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[Ones to Watch]: Live Nation Presents Allie X & Buddy – LA



Back at it again with Live Nation’s incredible event that showcases some of the most talented up-and-coming artists today! Ones to Watch has to be one of the best ideas in the music industry and for it. On the hunt for new talent, OTW scouts search and seize those they find have incredible musical skills and potential and bring them to this one night where they are seen by many within the music business world!

Last wednesday, (August 2nd), OTW presented us two artists of different genres who truly have a passion for their art and a talent that will most likely blow up on the charts at some point!The crowd that night was ecstatic as all filed in to get their free shirts from Bella X Canvas and The Shirt Agency and to get their free beverages from the bar. The room decorated with chandeliers looked fantastic under the lighting and the glass windows showed off a perfect sunset to start the night.

To set the scene, the event unfolds before our eyes on a simple stage of mics, seats, a drum set, a rug, and a “One to Watch” projected backdrop.

Artist 1: Allie X (Electronic-Pop):

Allie X is a radiant character hailing from Oakville, Ontario. Her real name is Alexandra Ashley Hughes. She originally came from a classical piano, opera, and musical theatre background, and it wasn’t until 2014 when she started to outgrow that scene to enter into the world of pop and electronica. Her first ever released single was “Catch”, which Time magazine had written about. Her music can be described as whimsical, positive melancholy, and enchanting. They’re hypnotic in their own way with her strong, yet serene vocals and she just manages to shock you with that electric feel. She will remind you of Betty Who, Charli XCX, and upbeat Lana Del Ray, and Ashe.

In 2015, she released her debut EP CollXtion I and in 2017, she released her sophomore EP CollXtion II. She has drawn quite the crowd through the power of her music and with her inquisitive nature and her fascinating personality, she draws attention to herself. She exposes a whole new side of the nature of pop to her fans and listeners. Truly a talent, she is one to watch.

Listen to her music below:

Artist 2: Buddy (Hip-Hop/R&B):

The second artist at the event was Buddy, a young man from Compton, CA who will remind you of artists such as Mack Wilds, Tunji Ige, and Saba. Simmie Sims (aka Buddy) has a cutting-edge sound to offer the hip-hop world. He was known for his impressive rap battles in the LA scene and starting at the age of 11, Buddy was performing in various showcases, and writing and performing for a rap collective. He was found out by DJ Casanova who then decided to take the budding rapper under his wing to help construct his style and discover his musical persona.

Soon after, Pharrell would find Buddy and mentor him. Together, the two produced Buddy’s single “Awesome Awesome” with the Neptunes. Buddy spits fire and will remind you of the skillful, witty tricks of Vince Staples, but he will also remind you of the fun, light-hearted stylings of Smino. He’s a new taste for hip hop. He recently collaborated with KAYTRANADA to create his EP Ocean & Montana. He will also be on a US tour with KYLE this fall, so be on the lookout for this one to watch.

Listen to his music below:




Find more emerging artists, here at OnesToWatch.com!


[Exclusive]: Shoffy Drops Sensory New Track “Better Off Here” ft. jackLNDN For His New EP

Sensations all over

Jump on a jet plane to anywhere, land on a sun-kissed island, and relax in a hammock between the palm trees as Shoffy serenades you with this new song. Shoffy just released a track with Candyland “Faces” which was fire, but he’s now returning to us via a phenomenal new EP titled somewhere between nostalgia and paradise, which he drops this Friday, August 26th! Off of this project comes one of his best tracks with collaborative efforts by jackLNDN, “Better Off Here,” and you get to have an exclusive listen to it now!

“far away from the hustle, my lungs can finally breathe / flex that muscle / this is the world I’ve been dreamin'”, sings the electro-indie/R&B artist.

Thayna Alves / IG: tyalves

Immerse yourself in a whirlwind of tropical xylophone vibes, take a dip into his wavy musical oceans, and let him and jackLNDN lure you into their worlds of utter bliss. The music takes you through a sweet escape narrative.

One can appreciate the way Shoffy plays with eccentric 60’s dancehall tunes and twists them into the indifferent indie vocals we hear nowadays of the lone hipster chic type. It all combines into a perfect blend of a breath of fresh air that then races through your mind and caresses it gently. This joint-single has a simple melody and easy lyrics, but it gets am emotion across to the listener which is a complex art form to do with music.

This LA native, Alex Shofler, otherwise known as Shoffy, has been recognized by big leagues such as The Fader, Complex, and Indie Shuffle among many others, and he was most notably known for his Spinnin’ Records hit single “Takes My Body Higher” featuring Lincoln Jesser, which received over 9 million YouTube views as well as a whopping 17 million streams on Spotify!


“I am better / better off here / things were blurry / but now they’re clear…”

There’s no doubt that listening to this new song “Better Off Here,” you’ll be better off here. You practically experience your island getaway in just a short composition. The feelings of late night jacuzzi sittings, Netflix and chill times, and so much more. As you peruse through the rest of the EP, expect the project to develop that rushing and thrilling feeling of vividly calming sensations all over your body. Each track stands on its own; however, it continues the theme of being on a disparate getaway. Each song like a fresh breeze brushing past your face.

Listening to this track, and eventually the overall EP, it will be hard to wake up from reality… You can listen to the track ABOVE and the rest of the EP this Friday! Be sure to check Shoffy out on SoundCloud and Facebook!

Frank Ocean Street Races With Tyler, The Creator & A$AP Rocky In LA (No album?)

Is Frank Ocean test driving his album?

Frank Ocean may as well be under surveillance 24/7 because fans quite literally know his every move. I’m pretty sure there are people out there who are watching his Apple Video live stream all day long just trying to find a hint of moving life in the scene. I’m starting to think that the R&B singer might as well be like an alien or a unicorn  or a mermaid that people have been trying to prove for centuries exist. He’s becoming a modern myth all of his own.

So, what’s the recent sighting found on the mystical unicorn creature? A video of him street racing fellow Odd Future member Tyler, The Creator in Los Angeles last night. Yep, that is Frank in that video below shouting and screaming back at the camera man! Once again, Tyler’s videographer, A$AP Rocky, caught the entire moment on Snapchat for us to witness. Thanks, man! Last time he filmed was when Tyler terrorized a Target one day. Guess they’re just the terrible twos.

So, what’s happening in that video? Can someone explain? A$AP shouts at Ocean asking “DO YOU WANT TO RACE?” To which the “Swim Good” artist replies “Let’s do it!”


Ok, this is all fun and cool and definitely hilarious, but where’s the album, Frank?! You’re not even close to the Apple headquarters to check on your project! Hmph.

Ocean notifies Tyler that “it’s a green light, guys,” and the two of them ride speedily into the night. Either he’s taking his music for a test drive or he’s racing away from crazily upset fans. Truth is, he’s just not ready to drop it, folks. Many co-workers and supporters of the Channel ORANGE creator have tried to explain and justify his tardiness, such Malay, one of his producers who had relayed in a post on Reddit that “art cannot be rushed.” Lil B then came into the picture advocating for the artist in a talk with Dazed Digital’s press that, “let’s see what Frank releases. Frank has the material.”


So we’ll just have to wait a little more, I suppose. Let’s be real, it’s probably going to be really great, and we have to appreciate that he doesn’t want to rush anything. HOWEVER, this doesn’t mean we still don’t want to show himself at least WORKING on it. Smh. The only sounds we’re gonna hear are the hysterical cries from the A$AP Mob rapper pleading, as the boys dart into the night, “somebody get me out of this car. I’m scared. These niggas crazy.”

Check out the live footage below of the epic L.A. nightriders, courtesy of Rocky:

Tyler and Frank street racing, pt. 1

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Frank and Tyler street racing, pt. 2 (Rocky scared as hell 😂😂)

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Blackbear Drops Another Beautifully Produced EP ‘Cashmere Noose’


Genre? Vibe

The king of vibes, Blackbear, just dropped an EP on August 2nd titled Cashmere Noose, and it is a masterful piece, if I do say so myself.

Blackbear has always been such an interesting character to me as he’s extremely elusive in the public eye, yet he’s very open on Twitter about his thoughts and emotions The Los Angeles native  has situated himself in Hollywood now as this dark alternative-electro artist with an R&B and rock mélange, yet that isn’t how he started out in the industry. In fact, he began as a rock artist until he found himself co-writing Just Bieber’s hit single “Boyfriend” alongside Mike Posner back in 2012, which made the No. 2 spot on the Billboard Top 100 Charts. Then in 2013, Blackbear had his big break after finding his true sound in hot rhythmic beats & melodies, transforming into the R&B singer-songwriter and rapper that he is today. That same year, he self-produced and released his own EP entitled Sex, and the next year after that he dropped his EP Afterglow.


In a series of EPs continuing on into the future, the peculiar yet noteworthy architect of inflections and tunes developed and unleashed his first debut album Dead Roses. This project, on its own, stood as a representation of his hard work as an upcoming artist who really has a passion for what he does. He’s a creator of sound; a designer of reverbs. He has worked with such notable artists as Devon Baldwin, Mike Posner, James Blake, MGK, and Maejor Ali (to name a few).

Now, in this new EP, Blackbear gives us another haunting title for a project with a list of eclectically titled tracks that all speak a different message and have an accentuated sound that is very distinct from the others. However, he manages to still make each single flow into one another, as his coarse and tragic lyrics gracefully dance over well-paced beats and smooth instrumentals. If there was 1 word to describe his music, it would be paradoxical.  When it should be painfully melancholic, he sounds upbeat and proud, and vice versa. When we expect something heavy and hard, he produces something sweet and moving. “Rly Real” is probably my favorite track off of the compilation, but I have to say, that overall, I could listen to the full-album all the way through voluntarily and with ease. He just really knows how to layer voices over each other as if they’re people conversing with one another, forming beautiful discussions in complex, harmonious, and convoluted echoes. He can even spit fire! He’s a talented one-man show who can sing, rap, and produce.


You can listen to the entirety of the solo mixtape above!

Cashmere Noose Track List:

  1. Sniffing Vicodin in Paris
  2. Spent All My Money On Rick Owens Cargo Pants Ft. Mod Sun
  3. Rly Real
  4. Sometimes I Want 2 Die
  5. Princess Complex
  6. ☆:*my bad luv ☆.。.:*


Let’s Get Wild: Tyler, the Creator Reveals Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival Dates

Tyler, The Creator is prepping himself for another of carnival-esque adventures with his Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival Dates finally revealed!

This year’s festival will mark the fifth annual year to for the event to take place, and it will be held in Los Angeles, California. The entirety of the magical music fest will span over the course of two whole days of November 12th and  November 13th at Exposition Park! A beautiful venue for sure, out in the open sunshine area of Cali.

Here is an image of the flyer in all of its childish, exotic, and energetic glory:


Not many people have heard from the former Odd Future artist except for a few remixes, covers, and features, but this event has fans hyped everywhere! He’s currently touring around as we speak, but this is a set two-days of his own for the fifth consecutive year. And because of such high demand, this is why it became a two-day event. Over 30,000 tickets were sold in 2015, so managers feared and hoped that this year would be the same, looks like they weren’t wrong. People have already swarmed to the site to get their tickets, and you can get yours here too!

As of now, only the dates of the event have been revealed by the “Slater” singer and rapper, but what we do know as that it will always consist of a fire line-up due to artists who have performed in the past. Some of those artists include A$AP Rocky, Kanye West, Snoop Dogg, and Pharrell. So, yeah, you could say we have high expectations.


Tyler has been known for many talents. A man of his art, he is known to be an American rapper, songwriter, record producer, musician, graphic designer, music video director, and actor! What is there he can not do?

In other related news, his ex-group mate, Frank Ocean, is intending to release his newest album, Boys Don’t Cry, this month, thanks to a recent website update that occurred. Do you think that Ocean might show up at the camp event in November?

Stay tuned!

Now, you must watch the alien-master remix Zayn Malik’s track “Pillowtalk.” Behold, Tyler, the musical, remixer genius, Creator!

(Video courtesy of Highsnobiety)