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Ro Ransom Stops The World with Leven Kali & This Pop-Rock Single

A Sweet Trap Serenade

Ro Ransom has been killing the game, with every song and with every collaboration. So why not crush it with this single, “Stop The World”, too, along with the talents of neo-soul pop artist Leven Kali? Mystery Boy and Palm King demonstrate their abilities in the field of sonic inflections by throwing us a sweet riff about giving up the world for the one you love. Together, they create a catchy, rhythmic Rap-N-B track that runs circles around our head and keeps us grooving to the beat.

“Stop The World” appears on Momentum, which is to be Ransom’s debut project.

Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 3.56.56 PM.png

The infectious single was produced by Leven Kali, mixed by Andrew Wright, and mastered by Peter Letros. So with this detailed team, Ransom is able to construct the perfect tune with a beautiful pop-rock beat. His hip hop vocals somehow alter into the perfect match up to his voice, and it all just rides so smoothly. As if it’s a dark fairytale, the song creeps into your heart with intricate guitar whines, airy violin screams, and robotic voices.

“Stop the World” is an experience of its own. Close your eyes and you can feel the endearing touch of the song as cold as metallic drums against skin or hot steam emerging from city streets and slowly passing you in the darkness of the night. You can feel the lonesomeness of Ransom and Kali take the mics and soundboards as they try to emphasize the efforts they would take to prove their emotions, and for just a moment, the melancholy track sounds optimistic and hopeful.

If you remember, we have reviewed both Kali and Ransom in the past, and we have never had anything but amazing things to say about these two talents who take their music and morph them to their own indescribable masterpieces. Of course, their collaboration did not leave us disappointed.


Ransom, the master of disguise himself, is making moves on the scene receiving over 12M streams on Spotify with his music alone. New York’s Ransom has already had the honor of touring with Dua Lipa, has gone gold with Khalid, where he had co-written Khalid’s single “Let’s Go”, collaborated with Jazz Cartier, sung on tracks produced by Mike WiLL Made It, and now joins forces with Kali and will be performing on the same stage as Kyle.

So there is still more to see from these two! So be sure to stay tuned and follow them on social media to catch up with the latest happenings on their paths below!


Ro Ransom






Leven Kali







“Lose It All” with Swedish Producer Finis Mundi’s Amazing Dance Track

Stockholm Syndrome

Get lost in this hypnotic single “Lose It All” by the Stockholm-based producer himself, Finis Mundi.

It has an incredible rhythm and a striking vocal progression that carries on throughout the song making the Mura Masa-esque track a  melange of hip hop & pop sensation. The song is seriously irresistible, and it just happens to captivate you and your dance soul so intensely that it you can’t keep from replaying it over and over again.


This being Mundi’s second single yet, it’s already a masterpiece! Raised in Lindingö, Sweden, the producer has quite the expertise in the art of sonic design. The mystery man behind the sound had released his debut single “Say That” (featuring NOVAA), which proceeded to receive half a million streams and ranking at No. 22 on the Spotify Global Viral Charts! “Say That” is an ominous melody, yet for his second record, Mundi took a new spin with a more upbeat tone and a harder impact in order to let the vibe resonate within the spaces of the room. The fragmented automaton voices layered over the sounds of oriental plucks and reverbs of the continuous loop of synths is spellbinding and mesmeric.

“Lose It All (What If)” is a tidal wave building up and slowing down in just the correct areas and diversifying its sound in just the right ways. In fact, it will be interesting to see where this song will lead to as it seems to be an even cleaner, more-constructed track compared to the first. We should expect to see this artist more often as his productions are heard and recognized for their artistry. Mundi is only getting better and has proven his first success worthy of the streams it received, so why shouldn’t this single be just as (if not more) triumphant?


Listen to the track above, dance your heart away, and be sure to check out his socials~ Facebook Twitter Instagram SoundCloud

[Ones to Watch]: Live Nation Presents Allie X & Buddy – LA



Back at it again with Live Nation’s incredible event that showcases some of the most talented up-and-coming artists today! Ones to Watch has to be one of the best ideas in the music industry and for it. On the hunt for new talent, OTW scouts search and seize those they find have incredible musical skills and potential and bring them to this one night where they are seen by many within the music business world!

Last wednesday, (August 2nd), OTW presented us two artists of different genres who truly have a passion for their art and a talent that will most likely blow up on the charts at some point!The crowd that night was ecstatic as all filed in to get their free shirts from Bella X Canvas and The Shirt Agency and to get their free beverages from the bar. The room decorated with chandeliers looked fantastic under the lighting and the glass windows showed off a perfect sunset to start the night.

To set the scene, the event unfolds before our eyes on a simple stage of mics, seats, a drum set, a rug, and a “One to Watch” projected backdrop.

Artist 1: Allie X (Electronic-Pop):

Allie X is a radiant character hailing from Oakville, Ontario. Her real name is Alexandra Ashley Hughes. She originally came from a classical piano, opera, and musical theatre background, and it wasn’t until 2014 when she started to outgrow that scene to enter into the world of pop and electronica. Her first ever released single was “Catch”, which Time magazine had written about. Her music can be described as whimsical, positive melancholy, and enchanting. They’re hypnotic in their own way with her strong, yet serene vocals and she just manages to shock you with that electric feel. She will remind you of Betty Who, Charli XCX, and upbeat Lana Del Ray, and Ashe.

In 2015, she released her debut EP CollXtion I and in 2017, she released her sophomore EP CollXtion II. She has drawn quite the crowd through the power of her music and with her inquisitive nature and her fascinating personality, she draws attention to herself. She exposes a whole new side of the nature of pop to her fans and listeners. Truly a talent, she is one to watch.

Listen to her music below:

Artist 2: Buddy (Hip-Hop/R&B):

The second artist at the event was Buddy, a young man from Compton, CA who will remind you of artists such as Mack Wilds, Tunji Ige, and Saba. Simmie Sims (aka Buddy) has a cutting-edge sound to offer the hip-hop world. He was known for his impressive rap battles in the LA scene and starting at the age of 11, Buddy was performing in various showcases, and writing and performing for a rap collective. He was found out by DJ Casanova who then decided to take the budding rapper under his wing to help construct his style and discover his musical persona.

Soon after, Pharrell would find Buddy and mentor him. Together, the two produced Buddy’s single “Awesome Awesome” with the Neptunes. Buddy spits fire and will remind you of the skillful, witty tricks of Vince Staples, but he will also remind you of the fun, light-hearted stylings of Smino. He’s a new taste for hip hop. He recently collaborated with KAYTRANADA to create his EP Ocean & Montana. He will also be on a US tour with KYLE this fall, so be on the lookout for this one to watch.

Listen to his music below:




Find more emerging artists, here at OnesToWatch.com!

K. Flay Releases Sultry New Album ‘Everywhere is Somewhere’

Dreamers, get ready for a trip

K. Flay, neé Kristine Meredith Flaherty, is an American pop-rock princess. Her eclectic and mysterious sound is what got her here in the first place, a position she most certainly deserved. She is a talented young woman with a force to rally the riots.

She now releases her highly anticipated studio production Everywhere is Somewhere, a riveting compilation of tunes and melodies.


This album will have people singing “I want more” along with this innovative artist who utilizes as many aspects of noise that she can to build a solidified and harmonized world.

She blends worlds of various genres such as hip-hop, pop, and alternative/indie rock and this only demonstrates the power she holds over her own sound. Via melodic murmurs, this Illinois-born rockstar incorporates a sultry sadness in the music she produces.

This album is not one to miss, with amazing singles such as “High Enough”, “Black Wave”, “Blood in the Cut” and  “Dreamers,” you absolutely cannot go wrong with this Lana Del Ray, Blackbear, Bjork, Lykke Li sounding artist.

K. Flay is such an interesting character and a fresh sound, no doubt about that. She was originally a Stanford University of California student, who once picked up the mic to mock pop-hip ballads and their demeaning messages of misogyny, and only came to find that people really enjoyed her version of bold revolutionary songs. Thus began her successful journey down this path as a serious career.

She moved to San Francisco and jumped in the studio and was constructing what would be her first hits. Back in 2004, K. Flay dropped Suburban Rap Queen (her first big debut), followed by Mashed Potatoes, and then Life as a Dog which was the project that made the Billboard Top 200 Albums!

This Interscope Records signee has already toured both the US and Europe, and we’re excited to see what other incredible experiences this woman of force will venture on as she produces more!


Listen here now:

Be sure to follow her now on both Instagram and Facebook!

“The Morning After” Jean-Luc Releases a Chill New Vibe

Wake up to this the morning after

Jean-Luc is back at it again with a great new tune that is going to take over your music streams. Boston University’s favorite alum and Boston’s growing pop star releases his new track “The Morning After” featuring rapper Booty Bae and Roam, and produced by Digimane.

In this stylistic collaboration, we get a track that is simple yet unique in its own charisma. The synths over autotuned vocals add an martian-like persona to a fun, bouncy track. The instrumental in the background is airy and profound as the tune holds their lyrics reminding us of those wild late nights followed by an even wilder morning with news hitting us left and right, both good and bad.


Our one-and-only urban boy takes the streets as he stimulates our minds with a vibe of fun-filled melodies and broken words. Booty Bae and Roam compliment the artist with their riffs and lines that pierce the tune with a force of vocal direction and intention. The song somehow manages to linger in your mind no matter what you do and haunts you in perfectly acceptable way.

These men of The Arsenal power up like ninjas of the night and take on the music with this hip pop track, and just like any other song that Jean-Luc has produced and has been producing, he shares with us another story and another genre. This only further expresses to us his musical range and capabilities.

To hear this hot new tune, listen above! Also, be on the lookout for when this king of pop continues to drop new material here and there in the coming months– you won’t want to miss it!

Be sure to follow Jean-Luc on social media to hear more of his dope work and see what he’s up to!



The Arsenal

17-Year Old Female Producer Ninajirachi Creates Exquisite Single “Pure Luck”


This is not just pure luck that this artist is so talented.

Introducing a new producer to rule the sound waves, Ninajirachi brings us our next weekend jam or summer playlist lead-track with her debut single “Pure Luck,” featuring the mystical vocals of Freya Staer.

The music is the perfect blend of the techno-pop that is carrying the mainstream trend along these days, but it also has a heavy dose of that hipster major-minor balance that caresses you and twirls you around into euphoria. If there was any way to describe the sound of this record, it would be if Birdie and Maggie Rodgers joined forces in an epic battle of utter chillness and peace. It’s sweet tonalities that mix and mingle through each verse make you smile as the rainbow sounds of xylophones and bouncy indie notes take you down a free flowing stream of consciousness.


These two make a beautiful collaboration that is meant to be recognized with high praise. Already, this song has been on repeat several times as I write this because it is one of those melodies that keeps you moving and keeps you happily paralyzed in that space between sleep and awake.

Ninajirachi told a source, “Freya and I have been friends since we were 10 years old, so to be able to work with her vocals on this song has been really special.”

The intriguing and mysterious moniker is obviously not her real name; in fact, it’s actually Nina Wilson, who is a young, beautiful, and talented musician/producer of this day and age. Hailing from Sydney, Australia, this aussie discovered her influences and inspirations from other notable composing connoisseurs such as Porter Robinson, Mura Masa, Flume and more.


At only 17-years old, this melodic muse became a finalist in the Triple J’s Unearthed High competition in 2016!!! Insane!

Utilizing complex layers and an elegant, smooth finish to the product, Ninajirachi is completely in control of her musical capabilities and at one with her creative soul.

This particular enchanting track has already received recognition and support from sources like ElectroPose, TripleJ Unearthed, Purple Sneakers, Pilerats, Indie Shuffle, Music Feeds, and Tone Deaf.

People are patiently waiting and are excited for this lady’s progression in the music scene, where the music will take her, and what she will come up with next. Keep Calm and Vibe On…

Listen to the song above and let it give you nothing but pure bliss and a little pure luck.
Be sure to check out more of Ninajirachi’s and to follow her on her social media:








[Exclusive]: Jesper Jenset Takes You Through Wonderland With His Single “Lies”

A wonderland of lies

Press play on the track above now, because you”ll want to listen to this as you read this. As the drop takes you away, we’ll introduce you to Jesper Jenset and his wonderful electric wonderland.

This new riser to the music scene has become the next Norwegian obsession as he creates the music that you want to listen to and experience. He now is excited to announce that his killer new track “Lies” is out and ready for many to jam to. As just a 19-year old artist, he recreates a slippery, silky sound with his melodies which twist and turn against claps and whiny, warped vocals. Overwhelmed with much love and praise, Jenset has been honored to be placed in the renown Spotify New Music Friday playlist.

I'm so lucky to front @spotify NEW MUSIC FRIDAY list today!

A post shared by Jesper Jenset (@jesperjenset) on

Allow this extremely innovative, youngster and songster take you on a trip down the rabbit hole of deceit and illusions as the slur of synths, snares, and vocal flections take the forefront of your mind. The beat stands strong and the bass crashes a thud in your heart, where he’s practically pulling the truth out of you with his hypnotic and trance-like single. This song is definitely one to take note of and recognition as he revamps and reassembles the casual autotune and electronic vibes we now know of to a R&B riff. He brings a Justin Bieber persona to his own unique sound. His thunderous voice and the despairing meaning behind the song pulls at the heart strings as he embraces you with the sounds of this wondrous world of melancholia and intensity.

Jenset is actually from a city called Molde in Norway which translates as, “The City of Roses”. A little more on the artist? He began playing the guitar and singing when he was much younger and now he’s a self producer and songwriter for his own compositions. It’s easy to see that this youthful songster is not messing around and is taking this career as seriously as he can in order to perform to the best of his abilities and become the next big thing.

Behind the scenes #lies #musicvideo @futurstore 📷: @eriksensiri

A post shared by Jesper Jenset (@jesperjenset) on

However, don’t let his minimal years of experience in the industry fool you as he has built a strong fan base in countries all over the world: already he has 66k followers on Instagram and has performed in front of a crowd with 80k people.


Now this Sony Music (Norway) Label signee has offered us his version of … His Favorite Norwegian Tracks! So check it out below!

“To fulle menn” – Jokke

Norwegian rock. My dad used to sing it for me as a lullaby. Kinda funny when the title is “two drunk men”.

“Hurts So Good” – Astrid S

Distinctive voice. Great song!

“Cut To Black” – Lemaitre

Indie and electronic music sounds so good together. 

“Riv i hjertet” – Sondre Justad

Catchy song, and great lyrics! 

“Jump” – Astrid

Astrid tells a cool story through the song. Like that type of songwriting. The drop is also sick. 

“Patience Revisited” – Bernhoft

Probably one of my favorite artists from Norway.

“Stop / Shut up” – Bernhoft

Great soul artist. The whole concept is so completed. Love that type of music.

“Drøm videre Violeta” – Kaizers Orchestra

This song is so cool. Don’t know what their saying even though it’s Norwegian! But the sound and expression is awesome. 

“Torgeirs vårsang” – Diderre

Also a song me and my father used to sing when I was a kid. Love Jo Nesbøs lyrics about how summer and brighter days are coming and you go out with your friends. 

“Spis din syvende sans” – Karpe Diem 

Great song from Norwegian rap duo. It’s okay to fire a planner someone else hired to make plans.

^And, so there you have it folks!

Be sure to follow him on SoundCloud, Facebook, and Instagram!

[On The Verge] Episode 9: Just College Things & Interview With Alt-Band Ocean Park Standoff

“You’re either Teen Nick or Disney, you’re either in or you’re out,”

shouted DJ A-Rad as DJ Theater Thug mistakingly mentioned a Teen Nick movie during our entire Disney Channel-dedicated show! THE NERVE!

Today’s show of On The Verge was one for the books, filled with light heartedness and enthusiasm, as we transitioned from segment to segment with a lot of great material and whole lot to say!

We began with our Headlines & Hashtags where we spoke about pressing topics like Prince Harry’s girlfriend, Chad Michael Murray becoming a novelist, HBO releasing a Slender Man documentary trailer, Cavs and FLOTUS, and the recent discovery that Shia LeBouf can rap?  You can read all about this and more from our very own online collegiate  lifestyle magazine, Verge Campus. Check it out HERE for some of the latest updates in the things you care about!


Nonetheless, the most exciting and best part of today’s episode was absolutely our Just College Things piece where all we brought to you was nostalgia, joy, and embarrassment from what was our childhood, Disney Channel. We talked about all of the classics from Even Stevens to Lizzie McGuire, to Proud Family, to That’s So Raven, to Phil of the Future, to The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, to High School Musical, to Cheetah Girls, to Smart House, to Pixel Perfect, to so much more! Oh, what a time to have been alive! We went into a full-fledged conversation about how we learned so much from them, the social messages they gave, and how weird kids are today. You can check out some of the fun facts of those Disney Channel favorites we discussed on air HERE.

Of course, we followed all of this excitement with a sound block, so be sure to listen to the playlist below from some of the recent findings and reviews from GoodMusicAllDay!

AND FINALLY, we got to my personal favorite part of the show, the Featured Artist Interviews. We had the honor to interview an incredible emerging act of the L.A. scene, alt-band Ocean Park Standoff . The band, hailing from Santa Monica, CA, consists of lead singer Ethan Thompson, who we spoke with today, and band members Pete Nappi and Samantha Ronson. This dynamic trio of sound formed together to become an incredibly talented and eccentric group. We had a chance to ask Thompson about the formation of their group, their songwriting process, their experiences in the music industry and what is to come for them!

When looking at the Ocean Park Standoff crew, your first impression would be that they are more a rock or indie styled clan, but when you give their two standing tracks a listen, you find that there is so much more to them. They are a curiosity, if we are putting it simply. They are strange and unique, but perfectly catchy for any ear. Their music is contagious, versatile, and charismatic.

And their prowess is demonstrated by the numbers; in just a month of the release of their only two tracks, they have 448, 475 listeners on Spotify! That’s incredible! They were even shocked to find that they reached the No. 1 and 2 spots on the Spotify Viral 50 for the Czech and Zimbabwe playlists! Their two singles are “Good News” and “Photos & Liquor,” both which are beautifully constructed songs with their own personalities and finesse showcasing the band’s capabilities and range. They can go from a typical pop sound, like the of DNCE or Walk The Moon to more of a sultry alternative-R&B vibe like that of The Neighbourhood. With Thompson’s silky vocals and Nappi and Ronson’s musicalities, we are delivered the songs we hope to hear serenade us each and everyday. Their music will fit any mood, and if they keep continuing on this path of fun and innovative music, I have a feeling we’ll be hearing much more of them soon.


These Hollywood Records signees took to their own sound, built it, and it got it to be something incredible. All thanks to the Bulldogs and toothpicks– what are we saying? Guess you’ll just have to listen to the interview HERE to find out 😉


Be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and their Official Site, and be sure to check them out on Spotify!


Listen to On The Verge on air every Sunday from 10 AM – 12 PM for your weekly refreshing dose of cool new music and amazing news coverage of the topics you truly care about! Find us at 89.3 FM / 640 AM or on BU Cable Channel 6 or at www.wtburadio.org or our mobile friendly app, the WTBU Radio App.