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Artist Spotlight: G-Eyez Releases Music Video for “Sacrifice”

This is a song to relate to, to feel for, and to understand. It’s a song that is meant to cope along with and help you recognize the things you’ve accomplished, the hardships you’ve been dealt, and then a way to go about resolving the issues.

2018 is a big year for G-Eyez’s music and for his career. With his company doing well and his music finally getting the attention it deserves, he’s given his all to make this work. You can hear in his music the raw intensity, the pure love, the agonizing pain, and the true emotion placed into each riff. Even in the music video, real life unfolds before our eyes, as G-Eyez takes us for a ride through his tale of his single “Sacrifice”. With amazing production, impactful scenes, and ominous lighting, we get a very distinct feeling of nostalgia and hardships all in one while watching the visual.

G-Eyez, stands for an abbreviation of “Golden Eyez”.  After 10 years in the difficult whirlwinds that make the music industry, he has now made a place for himself and a name that he can reflect upon with pride. The artist was born in Cambridge, MA and then lived in Texas some years. He has numerous success stories working with artists such as Termanology, Red Café, Joe Budden, and more! In his debut album, the artist takes poetry and redefines it with the elements of his beat-heavy compositions, profound energies, and hypnotic rhythms.

The Boston-based rapper has thus far released his sophomore record “Retro Series” and an EP titled “Chasin’ History”. Currently, he is working on his next EP to follow up the last one and to complete the creative thought process. As if music as a performing artist was not enough, G-Eyez  launched his own publishing company CMB Publishing (Cambridge Music Business Pub Co LLC), and is a partner in a booking agency called Capitol Front Booking, all in 2017.

The artist has been on a crazy, hectic U.S. tour and has performed at every SXSW since 2013 (amongst many others). The connoisseur of hip hop has even opened for major artists such as Rae Sremmurd, Migos, T-Pain, Fabolous, and a few others. There’s no doubt that the trajectory of this artist’s future is  clear in view with positivity and opportunity, and we’ll be here to continue to see him climb!



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Diggy Lessard’s “Our Love” Music Video is for the True Breakfast Clubbers of Our Day


The newest getaway jam

Finding a new spirit song is always an exciting moment, and that is exactly what “Our Love” by Diggy Lessard’s song “Our Love” is (at least to me). The song he just released last night has reached 576 views so far, but it needs and deserves more!

This is the song for the dreamers, for the passionate and melancholy, for the banished and popular, for the Breakfast Club lovers, and the revolutionaries, the kids who wear their hats backwards, fall in love too easily and talk too deeply, and for the light-hearted who sometimes are not here for a long time, but are here for a good time. This is a song that brings emotions of love to any being who has a love for the past. Incorporating elements of the 80’s/90’s pop tune and the enchanting indie-rock sounds of The 1975 and Empire of the Sun, Lessard makes nostalgic music sound fun again!


I can’t stress enough the fact that even though I don’t know much about this up-and-coming artist, what I do know is that this track is the perfect blend of the millennial qualities. Sometimes we just love, and our misunderstood by those older than us, and it’s up to us to make sure we’re not taken astray from those special moments that make all of this worth it.


The music video is a perfect depiction of what I described above. Just youngins, enjoying their time together, partying away without a care in the world, and there’s no obstacle nor limit that would keep them from having the time of their lives. I hope to hear more from this artist as he begins to delve more into this hemisphere of music, and hopefully we’ll find out if a project is on the way!

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RKCB and Their Erotic, Whimsical, & Episodic Music Video “Alone, With You”


RKCB did the thing- they made a masterful, whimsical masterpiece of visual creation

The electronic, down-tempo duo, consisting of Riley Knapp and Casey Barth, have constructed this beautiful and epic music video titled “Alone, With You” to accompany their three recent singles and give us a short film to help us visualize the songs as they were meant to be seen and heard. The video was premiered on Nylon today bringing the much-needed recognition it deserved.

With the impeccable, mystifying directing and producing talents of Cue The Bird (JP Stiles + Harrison Macks), RKCB is able to provide a piece of art to be proud of. This is an actual video that you can touch and feel. The lighting, the dancing, the movement, the music, the angles and perspectives inject doses of primal, visceral, charming, and poignant effects to our bodies for the entirety of the 6 minutes and 41 seconds.

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 5.16.14 PM.png

Truly sexistential, “Alone, With You” is redefining, challenging, questioning, and experimenting with one’s own sexual desires. The characters are monstrous, vicious, attractive, and adored. Overall, “Alone, With You” is an irresistible adventure of lust and despair that carries you on a velvety path, torn by the heart breaks of these lovers and RKCB’s lyrics. The songs are perfectly ordered beginning with “Vice”,  followed by “Bloom” and concluded by “Naive”.

The seductive contemporary dance brings this thrilling and heart-breaking visual escapade to life. The body contortions, the hallucinogenic scenes, the flaura, and the lingerie all act as part of an exciting sensual journey. Every facial expression depicts the episodes of a rocky relationship perfectly matched to the hues of fogged out rooms and vintage film reels. From beginning to end, the story unfolds before our eyes, flawlessly soundtracked to RKCB’s stunning singles.

Confusion, love, and remorse & vengeance, these are the emotions  we endure in this cinematic experience.

At every moment, I felt a deeper and deeper connection to the characters, and each time I watched, I felt as though I found more, and saw more. This music video is the perfect balance of going beyond the expected and staying simply true to the messages behind the music.

The final scene is an enrapturing scene of the male protagonist jumping into the air, as a transparent RKCB logo consumes and erupts from his head, ending an era and satisfying our souls.

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Jez Dior Cruises in Symbolic Music Video for Single “Sober”


King of the Desert Roads

Epic Records hip hopper, Jez Dior, just released the music video for his first major record label single, “Sober.” In this balladic rap track, Dior designs a song that presses the boundaries of modern hip-hop with a hypnotic piano riff at the beginning and an addicting tune. Recently premiered on Complex, the music video shows a new side of the song to emphasize its simplicity of sound and complexity of meaning. The visual was directed by the talents of Shane Drake (Timbaland, Avril Lavigne,  Fall Out Boy).

During the progression of the visual, the Los Angeles-based artist is found in various scenarios of solitude facing himself and his delusions. At one point, he is singing from the back of a self-driving pickup truck in the middle of nowhere which then eventually transforms into the intensity of him breaking objects and items in a small, abandoned shack. The whole entirety of the story of “Sober” is about Dior’s experiences of moving into a new world as his music begins to take off and he would have to move from his SoCal life to the wild Los Angeles routine. The song is dark and ominous, yet it is directed very impressively in terms of lighting, especially during the scene when the tepee in the night of the desert is on fire and juxtaposes the light of the flames. The music video has thus far generated over 379K plays on Spotify and “Sober” was included on Spotify’s playlists New Music Friday and R&B Right Now.


“We really tried to portray the meaning of the song through our visuals. Shane [Drake], whom I’ve known for many years did an amazing job showcasing the way I felt when my life was spiraling out of control when I first moved to Hollywood. The shoot was one of the tougher ones, as it was around 117 degrees the whole time, but I love how it turned out, so it was all worth it” says the 25-year old artist.

Watch the video above now!


Rising R&B Artist Shalini Varghese Releases Music Video to “So Complicated”


Smooth and optimistic, this girl offers a rhythm for your soul

“Why you always act like you missed me, when you kissed me, and later on dissed me, so complicated…” The song that exemplifies the turmoil of convoluted love is a creation of rising R&B artist, Shalini Varghese. “So Complicated” is a silky, yet raw draft of a tune. With a great beat and a simple piano chord progression, Varghese sings over a minimalist instrumental. She sounds almost as if she performs in a live concert setting, carrying each riff with confidence and clarity.

In the music video, we find a motif of the flower she carries around, hear dialogue between her and the mystery man, and follow her through sensual bedroom & bath scenes of dim lighting and candles everywhere. Attempting to set the mood of broken desire, Varghese’s first music video is a chance for her to build her brand and image in the eyes of the listeners. The warmer tones in the scenes remind you of the comfortability of loving your significant other, but the song brings you back to the point, that they complicated the situation to begin with, and that you’re tired of playing games.


She’s the new connection between Erykah Badu and Norah Jones. A jazzy and edgy vocalist on the verge of paving her path to success with her music. Currently preparing herself for the release her debut EP, she has been in the works of defining her artistry to her fans and spreading the word melody by melody and tune by tune.

Varghese is also known for having a wide vocal range, able to hit tenor and alto octaves, yet is naturally a soprano. She has also produced songs and collaborated with artists in the EDM sector as a featured vocalist on these tracks, which can be heard on her SoundCloud.


Show her some love and support by listening to the song HERE now and stay tuned for when she releases her first project ever!

Don Diablo Shows Heart in New Single & Music Video “Save a Little Love”


Save just a little love for him

Because Don Diablo is about to make your summer just a little sweeter with his new release “Save a Little Love”. The DJ comes out with this happy-go-lucky tune of love that takes you through a whirling EDM track. As you mess around with the rhythm you honestly can’t help but start dancing and that was exactly his intention. He genuinely gets you up and going, and though the lyrics may be cheesy and simple, the humble message it gets across is one that is worth listening to and keeping in mind.

The goofy, light-hearted nature of the music video makes it impossible not to smile. The dancing is wonderful, from the lead dancer to the group in synchronized happiness. We tend to forget in our busy lives how things can  take a turn from the expected and we just have to learn how to roll with the punches. So here’s your reminder. As an ambitious extraordinaire, he even released this single via his own HEXAGON label.

With already 2.5 million followers on Facebook, 853 million views on YouTube, and 3.9 million monthly listeners on Spotify overall, Don Diablo is pacing his own path to success through the art of dance music.


Don Diablo recently had the honor of appearing on the BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix and has also remixed The Chainsmokers & Coldplay, Rihanna, DJ Snake, and Justin Bieber. In addition, he will be on the road for a summer full of festival adventures appearing at shows such as Tomorrowland, Lollapolooza, Ultra, South West Four, V Festival and Creamfields.

What should we expect from this artist? Tons and tons of potential to be the next big dance hits tycoon! “I premiered Save A Little Love on the main stage at ULTRA Miami and have been getting questions about it ever since. The song features vocals from the talented Swedish singer / songwriter duo Smith & Thell. I wanted to make a feel-good song with a positive message that will put smiles on people’s faces, while incorporating my trademark production style.” says the rhythm curator.

He continues to comment under the video, “this music video was shot in Washington, where I got together with the “Cutting Shapes” crew for a special reunion. Much love to Gabby J David, Ricki Huff and the rest of the crew. Keep dancin’ and keep smilin’, it makes the world a better place!” He will be super busy this summer, but don’t miss your chance to catch him when he reaches your city! He is a great addition to the EDM scene and we can all save a little love for him in our dancing hearts!

Listen to the song below!

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King J Drops Fresh New Music Video for “Kitty Kat Freestyle”


Boston native and hip hop extraordinaire Jordan Carter, also known as King J, reigns once again with his hip hop/rap ballads in this new track “Kitty Kat Freestyle.” This fresh sound is now accompanied by the easy going video above that not just purrs, but roars.

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 6.23.11 PM.png

Staged in an abandoned warehouse and the empty night time city streets of Boston, the rapper takes us down a nostalgic trip around in his rolling chair and fisherman’s hat and his old school get up. Even the whole cinematic visual itself has that grungy, low-quality flare to it (all in a good way) that brings you back to simpler days in the media worlds of music.

King J has a lot of talent and a lot of passion for what he does. Being a Boston University student, and a soon to be graduate, this artist has juggled the hardships of both realms of academia and music in order to build the best version of himself that he can. He has shared with many his art on the stages of Boston’s well known venues and at many Boston University on-campus events. Now, the Columbia University-accepted graduate student is taking on another phase of his life, and plans to bring his music along for the ride. His sound continues to develop and thrive each year as he grows personally and musically.

rocket power 🚀

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With his freestyle, King J puts together a lyrically forceful production with verses that slip n’ slide over each other’s words and riffs that seamlessly initiate the next line for another phase of tonality. A master of his words, he recites this record with no hesitation or “off-beatness.”

This hip hop up-and-comer has been a part of a crew of rising stars known as The Arsenal, including artists such as Jean-Luc, Roam, TG Evo, Booty Bae and more! Together, these artists hope to form the new age-Odd Future who will all rise together in their own unique and innovative ways.

🔫 #display3 📸: @tamsou www.thearsenalmusic.com

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Jalen Santoy Releases Killer Hip Hop Visual for Track “Off The Glass”

Bounce. I’ve been too real with myself.

A hip hop prince has emerged in the form of Jalen Santoy, a young rapper from North Carolina who has added new music to our libraries with his incredible productions. Santoy recently released the video for the Daniel Worthy-produced “Off The Glass” track, which comes off of his latest EP Charlie Eastern.

In this demonic visual, Santoy takes us through a barren land with a dystopic backdrop. We then are “serenaded” by the cacophony of sound created to string together the underlying instrumental for the vocals that suddenly come together in this raw and well-constructed record.


14918750_1547327038618059_2495580342336839994_o.jpgThis Charlotte rapper takes you into the underworld of hip hop in this music video, with a Travi$ Scott darkness and a ScHoolboy Q vibe, this Kendrick Lamar-esque artist takes you through the form of rap music of relaxed bar spitting over a trippy, epic bass.

The perimeters in the video are surrounded by skeletons, crawling bodies, and burning roses which landscape our imaginations whilst listening to this apocalyptic, war zone song.

“Need to be real with yourself, need to be real with yourself”, the Ventwood Entertainment / EMPIRE signee reminds us.

The beat and vocals sound like the incantations of sirens bringing us back through horrid flashbacks of darker times. It’s a nightmarish single in a dreamy kind of way. It’s a sad and unprecedented creation, and it is something entirely different from what those who know of this up-and-comer, he usually produces- something on the lighter, smoother side.16462991_1669468803070548_2687158589675754168_o.jpg

In Santoy’s May 2016 project, Charlie Eastern, I can honestly say that it was hands-down, a stunning piece of work created in the hip hop realm. It was dramatic, chill, orchestral, melodic, jazzy epic, and so much more. Be on the lookout for this growing artist whose range is impressive and whose talent is clear as could be. Already, the 24-year old has been recognized by notable publications and organizations such as The Fader, Mass Appeal, DJ Booth, 2DopeBoyz, XXL, and Complex. He has been a recording music since the age of 15 and hasn’t stopped his art since.

The project was in dedication to his cousin who had been an unfortunate victim to the brutality of the police forces. “Off The Glass” is one of the many tracks off of that compilation that was different from the rest in order to get across that distinct message of hope and love hurt and lost. In this particular cinematic exposé, arthur gallery and APlus Films (Kendrick Lamar, ScHoolboy Q etc) direct Santoy to push out of his comfort zone of the feely, sweet vibes he is used to and to challenge himself to go far and beyond that emotion to gain a presence in the space of aggressiveness and vocal impact as well– to find that revolutionary within.

To Hear More From Santoy, Listen Below: