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Axel Mansoor’s Dreamy Remix of “Wasted My Love” by Sleeping Lion

Sleeping Lion dreams again tonight

and this time, they’re dreaming via Axel Mansoor’s recent release, “Wasted My Love”. With their spellbinding rendition of this track, we envision the song in a whole new dimension.


With Mansoor’s original angelic vocals and ghostly falsettos, his intonations for broken hearts and unproductive time spent on love move and pull hearts in directions all over the place. In the remix, the song is only augmented into a novel electronic genre of its own. From the serene indie-pop waves, we are re-gifted a song with a new filter, layered in action, coated with shadowy, dreamy undertones, and dusted with robotic intonations. In this version of the track, it comes to life, breathing a fiery intensity erupting from the bass, through the synths, and out through the vocals and speakers. The single received recognition and was premiered by Beautiful Buzzz the day of its release.


The song was also remixed by Dulsae, in a more intense, club-like way that also offers a different perspective of and emotion from the track. Listen to that version HERE.


Sleeping Lion PC: Ariff Daniel

“Wasted this love, you wasted my love. Well, I guess it’s time to move on to the next best thing…” sings Mansoor as he enters into a post-apocalyptic whirlwind of his own melody. Imagine a heart-broken by a lover and the original version of the song being the emotions you present on the surface, but when you dig deeper, what’s truly happening inside is this remix– is this chaotic harmony, bursting into sonic orchestral destruction that takes you through the ups and downs of sensations the heart and mind is feeling at this moment.

So, take a step into this wonderland of new sound that Sleeping Lion so masterfully remixes of Axel Mansoor’s best song yet, “Wasted My Love”.

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Sleeping Lion Suspends You With Dreamy New Track “Stop It”

When you’re between sleep and awake, this is the song of dreamy purgatory that will lull you away …

This is Sleeping Lion, if you haven’t heard of them yet, then you should keep them on your radar now, because they’re about to find your playlists and fill the airwaves with their electro-soul vibe sounds.

The Boston-born band consists of Nate Flaks and Noah Longworth McGuire who sing and produce the music together in perfect bolstering harmony. Honestly, it is incredible to find the artistry and intricate tonality held behind each note in their music. The two proudly release their latest single “Stop It”, as a hypnotic and trance-like track.

PC: Ariff Danial

This indie-pop, mood-music duo, Sleeping Lion, divulge this stunning lullaby to enchant you into various states of consciousness. You can listen to the full track above!

This is a song of blissful contradictions: the song that alleviates the hurt, the voice that leads you into the dark, a melody that finds the fullest in the empty, and a composition that creates the blurs from the experiences of fading. It’s a record of joy and melancholia.



“Stop It” assuages the left behind scars on shattered hearts and emits a kind of silver lining. Picture yourself walking amidst the bright lights in a big city as your interlude and outro. This is the song of the lion taking a hiatus from the hunt, allowing sweet electronic vibes to caress ears with warped whispers and eerie echoes of the cement jungle.

The song also features the silky, ghost-like vocals of a songstress, who croons her way through the synths and break-down beats. As the bass line hums a soft-spoken tune, the vocalists & producers join forces to allay the listeners with breathy words and whimsical vibrations.

The boys have already reached success with this new track, recognized by publications such as BeautifulBuzzz, TrueMusicNetwork, ThisSongIsSick, Sound of Boston, Going Solo, and more, as well as finding their way to the notable Spotify-curated playlist “Chill Vibes” and featured by channels like Majestic Casual.

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 9.59.26 PM

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