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KEYON Releases an Amazing Jazzy Remix of Ellie Goulding’s “Outside”

Feeling it on the inside and outside

The producer has really decided to show off his true musical skills in this recent remix he released today for all to hear! KEYON, a young artist from Massachusetts, remixes the renown track originally created by Calvin Harris featuring the stunning vocals of Ellie Goulding, and turns it into a masterpiece of EDM jazz. Using the real, natural voices of his instruments, he captures an authenticity in his electronic music that only some artists, such as Lido, offer. KEYON himself noted that, “I think people could respect that I make all my own samples and sounds”, he continues, “and I’m telling you…jazz is making a revolutionary comeback”.

This artist really makes us appreciate the art of musical theory with his songs, something I think many of us seemed to have forgotten after all of these days of mainstream, artificial tunes blasting through the radio.

When this remix hits 2:15, the conflict rises and the best guitar interference you will ever hear takes you down a path of intense jam-worthy freedom. It’s funny that KEYON chooses to use the raw sound of electric guitars to create the drop rather than the synths and it works so perfectly!

The song ends with a little jazzy piano riff to ease us after the stunning sound storm. The drums help guide you to the beat and march you onward into the depths of the track. The risers are well-developed and the synths similarly riff into waterfalls of sound in a downward formation– pouring into your ear drums.


The artist has a lot in store this summer as he ventures off into the music realms of his simple studio set up, and we are excited to hear what he’s got for us!


For more from KEYON, check him out on SoundCloud, Instagram, and Facebook!

Amy Cohen Remixes Drake’s “Feel No Ways” With Her Own R&B Feels

Feel No Ways, and Yet Feeling All Of the Feels

From Newton, Massachusetts, Amy Cohen, a Boston University undergrad and artist, remixes the beautiful Drake track “Feel No Ways” into a ballad all her own. Utilizing the familiar sounds of synthesized tunes and bubbling beats, this femme fatale recreates the sounds of the OVO star and adds a classic R&B reverb.

She plans to grow her musical library as she continues to add more of her own music, but it all began with the covers and remixes. So in this recently released track, she returns to what she is known best for, the echoes of soul.

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This 21-year-old intends to bring the roots of music back with a modern twist. Ever since she was a little girl, music has been the sole inspiration for her passion to create compositions. Cohen claims that “it wasn’t until she began to feel like she was losing herself, however, that she taught herself to play keyboard and really focused on creating – not just performing.” She integrates the classic emotion behind soul and R&B music to offer her listeners the raw and relatable stories interlaced within the harmonies.


Her musical influences include industry giants such as Kanye West and his 808s & Heartbreak as well as Frank Ocean and his project Blonde. Cohen invites her listeners to vibe with her on this journey of euphoria as the tunes & tones take you away through an endless dream. Already, she has received countless words of appraisal for her work in all areas, from songwriting, to composing, to vocalizing. She does is it all– the triple threat.

Cohen explores the realms of contemporary music, in this journey beyond the scope of music, where intimacy meets vulnerability and sophistication meets eroticism. The confidence behind every riff and line demonstrates the power and understanding she has of her talent and further credits her abilities. Even after just releasing this track, she continues to write meticulously and collaborate on projects, and is planning the release of another single very soon. But as you wait, you can find more of her fabrications on her Facebook, SoundCloud, and YouTube pages. Amidst all of this, Cohen continues to keep in consistent, close contact with her fans to let them know that she still remains the spirit behind the sound, and to always show her appreciation for the love and support.


To Hear More, Follow Cohen Via Social Media:




R&B Artist Jaylien Remixes Song with Sammy Adams & Premieres On Tour


Prepare yourself for the remix of the season!

In an epic fabrication of sonic composition, Los-Angeles based R&B vocalist Jaylien decides to combine his talents with that of Sammy Adams to create a chill and riveting remix titled “Summer’s Over.” When artists unite, they create something that becomes an entirely new song for listeners to experience, and that is exactly what these dynamic individuals did. In their departure from the sunny summer day’s the pair tone down the vibe and turn a melody into a refreshing, mid-tempoed, and grindy-synth-filled tune. This is their farewell to the lively and vibrant summer memories and their dive head first into the autumn chill and serenity of smooth vocals backed up by power that croon to your heart and mind’s content. This single is especially captivating because it carries a soft aura about it, with light vocals and beats, but then it is also revivified and aroused by impactful trap-snares and noises, which accumulate into one consolidated record.


The entirety of this song was produced by Jaylien, himself, and its original form featured on his latest EP release from this past summer as the  leading title track. The reverbs are crisp, the bass is bomb, and the cyclical nature of the verse to chorus transition is sound. Both artists’ tonality energy meld together flawlessly.

In this atmospheric, electro hip-hop rendition of his own music, the artist constructs an entirely new sound. The song grabs you by the heart strings, takes you from your summer daydreams, and seduces you into the calmness of fall leaf-fallen days. You can listen to the song ABOVE!

So aim it at me – when you load up that gun 📸: @clcpr

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In addition to the hype that already came about this re-branding and recreation, Adams & Jaylien joined forces to bring the track to life on stage while on the road for Sammy’s tour The Endless Summer Tour,  which eventually did end sadly, and arrived to its final stop. HOWEVERAdams is not ready to peace out to summer just yet. He plans to head back on tour this weekend along with R&B superstar Nelly. Check out the dates below and get your tickets HERE.

10.6.16 – Moorhead, MN (Fargo, ND)
10.7.16 – Mankato, MN
10.8.16 – Cedar Rapids, IA


No doubt, this new track will be the perfect start and end to your day as you completely zone into your own world and find a happier, calmer state of mind.  Listen to the song ABOVE NOW!

Trap Artist Très Remixes French Singer Brigitte Bardot’s “La Madrague”

“La Madrague” aka Trap.

Tres Mortimer, née Kevin Fronckiel, is a Polish-American DJ/producer, who develops beats routinely as a living. This 2 minute and 14 second creation is something sweet, melodic, soothing, and erotic in that nostalgic, seductive bubble-gum kind of way. With even a sinister air about it, the song carries you through a throwback track as you wander across your daydreams fabricated by your mind. Artists that Très enjoys are digital curators such as Kaytranada, Mura Masa, Louis the Child, Cashmere Cat, Photay, Famous Dex, Young Chop, Nicholas Jaar, and Bonobo.

Why the 23-year old chose to take a vintage record and morph it into a millennial tune is because “he felt the power of her emotional vulnerability,” explains the artist. “She’s sharing innermost thoughts with the world, and that type of bravery is something I find so beautiful and remarkable”.


This internationally shaped & produced single keeps you wound down, chilled out, and dreamy as you go about tiny routine tasks in your everyday life. Think of this Logan Square Recordings rhythm builder as the narrator to your evening get together, your late nights of Netflix and chill, and your early Sunday mornings in the house.

The structure and finesse of the record is strange, yet enticing. It’s fictional in the most bizarre of ways, taking a classic French hymn and transforming it into a trap-ballad. There is an innocent and silent charisma in the melody and the slow tempo adds an aura of indifference and lust that just sets the mood right from the start of the track until its end.


You can listen to this Chicago-based record producer’s song above now!

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Enjoyed what you heard? Officially vibing? Then go vibe some more with Très via his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud, and Official Site. Hopefully, we’ll get the chance to hear more from this artist as he continues to grow & develop his musical skills, arrangements, and archives.

Nick Cincotta Remixes A Stellar Version of “Deja Vu” by Post Malone and Justin Bieber

He’s from Boston and he’s building a buzz.

Singer and rapper Nick Cincotta brings us an enchanting spin off of the already trop-ballad “Deja Vu” by post Malone ft. Justin Bieber, with his remix “Tempur-Pedic.” In this revitalized track, we get a whole new lullaby that caresses our senses and takes us for a ride on the vibe-mobile. Cincotta reminds you of a smoother Sammy Adams & Jake Miller. He also carries the energy and sexiness of Trey Songz along with the rhythms and beats of Chris Brown and Drake. With a cool and collected sound, this artist’s remix could stand on its own as an incredibly favorable record.

With strong beats and forceful bars this cha cha track dances around your thoughts and has you jamming to its cyclical tune. The vocals are great and it’s obvious from one listen that this 20-year old is not only innovative, but is also big on initiative, passion, and drive. In other words, this rapper has huge potential!


With this comical cover of love and passion by relabeling the tune to “Tempur-Pedic,” this Ndroid-produced composition demonstrates this musical connoisseur’s skills with the art. The up & down rhythms, the silky chord progressions, and tick-tock drum clicks keep you on the beat as if you’re pacing yourself. The overall reaction to the song places you in a state of comfort and nostalgia. He has great flow and lyrical delivery as he aims and fires his words at us and allows us to take it all in!

Begin to recognize the name because Nick Cincotta is creating his own flurry of original sonic fabrications to make it to the top. As a “hip-pop” artist from out of the Boston, MA area, he has already had much exposure to opening for bigger acts that come to the city. Cincotta has opened for artists in the past such as Fetty Wap, in front of 5000 people, as well as Kalin and Myles, Jake Miller, T. Mills, Mod Sun, Blackbear and has also had the honor of playing for big crowds at theme parks all throughout the vicinity. In addition, he has done shows with Skate Maloley and Sammy Wilk and will be a headliner for his own show this September 24th, in Boston, at the Middle East Downstairs.


Better get your tickets now though because they’re almost sold out! Almost a full show!

This young man, Cincotta, has been making music for 7 years now, and over the course of that time, he has released 5 projects of his very own. He recently had released his album titled The Breakthrough (Deluxe Edition) and just from that harbored a lot of attention. He has a large and loyal fan base that only seems to be getting bigger! It’s great seeing people from around the area doing successful things with what they love to do.

Show him some love and support and check out Cincotta via TwitterFacebookInstagram, andSoundCloud!

[Premiere]: Listen To Didrick Remix Australian EDM Duo Feenixpawl’s Hit Summer Anthem “Quicksand”

Summer never truly ends

At least, not with this amazing remix of a classic! Young EDM up-and-coming DJ/producer Didrick decided to take Feenixpawl’s notorious summer vibe track, “Quicksand,” and turn it into a dancing masterpiece.

In this remastering of the seasonal anthem, Didrick adds an element of indie-rock pop and stirs in a little club night riot vibes. If you listen closely, you can hear the layered in tunes and tones that the youthful digital designer incorporates into the instrumental as the singer APEK’s voice consumes the airwaves with a force like no other. Much like a video game, the song has that bubble-gum pop tonality, whilst also carrying the intensity of a raging action-packed super hero movie. With a higher pitch and a faster pace, the song comes to life; quite literally it fills the space with energy and exhilaration to jolt you into a song that will have your heart not only racing but also soaring!


Didrick impressively adds a nice touch around time mark 1:08, where he takes a riser and then, instead of diving deep into a heavy drop, carefully caresses us with a smoother, lower-volumed drop to then grind out the song with the bass and synth chord progressions. He cleverly adds in these guitar like plucking riffs that swiftly paint across the canvas of this remix. He then disperses twinkling vibes here and there throughout the track developing a very cool deep house song combined with the pop sensations of the millennial generation.

How do we know this song is a hit? Well, considering all of the love and attention it has been garnering, with over 1.6M streams on Spotify, and with radio play, a cumulative 2.5M streams, well that should be evidence enough. He’s been recognized by notable companies such as Majestic and Dancing Astronaut! In addition, Didrick has had the honor of performing lie along side the EDM heavy-weight Avicii, as well as remixing the song “War,” by Astronaut and Far Too Loud, with F.O.O.L.


This Monstercat Records signee has a large fan base and a lot of support! At just his age, this Swedish born composer started his musical career back in 2014 (not too long ago) and is already hitting mega-streams and reaching great heights. He has been in charge of creating Monstercat’s traditional anniversary mixes and mashups, a feat on its own, for the past 3rd and 5th year celebrations of the company’s genesis. He is also an adept guitarist, where he gets most of his riff influences for his tracks.

With his consistent energy, transformative sounds, and rhythmic elements, Didrick blends acoustic, electronic, future bass, pop, and progressive house genres all into one fantastically cohesive melody of epic sonic endeavors.

You can check out the song now up above!

Be sure to follow Didrick on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud and his Official Website! And be sure to check out our interview with the other artists of the Canadian EDM label Monstercat HERE! And DEFINITELY check out Eclypse Records on SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and its Official Site!

YG Titles Macklemore & G-Eazy “Two Biggest White Rappers In The Game”

This is how FDT happened…

YG got down to business and explained how the remix of the single “FDT (F*ck Donald Trump)” was created. During an interview with the publication segment i-D/VICE, the Still Brazy artist got real about his battle cry against the presidential candidate, Donald Trump. All of this would lead to his explanation as to why he claims certain people as some of the biggest rappers in the game.

“It’s like, wake up, America,” he says. “Motherf*ckers are talking about drugs and parties and guns and sh*t. But they gotta know there’s more sh*t going on. We gotta say something, cause if not, it’s like we’re out here standing for nothing, like we ain’t got no morals. That ain’t what it is. That ain’t me.” says the revolutionary. It’s interesting to see and hear so many artists taking on a political side to their music and to their mindsets. YG clearly says this with a lot of emphasis and urgency.


He continues, “as people, we can come together and we can protest, but honestly, that shit probably ain’t going to change. We’ve gotta figure out who’s behind the scenes, who will lead the people, and how we’re going to get to them. Black people are painted as beefing with each other and killing each other, and that’s why I think [police and politicians] think they can get away with so much shit — cause we do fucked up shit to our own kind. So when we come together in protest, that really means something. It’s powerful. But, is that really going to make a difference with what’s going on? I don’t know, and that’s the truth. But it’s a start.”

I couldn’t agree more with the artist. There needs to be a lot more done in order to actually make an impact for change. He goes on to discuss the construction process of the “FDT” remix made by both G-Eazy and Macklemore, stating:

“They’re the two biggest white rappers in the game! I’m like, if I get two of the biggest white rap dudes in the game on this “Fuck Donald Trump” record, that shit is gonna mean something. Before Macklemore was on “Part 2” he said like, “Good shit bro, that shit was needed,” about the first song. So I was like, “Bro, you support Trump?” and he was like “Fuck no!” I’m like, “Well look, I’m doing this remix and I want you to hop on it. It’s actually with G-Eazy.” And he was like, “I got you, send that shit.” That’s just the rap community. Everybody know that’s where this rap shit started from: talking about problems and what’s going on in inner city communities.”


So there you go! That’s how the song came about. A rap community of motivators and believers is all it takes to at least move those of the hip hop scene to see a better world. With big name influencers like these guys, maybe people will agree to not vote for a horrid human being to run our homeland. And to call G-Eazy and Macklemore some of the “biggest” in the game is pretty impressive. They should definitely be honored!
YG is not just the “Don’t Tell ‘Em” rapper, but he is also the activist who does say it like it is, who does tell ’em. He let fans know that there are a”Part 3″ or even a “Part 4” of “FDT” in the works! He also mentioned that he would be working with Drake to complete their music video for their joint-track “Why You Always Hatin?”

And lastly, if you wanted to know more about the rapper and some of his contributions to the societal struggles today, the Compton artist has been taking his advocacy to Twitter where he has trending inspiring posts about the Black Lives Matter movement and trying to support certain local politicians of the Compton area whom he wishes to lead his city. In addition to all of this VICE also let us know that he’s even established a non-profit organization that is completely devoted to helping empower any of the deprived and impoverished youth of Compton’s city streets. Truly a hero, well done, YG.

You can listen to “FDT Part 2” below now!

And check out the rest of his interview here!

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Diplo and Skrillex Remix & Revive Jack Ü’s “Mind” In 6 New Epic Ways

Jack Ü, is that Ü?

The EDM producing super duo is back at it again. Finally, we get more of the unique electro-dance intensity that is the character Jack Ü, birthed by both Diplo and Skrillex.

In the near past, we saw a teaser of the two working on a joint-project with Florence and The Machine. Then Diplo and Skrillex officially made it known that they were joining forces again to create a remix masterpiece. It would be an album completely focused around their single  “Mind,” which featured the light, airy vocals of Kai. In this EP, both men will recreate 6 songs into their own sound. The Bieber Purpose producers will also include the musical talents of Malaa, Oshi, Wiwek, Ekali, Graves, Basecamp and more. Even if you’re not a dance music extraordinaire, we’ll let you know that these guys are some of the best in the business, so this is impressive! The two DJs’ hopes are to bring 6 original, fresh, and unprecedented perspectives to a hit of their past project. They are attempting to revivify and reanimate their own classic. They will also be pulling on board their own personal teams to help with the construction of the record including Diplo’s Mad Decent and Skrillex’s OWSLA. Can anyone say, Squad goals?! You can  now hear the music remixes in the link above.


Both have been insanely busy with other projects, but it is great that they could get back together and use their musical ingenuity to make sonic bliss. Diplo has been back with the Major Lazer team working on their new project Music Is The Mission while also hosting his Mad Decent Party festival. On Skrillex’s end, he has been collaborating with M.I.A. on her new project and with Rick Ross for the Suicide Squad soundtrack theme song “Purple Lamborghini.”

You must be asking, what are we expecting in these remixes? Well, there are some new trop-house, dancehall takes, then there are some Middle Eastern tunes, there are some funk vibes, and then there are more epic, trap sounds and many more styles. There’s no question that these two have an ear for all musical genres and know how to mess around with their soundboards to create perfect harmony.


We’ll leave it up to on how you feel about the novel remixes. What do you think? I never knew there were so many ways to hear this song!

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