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Exclusive Interview with South African Pop Producer Jason Strong

Remedy for our hearts

Jason Strong always knew music was his passion, correction, his obsession. I had the honor of chatting with this kind-hearted South African man about the journey to find his sound and post-college lifestyle in LA as an producer. With the music that he is putting out in the next few weeks, months, and hopefully years, there’s no doubt that we will recognize him as an established producer.

Strong’s skills are diverse and exhilarating. If you listen to the music, you can imagine colors, lights, and all things that shine. Each song has a personality of its own that then takes you on a trip around the world in a 12-track compilation. You can hear the precision in each  record as beats, rhythms, and tones are molded into a harmony that then is paired by an amplifying melody. The vocals placed over his tracks only then accentuate the sounds, making the song an ear-worthy piece. (Most of his work is co-produced by his friend Peder Etholm-Idsoee, from Norway.)

Much of his sound draws from his original roots. Strong was born in South Africa but lived in various places and traveled a lot. South Africa alone has 10 different languages. He also lived in Austria for 2 years and then Germany. He began playing acoustic guitar at age 13, and then electric at age 14. Much of his musical experience came from church, where he was surrounded by music.

The producer’s resumé could break world records with how much he has accomplished in such a short period of time. He earned a scholarship to St. Johns College (High school); he was the National Eisteddfod Academy winner; he was a Battle of Bands winner at multiple local schools; at just the age of 17, his own band back in High School called Vacant Sun performed in front of 5,000 people.

In high school, the pop producer admits that there was a phase when he was influenced by metal music. He then got into Brazilian and latin music to expand his style. “You want to get people to listen to the music in order to get on New Music Friday.”


He performed as a soloist for symphony orchestras at age 17, was a selected attendee for the renown Graham’s Town Jazz Festival, and then happily received a scholarship to Berklee College of Music. While at Berklee, Strong worked under the mentorship of hit songwriter and American Idol judge Kara Dioguardi, where he was selected to be a part of a program she ran. The program was structured to get certain student producers, writers, and artists to collaborate with each other and then receive feedback from her. Berklee also gave Strong the chance to work alongside multi-platinum and Grammy winning mixer and producer Prince Charles Alexander, being one of the first students to graduate with a minor in Commercial Record Production (a creation of Prince Charles himself).

His music has been recognized all over the place and through a multitude of channels. He was the producer behind the critically acclaimed lead single “Ride” by artist Naïka, released via Capitol Records/Universal Music Group. He was placed placed #2 on Spotify’s Global Viral & US Viral Charts, and placed within the top 10 on Spotify’s Viral Charts in countries including the UK, Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Norway, Canada, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Argentina & Australia. He has also racked up over 12 million global streams!!! To add to the extensive list already, he was the producer behind ‘Que Los Mares No Se Enteren’ by Nico Farias, which placed #1 on iTunes. What hasn’t he accomplished?


You also can’t help but get excited that this young emerging producer has even been praised by outlets and figures such as
iHeartRADIO, EARMILK, Hype Machine, Trap Nation, Martin Garrix, and The Chainsmokers.

Strong is now out in LA, post-grad, where he’s pursuing his music full-time. “It’s kind of like blind dates when you get to LA and you’re trying to do collabs,” notes the instrumentalist. “The writing process is spent 1 hour getting to know each other and then the next talking about the things that are causing you trouble in order to write the song.” He notes that sessions can take up to 6-8 hours to get down a solid verse and chorus. He’d come up with the chords, then once the melody is decided on and the track is looped, they flesh out the “concept of the song up until the 1st chorus”.

Now for some rapid fire questions: Some of his musical icons include Max Martin, Timbaland, and Greg Kirsten. Taylor Swift is an artist he admittedly likes a lot, especially with her album Red, and mostly because her producer is Martin. If he had to choose one album to be left with in the world, it would be Switchfoot’s Vice Verses. The biggest challenge he believes producers face is creating something without caring what others think of it or you. He says, “Think of it as you’re creating just for yourself, instead of trying to rack up plays”. If he could ever collaborate with another artist, it would be between Lorde and Frank Ocean. His one word to describe himself would be “obsessive” (with the music).

So, now what should we be expecting from this curator of sound? “Something that’s unconventional, that’s fresh” remarks Strong ecstatically. His big advice to emerging producers everywhere: “Do something everyday. Obsession is key.”

Jason Strong is #OntheVerge of obsession.

Be sure to keep an eye out for this incredible man as he takes on the world one record at a time.

Social Media: Instagram, Facebook, Soundcloud


SazE Debuts His New Album, ‘SxS Out Now’: Listen

A new sound to look out for is this hip hop artist Saz, who goes by the stage name SazE.

Brooklyn-born, SazE has been creating and mastering his talent for some time now in order to become the next big rapper and producer. In a recent collaboration with producer DON, they put together an album that some could consider a fire record. With solid compositions, well-formulated melodies, and a lot of rhythm, SazE demonstrates his true skills in the riffing game and DON helps us explore the intricacies of song creation. As a former philosophy student at Brandeis University, it’s not hard to find that much of his lyrical writing style is influenced by his major.

Together, this duo make up the collective named SxS, which became the name of their debut album. I had a chance to ask the SazE a few questions about the creation of this album and where he sees himself going with his music. I had a wonderful time speaking to this thoughtful human being from topics of musical taste to human nature to history to emotions and life decisions. The man has been through so much, and like a true philosopher and story teller, he painted pictures of his experiences in these detailed and engaging ways.

The New Jersey-born artist was raised as one of three boys. His father was a Nigerian immigrant and his mother a black woman, and because of this home was filled with “color and flavor”. It was because of his brother and father though that SazE became interested in music in the first place, introducing him to music like Jay Z. His dad also taught the young rapper how to love and appreciate music from the speaker itself, feeling the vibrations and feeling the pride in the music.


From that point on, SazE knew music was a path he wanted to pursue, and he actually wrote his first rap when he was 6 years old with the sole lyrics being “Why you messin’ with the old man?” He said that he then really started making music in 7th grade and deemed it to be his “emotional hard drive” as life’s hardships finally began to creep into his domain. His middle brother was autistic, but SazE said if there was anything that he learned from that relationship, it was empathy and compassion. Later on, his parents would divorce and this would thrust him into a darker place where things reminded him that love is nothing but BS and there are “dark sides to your parents”. To him, it was like the lights were suddenly shut off on him. “You learn about your emotions during times like those”.

In 8th grade, the artist would take part in a rap group, where he would focus on the concepts he truly wanted to touch upon: emotional relatability, concepts and ideas. He wanted to become technically proficient in his art, and each day he would perfect his craft more.

SazE would attend Brandeis University to pursue a degree in philosophy and from that he gained a love for indie-rock music. “I became obsessed with angst in college, especially with the melodies”. He admits that some of his influences included Arcade Fire’s album The Suburbs, and artists like Kid Cudi and Kanye West. “They inspired me to go for it… people will latch onto the sincerity of it [the music].” SazE still recalls, in 2011, his autistic brother died–the same day Arcade Fire won a Grammy for the record The Suburbs. It was a pretty symbolic day, one that still resonates in his heart and mind as something mysterious. “College taught me about loss–it widened my introspective scope”.

In 2012, the hip hop producer began making beats in college and would expand his musical abilities even more. “It felt like being god. It was like adding sounds in and suddenly ‘let there be snare'”. He faced ups and down throughout college and heartbreak from his first real love, but even then, he would continue onward in his musical pursuit to experimental enlightenment. Upon graduating, he moved out to Maryland and that’s when his studio album Sundown Therapywas created. “Sundown Therapy was a self-indulgent album. My introversion makes me so analytical even though I maybe able to express myself…just me, myself, and I are awkward”. He then noticed how upset he was where he resided and decided to make yet another big move back to the main city, New York. There he landed a job on Wall Street, but even then he realized something was wrong. The life he was leading and the job he had went against everything that he believed in. Morals were different, people were different, and it was a lifeless, creative-less environment.


With a big heart and a large dream, he quit his job and began teaching so that he would have more time to pursue music. This is when he met Sean (DON), his producer friend from Chicago, whom he would develop SxS with. Off the album, SazE admits his two favorite singles are “Bungalow on the Beach” and “Paycheck”. If there was a way to describe SazE, it would be a mix between Kid Cudi and Kanye West, where Cudi’s darkness and mystery and West’s epic force and intensity intertwine.

I was curious to know who inspired this versatile artist, to which he replied that he loves Amy Winehouse for her honesty, Frank Ocean for his sincerity, and Lorde for being his muse (calling her “an unapologetic” songstress).

I had fun asking some of my rapid-fire interview questions such as: His one word to describe himself would be “creative”; he is #OnTheVerge of “gettin’ outta here”; and the one album he would be left with for the rest of his life if he had to only choose one would be Currents by Tame Impala (he deemed it to be the “perfect album” in terms of its content because it is all about life, existential angst, and it never gets boring).


The poet is working on his forthcoming album now that he has a studio in his own house, so we should be expecting much more from him in the near future. In fact, look out for his music video that will be released on April 25th!

After our conversation, I am excited to see where this artist will take his creative, and where that will take him.

Be sure to follow these guys on Spotify, and listen to the album above! And check SazE out on Instagramas well!

Aotu & Will Woodland Release The Best End to Summer Single “Balloon”


Too wild to steer

Aotu is a producer born on the islands and raised in the mountains. He’s the kind of artist whose music you will want to hear when your heart breaks or when you’re celebrating exciting news. It’s the kind of sounds that resonate most in every situation that make this dynamic musician a wild and exciting catch. “Balloon” is his most recent release (Aug 22) featuring the vocals of Will Woodland.  The single simply reminds you of the best and worst parts of love and childhood. Facing love and heartbreak of the one who got away, nostalgia and innocence are wrapped up inside the melodies and riffs of this indie-pop song. Aotu (pronounced ow-too) understands what it takes to be a hit and to be mainstream, and yet, how to still be underground chic enough to remain a hidden gem.


“You’re my balloon
Too wild to steer”

Together, the pair wrote, composed, sang, produced, and mixed the track we hear above. With chopping synths and pan-pipe harmonies, the song becomes a hopeful breath of fresh air, ending our summer days with the perfect hint of longing. The bubbly undertones and the metallic “oh’s” echo throughout our listening experience as the music that he deems “cinematic club music” does in fact, become a visual and intricate adventure of noises and sounds. His music is naturally-inspired  relaying an organic feel via dreamy digital structures. Woodland’s voice than seamlessly whirls through the composition as note and key come together in a perfect marriage of sonic disarray.

Will Woodland

Be sure to check out both artists as they hopefully bring us more of their incredible, youthful vibes. I admit, I have had the song on repeat all day, and can’t get enough of it.

Will Woodland: Site, Twitter, Instagram Facebook

Aotu: Site, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube


“Lose It All” with Swedish Producer Finis Mundi’s Amazing Dance Track

Stockholm Syndrome

Get lost in this hypnotic single “Lose It All” by the Stockholm-based producer himself, Finis Mundi.

It has an incredible rhythm and a striking vocal progression that carries on throughout the song making the Mura Masa-esque track a  melange of hip hop & pop sensation. The song is seriously irresistible, and it just happens to captivate you and your dance soul so intensely that it you can’t keep from replaying it over and over again.


This being Mundi’s second single yet, it’s already a masterpiece! Raised in Lindingö, Sweden, the producer has quite the expertise in the art of sonic design. The mystery man behind the sound had released his debut single “Say That” (featuring NOVAA), which proceeded to receive half a million streams and ranking at No. 22 on the Spotify Global Viral Charts! “Say That” is an ominous melody, yet for his second record, Mundi took a new spin with a more upbeat tone and a harder impact in order to let the vibe resonate within the spaces of the room. The fragmented automaton voices layered over the sounds of oriental plucks and reverbs of the continuous loop of synths is spellbinding and mesmeric.

“Lose It All (What If)” is a tidal wave building up and slowing down in just the correct areas and diversifying its sound in just the right ways. In fact, it will be interesting to see where this song will lead to as it seems to be an even cleaner, more-constructed track compared to the first. We should expect to see this artist more often as his productions are heard and recognized for their artistry. Mundi is only getting better and has proven his first success worthy of the streams it received, so why shouldn’t this single be just as (if not more) triumphant?


Listen to the track above, dance your heart away, and be sure to check out his socials~ Facebook Twitter Instagram SoundCloud

[Exclusive Interview]: Man Behind “Panda”, Menace Unable to Receive Award At Grammys Because of Visa Ban

An elephant in the room

or a panda in the song. Menace, who is the mastermind producer behind Desiigner’s “Panda,” a Billboard chart topper, is proud to know that he was nominated for “Best Track” at the BET Hip-Hop Awards and a Grammy. However, the issue lies in the fact that despite all of this success, this notorious UK producer hasn’t been able to obtain a visa to come to the US.

From Rochdale, Manchester, Menace, or Adnan Khan, is born to Pakistani-immigrant parents. Menace’s team reached out to me to conduct this exclusive interview with this humble musical genius to tell his story and share what he’s been up to in the meantime since crafting the hit. (You can find the interview below). Ever since the tyrant took over office, families and lives have been altered and deterred and broken. We are disqualifying those who deserve to come to share their work with us! We are disqualifying people who deserve to come over, who are completely harmless, who have love here and who have futures to tend to. Life was not meant to be limited and rejected nor was it meant to be dusted off, signed away, and turned down.

Screen Shot 2017-02-11 at 4.41.01 PM.png

It has been over a year now that Menace has been trying to cross the pond with a bucketload of prestigious award nominations and collaborations just waiting to happen for him. Nonetheless, this didn’t stop our twisted and convoluted politics from banning this artist from our grounds. Even with “Panda” going 4x platinum, Menace still hasn’t been able to meet Desiigner in person! How crazy is that? Can’t even shake the hand of or hug the person who helped bring your music to the world!?

While he’s been patiently waiting for his window opening, the 22-year old has not been wasting time and has actually been producing a new project called The Beat Tape Vol. 1. The DJ has been inspired by notable music legends and tycoons such as Jay-Z, Dr. Dre and Scott Storch, the producer of hits like 50 Cent’s “Candy Shop” and Fat Joe’s “Make It Rain.”

The record connoisseur jumped into this world of hip hop during his pre-teens, more specifically, when he was 12 years-old, and from there, he built himself a disciplined schedule to produce 2-3 beats a day! As he got older, he started selling his completed works to rappers who needed baselines and instrumentals. Before the fame, Menace was a mobile phone repairman and on the side, as a hobby, would crank the tunes, create the beats, and post them to YouTube for all to hear. Eventually, with just a simple listen on YouTube and a call, Menace found himself answering the phone to a manager asking for his permission to use his song on Kanye’s West latest hit album Life of Pablo.


This young producer, beat maker, business man, and A&R talent representative is thriving, and is still so fresh to the scene with his complex instrumentals that create the perfect formula of sound. It is a crime that such talent can not come to even receive his own award and recognize his appreciation. But of course, he is not the first of these stories. He told The Rolling Stone

“It was a couple of days before ‘The Life of Pablo’ was released that we heard about the feature on it. He [Kanye West] wanted to put ‘Panda’ on his album because first of all he was feeling the vibe to the production, and he also wanted to put his new signee [Desiigner] onto his album.”

The sample was found on Kanye’s track “Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 2.”

If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard the song yet, listen to the song below:

Furthermore, this electric, hip hop composer, was not completely new to the talents of musical production fame though. Before “Panda,” he was found working with Young Noble, a member of Tupac’s old group the Outlawz! (As noted by Rolling Stone). He began posting beats on his website to build their brand and voice to the general audience of listeners, and from all of this came the beat that ruled the air and sound waves and became the raging hit of the 2016th year…

“You are now listening to the hottest producer with the hottest beats on the net. Menace.”


Here is our exclusive interview:

Neelu Mohaghegh (NM): How did you get involved in the music scene? Specifically, hip hop?

Menace (M): I got introduced into the music scene when my dad played a lot of music. From the ‘80s, like Michael Jackson, I’ve been raised on music. That got me interested in making music. Then I started to get interested in the background music, the production side and that’s one of the main reasons why I produce today.

I got into hip hop in high school. Where I live in Manchester, hip hop is the main genre that everyone listens to. The hip hop I was into was either produced by Dr. Dre or the old school East Coast / West Coast producers. I was listening to it every day. I was downloading instrumentals of big hit songs onto my MP3 player and I would listen to them day in and day out. It was mainly on my commute to and from school. Then onwards, I started to ask around how people made beats, then I googled it and came across a program called Fruity Loops, watching tutorials on YouTube.

NM: Why do you produce music?

M: I love music. It’s not something that I’m doing to show people that I’m cool. It’s a way for me to express something without opening my mouth. When people hear my productions, they can understand how I’m feeling through the music. I can reach a wider audience through my music than through any other medium.

NM: How did you get your stage name?

M: It was given to me back in high-school when I was I was a badly behaved student. Kids and my teachers used to call me a menace. I took the persona and ran with it.

Many more to come

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NM: What inspired “Panda’s production? And how did you link up with Desiigner?

M: I’m heavy into comic book collecting. One of my favorites is Batman, with the darker feel. When the beat was released on YouTube, way before Desiigner purchased it, it had the picture of Joker and Batman. Desiigner simply purchased the beat. I first found out it was being used on Twitter by someone else. Desiigner posted the song on YouTube and it started to blow up on its own. Eventually, he got signed off of it.

NM: What was it like earning all of those awards for your track with Desiigner?

M: It was a very proud moment in my life. I was very honored to receive those plaques and awards.

NM: Explain to us the songwriting process for you—what’s that like, and what was the sudden success of “Panda” like?

M: You need to have a dope hook – simple but catchy, and a verse that isn’t too complicated. I usually start to develop the hook first, it sets the mood.

NM: In response to the Grammys, I know that you have been struggling to receive your visa in order to come to the states. What has that been like?

M: The wait has been the hardest part. I’ve had to miss out on a few big ceremonies like the BET Hip Hop Awards, for which I was nominated for “Best Rap Song” and I wasn’t able to come to the US to do press.

NM: What do you think of this situation and what can we do to fix it?

M: If there’s enough evidence out there for people to prove that they’re coming here for a reason, like for work, then they should obviously be allowed.

NM: What is your favorite thing to do outside of music?

M: I like to stay active and healthy like go to the gym.  And also I’m very keenly interested in automobiles. If I’m not making music, I’m watching programs on cars or reading about them online. Or going to garages or showrooms themselves. I’m into all types of cars, it’s hard for me to choose a favorite.

NM: What do you hope to see change in the music world?

M: I want to see producers get the same type of shine that rappers do. When a record is produced, there’s the artist and there’s the producers, and it took both of them to make it. They are equal partners in the creative process.

NM: What are your plans for the future?

M: To keep going and become a big brunt in the music industry. To disrupt the music industry.

NM: What is your identity song, or soul song? (It can be your own or some other artist’s work that you just have a deep connection with.)

M: Drake – “I’m On One”

NM: Now, because we’re a college-targeted publication, we always like to ask our artists a tag line to fill in the blank, so Menace, what are you #ontheverge of?

M: Success!


Well, there is no doubt about that- success is in his past, present, and future! Such a talented young man with so much to offer. How many more people will we ban? America, you will lose everything. You will lose culture, you will lose diversity, you will lose any spirit, and you will be nothing without the world around you. Isolate yourself more, and soon you won’t have anything to offer.

Please help this story be heard, please share the love, and let’s bring music and so much more back to this country.

To see Menace’s work, follow him and check him out on:





[Exclusive Interview]: Canadian EDM Duo Fabrikate & Their Latest LP ‘Bodies’

Fabricating the right music… ta da!

Say hello to two of some of the two coolest, suavest dudes in the EDM music world, Fabrikate. Not much is known about these mysteriously masked figures with insanely epic and stunningly produced music, but what we do know is that you better get to know these guys and their sound because they will be the next big thing!

This Canadian-born duo have been up to a lot of neat stuff in the past coming months, and recently they had released their debut album Bodies on May 13th via Kookoo Records. FINALLY! A lot of times, entirely well-constructed EDM projects are hard to come by since it’s very difficult to make each song unique from each other whilst still making the album flow as one; however, that wasn’t and isn’t the case for Fabrikate. Bodies is a mystical creature of its own with a vibe that breathes soundwaves into your soul. You can listen to the full-length album above!

Off the compilation, their hit single “Want You To Know” reached No. 14 on the iTunes charts, which is massive for them in a field that is extremely competitive and high-demanding. They have also been critically acclaimed, recognized and supported by the EDM heavy-weight champ, Diplo, and by the esteemed electronic music publication YourEDM.

The LP’s deep house beats, generous doses of synth-tides, and strong vocal croons transforms these records into a flawlessly created and strung together set of sounds.

Their bouncy, hypnotic tunes turn your mind in a million directions as your body constantly wishes to move, sway, and dance. The dancefloor literally calls your name as you disappear into the world fabricated by these two DJs and their digital sounds.

LP Cover Art

They are certainly leaders of electronic composition and talented in that they can achieve their desired sound. They are the puppeteers of body language and the commanders of future bass with these compelling tracks all stacked in one!

 So, now allow me to introduce you to these talented & hysterical producers. Here is our interview!:

Neelu Mohaghegh (Me; NM): Introduce your selves! Where are you guys from? What are your names?

Fabrikate (F): Well hello there! We’re Fabrikate from Canada, and we make music that even your mom likes. We would love to tell you our names, but our manager confiscated our ID’s a while ago and we totally forgot them. There’s a vowel or two in there, we think… When we’re in the same room with other people, they usually address the blank space in between our heads and call that Fabrikate.

NM: What got you guys into music in the first place?

(F): We were both brought up in very musical families. Both of our parents always had music playing, and would take us to shows at an early age. Oddly enough, we were born a few years apart and grew up in different environments, but we both have the same musical taste and influences.


NM: What is the Canadian music scene like?

(F): The Canadian music scene is blooming right now thanks to many major acts like Drake, the Biebs, The Weeknd, only to name a few. We’ve always been very open and diverse here, but lately it feels like the whole world is being more attentive to our music and our sound, so we’re seeing some of our more underground homies flourish internationally. Look at Kaytranada for example, he’s been around for a while, and now he’s finally getting his big break. Bout’ time eh?

NM: How do you guys describe your sound? How do you think it sounds different from other producers in the same field, and what separates you from them?

(F): Being two incredibly sexy individuals, we choose to write music that matches our persona. Our album “Bodies” is just that, really. We think of our music in terms of aesthetic instead of genre. We tend not to associate ourselves with any other producer or DJ out there, because we like to think our music can fit into any genre or style. We try to be as diverse as we can while keeping the sounds coherent.

NM: What about electronic music do you think makes it such an important genre for music?

(F): It’s about having endless possibilities. No restraints at all, you know? With today’s technology, electronic music producers really can push the envelope as far as they want to. You don’t even have to be a crazy good musician anymore, you just need to be creative. Not to mention that electronic music lets you bypass a significant portion of the music industry. For the longest time producers and bands have been banging their heads over how to pile enough money to get in the studio to cut a record, and today you can make an international smash hit with your laptop and cheap pair of headphones while you’re sitting on the toilet bowl. What a time to be alive.


NM: How do you see the EDM scene right now? Is it at its peak? Or is it losing ground? Or is transforming, and into what?

(F): To be honest we’re not even sure what EDM means anymore. What we do know is that the scene is always evolving, and we’re stoked to see that people are becoming aware and vocal about some of the fakes out there. EDM needs to go back and revisit its roots; remember when people actually danced together instead of jumping and staring at a DJ for hours?

NM: How was it like making your EP? What was the overall motivation behind its fabrication? (no pun intended) And what is your favorite song off of it?

(F): It was a difficult thing to start off, to be honest. We knew what we wanted, but the tough part was figuring out how to get there. It took a while for us to realize that we were actually making better music when we were just having fun and jamming away instead of writing with super specific intentions. The second we cut our first record, “Took A Long Time”, it didn’t take long (no pun intended) to build some momentum and blaze through the other 9 songs. We usually don’t like to pick out a favorite track off the album, but only because it’s you, Neelu, “Took A Long Time” holds a special place in our hearts, mainly because it’s our first single.

me: Awwww, gee thanks.  🙂

NM: What is the song writing process for you guys like? How do you go about it?

(F): We’re pretty straightforward when it comes to that. One works on the track while the other completes a series of tasks to win back the producer’s chair. It’s usually stuff like underwater backgammon versus master level CPU’s, training a polar bear to say “Get off the chair”, etc. Nothing worth elaborating on, really.


NM: How did you come up with the name “Fabrikate?”

(F): We realized that today’s acts are often “fabrikated” from top to bottom. The image of the artist has become almost as important as their music. We thought it would be funny to name ourselves “Fabrikate” and wear masks to hide our identity. It’s some sort of statement, though we’re not sure exactly what it is we’re saying. The beats are coming out good, which is all that really matters.

NM: Who are your musical inspirations? (artists, or even just people in your life)

(F): Oh, we have a lot of those. Guys like Giorgio Moroder, Lime, Kavinsky, Daft Punk, Justice, Frankie Knuckles, and our english bulldog mascot, Mickey.

NM: What is your favorite song?

(F): At the moment? Justice’s massive new single “Safe And Sound”. It’s a modern day masterpiece.

NM: If you could collaborate with an artist or artists, who would that be?

(F): If we could go back in time and collaborate with Giorgio, or have Donna Summer sing on one of our tracks, that’d be too good to be true. Today, the Weeknd. He has an absolutely amazing voice. We got the chance to meet him in a studio session last year in Montreal, so hey who knows, maybe sooner than later!

NM: Where do you guys see yourselves in 5 year from now? In 10?

(F): Well, hopefully in 5 years we’ll have a few more albums in the bank and a couple world tours under the belt. 10 years? Owners of a Fabrikate Burger fast food franchise, where we specialize in welding the cheese to the patty. Gotta set the bar high in life.

NM: What is the weirdest experience you guys have ever had while performing your music?

(F): A girl just shamelessly took her panties down right in front of our booth in the middle of the dance floor and… spinned her own set, if you know what we mean, in front of at least 150 people. Gotta applaud the openness, though.

NM: When you guys are not doing music, what are you doing?

(F): We’re always making music or doing something that revolves around the music we make. Sounds sad, but it’s actually amazing.

NM: What is one place you guys haven’t performed at yet, but want to one day?

(F): Has to be Coachella. The vibes there are amazing. You guys are from Boston, right? Any spare hookups at Fenway?

NM: What is one word of advice you would give to aspiring student musicians/artists out there who want to do what you do?

(F): Work your ass off. Just being a talented musician today is not enough. You need to be very clever, self-educated, patient and opportunistic. And time is your greatest asset, so use it wisely!

NM: Thank you guys! This was great!

That was it between the EDM superstars and myself, so now your job is to go get your bodies moving to their music. Time to vibe, man.

Tomorrow… #BodiesLP #Fabrikate #Bodies

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WILL K & Corey James EDM Power Duo Release “Let Me See You” Today


Let Them See You…

Today, two of the worlds newest EDM scene up-and-comers are taking the dance floor and the stage with their music, and their names are WILL K and Corey James. This powerhouse duo of DJS/producers are a force to be reckoned with in the genre of electronic sound as they release their epic new single “Let Me See You” via Fonk Recordings.

The track is similar to most EDM tracks as it follows a solid riser into a drop and has erotic vocals and vibes swiftly carrying throughout the melody; however, if you listen carefully, there might be an added edge. Something makes these guys big, and it doesn’t go unnoticed. The track has been supported and recognized by big leagues such as Steve Angello at Tomorrowland, in Ibiza AND even on BBC Radio 1, one of the largest previewing radio shows in the world! (If not the largest already.)

This is an epic and eccentric composition that gets people ignited and ready to move on the dance floor, burning up their surroundings and their souls in just the right way. Take an escape into these two’s wonderlands of dance music as they control your bodies just by the beat, rhythm and pace of their sonic creations. The hype is most certainly real in this provocative and fresh electro-ID that is extremely desirable among the crowds. With a healthy dose of Progressive House ballads, sharp synths, heavy-hitting beats and basses, forceful voices, and persistent/wavering melodies, “Let Me See You” is considered “a must have for any DJ’s record collection.”

Now, for a little on the boys.

The two are from different continents, James being from the UK and WILL K from Australia, but the distance didn’t keep them producing the infectious sounds they put out now. Separately and together, they quickly rose up the ladder of the dance music world and performed the ultimate drop in their lives. How quickly did they succeed, do you ask? Well, take into consideration that in only a few years, both have had hit releases via Spinnin’ Records, Armada Music, BBC Radio 1, and have performed live on the mainstage of the Ultra Music Festival. And although disparate acts, these charismatic producers tend to spend copious amounts of time in the studio with each other. This wouldn’t be their first collaboration as a superstar pair; in fact, they’ve done three other works in the past titled “Covka,” “Another Storm,” and “Tenpaku.” Their novel and enticing track “Let Me See You” had the honor of being premiered by Angello, himself, during his own set at this year’s Tomorrowland festival. It ranked No. 26 in DJ Mag’s Top 100 Chart. And, not to mention the incredible fact that these young men have already received attention and love from the likes of EDM champs like Armin Van Buuren, Martin Garrix, and Nicky Romero! WHAT?!


WILL K is a producer originally from Australia who has made a massive name for himself in the electronic realms. As a Seismic Wavez Artist Management signee, WILL K has been able to profess his passion for the music with hard work and creativity. He has released some of his works with reputable labels from the likes of SIZE, Protocol Recordings, Sosumi Records, Armada, and many more. This DJ/producer is a confident soul and because of his talents, reach, and success, he has been supported by people like Hardwell, Steve Angello, Martin Garrix, Max Vangeli, Laidback Luke, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, etc.

Corey James

As for Corey James, he is an artist from Liverpool (and a very well-known one in his hometown.) He has been a jet-setter with his music as he has traveled around performing his music and becoming critically acclaimed by some of the world’s biggest labels. With a dedicated fan base already at his fingertips, there is no denying the fact that he is a man with a gift for producing. He has performed at countless major music festivals such as Tomorrowland and Ultra, as well as, has remixed tracks of some of the largest names in the industry like Steve Angello, Galantis, Alesso, Feenixpawl, and more. This diligent and zealous musician is a master of his art, but wishes to continue learning  in order to make him even more of a dynamic character!

Together, these two hope to transform the EDM era  and to tear up the dancefloor with their sound, and who knows, they totally might! Keep a look out for new music to come soon!

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DEVAULT Unleashes Epic New Track Titled “Nothing New”

Intensive zoning out!

DEVAULT is no ordinary 20-year old hailing from Orange County, CA. He’s a DJ/producer who creates some pretty epic soundscapes in the studio and on stage. In his latest release “Nothing New,” which he drops today, DEVAULT demonstrates his avant-garde take on a retro form of electronic dance music. This Soundcloud
EDM artist has produced some very unique tracks with his creative and imaginative mind for music . DEVAULT’s recognition emerged as a result of a live performance he gave at a hometown show at the Yost Theater. It was completely sold out and instantly became an event to rave about.


He’s a rising star and a growing act, inserting his sound, slowly but surely, along with other artists of the electronic domains. In recent months, he gave snippets of some of his strongest singles such as “Closer”, “Right With You”, and his hit “All I Need” which features Stelouse. The virtual music designer continues to excel and augment his skills as he continues to create, build, produce, and release new material for us to zone out to!

Screenshot 2016-08-11 15.03.24_zpspgdi3k7w

DEVAULT persistently delivers a newfangled perspective on an ever-evolving genre. “Nothing New” is a track that stands out on its own. By utilizing live drums, inviting vocals, and powerful instrumentation, the track includes the remembrances of a classic deep French-house record, with the addition of an alternative-pop EDM drop. He also had the chance to join forces with a talented artist for this track, Sky Ferreria’s drummer Joe Zizzo. With Zizzo’s drums, the song gains an authentic layer to the usually whole digital creation. “Nothing New” is a cyclical melody that carries you through waves of risers and collisions. You go from soft to rough, from quiet to loud, from serene to intense, and it constantly keeps you moving with it. The consistency is key to this single, and that is what brings it musical clarity. There is not doubting the fact that this young man has shared his time experimenting with elements and aspects of EDM. Piecing them together to construct this record, DEVAULT challenges conventions of sound in warped and captivating ways.



“Nothing New” is now available via Trap Nation on Soundcloud, iTunes, Youtube, and Spotify!


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