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starRo Recreates Little Monarch’s “No Matter What” into a Funky Wonderland


Funk & Vibe

The dazzling indie-pop band Little Monarch just gave their single “No Matter What” a little remix makeover with the electronic stylings of producer starRo. The Tokyo-born artist recently collaborated with the trio to recreate their feel-good track and give it a new kind of energy.  The producer is not just involved with the music scene, but is also engaged in the realms of high art and street culture, food, philosophy, culture, and even has created music for gaming soundtracks. You can hear that kind of thoughtfulness in the work he has put into this song alone. The band consisting of Casey K, Lanita Smith, and Justin Andres add a new flair with this remix of their pop/rock and soul quality.


In this remix, the single is ignited with a new kind of metallic touch, slowed down to a more seductive level, and reborn into an futuristic era. However, at the same time, it’s too difficult to really pin point the generation the song affiliates with as starRo’s touch  on this remix kind of blasts it into every pocket of sound, with high balling synths, smooth vocals, and a funky riff in between.

starRo is also known for being recognized as the Soulection producer, which makes sense why he creates such great sensual material. What’s also great is that he doesn’t do too much to the original track, but only mellows it out more, serving the viral pop track justice to its original sound. Instead, he just elevates how fun it is, and accentuates its rhythm and beat.

The remix is now available on Spotify!


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Izzy Bizu Creates Jazzy Electronic Remix of “White Tiger” with Cat Carpenters

Make way for this tiger

Fierce and full of elegance, this ferocious singer is sure to win your heart. There’s just no two ways about it. Her voice is fun and unique. She reminds you of the 50’s with her angelic and floral “ooo’s”, but brings you back to the 80’s with her pop beats, and then leads you to the 21st century with her modern hooks and electronic trills. Now, Bizu is really blending all worlds together creating a fusion of her own with this remix of her recent single off her 2016 A Moment of Madness album, “White Tiger”.


The remix is composed and produced by the masterful electronic female duo, Cat Carpenters, who really give the track a sudden bounce that will make it a hit in the clubs and on the streets of cement jungles and sodium lit wonderlands. They stay true to its jazzy base, but also add a dose of soul to allow the song to be dance-worthy. With Bizu’s melodic high notes and riffs, the music that Cat Carpenters provide is accentuated and dances along side Bizu’s ever-flowing vocals.

The “White Tiger” remix is hypnotic, trance-like, and beautiful. Every sound transitions sweetly into the next noise that is about to enter the song and infiltrate the soundscape. It’s a fun tune, and it’s the perfect way to end the long summer days.



This stunning girl herself is ray of sunshine musically and is talented in the art of genre fusion. In the past, the 22-year old has had the chance to collaborate with HONNE on their track “Someone Loves You”. This UK it-girl is currently touring the states with Coldplay on a massive run, stopping in cities like NYC, Boston, Chicago and many more, so be sure to check her out when and if you can! You won’t want to miss it!

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Axel Mansoor’s Dreamy Remix of “Wasted My Love” by Sleeping Lion

Sleeping Lion dreams again tonight

and this time, they’re dreaming via Axel Mansoor’s recent release, “Wasted My Love”. With their spellbinding rendition of this track, we envision the song in a whole new dimension.


With Mansoor’s original angelic vocals and ghostly falsettos, his intonations for broken hearts and unproductive time spent on love move and pull hearts in directions all over the place. In the remix, the song is only augmented into a novel electronic genre of its own. From the serene indie-pop waves, we are re-gifted a song with a new filter, layered in action, coated with shadowy, dreamy undertones, and dusted with robotic intonations. In this version of the track, it comes to life, breathing a fiery intensity erupting from the bass, through the synths, and out through the vocals and speakers. The single received recognition and was premiered by Beautiful Buzzz the day of its release.


The song was also remixed by Dulsae, in a more intense, club-like way that also offers a different perspective of and emotion from the track. Listen to that version HERE.


Sleeping Lion PC: Ariff Daniel

“Wasted this love, you wasted my love. Well, I guess it’s time to move on to the next best thing…” sings Mansoor as he enters into a post-apocalyptic whirlwind of his own melody. Imagine a heart-broken by a lover and the original version of the song being the emotions you present on the surface, but when you dig deeper, what’s truly happening inside is this remix– is this chaotic harmony, bursting into sonic orchestral destruction that takes you through the ups and downs of sensations the heart and mind is feeling at this moment.

So, take a step into this wonderland of new sound that Sleeping Lion so masterfully remixes of Axel Mansoor’s best song yet, “Wasted My Love”.

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[Premiere]: Evee Releases Furious Banger “Lone Wolf”



Evee is the next songstress to set a fire to and ignite your soul

If you haven’t found your summer identity song yet, then let this be the one. This female vocalist by the name of Evee will tear through your heart with this fantastic upbeat take on her pop single “Lone Wolf” with producers The Chemistri.

This vibrant roller coaster takes you on a hopeful race of high energy melodies. The song of loneliness and solitude rushes you into a harmonious song that carries you up, up and away to higher emotions. The song is fun, it’s exhilarating, the cover art is ferocious, and the rhythm is well-constructed. Women vocals have taken control of the airwaves these days, and it only makes sense that artists like Evee are thriving. Voices like hers are confident, silky, calming, and forceful! They insert a vibe of joy and when paired with the fast-paced rhythms and metallic undertones of synths, they are able to command the dance floor.

Hudson Yard (Max) DSC05909_ACRT-1.jpg

This is the artist’s electronic remix to her highly acclaimed pop single “Lone Wolf”, which released back in February of this year. The song received wide recognition and was written up by publications such as PopDust, TWIST magazine, and Next2Shine and also found on Spotify playlists like Girl Power, Top Hits 2017, and Starbucks Coffeehouse Pop.

The not your average cat lovin’ pop artist was and is inspired by artists such as Aurora, Sia, The Decemberists, Jessie J, Cruel Youth, and Childish Gambino. This wonder woman has done much in her career at such a young age. She was a classically-trained opera singer who has modeled professionally, and also acted in various theatre shows such as Dante’s Inferno, Ragtime, & Rent.

This pop star began a journey  through the theatrical world and dance, but it wasn’t until recently when she found her voice to be her greatest asset. Now signed to Siri Music Group, the artist has made space for herself in the one of the toughest sectors of the music scene and one that is ever-changing– pop and electronica.

Listen to the song now to rage on through the night!

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KEYON Releases an Amazing Jazzy Remix of Ellie Goulding’s “Outside”

Feeling it on the inside and outside

The producer has really decided to show off his true musical skills in this recent remix he released today for all to hear! KEYON, a young artist from Massachusetts, remixes the renown track originally created by Calvin Harris featuring the stunning vocals of Ellie Goulding, and turns it into a masterpiece of EDM jazz. Using the real, natural voices of his instruments, he captures an authenticity in his electronic music that only some artists, such as Lido, offer. KEYON himself noted that, “I think people could respect that I make all my own samples and sounds”, he continues, “and I’m telling you…jazz is making a revolutionary comeback”.

This artist really makes us appreciate the art of musical theory with his songs, something I think many of us seemed to have forgotten after all of these days of mainstream, artificial tunes blasting through the radio.

When this remix hits 2:15, the conflict rises and the best guitar interference you will ever hear takes you down a path of intense jam-worthy freedom. It’s funny that KEYON chooses to use the raw sound of electric guitars to create the drop rather than the synths and it works so perfectly!

The song ends with a little jazzy piano riff to ease us after the stunning sound storm. The drums help guide you to the beat and march you onward into the depths of the track. The risers are well-developed and the synths similarly riff into waterfalls of sound in a downward formation– pouring into your ear drums.


The artist has a lot in store this summer as he ventures off into the music realms of his simple studio set up, and we are excited to hear what he’s got for us!


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Amy Cohen Remixes Drake’s “Feel No Ways” With Her Own R&B Feels

Feel No Ways, and Yet Feeling All Of the Feels

From Newton, Massachusetts, Amy Cohen, a Boston University undergrad and artist, remixes the beautiful Drake track “Feel No Ways” into a ballad all her own. Utilizing the familiar sounds of synthesized tunes and bubbling beats, this femme fatale recreates the sounds of the OVO star and adds a classic R&B reverb.

She plans to grow her musical library as she continues to add more of her own music, but it all began with the covers and remixes. So in this recently released track, she returns to what she is known best for, the echoes of soul.

This 21-year-old intends to bring the roots of music back with a modern twist. Ever since she was a little girl, music has been the sole inspiration for her passion to create compositions. Cohen claims that “it wasn’t until she began to feel like she was losing herself, however, that she taught herself to play keyboard and really focused on creating – not just performing.” She integrates the classic emotion behind soul and R&B music to offer her listeners the raw and relatable stories interlaced within the harmonies.


Her musical influences include industry giants such as Kanye West and his 808s & Heartbreak as well as Frank Ocean and his project Blonde. Cohen invites her listeners to vibe with her on this journey of euphoria as the tunes & tones take you away through an endless dream. Already, she has received countless words of appraisal for her work in all areas, from songwriting, to composing, to vocalizing. She does is it all– the triple threat.

Cohen explores the realms of contemporary music, in this journey beyond the scope of music, where intimacy meets vulnerability and sophistication meets eroticism. The confidence behind every riff and line demonstrates the power and understanding she has of her talent and further credits her abilities. Even after just releasing this track, she continues to write meticulously and collaborate on projects, and is planning the release of another single very soon. But as you wait, you can find more of her fabrications on her Facebook, SoundCloud, and YouTube pages. Amidst all of this, Cohen continues to keep in consistent, close contact with her fans to let them know that she still remains the spirit behind the sound, and to always show her appreciation for the love and support.


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R&B Artist Jaylien Remixes Song with Sammy Adams & Premieres On Tour


Prepare yourself for the remix of the season!

In an epic fabrication of sonic composition, Los-Angeles based R&B vocalist Jaylien decides to combine his talents with that of Sammy Adams to create a chill and riveting remix titled “Summer’s Over.” When artists unite, they create something that becomes an entirely new song for listeners to experience, and that is exactly what these dynamic individuals did. In their departure from the sunny summer day’s the pair tone down the vibe and turn a melody into a refreshing, mid-tempoed, and grindy-synth-filled tune. This is their farewell to the lively and vibrant summer memories and their dive head first into the autumn chill and serenity of smooth vocals backed up by power that croon to your heart and mind’s content. This single is especially captivating because it carries a soft aura about it, with light vocals and beats, but then it is also revivified and aroused by impactful trap-snares and noises, which accumulate into one consolidated record.


The entirety of this song was produced by Jaylien, himself, and its original form featured on his latest EP release from this past summer as the  leading title track. The reverbs are crisp, the bass is bomb, and the cyclical nature of the verse to chorus transition is sound. Both artists’ tonality energy meld together flawlessly.

In this atmospheric, electro hip-hop rendition of his own music, the artist constructs an entirely new sound. The song grabs you by the heart strings, takes you from your summer daydreams, and seduces you into the calmness of fall leaf-fallen days. You can listen to the song ABOVE!

So aim it at me – when you load up that gun 📸: @clcpr

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In addition to the hype that already came about this re-branding and recreation, Adams & Jaylien joined forces to bring the track to life on stage while on the road for Sammy’s tour The Endless Summer Tour,  which eventually did end sadly, and arrived to its final stop. HOWEVERAdams is not ready to peace out to summer just yet. He plans to head back on tour this weekend along with R&B superstar Nelly. Check out the dates below and get your tickets HERE.

10.6.16 – Moorhead, MN (Fargo, ND)
10.7.16 – Mankato, MN
10.8.16 – Cedar Rapids, IA


No doubt, this new track will be the perfect start and end to your day as you completely zone into your own world and find a happier, calmer state of mind.  Listen to the song ABOVE NOW!

Trap Artist Très Remixes French Singer Brigitte Bardot’s “La Madrague”

“La Madrague” aka Trap.

Tres Mortimer, née Kevin Fronckiel, is a Polish-American DJ/producer, who develops beats routinely as a living. This 2 minute and 14 second creation is something sweet, melodic, soothing, and erotic in that nostalgic, seductive bubble-gum kind of way. With even a sinister air about it, the song carries you through a throwback track as you wander across your daydreams fabricated by your mind. Artists that Très enjoys are digital curators such as Kaytranada, Mura Masa, Louis the Child, Cashmere Cat, Photay, Famous Dex, Young Chop, Nicholas Jaar, and Bonobo.

Why the 23-year old chose to take a vintage record and morph it into a millennial tune is because “he felt the power of her emotional vulnerability,” explains the artist. “She’s sharing innermost thoughts with the world, and that type of bravery is something I find so beautiful and remarkable”.


This internationally shaped & produced single keeps you wound down, chilled out, and dreamy as you go about tiny routine tasks in your everyday life. Think of this Logan Square Recordings rhythm builder as the narrator to your evening get together, your late nights of Netflix and chill, and your early Sunday mornings in the house.

The structure and finesse of the record is strange, yet enticing. It’s fictional in the most bizarre of ways, taking a classic French hymn and transforming it into a trap-ballad. There is an innocent and silent charisma in the melody and the slow tempo adds an aura of indifference and lust that just sets the mood right from the start of the track until its end.


You can listen to this Chicago-based record producer’s song above now!

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Enjoyed what you heard? Officially vibing? Then go vibe some more with Très via his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud, and Official Site. Hopefully, we’ll get the chance to hear more from this artist as he continues to grow & develop his musical skills, arrangements, and archives.