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Interview with Tove Styrke: Been There, Done That, Killin’ It

Been There, Done That, Killin’ It

One of the kindest souls I have ever had the honor of speaking to, Tove Styrke is on an amazing rocket ride that’s headed straight for the stars. Her music has always been so good, and I find myself saving the tracks every time she releases something new. As over-exaggerated as that sounds, it’s only the truth. Styrke has had a great story leading her through her musical career, and it only continues.

The Swedish-born artist Tove Styrke has been hard at work as she just released her new album Sway back in May of 2018. An incredible album that was! From start to finish, every pop song perfectly aligns with one another while still remaining individualized. I always find myself dancing to her music and quite literally swaying to the melody and beat. Listen to the album below:

The artist has just kicked off her fall 2018 North American headline tour, starting in Toronto! In the past, the songstress had a chance to tour with Lorde and Katy Perry. As you can see, she’s paving her path well for prosperous future in the industry.

Below is the tour list of where she’s headed this fall–be sure to catch her in your city!:

The artist will also be headed to Boston, performing at the wonderful Cafe 939 venue on October 5th! You can grab tickets HERE.

Styrke got her official start in music when she performed for Swedish idol and received her first record deal from there. “I was 16 at the time, I was just a little baby. Since then, I’ve just been working and really taking my time figuring out what I really wanted to do and this past year has just been amazing… I just put out my 3rd album this year!” You could hear the excitement and pride in her voice and most of all the astonishment. “I’m just in a good place and everything leading up to right now, everythinghas been perfect timing…I couldn’t be happier where I am.” Though we were speaking over the phone, I could tell she was smiling, thinking about the amazing accomplishments she has managed to achieve in her musical career. All rightfully so and well deserved.

I went on to ask the songstress what her favorite song she has ever written is, and I was answered with a shriek. She had such a difficult time picking a track, it was so funny. “It changes every time I like so many of them…”I Lied” is much fun to perform, and I love “Sway”— it’s the title track of the album. It’s like the anthem of the album, like a feeling fest. And “Say My Name,” I’m very proud of that one.”

Styrke recently released an awesome track with the electronic producer duo, NOTD, titled “Been There, Done That.” I touched a little on that track and how it came to fruition between the three of them and what inspired it I the first place. “I have been in contact with Toby and Sam for a while. I really think they make such great things.” She starts to change her voice into more of a cute, older sister-tone, squealing “they’re like my little baby they’re so cute and so talented and we’ve been meaning to work on this song for so long.” When they did finally send her the song, she was instantly in love, and had to be a part of it. “I usually write everything I put out, so it was unusual to sing something I didn’t make, but there was something about it that was sucha good fit.” She further confesses how happy she was that they picked her to be the vocals on the track as it was exactly the kind of music she loved to produce. A melancholy vibe with an upbeat tune. You could tell her gratitude is real.

(You can hear the new song HERE)

“Every song needs to be fun, some aspect of it needs to be fun.” This is how Stryke defined how her music should sound to her fans. They should know that the core of her music “comes from some place real. It’s not just perfect, classic, bubble gum love. I want the music to be relatable and feel like something that you actually go through in life.” She admits this with such emphasis and generosity.

We got to finally discussing the tour. She begins to say “I am screaming I am so excited! I have been opening up for amazing people on tour with Katy Perry and Lorde. It’s so unreal and amazing. It feels great to come back now and do my own show and bring my whole album to the stage and translate this whole world this whole vibe to the stage. I’m also excited about my support act Aura. She’s so cute and so amazing.”

When it came to asking Styrke what her favorite part of being an artist is, she knew her answer. “I can do so many amazing things, and get to try to experience so many new amazing and exciting things.
And I get to take it easy and geek out in the studio and sit back and think. I can always broaden what my work involves because I’m self-employed! If I want to focus on merch I can do that…” she goes off to continue describe how she can work on a tour, or work on an album artwork, or work on a new project/song, and so on, and how amazing it is to truly be in a creative domain where you can be many roles, and not just one.

I was so curious to know from this ray of sunshine what fun fact we didn’t currently know about her, and she revealed this: “I think fans might not know that I’m kind of an introvert. I really reallyneed time to myself and reload and think I really need time to process everything I go through. If I don’t take that time I am miserable.” I think that’s something that a lot of people could definitely understand. However, when she gets on that stage and sings, you can tell that she is there for the crowd and that she’s willing to share with everyone her music.

I proceeded to ask, “who is someone you would love to collaborate with?”  She thinks for a moment and then replies “Rihanna. I think she’s the coolest person on the planet.”

So, what is this superstar On The Verge of? Styrke replies with a enthusiastic voice, “World domination!” We laugh together and sign off.

It was one of my greatest pleasures to chat with this incredible human and amazing singer/songwriter, and my excitement can’t be contained for her future endeavors. Thank you, girl, for taking the time to chat with me, and please keep shining on!

Be sure to follow her on socials to see where she’s headed next!

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[Interview]: HG Locks a Rising Hip Hop Artist On Tour With Fetty Wap


A Brand New Wave

HG Locks from The Bronx, New York never knew that his life would take a turn from better to best in just a matter of one incident. The now 24 year-old had an aspiration to make it into the NBA. However, after an injury that forced him away from that dream, he was left to find a new career path and new dream. That’s when the music kicked in. (Which you can get a taste of above!)

Locks who now has over 52, 963  monthly listeners and 1,625,001 million plays on Spotify, is a force to reckon with. He clearly found his newfound passion and did it well. Eventually, all of his recording and talk in town brought him and his team closer to the 138 Zoo Gang and to the famed hip hop artist Fetty Wap.


I had a chance to chat with extremely humble man about the musical process, the tour, and who HG Locks is. He began to tell me how the “Hip Hop Game” for him started 5 years ago, when he was only 19-years old.

He began rapping after the injury and found that he was receiving a lot of positive responses about his music from his friends and the people who surrounded him.  “That got me thinkin’ that I could do this for real”, exclaims the artist.

Locks goes on to explain his experiences and lessons from being in the industry these days: “That’s one thing about this industry, there are no handouts. You’re still vibin’, you’ve still got a ways to go, but for sure there’s no handouts, because everything you see is through hard work and building from the ground up.”

Locks knows that in order to also make it in the sea of ever-evolving and over-saturated market, it’s important to work hard and put everything you have into the work you produce. In order to elaborate on how his music-writing process plays out he draws out an analogy to Planet of the Apes and says, “When I get in season mode, I get in ape mode, there’s no game time! When I get in season mode, it’s like let him  do his thing. My emotions are running, there’s a lot going on… I’m in my zone.”


I asked what his new single “Brand New Wave” meant to him, and how the whole tour as a whole came about.  “‘Brand New Wave’ is about things that I want to do, I really want to enjoy, I want people get to see a whole different side of me” Locks responds. He then addresses his team, thankfully saying a shout out to his producer who got him connected to the collaborators as they fiddled around with the sounds. Locks explains to me with such enthusiasm and blissful pride how the song all just flowed from there, that moment in the studio.

He also filled me in that if he could collaborate with anyone at the moment, it would be Meek Mill. “When he speaks, people listen”, he professes. The artist lists out a few of his favorite artists including, Fifty Cent, Biggy, and Ja Rule (as well as others).

Locks is funny, he’s charming, and most importantly, he really is passionate about his craft. Now on tour as the opener for Fetty Wap, Locks has been growing his fanbase even more and expanding his listeners in farther places. “The tour life has been amazing. It’s a blessing first of all. First off, shout out to my brother Fetty Wap, shoutout to my team, and the production team. I’m so grateful for the opportunity. They show love, and I so appreciate it. But by far, the most fun part about these things is interacting with the crowd and fans, like I love that. I’m the type of artist, I’m going down there, I’m there in the crowd with you, I’m going to jump up with you. I’m not too cool to go down there and turn things up. Seeing they love it, the energy, it’s crazy.”

Behind the scenes, the lyricist details what is most important in preparation of a show: “I just try to relax, there are so many things going on before the show. You’ll be running around doing a million things. That’s the main thing, to stay relaxed, to stay calm, because when you hit that stage, even though it’s the time you go out there, you’re supposed to have fun. If you’re not having fun with it, that’s when things get all messed up and you’re not feeling it. Even though it’s your job, the number one goal is to have fun. Enjoy yourself, turn up, and that’s just how I feel. Everything else is a breeze.”

“Understanding the art and respecting. You have to respect everybody down to the production team. There are people that you have to pay homage to, even though they might not be in the spotlight all the time. I feel like people a lot of times get caught up in themselves they forget about people who do the little things. And the little things are things that will always count.”

“You don’t need yes men around you, you want people who will be honest with you, who will tell you you can do this better. because honesty is what will make you better”

They know that i can do better, and

Outside of music, Locks of course express his love for sports, more specifically basketball. “I’m a big sports man”, he says gleefully and proudly. He follows that with how the Chicago Bulls is his gavotte team, and then laughs admitting how he gets a lot of heat from people in New York for that.

So what’s this artist on the verge of? A whole bunch of new music videos and multiple projects, both solo projects and a few collaborative ones.

“Load it up and get it ready to go!”, Locks says forcefully and excitedly, ready to share his next wave.

Check out his socials to see what HG Locks is up to next!




MØ Releases Her New EP ‘When I Was Young’ and on Tours with Cashmere Cat

Linking with you

There’s no need to intro this songstress. You’ve heard her before when she ruled the waves with her voices in “Lean On Me” with DJ Snake and Major Lazer; “Cold Water” with Justin Bieber and Major Lazer; and her very own “Final Song”. She has been a smashing success  when it comes to the power vocalists of the female spectrum. So there’s no doubt that Karen Marie Ørsted, most commonly known as MØ, is only going continue to savagely crush the music industry with her music. Leading a generation of strong, badass women singers, MØ finally released her first multi-track release in three years!


This Danish-born singer has brought us her latest EP When I Was Young. This project is a series of more upbeat tunes of adolescence and Generation Y attributes, with candid remarks and pure, authentic emotion. The moody project is well constructed and orchestrated towards the messages the artist is trying to delineate.

MØ had a chance to announce her project on Beats 1, thus revealing the names of the 6-track EP. MØ has told press that, “Making the EP has been such a nice flashback experience because I forgot about the little things; how you put the songs together, the lyrics, the song titles and the artwork,” she explains. “Just being in the bubble of that energy is so fucking awesome. It’s so amazing to be able to create a universe.” With enthusiasm, MØ explains the love of the writing and producing process she had left behind for some time. With the ethereal symbolism of roses as the main motif of the compilation, we get  to follow MØ down her magical rabbit hole to impressive, vivid, and feel-good productions.


So, where has MØ been all of this time? She has spent it recording with some big names in the industry as a desirable voice. These collaborations include Justin Bieber, Bleachers, Iggy Azalea, Elliphant, Charli XCX, Diplo, Cheat Codes, Cashmere Cat, and more.


All of this work of course was not wasteful as some, if not most, of these songs became major hits! However, MØ fans are absolutely excited to see that she is back on the scene with her original content, as well as is hitting the road now (with Cashmere Cat for the MEØW Tour) with these new tunes in hand and ready to share.

The tour dates can be seen in the image below!


Check her out now on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Spotify.

[Exclusive]: Getting To Know The Band Nightly One-On-One

Somewhere between borders

Though on the road, I had the chance to catch up with the alternative/pop sensation from Nashville, Tennessee, Nightly. Nightly is made up of cousins Jonathan Capeci and Joey Beretta, and the two of them have been making this music career a success. Formerly known as Dinner And A Suit, the band didn’t begin this fantastic Nightly journey until they met some of their other bandmates and signed to Interscope Records. Soon after the decision, they released what would become their debut EP, Honest, in 2016. The project included 4 of their best songs “XO”, “No Vacancy”, “Honest”, and “Talk to Me”.

Check out the music video for “XO” below:

Their hit single, “XO”, is what got them noticed by publications and sites, with over 6 million streams on Spotify. The band has attracted the heart and minds of many with their melodic lullabies and have labeled themselves a dreamy and hauntingly loving band to look out for as they continue to explore the music scene. The band had the chance to tour extensively at the end of 2016 to the beginning of 2017, serving as the opening act for shows like Ke$ha, The All-American Rejects, Zella Day, and K.Flay! As if their resume was not thorough enough the band featured at the We Found New Music showcase at SXSW and after this sprung their headlining tour come April of 2017.

So, if I haven’t convinced you how talented this band is, how incredible they are, and how worthy of your listening time they are, then check out their music at the end of this article,  because I’m sure your mind will change. Their music is intoxicating in the most euphoric way as it takes you on a ride on nostalgia express. With a kind of musical patience, the duo and their band are able to recreate this string of storytelling that dances perfectly to the sonic productions we hear.


Their music reminds you of The Neighborhood meets The Mowglis, utilizing both dark and light tones and meanings and also heartbreaking and hopeful motifs. The satin-like-angsty vocals put against the smoky, fragmented, 80’s vibes echo against each other in whatever space and medium you are listening to it in or on.

Capeci is the singer and Beretta is the guitarist, and as mentioned before, the two are cousins. “We grew up just outside of Philadelphia, we always wanted to be in a band together since we were 12 years old. But we didn’t do it until later”, remarks Capeci. The two  have been in a few bands before the genesis of Nightly, and only until a year and a half ago from now, did the two actually found this stunning success collective.

“It was nothing that we ever expected, you know, like we’re still on the tour, and have been on this tour to cities we have never been to, and it’s always, without fail, people that show up and know the songs,” Capeci explains as his exasperation with how incredible the process of this journey has been for him and Beretta.

“It’s just a cool, crazy feeling to have people know your music in these places we’ve never been.”


The band hasn’t had the chance to put out any new material since they have been on the road for sometime now and it causes the writing and recording process to be very chopped up, but Capeci explains to me how they never want to go out for too long without putting out new music for their fans. To them, it’s already been longer than they would like, and so it’s time to start getting back to the studio, and bringing to us some fresh new sounds.

He mentioned how there were 8-10 songs they had actually formally written, but how only 4 made the cut for their recent EP, and so I asked what was his favorite track off the project, to which he replied, “I think I like “Honest”, which is probably like, I don’t know, I don’t wanna say the least popular, but like people would usually say “XO” or “No Vacancy”, I don’t know. I just like the way that it makes me feel when I sing it, I think it’s like the most different from the other 3.”

I mention how it’s also my favorite song, because it’s somewhat of a darker incantation than the others, and it makes it seem more mysterious amongst the other upbeat tunes. He agreed, saying “ya, I think that’s why I like it too, like the beat, it feels good to sing.”

He also gave hints as to how much work the band put into their live performances, and how it’s probably their most important and favorite aspect of being an artist. “That’s the most amazing part, I think, of the whole thing, is being able to perform live, it’s definitely a good chemistry between the two of us and the rest of the band as well, and something that like, even now we just wrapped up the tour and we’re like already talking about what things we want to change for the next one and make better, so that’s kind of the fun of it, it will always be evolving a little bit.”

With so many acts out there, I was curious to know what the songster would find to be the most beneficial aspect of being in a band, rather than going solo. “I think the idea of being a solo artist is better than the appeal to me. Out here doing it by yourself”, he takes a moment to envision that and then continues, “and I know some people like that, but I wouldn’t want to be. I mean I get to be out here with my best friend. Joe is my best friend, so I can’t imagine experiencing all these things by myself or with guys that I just hired or something like that. So, that’s probably the best part I think.”

With thoughtfulness in his voice, Capeci answers what him and Beretta would want to do that they haven’t done yet; “I think playing shows in other continents would be nice, that’s something for sure that we would love to try.”

How would Capeci’s most ideal chill-day play out? It would start by getting up and walking his dog in the park and then going golfing with his friends.

Like any artist experience, there are highs and there are lows. “We’ve had several experiences that we’ve been to cities that we’ve never been to before. I remember on the last tour we went to Columbus, Ohio, and honestly, we were headlinging and we didn’t know if any body was going to show up, but there were kids lined up, and they knew every word to all the songs and they were screaming at the top of their lungs! That was honestly the craziest feeling, because there could have been 5 people there, and that would have been totally reasonable based on the  fact that we had never been there before, but it just, they made us feel like the thing expanded a little. That was just a cool feeling. We’re lucky to have had a few shows like that before, so I think that’s my favorite moment so far.” That intense sensation of feeling when you know that others are aware of your work, and enjoy your art and share it with you, that would be the ultimate feeling of self-recognition and self-assertion, and these guys have done just that with their undoubtedly passionate and beautiful music.

Their music in and of itself is already a multitude of sounds and genres, and you can hear the influences in bits and pieces of their unique sound. “I really like the killers, U2, coldplay. I really like bands. Those are my top 3”, claims Capeci.

So, as a pair, I had to ask Capeci what one word he would use to describe his partner Beretta; “I’d say this will sound kind of corny, but he’s one of the funniest dudes that you’ll talk to, and he’s also one of the most loyal dudes. Like he’ll take a bullet for his homies, he’s just super loyal and he’s super funny, like he’s always the one making the band laugh.”

So, as we mentioned above was one of the highs of being a band, Capeci also delved into what some of the lows are. “I think one of the challenges is like learning to enjoy where you are right now, ’cause you’re always looking towards the next thing in the future, like the next tour or the next single or the next whatever and trying to just like take that in. You know, you’re playing at a club with 250 people and then you’re thinking about playing at the club that has 500 or 1000 and so forth, and it’s just like trying to focus on enjoying the fact that you’re playing for 250 people, you know what I mean? It’s a tough balance, I think there’s a lot of people that don’t enjoy where they are and always are looking ahead too much that they are never going to arrive somewhere or are satisfied, so that’s probably the hardest part.” Capeci also spoke on behalf of his counterpart, and how difficult it has been to balance work and life at times.

This led us to segue to how even with all the hardships, what are they most excited for and what should we be expecting to come from our favorite duo Nightly? “We’re constantly evolving. I think that’s one thing about us. We’re very critical of ourselves in every aspect just because we grew up listening to bands that meant a lot to us and going to shows and that’s what we wanted to do. So, we take the responsibility seriously that if somebody paid to be in the room, we are putting the best show on. We’re going to be playing songs that haven’t been heard before, we have a whole new set, those are a few things to expect.”

So with much anticipation, we wait to hear the compositions that Nightly will bring us in the coming year, and hope to be serenaded by their illustrious creations soon! So stay tuned, and…

Be sure to check out the upcoming tour dates below:

OCT 12
 Austin, TX, USA
 Stubb's Indoors

OCT 13
 Austin, TX, USA
 Austin City Limits

OCT 31
 Louisville, KY, USA
 Mercury Ballroom

 Columbus, OH, USA
 Express Live! Indoor Pavilion

 Millvale, PA, USA
 Mr. Smalls Theatre

 Indianapolis, IN, USA
 The Vogue Theatre


AND follow the band on Spotify, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and their Website.


Indie Electro-Pop/Rock Duo FRENSHIP Hits the Road this Fall

The fun in fall

The boys of the electronic duo FRENSHIP are hitting the road this season and are bringing their indie pop/rock with them.


For those of you who may have forgotten, these are the guys who brought you the sensational track “Capsize (feat. Emily Warren)”, which has almost 400 million streams on Spotify! The LA – based duo is now here to set the scene for the fall season with their hypnotically happy music, and they’re stopping at our home base here in Boston TODAY! September 17th, Cambridge, at The Middle East Upstairs, FRENSHIP will be performing their highly acclaimed EP Truce.

The 5-track project included, “Carpet”, “Capsize”, “Run Wild”, “1000 Nights”, and “Kids (acoustic)”. All of the music, in its entirety, comes across as a vibrant, soulful awakening that keeps you moving day in and day out. In fact, the project truly sounds like an escape. Which is exactly what people need in the chaos of getting back into the swing of things, from school to work to anything life throws at us. FRENSHIP’s carefree and addict music has this power to command us to roll with the punches and be happy. It’s the live in the moment kind of vibe that we all need!


The Platinum-selling duo are prepared to share their music with the world and are even more excited to begin releasing some  new material that they have been working on in the studio and recoding since the release of their EP.

So, get excited for this tour, be sure to see if they’re coming to a place near you, and don’t miss out on an amazing, epic experience of electronic indie-pop/rock proportion.

Tour Dates Below:

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 10.21.31 AM.png

You can find their EP Truce available everywhere now! Also, follow FRENSHIP on social media to keep updated with the band: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Website, Spotify, 

Allowed to Dream: Exclusive with LÉON [Cover Story 2017]

Something made of dreams…

… is what people tend to relate this stunning songstress’s music to. I had the chance to ask the influential contemporary pop singer/songwriter LÉON about her music and herself to give a face to the music. Who is this vibrant voice behind the music? Her name is Lotta Lindgren,  who was born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden.

The vocalist is best known for her melodic voice that also contains a hint of melancholy, though she sings these upbeat and bright songs. Her hit single “Tired of Talking” from her debut EP of 2015 Treasure, has hit over 53 million streams on Spotify only demonstrating that though she is a small act, she makes a large impact on the listener.

She recently released a new single titled “Body“, which is a 60’s pop-esque song about living forever young and questioning love.

How the artist got engaged with music to begin with was from her already heavily-music involved family who were all musicians. “…so it was pretty natural to me to start playing instruments and sing very early on”, says the pop star. “I just never thought of doing anything else than do music, so I always attended schools where I could meet other people who wanted to be creative too.”


The creative herself has big dreams, and those dreams take her to hoping to one day perform at Madison Square Garden- a truly magical experience for any artist.

I wanted to learn more about the artist and so I decided, with songs as passionate and moving as hers, what would possibly be the most relatable song she has written in her career? “At the moment, I’d say it’s the next song I’m releasing. It’s called ‘I Believe in Us’ and is about something I went through very recently.” A very exciting confirmation from the LÉON herself that good things are to come.

If there was anyway to describe the sound of this talented young artist, it would be that she calls to mind the voice of the legendary  Stevie Nicks. It’s almost as if she re-incarnates her sound and brings it new life and meaning in our day and age. The indie-soul-pop composer is able to portray her deepest and most personal thoughts in her writing, making the music something worthwhile to the beholder of the song.

LÉON went on to tell me how her most favorite part of her musical journey has been touring and how it’s the moments she gets to meet the people who listen to her music, “and that’s when all the songs really come to life. And I get to travel with friends and see places I’ve never seen before.” However, the best part are seeing her fans, singing new music, and going to new places.


On tour with her is her opener, the wonderful indie-pop artist Wrabel. “Wrabel is incredible. I got butterflies in my stomach when I found out that he’d join me on this tour. We wrote one of my songs together, “Surround Me”, and hit it off in the studio. His energy is so positive, I’m very lucky to have him on this tour.”

Speaking of traveling on tour, the artist being from Stockholm, Sweden, was an intriguing factor to see what her take on its music scene is like. Most especially because so many great artists come from there! “There are so many amazing songwriters, producers and artists over here. It’s a big community of us, but in a very small country. Everybody knows about each other and there’s  lot of creativity going on here which is really inspiring”, she explains.

If she could collaborate with anyone, who would it be? She admits, “there are so many I’d love to work with. Daft Punk would have been incredible, I grew up listening to them. Sing a duet with Adele? Haha I’m allowed to dream!”

LÉON will be hitting Boston, MA as one of her tour date stops and will be performing at the Paradise Rock Club on October 25th! The last time I had seen her live was The Sinclair in Cambridge, MA and the show had blown my mind and carried my heart. “Boston is one of those shows I’ll always remember. The crowd was crazy and so fun to sing with, and this lady was standing on the balcony doing weird things during the entire show…. But I’m planning to see a little more of Boston when I go there this time.”

The artist is extremely rooted to her fans. I had noticed that the star has a Tumblr account that engages a lot of her fans, and so I wanted to know more about that and what drew her to the platform. “I have a strange relationship with social media. I’m not a huge fan of how exploited people are today. When it comes to Tumblr I’m still not really 100% sure of how it works haha, but I like that you can post photos and share music and quotes that you love.”


The Columbia Records signee would consider her music to be the color “red” and her life mantra would go along the lines of trying to “be present.”  She is trying to live the music life she loves and has built for herself and turn it into a life lesson to “take in certain moments in life, and not just quickly let them pass me by.”

Now, if our girl wonder was given a chance to make her own dream day and live it up in the present moment as she so wishes, she said she would be most likely “Snorkling in Thailand or somewhere in the Caribbean and float around in the water. Get a sun tan, drink beer on a beach. Totally carefree!” Sounds heavenly.

So what’s to expect from LÉON? “More music.” The artist has been hard at work all year long in the studio and music and is excited to share what is to come.

“Very excited to release my next single, and hopefully you’ll like it a much as I do!”

Be sure to see her while she’s on tour, you won’t regret it! Tour Dates Below:

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 1.57.31 AM.pngScreen Shot 2017-09-14 at 1.57.24 AM.pngScreen Shot 2017-09-14 at 1.57.13 AM.pngScreen Shot 2017-09-14 at 1.57.04 AM.png

Follow LÉON on social media to keep up with her musical journey:
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Waffles & The Good Nights Tour: Exclusive with Whethan [Cover Story 2017]


Good Nights and Lots of Waffles for this Tour

Beginning his music career at the age of 16, The young DJ has collaborated with many artists such as Elohim, Ashe, MAX, Flux Pavilion, Mascolo, Charli XCX, and more!

Ethan Snoreck, also known as his moniker Whethan, has become one of the most talked about electronic producers today, hitting the New Music Friday ranks a few times already with some of his recent releases, and really making some great tracks that last in your mind and heart with their eccentric and satisfying vibe .


Whethan hails from a suburb just outside Chicago, IL called “Orland Park”, where he would listen to artists like Skrillex, who seemed to have a sound completely of their own that he never witnessed before. As a result, that then inspired him to try and make his own music and his own sound.

“Music is a weird thing, kinda other worldy, and most of the time, I feel like I have no idea how I got into it, feels like it just chose me. Been obsessed ever since” says the two-time ranking New Music Friday champion.

The artist is now on his big Good Nights headlining tour around the states! He’ll be making a stop with us in Boston, MA on October 27th at the reputable venue, The Sinclair (Cambridge), and we’re excited to see what experiences he’ll bring to the city with his music. Excited by the energy his fans have been emitting thus far, he lets us in on some of the things to look forward to on the tour. “I’m the most amped for this tour. Super excited to put on the show and create the world I want on this tour. The visuals and the music will hopefully put you into the world I’m creating through the music. The fans should expect all my music with a ton of other super hype moments and a lot of new music as well.”


As you can see in the tour video above, his description is not wrong. The screaming fans, the lights, the moody visuals, and the smiles take over the aura of the venues he plays for, igniting the night and controlling the dance floor.

The artist who has been known for defining his own craft explains how his favorite vibes come most from the alternative and more unexpected sounds that give off a familiar experience while also offering a catchy and novel encounter for the listener. “Definitely love to work on whatever the vibe of that session/day is.” His signature move is  adding a synth-filled drop to a clear and mellow track with an upbeat tune.

The song that made a ruckus for the young artist, making it on the New Music Friday playlist first, was his single “Good Nights”. “‘Good Nights’ was inspired by the idea of wanting to just let everything go and having a great time. Not worry about what will happen later but just enjoy the moment and find time to make these moments.”

The 17-year old’s second single to make the list however, “‘Sleepy Eyes’” on the other hand, while they both are uplifting songs, is more about the love and feeling that someone has for their partner. It’s a dreamy single that pleases both my fanbase and Elohim’s fanbase respectively.”


Now, I had to get into the nitty gritty about Whethan himself, or I guess Ethan in this situation, so why not? I asked…

“My favorite food like most of my fans will know is waffles. Eat them probably every day or at least 5 times a week.” It’s true. Take a look at the young man’s cover image of himself on Spotify. He really loves his waffles and breakfast foods. He also admitted that his diet is a bit strange and that he’s a picky eater, eating more so waffles, chicken tenders, and burgers, on a usual basis. When I asked him who was an artist that he thinks his fans would not expect him to be listening to, he replied, “Someone I listen to who people might not think of me listening to is Mac Demarco. I’m a huge Mac fan and really love all the albums he’s put out. We have very different styles but I love finding influence in all styles.” It is a very strange and yet understandable connection for the artist to be fond of Demarco because both have that feel-good factor in their music.


So how does the young curator of joyful, electronic, indie-pop dance music get prepared for shows like these? “It’s funny with me I have so many power songs that depends on the moment. I’m always onto the next thing. It’s so hard for me to pick one song. My tour manager has a song that always pumps him up in times of stress and that song is Sade – Smooth Operator. He puts it on and it always soothes the vibe.”

So, now that you know the talented producer a little bit more, go take a chance and dance into his wonderland of exhilarating music while he’s still touring! Touring dates are below!



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Electro-R&B/Soul Soloist R. LUM. R. Announces Forthcoming Debut “AfterImage”

The Wizard of Electro-R&B/Soul, R.LUM.R, is announcing not only his forthcoming EP “AfterImage”, but is also prepping for his tour this summer!

R.LUM.R is a Florida-native, and unlike many artists today, he genuinely has a background in music that gives him a stronger understanding of musical creation. He is well-versed in old school R&B and jazz, growing up in a household that listened to and appreciated the stylings of Sade, George Benson, and more. With breathy yet silky vocals and impactful falsettos strung through intricate lines of synths and beats, we get what is R.LUM.R’s circus of beautiful sounds.

However, though this author of sound describes his music as “R&B/Singer-Songwriter/Soul/ Electronic”, he still does “not want to limit myself”.  The range of genres that this artist is able to tackle is extraordinary.  He’s a classically trained acoustic guitarist, was inspired by anime like Cowboy Bebop and Fullmetal Alchemist, and even studied Japanese as a second language at Florida State University. If this was not eclectic enough, his musical interests also spanned from listening to Pink Floyd, to Prince, to Debussy, to Massive Attack, and so much more.

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NPR Music has pegged him as “a fast-rising, pop-friendly R&B singer whose falsetto is no joke,” and The New York Times chose him for “The Playlist,” and let’s not forget how this young man was the CoverBoy on Spotify’s “Alt R&B” playlist for 6 months!!  If that’s not enough praise as is, R.LUM.R’s hit single, “Frustrated,” has accumulated more than than 15 million Spotify streams and counting!

So, it only makes sense that with such love for his music comes excitement for his debut EP, AFTERIMAGE, which is set for release on August 11th, this summer, via PRMD.

A poet, a songwriter, a curator of melodies, and a beholder of emotions, R.LUM.R is honestly one of the most talented artists in today’s music hemisphere, and should not be overlooked.

The solo act is also honored and excited to be going on tour this summer, starting in Utah on June 23rd, at the performing at the Bonanza Campout Festival working his way through the states until concluding the road trip with his final performance at the Austin City Limits Festival!

He’s been recognized as the Vevo DSCVR Artist and as the Top 3 Most Added at Urban AC Radio. As part of Vevo’s DSCVR program, he will be one of many upcoming artists that will have the opportunity to create unique content and material at an early stage of his professional career in order to gain awareness and buzz from his fans.

Overall, everyone should be excited for what R.LUM.R has in store for us and for where he is going on his rhythmic journey because his music is enchanting, hypnotic, and breathtaking.

Want to hear more of his music? Listen below!

Below is a list of R.LUM.R’s tour destinations! So be sure not to miss out on seeing this talented, soulful guy take the stage in a city near you!

·  June 23 – Heber City, UT – Bonanza Campout Festival

·  June 25 – Phoenix, AZ – The Crescent Ballroom

·  June 27 – Albuquerque, NM – Launchpad

·  June 28 – Telluride, CO – Sunset Concert Series

·  June 29 – Denver, CO – Ophelia’s

·  July 9 – Seattle, WA – Nectar

·  July 10 – Portland, OR – Star Theatre

·  July 12 – San Francisco, CA – Richshaw Stop

·  July 14 – Sacramento, CA – Concerts in the Park

·  July 15 – Santa Barbara, CA – Velvet Jones

·  July 16 – Santa Ana, CA – Constellation Room

·  July 17 – Los Angeles, CA – School Night

·  July 21 or 22 – Tisvildeleje, Denmark – Musik i Lejet Festival

·  August 6 – Seoul, South Korea – Sounce Parade

·  August 19 – Duluth, MN – Super Big Block Party

·  October 7 – Austin, TX – Austin City Limits

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