pop, there’s a little taste of each in this sampler project. Chloe’s voice is strong and fun and the music backdrops that for her wonderfully. “Pink Champagne”, the lead track is an intense, honest, and exciting track to hear first when you begin the listening process to the project. “I Did It!” is thatsummer vibe song I mentioned earlier, and the track that is most reminiscent of the 80s. “Strange Embrace” is the one that reminds me the most of the power of bands like Fleetwood Mac because the whole production comes together so fluidly in the track. Lastly, “Abigail” is the enchanting slow song that every project needs. It’s a little more on the Halsey-side of sounds, and best demonstrates the group’s total musical range. Every song has a personality of its own that fits human existence pretty well, and that’s what makes this a successful project.

I had a chance to chat with the 4-member band and ask their lead singer Chloe a few questions about the making of the EP, the band itself, and the fun personalities that exists in the group.

Chloe grew up originally in LA and started the band KITTEN years ago as a teenager. After putting together her first track and performing it live in NYC for a bit, she met Dave Stagno who became the keys, guitars, and vocals to her team, followed by Max Tsiring on keys, and Parker Silzer on guitar.

She delved into her past and how music had even entered her world to begin with, saying “My dad was/is a huge music fan, and brought me up on really great records. There was always an instrument in my house, and when I was 10 years old he bought me a bass. I guess you can say the rest is history…”

I was curious to know who this sassy, energetic band found as influences in their field as a lot of their music tends to sound like 80’s, Madonna-esque pop, mixed with a little indie-rock vibe.

Chloe explained, “We definitely all have a shared love of music from the 80s, Madonna included. We don’t deliberately set out to evoke that time period, but it’s hard to avoid when you’re using certain synth sounds and harmonies. While writing our latest record we tried to incorporate aspects of our favorite artists from past eras like Roxy Music, Prefab Sprout, and Pulp as well as newer artists like Ariel Pink, Tame Impala, and Grimes. We could name bands forever, but you get the point haha!”

Of course I had to ask the songstress my favorite question on what word she would use to describe herself, which she quickly responded with “martian”. A very cool answer, for sure. After, I asked if the group could pick a song or piece of work that they have produced to best describe them as a whole, they agreed that their latest EP Pink Champagnedid the job.

Curious about the process of creation, Chloe patiently described it to me like this: “We wrote and recorded the EP at Mixtape Club, a recording studio in Manhattan where Parker worked, over the past year. It was an extremely collaborative process between the four of us. Everyone has writing credit and it was the first time the band self-produced a release. Basically we just made sure that every member was happy with every track, which sometimes made the process slow and challenging, but led to a batch of songs that we can get behind 100%.”

Chloe also gave me a little insight into what her biggest piece of advice to other aspiring artists would be. “Prioritize communication and respectful relationships between members. When everyone’s goal is to be really good and everyone can learn to not take criticism personally, the music gets better naturally”, she humbly answers.


Speaking woman-to-woman, I wanted to know what was one thing she absolutely needed to complete her concert look. “Depends on your height, but platform heels can be pretty helpful.” Here for it.

A little fun fact about each of the band members:

Chloe: I don’t really like cats LOL.

Dave: I deliver pizza for spare cash.

Max: I didn’t know what a sleeping bag was until two days ago.

Parker: I just quit my job! AHHH! Wish me luck!

So what are KITTEN #OnTheVerge of? “We are #ontheverge of being halfway through our first major U.S.A. tour with this lineup. It’s been a crazy, hectic learning experience, but we’re meeting amazing people, making fans, and getting to know the great guys in Blue October (for whom we’re opening).” The band is really looking forward to releasing their full-length record this fall, and jumping right into the next one. With a whole set of new tools and experiences, they are ready to use them in their new material!

It was a pleasure chatting with Chloe and to hear from her and the band about this awesome, emerging act. KITTEN is on the right path, and it’s exciting to see how far they’ll continue to climb the ladder!

Be on the lookout for more, and follow them on socials!

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Mazie Catches You in Her Exotic Pop Sound in Debut Project ‘omw’

Newfound sound, rekindled love

Melancholia is the new wave of pop-music, but this unknown artist is just the smoky flavor needed to add to that icing on the cake. Perfectly defined as a left-of-center artist, Mazie releases her debut EP On my way! (produced and released via  MAD Dragon Music Group)The project is a 6-track masterpiece. It is honestly incredible that her first EP release, ever, is such an amazing success in terms of quality and precision.

When you see Mazie, you see nothing but a sweet girl, but behind that comes a voice that’s majestic and infectious to all who hear it. (The EP has been on loop for me all night!) It’s easy to compare this soulful, broken singer to that of a Billie Eilish or Morgan Saint. With a tone like lullabies and whispers, she lulls you to your own wonderland of inner-mind workings.

Her voice is like velvet; it’s strong, but serene, edgy, but elegant. There’s something to be said when an artist who is only a freshman at Drexel University can have a voice like that with such control and confidence. You can tell that she knows her range and her voice well– she has identified it and shares it proudly for all to hear without any sign of pretentiousness. It is so exciting to see where her music is going to continue to grow and what new beginnings the songstress will discover as she produces more music for her library.

She is now pursuing her time in school as a full-time student and signed artist, which definitely makes her more than just your typical girl-next-door. Mazie has so much potential and I for one can not wait to see where this angelic crooner goes with her unique sound.

Check her out on social media too to see what’s new: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Website.

MØ Releases Her New EP ‘When I Was Young’ and on Tours with Cashmere Cat

Linking with you

There’s no need to intro this songstress. You’ve heard her before when she ruled the waves with her voices in “Lean On Me” with DJ Snake and Major Lazer; “Cold Water” with Justin Bieber and Major Lazer; and her very own “Final Song”. She has been a smashing success  when it comes to the power vocalists of the female spectrum. So there’s no doubt that Karen Marie Ørsted, most commonly known as MØ, is only going continue to savagely crush the music industry with her music. Leading a generation of strong, badass women singers, MØ finally released her first multi-track release in three years!


This Danish-born singer has brought us her latest EP When I Was Young. This project is a series of more upbeat tunes of adolescence and Generation Y attributes, with candid remarks and pure, authentic emotion. The moody project is well constructed and orchestrated towards the messages the artist is trying to delineate.

MØ had a chance to announce her project on Beats 1, thus revealing the names of the 6-track EP. MØ has told press that, “Making the EP has been such a nice flashback experience because I forgot about the little things; how you put the songs together, the lyrics, the song titles and the artwork,” she explains. “Just being in the bubble of that energy is so fucking awesome. It’s so amazing to be able to create a universe.” With enthusiasm, MØ explains the love of the writing and producing process she had left behind for some time. With the ethereal symbolism of roses as the main motif of the compilation, we get  to follow MØ down her magical rabbit hole to impressive, vivid, and feel-good productions.


So, where has MØ been all of this time? She has spent it recording with some big names in the industry as a desirable voice. These collaborations include Justin Bieber, Bleachers, Iggy Azalea, Elliphant, Charli XCX, Diplo, Cheat Codes, Cashmere Cat, and more.


All of this work of course was not wasteful as some, if not most, of these songs became major hits! However, MØ fans are absolutely excited to see that she is back on the scene with her original content, as well as is hitting the road now (with Cashmere Cat for the MEØW Tour) with these new tunes in hand and ready to share.

The tour dates can be seen in the image below!


Check her out now on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Spotify.

An Exclusive Interview with Newest Member to Team Elysium John Lindahl

John Lindahl feels very lucky to have known his passion from the start.

He has the right to be! With a voice like his and a kind, down-to-Earth personality, no wonder he’s such a heartthrob. With the perfect retro-pop sound, he brings a new age flare to his fun, classic-like tunes.

As mentioned in a previous article, the pop star released his latest EP Changes, which includes six exciting and exhilarating tracks of his own and features the founder of Team Elysium himself, Logic.

I really enjoyed this chat with Lindahl as he explained how thrilled he was to have released this EP finally! He admits that he never really listened to it in full, only because it seemed weird at first, but by the time of our conversation, he gave it a run through. His final conclusions? Proud.


The artist was originally born in Maryland, but grew up for most of his life in Southern, California, where he resides currently.

We dove into topic spanning across the spectrum from his experiences in music to past concerts he went to things to be looking forward to, and for the season, what holiday traditions his family had. Lindahl began by explaining how his humble beginnings in music started at a really young age. He would find himself amongst performers and back stage with them a lot of the time, and his influences came from some of the legends such as Gene Kelly, Michael Jackson, and others. You can even hear it in his sound, a little George Michael here and a little Prince there, and more. He admitted that these artists “inspired me to perform and be on stage  and try to pursue my dream in that way… I’m lucky enough to have always kind of known what my passion was, which I know people search their lifetime for a passion, so I feel very grateful to have known what I wanted to do since I was 5 or 4!”

I asked him what song he is currently jamming out to, to which he chuckled and replied, “You’re gonna laugh, but I’ve been bumping “Gucci Gang” by Lil Pump.”

The last concert Lindahl attended was LCD Soundsystem, only showing you how big of a variety his taste in music is. “I went with Brian who produced the EP… and Daniel who played guitar for the EP. The light shows  were my favorite part of the show!”

I then wanted to get insights of what it must be like to be an artist now, so when I asked what’s his favorite part of the music industry, he genuinely responded with, “being an artist and creating music is definitely the best part, and all of the little victories to get along the way. Because there are the times where you get pulled down and shot down and you feel a little discouraged, so the little victories along the way when you pour your heart and soul and you start to see a little return on it I think is the best part.”

One of his close friends and co-workers happens to be Bobby himself, aka Logic! How they met was a serendipitous and sweet story of how Lindahl met Logic’s audio engineer and how through a few writing and listening sessions together, the two became friends instantly. That is when he introduced Lindahl to Logic, hanging out with him in the studio during the making  of The Incredible True Story.

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I love music. #TBT 📸 @allyironsmorris

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Logic then decided he wanted to start this label (Team Elysium) and asked Lindahl to be a part of the formation of its foundation, and Lindahl couldn’t pass it off. “I feel like a member of his family”, so it only made sense for him to be apart of this crew of amazing and talented people.

As every album should have, Lindahl did have an experiential and eye-opening moment. “My biggest revelation [during the making of Changes] was finding that I was truly coming into my own,  as an artist and as a creative. I know that you’re always learning and that you’ll always get better, but I finally feel very comfortable in my own skin in the studio, on stage when I’m performing, the words that I’m singing, the way I’m conveying the message that I’m try to say. I think it was an overall revelation of comfortability with myself as an artist, which is great, because I have always struggled with confidence in myself, and now I feel like I have arrived today.”

My favorite song happens to be “My World” and “Contagious”, so I asked him what was the influence at least behind “Contagious?” “I’ve always loved ‘All Night Long’ by Lionel Ritchie or “Thriller” by Michael Jackson, all these fun records I’ve always wanted to capture and emulate. And I just wanted to make a really fun song about the power of music in general, because it is contagious, the one true universal language is music. I would say my main thing behind this process was I just wanted to make an infectious feeling that people would want to sing and dance to, and just be together with other people.”

If the young songster could collaborate with anyone, he explained that it would be artists like J.Cole, Ariana Grande, Kanye West, and Mayer Hawthorne, but he also say that he would be willing to collaborate with anyone.  He loves hearing their talent and finding what makes them uniquely their own being in the music scene.

Music is not the only area he shows talent in! He also dresses really well, so when asking about his fashion, he talked about how he goes about picking his outfit of the day. “I look kind of normal, and so do my clothes, but what I do have to do is make sure that my talent is extraordinary! So in my fashion, I try not to go too over the top. It’s the little things in my outfit that pop, nothing too extravagant…nothing that’s too insane, but something that draws your attention”. His fashion-icons are Michael Jackson and A$AP Rocky, and a few other artists, but overall, he explained how just by adding a denim jacket to a look, or wearing an all white outfit and pair of different colored shoes, you can really make a look pop in the chillest way possible.

Describing himself in one word? “Imaginative”, Lindahl elaborates, ” I’m such a dreamer to my detriment. I am always  looking at the future, and always think about if I do this, and if I do that, but I am very lucky to have parents and people around me who know my goals and dreams. My parents have been super helpful in creating an environment to show me how I have to work to achieve my goals, because if I didn’t have that proper training, I would still be dreaming and never act on it. I have to thank my mom and dad and the Elysium team for believing in me.”

Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 3.21.07 PM.png

Being only 21, I thought it would be daunting to be in this scene of experienced pioneers, but Lindahl explained that there never was a disconnect, and he was always the youngest in the room, from the start, so he has grown up amongst these people.

“I never want to be the most talented or the smartest in the room, because I can always improve upon myself.”

So, what do we have to be excited for in the near future? Lindahl expressed his excitement of releasing videos to go along with the songs from the project! He sees it as being able to give every track it’s own moment. “I feel like ever song deserves a chance at its own visual.”

Since ’tis the season, I had to know if the artist had any special holiday celebrations or traditions that he did with his family…”My mom is driving my sister home from college, and we always go to a Christmas tree farm and play this intense game of tag. All my family are athletes, so it gets really crazy but it’s so much fun. We knock down so many of the trees”.

Off the EP,  the R&B crooner explained to me that “Changes” would be the the most important track in the project, but “Contagious” is the one that would best describe his demeanor in his current state.

What’s Lindahl OnTheVerge of? “Success.” TRUE. Check out my last article, check out his EP Changes below, and keep on the look out for this emerging artist!

Logic’s Newest Signee John Lindahl Drops 2 Singles Off Upcoming EP ‘Changes’


Logic adds a new member to the Team Elysium fam, and it’s a talented young artist by the name of John Lindahl!

Lindahl is the newest pop artist to join Logic’s team, and we could not be more ecstatic. His voice is silky and charismatic, and his vibrations will be the next tunes you add to your winter break getaway and summer escapade playlist.


The energy in this superstar’s music is honestly the kind of music we need right now, especially as days & nights feel longer. Lindahl is here to  bring a little life to our days with well-produced dance tunes. The 1 of the 4 signees to the label is now preparing to release his debut EP CHANGES, today! The EP features two of his already released tracks, “Contagious” and “The Feeling” ft. Logic.

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Friday … #ChangesEP

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“Contagious” lives up to its reputation. It’s a simple melody with a catchy tune matched to a lovely trop-house vibe. With the same enjoyable sounds of the N’ Sync boys and smoothness of Chris Brown, Lindahl’s voice is a heartthrob in this track that loops around your body and pulls you onto the floor. You can’t help but smile as you hear the song.

In “The Feeling”, we get perfect layers of nostalgia, old school vocals, 80’s vibes, and the striking and emphatic power of Logic’s words. Together the two create this fantastic single that can’t be missed and only further demonstrates their strengths in sound.

Logic had created Team Elysium in hopes of protecting the artists that meant the most to him. (Including artists: Jessica Andrea, Big Lenbo, and Damian L Hudson). He told Billboard on the announcement day that “Elysium was created mainly because I don’t trust anybody else with the precious cargo that is my family… I wanted to create a place where they can feel free and literally do whatever they want because this is so much more than just music.”

Well, now Lindahl gets to prove that himself, that this is more than just the music and that he has what it takes to give us a good feeling about what’s to come for him.

Follow him now on Spotify, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Courtnie is Back with the Release of Her Glittering EP ‘I Feel Like Color’


She’s back, and back with a full project of alternative energy which she titles I Feel Like Color. Courtnie now drops the EP that she had been working on for quite some time.

The EP consists of the alt-R&B track we featured before “Take a Dip”, “Slipping”, which is a winding, crooning melody, “Mesmerized”,  a dark tune with that atmospheric touch of Björk, “Never Be” a bellowing harmony, with the layers of her voice sounding like a ghostly lullaby, “U Don’t Have to Call”, which is a more 80’s soprano track with neon emotions and metallic falsettos about being self-assertive and self-dependent, and “LTMF” here we are offered a more funk-centric track that has the sounds of psychedelic guitar plucks and keyboard riffs along with rich lyrics and vocal tunes.

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I feel like color!

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You can see the range of Courtnie’s artistry which spans various genres across the board from just this project, but also from her past work. Each song fits within the EP as if it’s meant to be there and as this self-defining compilation slowly unravels before your eyes, you hear the transformations her voice travels through to embody each sound. She still has work to do to create a solid production, but she is a majority of the way there, with an undeniable talent that has to be heard and needs to be recognized.

Her music can lull you to sleep, but it could also arouse you, and getting blood and emotions flowing, and have the soul want to sing along to the cries she makes in her tracks. With love wrapped around the notes and lines that she confesses to us, we find a place for her music in our hearts and in our playlists.


For more from Courtnie, follow her on Instagram, SoundCloud, and Spotify

Dude Madison Collabs with Scotty Evil to Create “Rebel Soul”


The 90’s are back

In this cool, kick-back vibe, Dude Madison and Scotty Evil collaborate to create “Rebel Soul”. This smooth auto-tuned and raw piece is a simple flow with a vivid sound.

Hailing from New York originally, but residing in Ann Arbor, Michigan currently, Leo Gitelman, also known as Dude Madison, is a young artist with a massive passion. He’s basically just a kid with a vision and big dreams, and even talent. Listening to the song above, you’ll realize his attention to detail is impeccable as each beat and rhythm are in sync with the vocals. He produces a track that has both an element of nostalgia and novelty, which is a refreshing breath of fresh air from the current conformist sounds of hip hop we hear today.

Madison allows the echoes and synths to circulate delicately around the piano chords which vibrate throughout the song. Scotty Evil’s rapid fire of poetic language then takes the mic and the whole song becomes this concoction of dreams.


Madison is actually still a student at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and has been pursuing this love for music and production since he was a kid. Only now do we get to see it come to fruition and see him take the reins to prove himself a member of the music scene and with this track, I agree that he does leave a memorable impression.

The single is a preview of the EP the artist plans to release this week! The project will include the tracks: “808s & Ankleweights”, “Lala Lala La”, “Rocky”, “FCD”, “Rebel Soul”, and “Dice Roll”. A super well-constructed compilation of songs that deserves a listen!  Be sure to check it out when it releases soon!

And stay tuned and follow Dude Madison on social media SoundCloudFacebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram