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Logic’s Newest Signee John Lindahl Drops 2 Singles Off Upcoming EP ‘Changes’


Logic adds a new member to the Team Elysium fam, and it’s a talented young artist by the name of John Lindahl!

Lindahl is the newest pop artist to join Logic’s team, and we could not be more ecstatic. His voice is silky and charismatic, and his vibrations will be the next tunes you add to your winter break getaway and summer escapade playlist.


The energy in this superstar’s music is honestly the kind of music we need right now, especially as days & nights feel longer. Lindahl is here to  bring a little life to our days with well-produced dance tunes. The 1 of the 4 signees to the label is now preparing to release his debut EP CHANGES, today! The EP features two of his already released tracks, “Contagious” and “The Feeling” ft. Logic.

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“Contagious” lives up to its reputation. It’s a simple melody with a catchy tune matched to a lovely trop-house vibe. With the same enjoyable sounds of the N’ Sync boys and smoothness of Chris Brown, Lindahl’s voice is a heartthrob in this track that loops around your body and pulls you onto the floor. You can’t help but smile as you hear the song.

In “The Feeling”, we get perfect layers of nostalgia, old school vocals, 80’s vibes, and the striking and emphatic power of Logic’s words. Together the two create this fantastic single that can’t be missed and only further demonstrates their strengths in sound.

Logic had created Team Elysium in hopes of protecting the artists that meant the most to him. (Including artists: Jessica Andrea, Big Lenbo, and Damian L Hudson). He told Billboard on the announcement day that “Elysium was created mainly because I don’t trust anybody else with the precious cargo that is my family… I wanted to create a place where they can feel free and literally do whatever they want because this is so much more than just music.”

Well, now Lindahl gets to prove that himself, that this is more than just the music and that he has what it takes to give us a good feeling about what’s to come for him.

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Diplo Announces Featured Artists on New Major Lazor Album

More people, light it up!

EDM producer/DJ and member of the sensational dance-music trio, Major Lazer, Diplo, announced which artists would appear on the new album for Major Lazer titled Music Is The Weapon.

Following their last album, Peace Is The Mission, this album is intended to drop sometime this summer of August or September. Diplo and his crew have been hard at work in the studio releasing singles left and right with the artists that will appear on their debut. For instance, last week they shared their highly anticipated trop-house single “Cold Water” featuring Justin Bieber and MØ. And a little bit before that they dropped “Lost” with MØ.
We don’t know much about the entire track list but thanks to sources like Ultimate Music, we have a glimpse into the studio production. See the list below for confirmed & recorded tracks:
Cold Water (feat. Justin Bieber & MØ) | Thomas Pentz, Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber, Karen Ørsted Andersen & Benny Blanco

Head Up High (feat. Sia)

I’m a Believer (Major Lazer & Showtek)

Into the Wild (feat. Bonnie McKee)

TBA (feat. Camila Cabello)

TBA (feat. Justin Bieber)

TBA (feat. The Weeknd)

TBA (feat. Usher)

TBA (feat. Travi$ Scott)

Diplo was recently invited on to Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 show to discuss the incredible amount of work the artist has been up to in the past few months, and of course details on this new project with Major Lazer. Artists such as Travi$ Scott, Usher, MØ, and Sia are all expected to appear on their upcoming tracks. “Definitely we have Usher on it. MØ’s back on songs. We have a song with Sam Hunt which is very unusual, but I love him. Travi$ Scott. I don’t even know; I have to go back…Sia is on a couple ideas, but one of the records might be her record. She’s definitely background vocals on a song,” says the American sound producer.
It’s both fair and funny how Diplo isn’t able to say for sure who is on the album and who is just working with them, but that’s only because the DJ is juggling a thousand other projects at once. He just started his Mad Decent Party as well, which should be expected to be a show stopper. He is apologetic but explains why he’s so confused these days because while he’s working on his own material, he is simultaneously working on other artists’ material for them such as Beyoncé with LEMONADE and The Weeknd at Coachella.
We also got a little input on the making of the recent Bieber and MØ release that they just put out, “Cold Water.” Dipole says, “this record has a lot of moving parts. Ed Sheeran helped write the record with us. Benny Blanco. They also had a big hit with Justin last year. It’s like a big family we all do it together. We’re all just people that worked together on the last year and then MØ came in because we love her so much. We just want to put her on as many records on the new Major Lazer album as possible.” He said this with such enthusiasm- it was very sweet.

Major Lazer - Portrait
Major Lazer pose for a portrait during the Notting Hill Carnival in London, United Kingdom on August 27th 2012 // Dan Wilton/Red Bull Content Pool // P-20120828-00099 // Usage for editorial use only // Please go to http://www.redbullcontentpool.com for further information. //

But looks like Diplo isn’t satisfied with what he’s put out yet. He’s looking to be the next summer banger like the track he put out last year with Major Lazer “Lean On.” He admitted, “Drake and Rihanna killed it this year but that record came out a while ago. There hasn’t really been a summer vibe. For me ‘One Dance’ has been the biggest record of the year…it’s the coolest pop record. I felt like, let’s come through and join the squad.” So, now Mr. Mad Decent is ready for the challenge, think he can do it?
It’s incredible what this man has been doing and how is able to form together the most powerful musical squads in history. So we’re all rooting for him to find the sound that he’s searching for both his benefit and our own. Because, I mean, we know that he makes some of the best tunes ever!
You can now listen to the audio to the interview with Lowe below:


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Young Thug Reveals New Songs From His Forthcoming Project ‘Jeffrey’

First, “Memo” and now Young Thug be droppin’ hits like pick up sticks.

Young Thug has been certainly extremely active in the past year. From performing live, to featuring on major songs like Chance the Rapper’s “Mixtape” and Usher’s “No Limit,” showing up in various interviews and releasing his own mixtape Slime Season 3, this artist has been sure to keep his fans engaged.

The Fader: Young Thug

Just last week, the Thugger shared the visual to his single “Memo,” which also featured the recently released-from bail rapper Gucci Mane. But did you think that this hip hop artist was done for the summer? Nah, bruh. This Atlanta-native is just getting started  to load up a whole new project for everyone. For the past week, Thugger has been posting videos on Instagram and Twitter to showcase snippets of new songs that are going to be on this upcoming album entitled Jeffrey. In each post, he raps the tracks in various settings, making it casual for the audience, but definitely adding in the hype of when the anticipated album will drop.

This wasn’t the first time we heard the name of the project though. Earlier last month, Young Thug made an announcement about his to-be solo-studio record, so a lot of us, who heard about this creation, have been patiently waiting for the product. We don’t know the names of any of the songs that he broadcasts via socials, stealthily masking all of them under the caption “JEFFREY,” but from what we are given a glimpse of, they sound like the makings of a dope, well-constructed studio album! (And he shows off a lot of shiny bling, money, and clean feet to go with them.) He let fans know through the captions that the music would be delivered shortly: “‘JEFFERY” THE MIXTAPE OTW…..” But no exact date has been reported. You can see the series of Instagram posts previewing the songs below. What do you think of the music? Do you think the expectations are high, and will be met? Stay tuned.

Further References: Hypetrak

Kid Cudi Joins Pharrell To Work On New Music

Looks like the Man in the Moon, Kid Cudi, and the big singer/songwriter and producer, Pharrell Williams are collaborating on some new material for us. Wonder what they’ve got planned.

Earlier this month, Kid Cudi revealed that he’s planning to release an album this fall even though his summer album for fall Passion, Pain, & Demon Slayin, is still in the works.

Cudi had already hinted to a joint track with the hip hop artist André 3000, but it looks like Mr. Rager has a lot more in store for us than just that. He teased the fans about the fact that he’s also in the studio with another artist via Twitter, and that is Pharrell!



He noted that the two artists are working together on this project and promise that a release date for the first summer album will be revealed very shortly. By the sound and tone of his tweet, it seems like we have a lot to look forward to from this expected, yet unprecedented record. Well, how about dropping it now, Cudi?! In promotion of said album, he plans to drop a few more singles along the way to satisfy your musical needs until the release days.


His most recent album, Speedin Bullet 2 Heaven, debuted at the end of last year, and the interesting thing was that it tanked. Fans were no longer fans of that kind of music that Cudi tried to experiment with. I could also agree that the sound the artist attempted at was messy and not cohesive, and most of all, it was unfamiliar to his sonic-expertise. But I commend the artist for trying, because that is what music is all about. It’s about expression and adjusting and innovating. The ill-favored reactions he received didn’t discourage Cudi from playing the game, and instead only pushed him further. He now is producing two albums simultaneously and working with a lot of big names. He thought his past album release was just misunderstood and that it was too ahead of its time. He has faith that maybe in the later future, people will realize its worth.

Since then, Cudi has shared three new songs including the Mike WiLL Made It-produced “All In,” “The Frequency,” and, just recently, “Goodbye.”

We’re rooting for you, Kid! Show us what you got!

Listen to “Goodbye” below!

Listen to the Unreleased Nirvana Songs From 1993!

Alternative Nation reported that there were two unreleased Nirvana songs dating back to February 15th, of 1993, and a fan, who had bought an old studio session reel off of eBay, was the one to discover rock gold.

The tape he had purchased features seven recordings from Pachyderm Studios in Minnesota. The unreleased songs are “Lullaby” and an untitled song that possibly features Dave Grohl on all of the instrumentals. It seems that the reel was during the workings of their third, and unfortunately, their last album In Utero, which released that September. The man was completely astonished to find the tracks and immediately reported them so that other fans could revel in the glory of Nirvana.


Nirvana was an American rock band formed by the renown singer and guitarist Kurt Cobain and bassist Krist Novoselic in Aberdeen, Washington, in 1987, and then later joined by drummer, Dave Grohl, in 1990. Nevertheless, although they had only three full-length studio albums, Nirvana became one of the most influential rock bands to lead the modern era of music. In 1994, the band dissolved as a result of Cobain’s death, but their music continued to live on.

Their first album, Bleach, and then their biggest breakthrough came from their album Smells Like Teen Spirit. Even after the band had split, Nirvana was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2014.

This band was known for carrying the era of grunge for every angsty teen there was out there in the 90’s. With their smooth guitar riffs, yet thrashing vocals, the music was the epitome of society at the time. Leather or denim jackets, Converse kicks and long-hair, and the stink of indifference, there was no doubt that Nirvana’s music served as the anthem to stoicism back then.

You can listen to the unreleased songs here below: